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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2009
What a great Album I have always loved Britney But this Album made me Obsessed with her She has great club beat songs and there's a little something for everyone on this album. Its a great album to just come back home to chill to or even drive around in the with the music up full blast A MUST OWN ALBUM!!!!!!!!
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on 23 October 2007
In my opinion I absolutely love the new album. I have made my friends listen to some of the songs and we're obsessed! Highly recommended for any Britney fan. I have heard a majority of the tracks that have been leaked online and I am impressed. There are a variety of songs that cover various genres like Dance, Pop, and R&B. The material is definately different and more experimental than her previous songs. Radar and Ooh Ooh Baby are songs that really make an impact and are incredibly catchy. I think Ooh Ooh baby is rather similar to Rachel Stevens L.A EX but far better! GO BRITNEY!
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on 14 September 2013
Britney Spears' 5th studio album was released at the most trying time of her career: she had finally cracked under the monotony of her superstar life, and, seeking a "normal" life of marriage, children, and perhaps most importantly, privacy, her search for answers and fulfillment was plastered all over the newspapers and celebrity gossip websites as a "meltdown." Indeed, many things had happened in her life until that point which left Britney heartbroken and confused, and this vulnerability led her to make some poor choices in her quest for fulfillment: Britney's first love, Justin Timberlake, broke up with her for being unfaithful; Her aunt died; her management gave her a far too demanding schedule; and she wanted, more than anything, to live a "normal" life, and often confided in her team that she fantasized of having her own little businesses, such as cute little cake shops. She became bored with the pop star life-style, and dreamed of having a husband and kids. She would marry, but it would end in disaster, and although she would have children, her search for meaning would consume her so much that her ability as a mother would be questioned. Britney had showed signs of depression and anxiety long before the public was made aware of it... exactly how deep her pain runs, we can only speculate.

Britney was considered a pop legend before she became known as the "little girl lost," and this album proves that, even in turmoil, Britney Spears can deliver an iconic era. "Blackout" is strong, fierce, and unflinching. Like its predecessor "In the Zone," "Blackout" offers an urban Britney that oozes sexiness and confidence. I cannot help but wonder what this era would have been like, had Britney not suffered the way she did... had she remained the same. I suspect it would have been an incredible success, and would have been considered her best work since the "Oops... I Did it Again" era of 2000. Many thought her star was falling, as sales had dropped since "Britney," but if this album was delivered with iconic videos the likes of "Toxic," "Slave 4 U" and "Me Against the Music," a tour, and memorable live performances similar to the VMA performance of Slave 4 U in 2001, all suspicions that her star had stopped shining would have been put to rest. You could argue that this album did put those suspicions to rest, that it was an incredible success, and that many do consider it her best work... but it must be said that the Britney we have now is not the same Britney we used to have. Britney does not show the same sharp, flawless choreography that she used to; she no longer appears happy and calm in interviews; and, upon closer inspection, Britney seems a shell of her old self. It is almost as if the old Britney is gone, and the new Britney is just the ghost of her. Many fans disagree with this, and although I love Britney still, I can't help noticing that Britney is very, very different since her troubles. The reason for Britney's dance moves - once so celebrated - now being absent from her shows, is a question left unanswered. There are many theories, but fans continue to speculate, as though Britney is a riddle that must be solved. In interviews, Britney's once goofy, sweet, girl-next-door personality now seems to be held back, almost as if Britney is afraid to let her out. She appears anxious and uncomfortable where she once appeared open. This does not make me like Britney any less. On the contrary, I feel compassion for her, as a sufferer of depression and anxiety disorders myself. I don't know if Britney has a diagnosed disorder, but I believe that going through a particularly troubling time in one's life can change a person, and leave them debilitated in some ways. I can only guess the innermost feelings of Britney like everyone else, but, at the very least, I believe Britney's confidence has lowered considerably. I also believe there is more to it than that... but we can only continue to guess as to what it may be.

