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on 15 April 2008
When call of duty 4 first came out on the 9thof November 2007 (5th of November for the U.S) there was already an abundance of FPS's (first person shooters) on the market.
Rainbow six Vegas and Halo3 were just two of the tough competitors that COD4 was up against.

The new instalment of the long running Call of Duty series has proved to be a great success after trading its WW2 theme and storyline's for a more modern approach to life in the front line.

The new additions to the game really make COD4 stand out from all other games on the market. Perks are one of these additions that really add to the personalized experience of the game. Choose you clan tag when playing multiplayer online. Play as U.S marines and the SAS in single player as well as terrorists in multiplayer. Create different weapon class's ranging from shotgun's to sniper's, Assault rifles to sub-machineguns. With these weapons you can also call on three perks to help you. One of the most helpful perks is martyrdom (drop a live grenade when killed) and bandolier (increased ammo capacity). This is a list of all the perks:

Perk 1:
* Bomb Squad (see where enemy's have planted explosives)
* C4 x 2 (C4 with handheld trigger)
* Claymore x 2 ( trip mines)
* RPG-7 x 2
* Special Grenades x 3
* Frag x 3
* Bandolier (increased ammo capacity)
Perk 2:
* Juggernaut(More Health)
* Sleight of hand(Reload quicker)
* Stopping power(More weapon damage)
* UAV Jammer(Jams enemy radar)
* Sonic Boom (Higher damage from your explosives)
* Double Tap( Higher rate of fire)
Perk 3:

* Extreme conditioning(Sprint longer)
* Steady Aim(Steadier aiming)
* Last Stand(pull out your pistol before dying)
* Deep Impact(Better bullet penetration through walls)
* Dead Silence(Less noise when running)
* Iron Lungs(Hold breath longer when sniping)
* Eavesdrop(Allows you to listen in on enemy chat)
* Martyrdom(Drop a live grenade when killed)

The creators at activision have really pulled out all the stops when creating this truly amazing piece of graphic engineering, helped by the new dynamic spotlight and shadow technology.

Of all the First person shooter games I have played this is truly the best. Stunning vision, sound and overall game play. This game is a MUST BUY!! Great single player missions but online play is the main selling point for this game.
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on 26 February 2008
I've been a computer games player for a long time, going back to the old Apple IIe. My favourites are without doubt games in this first person shoot-'em ups genre with good graphics, and although I'm what you would call a casual games player (rather than hardened and dedicated) I think I can spot a good 'un. And this is a great one. I haven't finished it yet, and am not looking forward to doing so, I'm having such a good time.

I won't repeat what the other excellent reviewers have said, I'll just summarize the huge leap that this game has made over COD3.

The graphics are stunning; full use of HD widescreen TV has been made, and surround sound still very impressive.

The enemy AI is far better than COD3, and it's a real challenge to take them out or get past them. Any indiscretion will get you riddled with bullets, and now you can't throw back every grenade. Additionally, the COD3 'radar' with dots for the location of your enemy has gone, thank goodness. You have to use your eyes and ears to locate your adversary now.

Modern weapons have made the game play a real joy, with different cyclical firing rates, accuracy and reload times. In COD3 you could use a Bren as accurately as a sniper rifle over a distance of several hundred yards ... yeah, like that's realistic! In this the weapons have real limitations and advantages, and replacement ammunition is not waiting for you on every doorstep like it is in other games.

You are much freer to roam than in COD3, but of course there are limitations to where you can go in any game. But whereas in COD3 I used to yell in frustration 'Why can't I climb this bank and shoot from there?' you can make use of terrain in this game.

There are a couple of pleasing interludes where you are the gunner in a helicopter and a C130 Hercules gunship. I have no experience of either but I really felt as if the C130 episode was genuinely representative. I'd love to know if it is.

To me, the mark of a good computer game is whether it consistently makes you almost desperate to get back to it. COD3 didn't, I could play or not as the fancy took me, but this one is compelling and compulsive. No matter how many times I've 'died' in a mission I can't wait to get back. You know the scene, you've played until the early hours of the morning and your eyes are hanging on your cheeks and you really have to go to bed ... and the following day you can't wait to get home from work to have a go again. My wife is threatening to start a COD4 Widows' Society.

