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on 16 December 2013
I odered this as a gift to my partner and within 2 weeks off getting it it broke no fault off ours, they refused to refund or replace the item I wont order from here again they were very UN HELPFUL,
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Firstly, this is a totally un-biased review.

For the current price, the Playstation 3 is undoubtedly a steal. I've looked into the whole Blue-Ray and HD DVD "war" (as, like consoles, they're geekily called) and it would appear in-definitely that Blu-Ray will win soon over sales, company contracts. I've compared the quality of Blu-Ray to that of a HD-DVD player I bought off here for half price a month ago, and the quality is very much similar. If anything, HD is slightly better, but theirs little in it. Just as a note for those wondering about "DVD Upscaling", for the incredible price of some current HD-DVD players, it's worth buying one even if you don't buy HD-DVD's, as they improve the quality of standard HD DVD's to a small degree.

The console itself is smart and easy to use. With it's touch sensitive buttons on the front, you can switch it on, and it's whisper quiet whilst keeping pretty cool after prolong use. It's packaged nicely with all nessescary cables.

I'm quite fussy on how easy to use a console/computer is, hence I opted to Mac's 2 years ago. Luckily, the PS3 is as straightforward as the Wii; in that you switch it on, and everything is neat and tidy in front of you. Media etc are all divided into sub-catergories.

Theirs also plenty of features for those of you who like to 'mod' their consoles. In the PS3's case, you can boot it via a different OS, like Linux if you wish. I've had various looks, but it's much to be left to those who are interested in all that business.

Unlike the traditional Playstation controllers, the PS3's have a 6 axis motion sensor which though rarely uses, does add 'a little' more ambience to some games. It has to be said though that it is merely a gimmick, for few current PS3 titles rely heavily on this.

On a good point, the controller's a light and can be charged up via the console itself through USB - a brilliant step which saves batteries going into landfill sites.

I bought this console on the strength of 2 things; Blu-Ray, and some quality looking titles in Motorstorm, and the future of games such as Metal Gear etc. Sadly, this is my only disappointment so far - the console lacks many original/unique titles that the Xbox 360 and Wii can pull off, and at cheaper prices too. The longtivity of a few of the best current games can't be relied on too heavy. If this console wants to survive in the sales ranks, it will need more exciting, varied games at a cheaper price.

The graphical out-put of the PS3 is unlike anything you will have ever seen. Having used this both on HD and standard composite cables, it's clear the PS3 relies alot on the use of HD out-put, to crispen up the visuals and show off the Anti-Aliasing, much like the Xbox 360. Humans display emotional, truly life-like faces, the physics are mind-boggling on Motorstorm, and the attention to textures/detail is like nothing before.

The PS3 is without a doubt the most future proof console when it comes to graphical power. Though funnily enough, it is the Xbox 360 which is currently using the most of it's potentinal. Both console's have very similar GPU's - the reason why the PS3 wins over looks/speed is merely because of the Cell Processor, hence Sony are losing money on every console made, not to mention the included Blu Ray facility.

I recieved the PS3 from work to test, and eventually paid off a small percentage of the money to keep it, because I loved the Blu-Ray facility that much. However, it's important to remember this console is in "gaming" category, and for that, it fall's short on a lack of killer titles. I have no doubt though that in the future, amends will be made.

Though I borrowed the Xbox 360 for a short time, it's clear that gaming wise, you'll be getting the best value through a good selection of RPG's etc. But when it comes down to value and future-proofness, the PS3 is stunning value, but simply hasn't come into it's own yet.

It could be from it's own failing - with a complicated and vast world that Game Producers have open to them, it takes longer to produce large, graphically astounding titles. Patience could be a virtue, but since I have a life and see hardcore gaming as a bit sad, I just wouldn't buy the PS3 on the strength of its gaming.

