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on 19 November 2007
I bought this radio so that I could listen to the football outside when I gardening or washing the car and it does the job perfectly, it's easy to use and once I popped in some batteries I was away! You can also plug it in which has been handy to save the batteries. It's nice and compact and great value for a DAB radio at £40. Well impressed, I'll be buying a few for my relatives for Christmas!
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VINE VOICEon 11 December 2007
Having been recently upgrading our radios to DAB we have bought quite a few DAB sets recently. Unfortunately the Intempo is the most disappointing of them. Lightly built and feeling flimsy in use the sound matches its feel, sounding very tinny with poor bass reproduction and a frequent annoying background buzz when in use.

The controls are fiddly to use. Station selection is via a dial which is flush with the front of the radio. Which makes the control look quite good but very difficult to use. That is slightly offset by the presence of five preset station buttons on the set but if you want more than five then you are either using a button combination to get to the next set or after 10 DAB presets your are back to its awkward dial selection. The volume control is a simple up down button on the side of the radio but which unfortunately is rather indiscriminate in the range of settings making it all too loud at some settings but all too quiet at the setting immediately below.

Unless it's been updated the technical details under the product description are wrong. This radio is much smaller than that description says; it is in fact 200mm x 110mm x 40mm and weighs about 400g. The description currently (December 2007) describes it as about four times that size which, had it been that size, would probably have given much better sound quality.

This is only about five pounds cheaper than the Pure One which is another of the radios we bought recently and yet putting the two of them next to one another there is no comparison. In some ways the intempo looks better but its sound quality is much poorer, it fails to pick up the stations which our other radios can find, even failing on some of the major stations. On the whole this is OK if you want a small DAB radio for a few stations and are not too worried about sound quality but if that's the case then any cheap FM radio would do. Otherwise I'd suggest spending just a few pounds more which could get you something much better. (Edit - I've only had this on the kitchen table for a few hours and I've decided it's going back. Even in that time the sound quality is so poor that I've resorted to bring a different radio in to replace it. If I'm going to do that then it isn't worth having this radio around!)
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on 27 January 2008
I haven't experienced any of the major breakdowns and problems that other reviewers have reported. I bought this for my elderly mother-in-law whose eyesight is failing badly. The feature I wanted was the press-button station selection, which means that once it's set up she can go from station to station using 'feel' rather than sight. That aspect works very well. The internal speaker is next to useless, but if you plug in a set of cheap computer powered speakers to the earphone socket you get remarkably good stereo. The background on mine is totally silent and the sensitivity seems fine. The only thing I have noticed is that if you use it on battery it seems amazingly energy-inefficient. Battery life is ridiculously short. So if you want push-button station selection and don't mind using external speakers it's fine. Think of it as a tuner rather than a selfcontained radio.
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VINE VOICEon 7 December 2007
For a relatively cheap little bathroom or kitchen DAB radio, the intempo looks OK with a nice range of modern colours and is simplicity itself to get tuned. It's small and light enough to sit on the windowsill or carry around too. Sounds good then?

Well no, not at all. Its audio capabilities are very very poor to match its plastic light feel. It sounds tinny and so bass unfriendly that it actually becomes tiring to listen to. Also beware that at the minimum volume it's still almost too loud and the click volume buttons do nothing to give you options. That said it will go maximum loud without distorting but quite why you'd want to give your ears such a treble bashing at anything above 2 or 3.

Don't forget you're paying for so called digital quality but an FM radio at half this price would probably sound better. The scrolling station info on the small screen is about the only benefit. A 20 year old Sony radio a quarter of the size still sounds better.

Considering that price for what you get, it then doesn't seem such good value. I'd go so far to say that at £15 it would be priced about right and paying a bit more for a Pure DAB even better.

Not good and definitely not recommended.
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on 21 December 2007
I have just purchased this radio (December 07)as an extra radio to my more expensive and not as mobile, Roberts digital radio. Although I like the design and the price of the Intempo it is disappointing. It works in one position but only a few metres away it does not get any signal at all. I will be returning it as soon as the Bank Holiday is over.
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on 11 January 2008
I ordered this radio as a christmas present for my boyfriend - so was quite embarrased when he tried it and it didnt work.
However I was quite impressed when I spoke to intempo and they said they would swap it two days later.
Unfortunately the new one didnt work either!! and to make matters worse the delivery driver refused to take back the broken ones!!
So now I have two broken ones and am waiting on the third to arrive but I am beginning to just ask for my money back.
Absolutely Rubbish!
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on 7 March 2008
What is good about this radio? Well, it looks nice... which is why I bought it.

Its shortcomings are many though.

Sat beside my Pure Evoke-2, I set both of them to scan for stations. Both sets scanned 33 stations BUT, when you come try listening to them, the Pure can tune all 33 stations but the Intempo can only tune 1. So the tuner in it is rubbish.

The Pure Evoke 2 will work anywhere in my home and garden, whereas the Intempo only tunes a variety of stations outdoors.

I suppose this poor reception does neatly get you round the fact that the tune/select dial is so badly designed that it is practically impossible to get the station you want!

The volume buttons only offer you a limited range of preset levels - and it is very annoying to be unable to get the listening level that I want.

The speaker isn't very good, making the radio sound cheap.

Battery life is much shorter than a mw/lw/fm radio, so it is not very useful as a portable.

In terms of value-for money, it is poor. If I'd been able to try it before I bought it, I'd have bought something else.

What is most disappointing of all, however, are the obviously fake glowing reviews here, no doubt placed by Intempo themselves... don't be fooled - I really suggest that you try one of these before you hand over any money.

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on 10 December 2007
A handy little radio! I use it a lot - at work, at home; it takes bateries so I can walk around with it (which is very handy being a plumber). Sound quality is pretty good considering the size of the unit. It's very easy to use as well, I like how the buttons are spaced out nicely which is a big plus for me as I used to struggle with my old Sony portable (big hands and technology normally don't mix!). I've bought a couple more for Christmas presents and am sure the people getting them will not be disappointed!
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on 11 February 2008
I had a similar experience to the other reviewers who have had a poor experience with this product. I am on my second radio; I bought one at Argos because it was cheap. I did quite like the portable aspect to it and had it in the bathroom using batteries. I was dismayed one day to find it "dead" one day but was pleased with the response from the company. When it was swapped over the new one lasted a day or two. I would advise you not to buy this product.
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on 16 December 2007
Looks reasonably good, is compact but with a very tricky tuner, after much fiddling about finally managed to find the stations I wanted which is where the presets come in handy, at least I won't have to fiddle again. Sound a little tinny worth paying more and getting better quality.
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