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on 4 March 2017
I love everything about that game. And the guitar is excellent...very cool
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on 1 April 2008
This game is great fun!! It's like playing air guitar but you're controlling the song for real!! lol. 'Easy' difficulty was really enjoyable and can get you into the game easily to learn the rhythm and button configuration etcetera, and it is always fun to go back to Easy and have a slower 'jam' to your favourite tracks, but then step up to Medium, Hard & Expert and the game turns into a real challenge, but ends up being so rewarding if you get through a song!!

The game's graphics have been stepped up a lot since GH2 on the Playstation 2, although it's comic-like characters are still based towards the younger generations. Although to be honest, you're concentrating on the fret board and when to push the buttons so much, who cares about the graphics!?!?!?! The song listing is fantastic and the newer songs from bands like the Kaiser Chiefs and The Killers means this game has something that everyone will remember rocking to. And now online co-op or challenges means you can rock with or against someone on the other side of the World!! Awesome!

A great fun game that is hard to put down, I love it!!!
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on 4 February 2008
Legends of Rock has been absolutley mindblowing, the experience you get when playing this fantastic game is unbelievable, there's hours of fun, even new songs to add to your track list from the Playstation Network and is awesome for when you have friends over, i ordered this game monday afternoon and recieved it on Wednesday that week! Fast delivery i have to say, and well worth the money as i find myself playing only this game from my collection and always saying "Just one more song" Also the Guitar that comes free is wicked and i havn't had any problems with it all which others seem to claim they have, but i would seriously reccommend this game to anyone as i said to myself before i got the game, its a stupid idea for a game, but i played it round a friends and i take it all back!!
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on 6 October 2008
I only bought Guitar Hero III last week. I ordered it on the Tuesday, and it arrived as promised the following Thursday, which I was very pleased with. But enough about the delivery; this game is Epic.. Unbelievable. It wipes the floor with any other form of gaming to be quite honest, not only does it employ a natural skill, that undying pursuit to attempt harder and more trickier 'levels', it gives you a real exhilaration. I've currently beaten the career mode on easy (not that much an accomplishment I admit) but the transition to Medium is breathtaking. I had to practice my own playing technique to be able to keep up, and after defeating that task I felt great lol. Definately a must have, it never gets boring, it supplies you with hours and hours of fun, and for £60.. It's a bargain.
Have fun with your own copy ;)
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on 9 January 2008
This game is incredibly addictive and i just can't stop playing as i want to get better. I'm new to guitar hero and this is my first gh game. I admit to being among the gamers claiming it to be pointless, preffering to invest my time into learning how to play a real guitar, but i was offered the chance to play, and not being one to deny I took it. Just like my friends, i'd been proved wrong, this game is amazing, and later that week we all rushed out to buy it.

I've played the game on all 3 formats and it differs slightly. I would say its peraps best on 360, although I own the ps3 version which is also very good, the only thing letting me down is the lack of a friends list online (which is possible to get around and play ur m8s, but would be tonnes easier with.) The wii does have one, but this game lacks in that you don't seem to be able to get new downloadable songs and content for it, which for me is a must, lengthening the life span of the game and in my opinion making it better value for money. The wii and ps2 versions of this game do seem to be a tad cheaper though.

I've noticed other comments complaining about broken guitars. Me and my friends hav so not had any problems, dspite hours of play. Although my whammy bar is a tad sensitive, but it doesn't bother me and I can live with it.

This game is deffinatley worth the money and has given me and still continues to give me many hours of enjoyment...
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on 12 December 2007
I first seen a trailer for this game having never played any of the previous installments. My mate said he was getting it and i laughed (fatal mistake). I first had a go after a few drinks and i was hooked and had to buy it myself.
I have played 5 string bass in a band so i picked it up quickly, but the rest have never played guitar before and they all got the hang of it so you certainly don't have to play in real life to enjoy this.
The difficulty settings are good. By the time you play all the songs on 'easy' you are ready to start the roster again on 'medium'...then onto 'hard'. i personally can't finish a song on 'expert' yet...but i'll get there!! You obviously have to calibrate the guitar and fret buttons before you start and once you do this i've always found them to hit each note without problem...i havn't had to reset and re-calibrate anything since i first played.
The main issue for a lot of people may be the track list...and i have to admit when looking at it i was not impressed. (when i listen to metal it's usually thrash, prog or power metal). But i have played all the songs on the main roster (still 20 bonus i havn't played yet) and i'd say about 90% are good tracks and you can enjoy playing along to because it's all about the guitar riffs and not the song as a whole.
The battles online are well done and you can get quite competative when playing against some friends on there.
All in all i think it's a really fun game for all levels and ages (i'm 22 and i love it), with plenty to keep you going for week after week and well worth £60-65. The guitar is also compatible with 'rock band' which will be released early 2008. Oh and my friend is left handed and you can play this left handed no problem.

Can't comment on guitar connection problems as out of the 4/5 people i know who own it on a mix of xbox 360 and ps3 i have never seen a connection problem. unfortunately it appears some people do get this.
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on 18 December 2007
I have received my order yesterday - I cant fault the transaction and delivery. Quality build is good but it took a lot of hassle to set up the wireless connection between guitar and PS3. The instructions werent very clear either. Also I seem to be experiencing a common problem where buttons on the detachable guitar randomly disconnects. The way to fix this is to repeatedly detach and attach again.

Once it is all set up, it is fun. The graphics is a "PS2" low res and blocky animiations. The sounds/tracks are great, I tap my foot with the music. The tutorial is useful, I have never played guitar hero before so my first attempt was terrible. Also I cant help feeling the controls lag a bit, it strums when I didnt which throws my rhythm off.

If you plan to buy this, I would suggest waiting till they sort out the build quality of the guitar and software patches. GH3 is a lot of money for a beta testing a product.
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on 30 August 2009
What can I say? This game is a legend!
The difficulty, which for some reason seems to be the main gripe for many people, is well balanced, and although some songs are beyond mind-blowingly complicated (Dragonforce, Devil Went Down to Georgia) it needs to be like this because you will become so addicted that even for a beginner easy difficulty will nly last a couple of days and within weeks you will be rockin' out on expert.
The track list is quite possibly the best of the entire series with so many classics as well as a good mix of lesser known tracks. And even after these you still get more from the playstation store. The multiplayer, whilst somewhat limited is solid and has a good range of options, both on and offline.
All this said, the one possible flaw with this game is the availability of others in the series. If you're in the mood for something more social and partyish then either world tour (great gameplay but not as many good songs for hardcore players) or greatest hits could be a good start for you.
All in all, a true classic, but maybe one to come back to after a taste of the others.
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on 9 January 2008
i think this is what the PS3 was made for, its a fantastic game and 100% addictive, i have even downloaded the extra content on the playstation network which includes thr foo fighters, i have no problams with the game play (i just wish it was a bit more easy with the five buttons !!) and i will order a sex pistols faceplate for my guitar real soon !!!
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on 2 February 2008
before i start i must admit i was a sceptic at first but my family bought the game and i loved it been playing it for months and still it entertians me a quick note for those complianing about the controller with the pack of stickers is a step by step guide to setting the controller up so no excuses 5/5 for fun graphics 4/5 songs 5/5 thats how much i loved them
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