Overall, it all comes down to a choice: Value or Games. But just remember one thing - a console is only as good as the games available for it....
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I can't fault it for what it CAN do, but I do have a niggle about the one thing it can't. Everybody knows what that is, and as one of the countless former PS2 owners wanting to play their still excellent PS2 games (and in my case unable to since my PS2 console died once and for all) I was disappointed to find out that the 40gb PS3 won't do the business.

There's no need to troll through eBay for the 'old' 60gb version though, at least not if you have some patience. Because later in 2008 - the summer apparently - there will be a new 80gb model which (trumpet fanfare) WILL play PS2 games, or at least the majority of them. It will do everything the current model does PLUS that so-vital extra function that millions of people have been wanting it to. If you don't have any PS2 games, go right ahead and buy the 40gb model today, as it's a bargain. But if you still have a collection that probably cost you more than £300 to put together, then my advice would be don't take a risk with a second-hand 60gb, hang on for a few weeks/months and the ideal solution will be available. It won't stop there however, as there are bigger versions with Freeview and in-built PVRs on the not-too-distant horizon; possibly FreeSat as well, which would be a valuable freebie. Everyone has their opinion, mine is that I'm a PlayStation fan and with Blu-Ray compatibility the PS3 is THE console to have for dedicated gamers. Especially using GT5 Prologue, which is awesome!

The PS3 is so much more than just a games console of course, some of its key features include quick access to the BBC iPlayer, the ITV Player and Channel 4's OD (on demand) and Lovefilm. It's a brilliant piece of kit and fantastic value too.
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on 4 May 2009
We were promised superior graphics, so vastly superior to the competition that it would be like night and day they said so what happened, well the biggest mistake was undermining the competition and secondly and probably the most important as it's the source of my review is that they failed to differentiate between the types of power and within which one the PS3's superior power lies in.

The PS3's issue is with it's architecture, it's so uniquely crafted that ultimately by the time you harness the power and games start look a leap above the competition, next gen would have already arrived (lol).

Jokes asside people have to think of the PS3 as a performance device e.g. GEARS wont look any better on the PS3 but can perform better with smoother frame rates, or more happening on the screen as the processing power is where the PS3 is vastly superior and this is where it's strentghs lie. Metal Gear may not be able to run on 360 in its current state and not because of it's visuals but because of it's set pieces, in one scene you have metal gears flying over a battlefield shooting and laying waste to everything in site, in the far corner you have a building collapsing from the destruction, all this happening amidst a war, with soldiers on both sides fighting and then there is you, having the ability to interact with all these objects, now if this was on the 360 the building probably wouldn't collapse and the soldiers may have canned animations but visually the game would look the same and may even look better with the user friendliness of 360's architecture, and so alot of what the ps3 offers is unrelated to the visual prowess but to its processing fidelity.

In the scene I explained above you may be unaware but the PS3 has to govern more than what appears on the surface, it needs to apply the AI of the soldiers, then it needs to alter the effects of the flying metal gears gun fire, not to mention any changes on the battlefield have to also be rectified, then there are your actions that essentially change everything, killing enemy soldiers on one side will even change the behaviour of the AI towards the player, then there are your own movements that have to be mapped and identified in such a way that the game is aware of when a bullet zips past your ear lope or hits you in the shoulder e.t.c. so physics also have to be incorporated, then there are the weather effects and how they effect the environment i.e. the way snakes bandanna moves or its effect on accuracy, also we can't neglect the importance of sound which has to correlate to everything happening on screen and there are the visuals which have to all be rendered from the geometry, to animations (don't forget death animations) to facial expressions and weather effects and finally we can't forget the gameplay which incidently is so well orchastrated that it has this organic feel throughout the game which obviously means more processing power.

So as you can see with so much happening there is a huge demand on the processors, however alot of the stuff could even be removed without ever noticing and in actual fact would be removed if it was to run on a weaker console and here in lies the power of the playstation 3, expect vastly superior visuals in the form of it's design and you will be dissapointed, but if your the type of person who appreciates the finer details as I am, then over the coming years you will begin to really see how the PS3 is a more powerful beast underneath.