I do have a few beefs but they're minor, and no game is going to be absolutely perfect. My biggest beef so far is that on at least one mission, the play is impossible to beat unless you cheat, by which I mean adopt a strategy that would almost certainly have you court-martialled for apparent cowardice in the face of the enemy (Ferris Wheel veterans will know what I mean). This is unecessarily unrealistic - well, you could find yourself in that situation but then you would certainly die.

I thought Gears of War was the pinnacle ... it isn't any more in my book.

This is the most playable game of its kind I have ever encountered, and since online gaming holds no interest for me, I shall have to replay it when I finish until COD5 comes out. Or perhaps I'll just be kind to my wife and wait patiently for COD5.
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on 6 November 2007
The 'little 360' has yet another AAA+ title in COD4. The Graphics are stunning, one of the top 3 games on the system in fact. The sound is so good, pumped through a 5.1 setup it is ground-shudderingly awesome. I think Gears of War might be on early retirement from now on.

The story mode is fantastic, the AI on your teammates is really cool, they do save your skin on many occasions. Useful cause i'm a bit of a noob. Overall i would stump for the regular edition, as it's the game you're buying it for after all.

The only difference i've seen between the 360 version (running at a velvety 60fps) and the PS3 version is some extre antialiasing on the '60, otherwise they seem identical. As i prefer the 360 pad (more ergonomic) i shelled out for the 360 version. But PS3 fanboys (see previous review for sad evidence) will be more than satisfied by this stunning piece of coding.
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on 18 November 2007
As a First-Person Shooter fan, I was very impressed with the latest Call of Duty outing.
The storyline of the game is excellent and true to the 'modern warfare' name, the learning curve of the game is beautifully simple, and the graphical quality is immense, making full use of the power availble under the X360 hood. The voice acting is particulalry impressive, as are the AIs of your team-mates and your adversaries.
Even those not conditioned to first-person shooters will find this one difficult to put down.

Online play is also incredible, including a "levelling up" system which sees you promoted from Private to Lance Corporal and upwards, in turn unlocking extra weapon sets, customisation tools and other goodies.
Additionally, this game is very generous with Gamerscore points, providing (on Regular difficulty at least) 20 per completed level, and other hidden points in Campaign mode for pulling off sneaky maneuvers in the game, such as headshot counts, destroying property and so on.
I have not finished yet the game but I find it very difficult to find fault with any aspect of it.
This is one of those games that you buy the console for, a bit like the PlayStation 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4.
And for the price here on Amazon, what are you waiting for?
You could not ask for much more.
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on 27 January 2008
The COD guys have got their act together yet again with the release of this version and bringing it up to date with the Modern Warfare theme has just made the whole thing even better. I was impressed with the story line, the graphics and the fantastic and realistic sound. The game play is brilliant in both solo game and multi player. The fact that yo have to earn the right to certain weapons in the multiplayer mode is also a great idea. I am also please they have broght back the featre, which was omitted from COD3, where you get to see who shot you and where from in Multiplayer mode.

My only gripe is that the solo game is a little bit short but everything else makes up for this. I am so happy with it I have played the solo game on every level. I'm finding it hard in Veteren mode and this slows the pace of the game down making it more real again.

I just love it love it love it. Well done COD guys.

Buy this game and you will never let it go - you will keep coming back for more play.
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on 26 January 2008
I was shocked, amazed and relieved when I heard about a year ago that the Call of Duty franchise was in for an overhaul and was going to be set in present day. To be frank, I think that WW2 has been done to death in video games. However, like many others, I was a little apprehensive as to how well it would be pulled off. Thankfully there is no need to worry because Call of Duty 4 is probably the best Call of Duty game that has ever been made and arguably game of the year.

Like many other Call of Duty games, the story is told through the perspective of more than one soldier. Throughout the game, you play as Sergeant John "Soap" MacTavish of the 22nd SAS regiment and Sergeant Paul Jackson of the American 1st Force Recon and another surprise character. Without giving too much away, the game is basically about a Russian ultranationalist called Imran Zakhaev who is set on returning his homeland to the times of the Soviet Union by revolting against the current government and seizing a nuclear weapons stockpile. The story is very good overall and fits together very nicely. There are 4 difficulty settings which are easy, regular, hardened and veteran and there is quite a spread between these. There are a few niggles to the single player and one is its length. I found myself completing it on hardened within 6 hours and for more experienced players than me this could go down to 4-5 hours. Another gripe is the repetitivity involved during the game. Most of the time, you find yourself killing wave after wave of enemies. In the end it all gets rather tedious.

