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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars

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on 1 September 2009
I've had one of these for over 6 months and it is pretty good (I bought it in the UK and it IS annex A and multilingual). Unfortunately AVM don't seem to care about non-German speakers and there have been no updates to the multilingual firmware since about the 2nd week - the German firmware has been updated several times. There is a fundamental problem with the DECT implementation in that the menus on the phones appear in German (despite the fact that the rest of the box is happily talking English to me). AVM told me 6 months ago that they were aware of this issue and it would be resolved with new firmware: It hasn't. Apart from this relatively minor issue the modem has worked perfectly well, but the DECT support was what set it aside from my previous Draytek modem and since I don't want to use a dictionary to use my phone, it's been a complete waste of time. I'd have been perfectly happy if this had been a teething problem: (Presumably this is just a matter of changing a language file and rebuilding the firmware), but they don't seem to care so are unlikely to get any more business from me in the future. Shame that excellent products always seem to be let down somehow...
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on 1 May 2009
Well, I've just RMA'd mine back to AVM in Germany and hope that the repaired/replaced unit will be better than the one I have. That's not a good start.

Firstly, take note of the previous reviewer's warning and ensure you get an International or Annexe A version of this modem/router - there are three versions available now with the International one being switchable between Annexe A and B.

Don't be an early adopter... That's what I always advise people so why did I not wait before sending off to Germany to purchase this product? I have used a AVM fritz!box 7140 modem for some time and loved its' speed, unique functions, GUI and supplied software suite. So I rejected my own advice and sent off my money. I wanted the 7270, I had to have one. Now.

This combined modem and adsl router has features not available elsewhere: plug in a printer or external USB drive and they can be shared on the network or accessed from the internet via FTP. It has built in VOIP so you can just plug in any normal phone and quickly configure it as a VOIP phone, you can use as a base station for your DECT phones. It has built answerphones (as many as you want) which can be configured any way you want for VOIP or landlines. Your whole whole communications system can be controlled from this device. The GUI for the 7270 is wizard based, friendly and easy to use.

A CD is supplied which as well as the usual setup wizard and drivers also features an excellent firewall and suite of software applications that run on your PC and interface with the 7270 to give detailed information on your connection.

All the above wonders are easy to setup and simple to operate in daily use. So why am I sending mine back?

I have been plagued by random and unpredictable problems: freeze ups. outages, printing suddenly failing, network devices appearing to be connected but inaccessible, a network camera tested and known to be good locking up the whole network when connected wirelessly or via ethernet. Worst of all I use this modem as the heart of my domestic security system, interfacing with my alarm system, phone line and network cameras. I can set it up and all is well but after a few days of unattended use it will go dead and whilst appearing to be online it will release no connected devices to the internet.

If this device was reliable in use then it would be full marks. As it is unless you are on hand to reboot it then wait and give it a few months for them to sort the firmware out.

Time to update my review!
The latest firmware has resolved all the earlier issues and the router has been perfectly stable now for several months as well as new features such as an online data monitor added to the already wide list of things it can do.
Major new features have been added such as the facility to plug an external USB mobile phone network modem into the router and take the internet from there instead of from the phone line. So you can now use this router as to supply the mobile phone network connection to the internet to your home network! Many other features are added or improved on too!
I can now honestly say this is the finest router I have ever used. I'll up my rating now to 5 stars!
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on 30 November 2010
Unit has been fine since purchase through amazon but since applying the latest firmware update (54.04.81 in Nov 2010), the 7270 has become unusable. The box frequently resets itself and takes a long time to establish internet connection. The WLAN functionality is completely broken and none of my 3 laptops can maintain connection despite the wifi signal appearing to be strong. What a shame because it was working so well.

Update: Not sure if it was due to this review, but after a few email exchanges AVM finally sent me an old firmware to try and the 7270 appears to be working as it once did. DSL-Source who supplied the unit were also very good in offering to send a replacement unit and a pre-paid returns-bag to send the old unit back in. 5-stars to DSL-source for their response.
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on 31 August 2009
I bought two of these for personal use and am astonished at the features - I won't list them because there are just too many. I have one router setup in India (which I can remotely manage) and one here in the UK meaning that I can make international calls to and from the India unit for free and, more impressive, the India users can use my free UK calls (upto one hour) by calling through the UK FRITZ!Box...and no need for an astronomically expensive PABX or fancy switches!

The one problem the India unit has is that the voicemail light doesn't come on and the voicemail alert emails are sometimes in German - annoying but bearable.