To conclude for the reasons outlined this is why MGS 4 and for that matter whatever game fully utilises effeciently the PS3's power cannot without alterations run on the 360 and by the same token is also why Crysis wont run on consoles especially not with the same visuals and physics.
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This is one of two UK models of Sony's third major version of its PS3 console. The main differences between the two models are the size of storage included (the majority of this review discusses that difference) and the price - this model's a lot cheaper, the cheapest PS3 yet.

What the two models have in common is that they are both significantly smaller and lighter than Sony's previous PS3 versions. They also have a top loading disc drive rather than a slot loading one (a button releases a catch so the cover of the drive slides aside, then you push it back in place after inserting the disc). Aside from that there are few major differences from the last generation - same number of USB ports (2), same outputs, no SACD or PS2 disc compatibility, etc . The reduction in size and weight is very welcome and although some may feel slot loading is cooler and marginally more convenient, it's not a big deal, and you can understand that by doing this they have been able to make the unit cheaper.

To deal with the differences, this model has a stated storage size of 12Gb, made up of flash memory. The other model has a stated storage size of 500Gb, this being hard drive storage. When I got my 12Gb PS3 I immediately downloaded the latest version of the system software, and after that I checked the storage size available according to the system. It said I had 9108MB left. (Why not 12Gb? Well the system software takes up some space)

So is it worth going for this model at a cheaper price? That will depend on how you want to use the PS3, and you should give it some careful thought before buying.

If you want to use your PS3 to store more than a very small amount of audio or video, this is definitely not a good choice for you. The storage space is too small for that. For watching blu ray discs though, it's fine, even good (in fact, even though it's more expensive than entry level blu ray players, it must be worth £100 or so alone as a player considering that it has a built-in wireless receiver, no dongle required, and that Sony is so quick with updates so all the latest discs play just right). You can also easily connect an external hard drive or usb stick to play music or videos (or to take backups - more on that later).

Games is where it gets tricky. Considering disc-based games first, most PS3 games have only small compulsory install or patch sizes (some have none at all) and fairly small save sizes. These don't present a problem. However a significant minority of games do have fairly large mandatory installs and some of these can be very large. It appears the game 'Rage' has the largest compulsory install for a disc-based game yet released, at 8Gb. So in short yes you can play any currently released disc-based game on this model, and now this model is released, especially as it's fairly late in the PS3's life cycle, it seems unlikely that Sony would allow a disc-based game to require an install greater than this 12Gb model could handle. (in fact you might wonder if this 12Gb size has been chosen to be as small as possible but so 'any game' plays...). Even so you can see how if you had Rage installed there wouldn't be room for much else. That's an extreme case but it's not uncommon for games to have install sizes of a few Gb. If you're the kind of person who wants to keep many games on the go, or who just wants to forget about install issues, then this isn't for you. If you are content to have a couple games on the go (plus an indefinite number of those with very small install and save sizes, of which there are many) then this is a good choice.

Some games can't be purchased on disc and must be purchased on the Playstation Network (PSN), these tend to be smaller games or revamped classics. They tend to have smaller sizes so with some careful memory management the issue is really the same as the one above for disc game installs (install sizes are fairly typical of the sizes of games that aren't available at all on disc). So again if you want to keep many of these permanently on your PS3 this isn't for you. You can also download any purchased game from the Playstation Network up to 5 times, and you can backup PSN games to a USB storage device by taking a backup of all your data (you can also backup MOST saves individually, as long as the game doesn't 'copy protect' them). The same data storage issues apply to downloadable game demos you can get from PSN, which tend to be around similar sizes - although with these you'll likely to be happy to get rid of them after you've played. And again, there is downloadable content for some games which will also take up more space.