It makes me sad to think that there was no "Blackout" tour, and when I listen to this album, I picture Britney when she was at her most awe-inspiring best. All of the songs on this album could have had amazing choreography, and I imagine Britney from her Onyx Hotel Tour dancing to "Hot As Ice," "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)," and "Perfect Lover" with the legendary precision dance moves we all loved so much from what some fans call "old Britney." And I can't help but wonder, what pain lay beneath the elaborate concerts of the "Britney" and "In The Zone" eras, waiting to be unleashed. It makes me sad to realise that the Britney I adored and admired so much when I was younger, may have been suffering inside.

Despite the sadness behind this album, it is arguably some of the best music of her career. Whether you're a fan of "old Britney," "new Britney," all Britneys or not a fan at all, you will find something enjoyable here. Amidst the madness, Britney reminds us why she's considered a legend.
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on 6 December 2007
Wow, wow, WOW! What an indredible album, not only is every song listenable, but EVERY song is good if not very good. A majority of the songs on Blackout could easily be massive hits to follow on from 'Gimme More' and the new single 'Piece of Me'.

Gimme More - 10/10
Piece of Me - 9/10
Radar - 9/10
Break The Ice - 10/10
Heaven on Earth - 7/10
Get Naked (I Got A Plan) - 9/10
Freakshow - 8/10
Toy Soldier - 10/10
Hot as Ice - 10/10
Ooh Ooh Baby - 7/10
Perfect Lover - 8/10
Why Should I Be Sad? - 7/10
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on 17 October 2007
I have heard every track off this album except one and they are all fantastic. Gimme More, Break The Ice, Get Naked, Perfect Lover and bonus tracks Outta This World and Get Back are all produced by Danja. Other producers include Bloodshy & Avant (producers of Toxic & My Prerogative), J.R. Rotem (worked with Rihanna, Mya, Jennifer Lopez), The Neptunes (producers of I'm A Slave 4 U & Boys), Kara DioGuardi & Fredwreck.
The album does not dwell on her personal struggles of late to any great extent and focuses mainly on uptempo, fun catchy music. There are two exceptions, 'Why Should I Be Sad' is a song about Kevin Federline and the marriage breakdown and 'Piece Of Me' deals with her unfair treatment in the press lately. This songs however are excellently written and the production is impressive so they don't depress you to listen to them.
The albums sound is definately a progression for Spears into a more urban/pop sound which has grown up more since the 'In The Zone' album. At 15 tracks long (12 shown here plus 3 bonus tracks) the album is well worth the buy. Nothing short of perfection is going to save Britney's career and Britney & her label have not disappointed. Regardless of whether or not you've liked her music in the past this is a new and greatly improved sound and the album is not just for Britney fans but for people who like good pop/urban music in general.
Buy it, you won't be disappointed!!!
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on 19 October 2007
I'm sure people had their doubts when they heard Britney was releasing another album in the midst of her troubles. But fear not as this album is amazing. A good one for all those that love grown up pop-dance-urban-rnb music. Will definetely be buying this when it is released.
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on 18 October 2007
all the songs are great. youve got to hear them more than once to like them and enjoy them. i think it will sell millions and be at number #1!! hope sooo!
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on 25 October 2007
I've heard all of the demos before and I have to admit they all ROCK! The finalized versions od all the tracks are even better, making the album sound amazing. According to many fans this is BRITNEY SPEARS' BEST ALBUM to date, and will satisfy all: pop, dance, R&B, electropop fans! So buy this ALBUM. You won't regret it!
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on 20 October 2007
I think that most of these songs could mean a come back for britney spears as they are really good and i certainly hope so as i think her songs and britney herself are great.
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on 29 October 2007
This album is great, every track is great. The weakest is probably Track 12 "Why should I be Sad?" but it is not bad. All the songs are really good and my favourites are Gimme More, Break The Ice, Hot as Ice and Ooh Ooh Baby. Great comeback album but i wish it had "Get Back" on it don't really care about the other leaked tracks like Kiss You All Over, State Of Grace or Everybody because they aren't as good as the rest of the album! These are all on the Blackout sessions though which I have. Also would have been good to see "Original Doll" tracks like someday i will understand or over to you now on there but i have them anyway so never mind! Anyway great album from brit go and get it!
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