Based on my experience (we source only the International (including UK) Annex models so no problem there) I can and do recommend these units if you want to use Voice over Internet (allows lots of dialling plans to maximise cost savings) and a host of other features - superb for small businesses.
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on 18 June 2010
I have owned several AVM products (Fritz ATA, 7170 and 7270). Great advantage is that they provide so much functionality in so small box (7270 offers Ethernet switch, PSTN, VOIP up to 10 outside lines with 3 physical, 6 DECT and 6 VOIP extensions, NAS, WLAN, DNLA, ADSL or Cable, VPN etc, etc, etc) so I went from 4 boxes under my desk to just 1.
I did not have much trouble using it and if you like to be on the bleeding edge you could just re-program you box from International/English to German version and enjoy access to Lab software with all the latest features on offer (you do need to use a bit Google Language Tools to understand user interface but it is a minor inconvenience).
Now I am looking forward to 7390 model becoming available - will buy one as soon I could get hold of it.
Highly recommended!
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on 6 August 2012
AVM FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270 - VOIP VPN WLAN RouterI bought a FRITZBOX 7270 2.5 years ago. It has always been slow but after complaining to my sp as we could not get to the bottom of it, I was sent a simple BT router to test my service. Download speed is now 5 times faster. Be aware that AVM (makers of Fritzbox) offer no telephone support for the UK, not even if you call the Netherlands or Italy. You will be refused telephone support.
Amazon have other brands which you may wish to consider before a FRITZBOX.
This has been my experience of this product and may not be the same with everyone but it is true that you will receive no telephone support should you need it while setting up a product under guarantee or at a future point if you live in the UK
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on 30 October 2010
This box has a really comprehensive feature set and offers a lot for the small office or home worker. I also found it trivially easy to set up. First point to watch: make sure that your supplier sends you an "International" or Annexe A version. AVM are a German company and I have, in the past, been supplied with an Annexe B version for the German market, which will not work in the UK. The only fault that I had with the product is that connections through the analogue line were very noisy - enough to make it almost unusable. I expect that this is fixable, as others do not seem to have had the problem. I just plugged my existing DECT base station into the analogue line directly and carried on as before.
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on 22 February 2013
- Lots of configuration options in the user interface
- ADSL modem functions: enhanced statistics and line configuration, re-connect option (just click, and in a fraction of a second you are getting a new IP), full IPv6 support
- Router functions: full IPv6 support, Gigabit ethernet, firewall rules, WiFi scanning and channel autoselection, WiFi can be specially adapted for multimedia transmissions, support for a second WiFi network (e.g., open guest network), dynamic/static IP, DynDNS
- Phone functions: landline + up to 20 VoIP separate providers; unlimited (?) dial plans, G.722 codec ("HD sound") support (now finally interoperable with Siemens Gigasets), centralised address book (useful with Fritz!Fon handsets), separate voicemail for each line, number blocking, number redirection, etc.
- DLNA media server - supports external USB drives
- USB print server (did not try this function)
- Extendability: it is essentially a mini Linux computer, so you if you are a Linux geek you can add other applications (for example, Twonky).
- Make: Germany made, so excellent build quality - no wonder it has 5 years warranty

- Phone - certain seemingly obvious functions not implemented: no configurable SIP registration expiry period, no per line codec configuration (not even global condec config unless you access the device via telnet), tricky manual line selection (number has to be prefixed with a code, unlike in Gigasets which I found much more useful); problems with caller ID matching to address book entries (UK numbers match OK); very basic dial rules (only routing by first digits - no digit substitution, prefixing, etc.).
- WiFi connection drops every now and then when channel autoselection enabled; WiFi range very low even with highest power setting
- Media server: if any of the files contains a non-ASCII character in the name, Media Server won't see the entire directory; NAS function (via USB) is buggy, and file transfers are terribly slow (max 3 Mbps)
- English translation of the user interface does not always follow the accepted terminology which makes it look funny at times.

In short, this is a very powerful device - in fact, a small Linux computer with theoretically unlimited configuration options - but very little has been implemented by firmware developers.

If not these cons, the router would definitely warrant five stars.
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on 16 March 2015
Very sophisticated - if anything too sophisticated. Was led astray by phone integration but found this to be more of a nuisance than a benefit. Didn't last as long as I would have liked either. The router supplied by my ISP is perfectly adequate.
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on 16 October 2009
Had a visitor here from Austria who installed this device for us. Instructions are in German but English instructions are available on the net.
It was a bit of challenge to figure out to connect the wiring of this device to our phone system. However he did it and now we have VOIP functioning perfectly and pay almost nothing for this service. We are delighted with this device and would recommend it.
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