A minor point is the fact that this model has flash memory storage whereas the 500Gb model has hard drive storage. Flash memory is often said to be faster than hard drives, lighter, quieter and more reliable. Well the memory on this PS3 doesn't seem to be working faster - the Metal Gear Solid 4 regular (not full) install took about 8-9 minutes for me, the same as it does with a PS3 with a hard drive. Other installs don't feel faster either (maybe even slightly slower, but not significantly so). It is lighter but that doesn't make a huge difference to the weight. It is quieter but the hard drive on the PS3 isn't too noisy anyway. As for reliable, we'll have to see, but it seems PS3 hard drives are fairly reliable anyway. At least you can perhaps feel a bit cooler or more modern knowing you have flash memory under the hood, for people who care about that kind of thing!

Having said all that about storage space, it should be noted that you can install a hard drive in it (and it doesn't have to be a proprietary hard drive), similar to how the hard drives in all PS3s can be switched / upgraded. In fact some have noted that with the price of this model and the price of hard drives, it could save you money to buy this model and a 500Gb hard drive, over buying the 500Gb model. Or you could add a larger hard drive, e.g. 1Tb. However you not only need a hard drive but also a caddy (or 'mounting bracket' as Sony call it) that will fit. Search for "Sony PlayStation 3 Replacement Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Mounting Bracket" on Amazon now and you will find the caddy listed. Sony are also releasing an official hard drive for this model with the caddy included, search "Sony PlayStation 3 250GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) (Includes Mounting Bracket) (PS3)" for that product on Amazon. You can install other hard drives though - make sure you pick one that with 2.5" width, 9.5mm height, 5400rpm speed and with SATA interface, to make sure it's compatible.

The PS3 has a great library of games now with many more greats to come even though the PS4 is said to be just around the corner. It's also a very good blu ray player. I'm someone who is fine having just a few games on the go at a time and I knew I could handle the memory management issues that would come with this model. I prefer to buy games and movies on disc. I have a PC and an external hard drive for audio and video. So this model was just right for me and I was able to take advantage of the significantly lower price point.
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on 31 October 2007
At first sight the 40GB model doesn't seem good value when you can get the backwards compatability 60GB with two games for an extra £50, but the 40GB model contains the newer 65nm cell chip which uses less power. The best thing about the new 40GB is that it is so very much quieter and throws out a lot less heat, my old 60GB used to get very hot, but worse than that it was way too noisy which could be distracting at times.
If backwards compatability with the Playstation 2 is important to you then the 40GB won't be any use to you. Me personally, I am very happy to sacrifice the BC and extra 20GB for the quieter cooler operation of the 40GB.
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on 6 October 2007
hi, this is a PS3, what more needs to be said about it? well, first off you have to remember this is a cut down version of the original 60Gb version, not too much to concern yourselves with, BUT, this is not backwards compatable with the old ps2/ps1 titles like the 60 model is, this is due to some motherboard modifications and removal of the GF chip. other things missing are the flash/memory card slots but if you really need these you can us a standard usb card reader, just plug it into the console. the other thing is it only has 2 usb ports on the front, these can also be expanded using a standard usb hub if you need more ports too. it still has wi-fi, blue tooth, and everything else the full 60Gb model has.
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on 14 January 2008
After deliberating long and hard as to whether i should go for the xbox360 or PS3, I finaly made up my mind and went for the latter for a number of reasons. Firstly, after reading reviews on Amazon, I was slightly concerned at the number of people commenting on how their 360's had given them problems with overheating, the "Ring Of Death" etc, and they had to get numourous replacement machines. (although, I have heard these faults have now been fixed with the lastest machines). Secondly, I'd seen preview clips of Gran Turismo 5 and I didnt want to miss out on that, and lastly, I discovered Sony had released a cheaper 40gb version of the PS3.

So whats it like? Well, firstly let me just talk about one of the things that I was concerned about when i was deciding whether to buy or not. If you have a standard TV, The games DO NOT look terrible as some people have said, its still amazing HiDef or not, and the graphics are so much better than the PS2, the difference is staggering. The day I got it i was playing the NBA 08 demo on a standard telly, my dad thought i was watching a real life game on Sky Sports. I have since got a HD tv, and i will say that it is worth getting one if you can, but its not the end of world if you dont.

