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on 12 May 2010
I put a review down for these speakers a week ago which strangely has not appeared, so wanted to try again so potential buyers can get all opinions on this product!

I purchased these speakers on the back of some great reveiews, so was surprised when I got my set delivered only to discover the sound quality was truly awful! Distorted and rattling at the slightest noise I was convinced I had been unfortunate enough to get a faulty set.

I sent them back and Amazon sent a new set the very next day, I was impressed with this quality of service.

When I set this set up they were equally as bad. Any level of volume that is set slighlty above barely hearable was distored and crackling. The distortion is so bad that on blu-ray films when the distortion kicked in you could not even make out what a person / character was saying.

I sinverely recommend you do not waste your money on these. I sincerely do not understand the good reviews! These speakers are £50 pound, and whilst you should not expect absolute quality, you should expect something more than a product that just looks nice.
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on 29 March 2009
I ordered these the other day for my PS3 and I am very impressed with the speakers. I bought them as like a lot of people I have an HD TV ready television with a DVI/HD slot in the set. So when HD leads are connected from the PS3 to the TV you get a great picture but no sound as the leads cannot do both audio and visual. I tried fiddling around with the PS3 settings to try and get sound via the PS3 cables connected to the TV, and Visual via the HD lead to no avail and spent ages on the internet trying to figure out a way, I even conntacted Sony about the issue who were not much help to be honest. So I took the plunge and bought these and Boy am I glad I did. They work great and all cables are in the box so no need to go buying extra items. They match the PS3 in style although this didn't bother me to much, if you are limited on space do take this into account as they are each roughly the size of a PS3, that said they look good and sound great. First game I tried was Farcry 2 and the sound blew me away and now in HD! You can also connect your TV or MP3 player if you so wish but for me the sound and visual aspects make them the best purchase since buying the PS3 last year. They are also a good price which is always good in my book. Easy to instal and great to listen to and they will bring you into HD gaming, very pleased indeed.
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on 26 January 2009
i was realy impressed of this two speaker and the equipment!
but much more from the sound.
every cable you need is in the package.
first i connected direct to the PS3 and realy great sound. Much more sound than you get from other speaker for this price.
3 way equalizer and remote control. but i wanted to use this speaker also for watching satelite tv program. so i connect the speaker with my samsung 46" tv and it works. the quality of the sound is a little bit better to connect directly with the ps3. but not much!
from the design it is realy greatfull harmonized with the ps3 and also with samsung tv, maybe also other ones.
I am happy and i like!
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on 30 August 2010
Very easy to install, sound is not the best but considering the price it is well above the quality of more expensive units. Can be connected to the out av red/white sockets on the back of your tv to so you can use it with anything that is being played on your tv; sky,xbox or even normal tv channels. All leads are supplied to get you set up. The only tiny, tiny thing I would say (but i'm really struggling to find fault) is that when you change volume on the supplied remote, there is no visible way to tell if the unit is responding to the input, perhaps if the units blue light flashed to show the volume was being adjusted it would have been handy, but i really am nitpicking here! But over all very good, very highly recommended.
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on 13 March 2010
Fifty quid for such a good quality pair of speakers and remote contoller is well worth for it! You can adjust the bass, treble and volume with its own remote controller from your bed, very comfortable! The bass is balanced, distortionless and strong enough if you pump it up. I am happy to stick with these speakers, however you can find cheaper 2.1 solution with Logitech, but they don`t give you cordless remote controll and their bass are either not adjustable on the remote or they are too "deep" and shake your windows.
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on 2 September 2010
I was sceptical ordering these, thinking they would be disappointing. I previously had a Harmon Kardon 2.1 setup and was so impressed by them, I was almost ready to order a replacement. But then i stumbled across these and decided to give them a try and save some money instead, as they were about £100. I currently hook these upto to my laptop with the supplied cables, you don't actually need a PS3 to use this, Infact I don't even have a PS3.

With regards to how it sounds, the bass is strong and taut, this is very important to me as I like to listen to alot of R&B and dance music. The high notes are good, but I do feel the max volume could be louder.

The HKs are the better sounding set of speakers, but these give it a very good run for its money. Im glad I'd saved myself the £60 and got these instead though.

In summary


Good strong bass and strong midrange + vocals
Feels well made
Comes with a remote
Looks good
Can be used with MP3s, etc.
Very cheap for the sound you get


Max volume seems restricted, could be louder
Speakers do seem a bit on the big side
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on 8 June 2010
I bought this with concern as it has bad reviews in some cases. Fortunatley this is not the case! This product is perfect for the price and quality it holds. The sounds is immense with movies and games (especially Modern Warfare 2) and the set up procedure is SIMPLE!!!

I was put off for three reasons from buying these at first which were;

1) I have a PS3 Slim, so I was worried about it being compatable.
2) Seen reviews about it not working with HDMI.
3) Seen reviews that the sounds was terrible.

The PS3 Slim works perfectly as with any other, the set up is exactley the same and so is the quality!

I followed the instructions and all you have to do is change YOUR SOUND settings on your PS3 and can still have everything going through your HDMI reciever. TRUST ME, THE INSTRUCTIONS ARE SIMPLE!

The sound is immense! It truly is great for the price you are paying, don't get me wrong its not Sony/LG style but remember you are not paying for that.

The only problem I had was not with the product at all but with the courier who couldn't understand how to ring a doorbell and had me waiting an extra two days.

All in all I give it 9/10 and would reccomend it!!!
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on 11 October 2009
I bought these speakers a few months back as i got myself a ps3 and a tv for my bedroom, and was disappointed by the sound quality from my 19" samsung as it was very tinny sound. I stumbled across these after a mate had told me about them.

And i am very impressed with the improved sound quality and the speakers are very easy to use took me around 10 mins everything i needed was all in the box controls are basic you have buttons to control bass,treble and volume.

I have noticed 2 minor fault as my speakers are set up beside my tv and the right speaker with the remote sensor on it is inline with the tv's remote sensor so when i adjust the volume on my speakers it turns on the sleep timer on my tv.

Also the control is very small and could be lost very easily as it is similar size to an ipod nano!
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on 6 December 2008
Having looked at several options to replace my current amplifier (which is about 17 years old!), I decided to look on Amazon. All the amps I had looked at were very expensive, and also too big to fit in my room. I decided to invest in this very fairly priced set of speakers, and I have not been dissapointed. The sound produced is crystal clear, and for a small system can provide a surprisingly loud sound! Their are 3 options depending on the content you are playing though your PS3: Game, video and music, each providing a unique sound for each type of content. The only draw back is that this cannot be changed with the remote provided, but this is a small complaint compared to the quality of the speakers. Worth looking into if you can't afford/or find room for a huge cinema system.
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on 13 July 2010
i was amased at how much power these speakers threw out and the bass is really good too they look really neat also and have a styling similar to the fat ps3s and compliment each other nicely they dont take up too much space either and give games and movies that extra oomph in the sound department much cheaper than an expensive 5.1 surround sound unit would highly reccomend
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