When single player has been finished, you are in for a treat. The multiplayer in Call of Duty 4 is spot on and extremely addictive (while it lasts). The multiplayer is level and experience points based where you start as private (level 1) and finish as commander (level 55) (above general). As you progress through the ranks, you unlock more weapons and perks which then you are then permitted to use on the battlefield. The multiplayer also uses experience points which can be achieved by killing people, completing mission objectives (such as planting bombs or capturing the flag) or by completing challenges. By completing challenges for weapons you can unlock red dot sights, acog scopes and silencers etc. If you wondered what perks were, they are basically abilities. You can have up to three perks which for example could be extra ammo, or extra grenades, the ability to reload faster, the ability to drop a live grenade when you are killed etc... My personal favourite is called last stand. (much like the single player finale) It is where, when you get hit enough times by the enemy, (instead of dying) you drop to the floor with your pistol. You are then allowed about 15 seconds (providing you don't get shot again) of shooting with your pistol until you get killed. This can be very handy, especially at getting revenge on the opponent who put you in that state. When you just start out in the game, there are pre-set classes which you are able to use but as you climb up the ranks, you can create your own classes with your own choice of weapons which help in making the classes more individual. Moving on, the only gripe I have with the multiplayer is the length. It will take most people about 50 hours of solid gameplay to reach the rank of commander. Once you have reached commander (level 55), you will probably find like me that the game gets slightly boring as there is nothing to unlock.

In conclusion, Call of Duty 4 should probably be owned by everyone who plays video games, let alone those who are fans of the genre. Congratulations to Activision and Infinity Ward who produced a cracking game which hardly disappoints. If you don't already own this game, then I strongly suggest you buy it soon.

I shall now rate the game

Gameplay: 9/10. Slightly repetitive at times but generally very good. Multiplayer can have you playing for hours at a time.
Graphics: 10/10. Stunning visuals. From the lighting to the character models, all are superb.
Sound: 9/10. This aspect does not disappoint. Excellent voice overs, atmosphere and music.
Lasting Appeal: 9.5/10. Although the single player is short, the multiplayer is what this game is all about. This game will probably take the average gamer roughly 60 hours to complete.

Overall, I give this game 9.5. This game is a real masterpiece.
If you liked this game, then I recommend other games in the genre such as Crysis, The Orange Box, Gears of War, Timeshift, Medal of Honour: Airborne, Rainbow six: Vegas and STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, all of which I have played, completed and enjoyed immensely.
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on 7 November 2007
This is a great new game giving us a break from wwII and entering us into "modern warfare". Short campaign but a breathtaking one at that with great cut scenes and a storyline that gets you involved from the start, plus the multiplayer will keep you coming back for more for months.
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on 8 July 2014
Call of Duty 4 redefined the First Person Shooter genre back in 2007 with its realistic portrayal of modern military operations and its unique, addicting multiplayer.
Play as British S.A.S and U.S Marines on a story that will take you across Europe and the Middle East in the search for the leader of a terrorist movement and nuclear weaponry.
This limited edition contains an art book, making of DVD and poster of the cover art. A great collectors item for fans of the game or the franchise.
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on 1 January 2008
Just moved from a PS2 to an Xbox360 so was blown away with the detail and graphics. There are a fabulous variety of weapons and various types of gameplay. Death from Above was a particularly satisfying level where you are a gunner in a AC130 gunship.

It does have 4 difficulty levels but the recruit level is just too easy. I started on this and was through the game in just a few hours. The harder levels do extend your time though.

Online play is good but you are often put with people who have earned higher ranks that come with advantages such as being hidden from your radar which means they can creep up on you (as they can see you on their radar), making advancing the ranks hard. Also players often respawn beside you and are able to take you out.

I would definitely recommend this game but make sure you don't start on recruit difficulty.
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on 29 October 2014
Excellent! The actual box of this collector's edition is a little weird, it has the Xbox 360 logo at the top on the left side and at the bottom on the right side. But still, nonetheless a great one to have for the collection!
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