Game-wise, yes, their are more 360 games around at the moment, but its still early days for PS3. And even if you just got it for Motorstorm it would be worth it.

The machine itself is really quiet and the initial set up is no harder than it is with a PS2. Setting up the Wifi internet is just a two minute job. Although I will say, it does attract quite alot of dust to it, I think maybe its because its shiny or somthing, but thats more of a minor annoyance than a major problem.

Overall then, i would highly recommend it. so buy it. (oh, make sure you get a pack of dusters while ur at it.)
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VINE VOICEon 19 April 2008
Barcode: 0711719430650

I've had a PS2 for ages and i think a lot of people will agree it was an amazing console with some of the best games ever made on it - Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto... the list goes on and on. But having got an HD TV recently and the prospect to sequels to all these great games coming out soon, i got a PS3.

I have to admit, i was initially put off by the high price tag and limited library of games and dissapointed that the console was not backwards compatible. However, with the price now reduced and the games library much improved and having actually got the console and used it for a while, all my fears were remedied.

Here's some reasons why the Playstation 3 is so great. For starters, as many other reviewers have said, the lack of backwards compatibility is ultimately not that important - if you still want to play PS2 games you will have kept your PS2 and with the ever imporving PS3 games library you'll find your spending too much time playing on them to even think about PS2 stuff. My console came bundled with Motorstorm and Resistance, too great games and of course, who could not mention the simple awesome Call Of Duty? Just like the PS3 itself, i had heard so many high things about this game and i was not dissapointed when i got it.

The Blu-Ray player - while you may not have any Blu-Ray discs at the moment, just wait a few years. HD-DVD has lost the format war and all us Playstation fans can now scoff at XBox owners. Brilliant! One of the other main draws of the console for me was the graphics - on a good HD TV they really are photorealistic, the first time you load something up you will be totally amazed - they're simply stunning and create a lush, involving environment to play in.

I also love the new browser system which serves as a hub for all your usage of the console, it's slickly designed and contains links to all your downloaded games, videos and internet. Did i say about the internet? It may sound simple but there's something incredibly cool about being able to use the internet on the console - it really does show just how universal its use is.

DVD's work brilliantly on here too, as well as looking great on an HD TV, the PS3's menu system is easy to use and there's also the nifty little feature where if you take the disc out and then put it back in again at a later date it will still be at the same place.

And what about the technical side? I do have a few little bones to pick but they're really only very small things. One, the 40 GB seems a little small. If you download demos from the Playstation store or the demo disc you get with the Official Playstation Magazine (which is brilliant by the way - definitely recommended too) then this space will go fast, especially if you start saving lots of videos on your console too. Also, certain aspects of the console seem a little delicate such as the 5 second transition as it switches between HD resolutions or the touch sensitive button which must be held for 5 seconds to turn the console off. They're only minor points and you get used to them quickly but for first time users these things might seem a little unfamiliar for those used to the more simple robustness of the PS2.

There's a whole host of good things though, to start with, the design of the console is fantastic and its really good that it now comes with a stand so you can have it horizontal. Touch sensitive buttons and the replacement of the sliding out disc tray bring this console vang up to date and you can't tell how thankful i am that the controllers are still the same only with the added bonus of wireless. And they're dead simple to recharge too, simply hook 'em up with the USB cable and the need for loads of batteries is eliminated.

So, summing up, the Playstation 3 is totally value for money. Great games which function equally well on single player or online, simply stunning graphics and an overall great design and user interface - the Playstation 3 looks set to become just as massively popular and long-lasting as the PS2. Definitely recommended!
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on 28 December 2007
Wow. What a console. The sheer sleekness and power of the console is simply jaw dropping. I have to admit, I was worried about the console, after the harsh reviews that many people have given it; But do not be put off by The Xbox360 teenage "Hardcore" Fans. They are just trying to ruin the PlayStation 3 as they think their console is better, even though most haven't even played a PS3, never mind owned one. I have put off purchasing a PS3 for a while now as the 60GB came with a hefty £350-400 Price tag and few games that I wanted to play were out. Now you can pick one up for just £269.99, Lets put that into perspective with the Xbox360 20GB Premium Package £229.99 + £54.99 Wireless Bridge and another £99.98 got the HD DVD player, That's a whopping £384.86, and With the PlayStation 3, you get Over double the storage (Minus the 7GB the Xbox360 Uses before you even Store your game data etc.)I'm not just going to sit here and go on and on about the PlayStation Vs Xbox war; as you have probably read too much about it and are sick and tired of hearing it. Here are something's you should no about the PS3 40GB vs. PS3 60GB.

1) PS2 Compatibility - If you want to play your PS2 Games, keep your PS2 Plugged in, You will more than likely not want to play it after buying the PS3, with many more release's coming soon, and enough games to do until then, you will be more than pleased.

2) 20GB less storage - Most of my friends who own the Xbox360 haven't even used half of their storage, and considering the PlayStation 3 has more than double that, you will more than likely not need the extra 20GB, but as the PlayStation 4 might not be released until 2016, You can purchase a regular 2.5" Laptop drive 160GB-250Gb for under £100, although the 40GB will do for another 2 years at least. If you want to Store Music, Photos or Videos, Purchase one now as you'll use it up quickly, although for now my laptop does the job for me.

3) The memory card slots and only 2 USB ports - You can buy a stand for around £14.99 which will give you 3 USB ports, if you still want the Memory card slots, you can buy a 25 in One for pretty cheap now days, although you will more than likely not use them, keep in mine this is a GAMES console.

Blu-Ray is simply STUNNING, I have only watched Die Hard 4.0 on it, and was simply astonished. The image was perfect, although, you really do need a 40"+ HD TV to show it off, surround sound helps boost that Cinema-Like feeling. Many people are critical towards Sony about bringing this to the PlayStation and putting them into a Format war they do not want to be part of. Lets look at this from a gamers perspective, A Dual-Layer Blu-Ray Disk can store up to 50GB, Now its nearest competitor HD-DVD can store 30GB maxed out. And then there's DVD, which the 360 uses, it stores a mere 9GB, that's nearly 6 times less than Blu-Ray, and considering what Rock tar did with GTA San Andreas, The possibilities are endless. Although, if you are a 360 owner, you may need a HD-DVD player for future games, as the 9GB just will not do for future releases. Ok, now we come to the Online. Yes, the Xbox Live service is Leagues in advance, but is the £40 annual fee really worth it? The PlayStation in my eyes has everything you need to play people online, and although Sony do not need to add new Features, unlike Microsoft, who need to keep Those Xbox360 Fans glued to their service to Maximise profits, They are adding a Service called `Home' which should reach us soon, and I am looking forward to this. Last thing is The SIXAXIS controller, I love this little gadget, great controller and I can only assume how it will be accompanied with the Dual Shock 3 due to be released to Europe.Now with the games, the Xbox360 has loads of great games out now, but the PS3 is relatively `Future Proof' with many great releases, such as MGS4, GT 5 and HAZE exclusive to the PS3, not to mention GTA IV, with HD really coming into its stride, the PS3 in my eyes is by far the better choice. Other people are starting to see it too, over 8.5 Million PS3's have been sold, and the XBox360, 13.4Million, Not too far to go. People were worrying about its say in this console war, but everyone from now on will be purchasing this truly great masterpiece of technology by Sony from Now on. I think the Picture is great on my 26" Sony KDL26S3000 BRAVIA HDTV In my bedroom, but even just looking at the trailers on the 40" Sony Bravia in HMV I was just like WOW. Hope this Review has been helpful; any questions/Comments just post them here.
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