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on 10 October 2014
Poor, sent the first one back because the gearing didn't work. Then two months later sold on ebay for £10. And at £10 I feel I ripped the other person off!!! Don't bother, buy better.
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on 3 December 2012
This is a good sturdy unit and it runs smooth and quiet. Perfect for home exercise use. It is well worth the investment.
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on 29 February 2008
This is a really good exercise bike especially at this offer price. It was relatively easy to put together, feels robust and when cycling it is very quiet and comfortable. I had originally ordered the V-fit bike around this price but had to return two of them as they were cracked, this bike seems much better quality.
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on 14 March 2009
Not 5 star but not far off. Definitely a great product. Burn around 300 calories on the medium level of resistance (4th out of 8) and burn around 500 calories in 50-55 minutes.

Good points:

1. Pretty easy and quick to put together.
2. Feels sturdy.
3. Fits in even small rooms easily and not particularly heavy.
4. Gives you a good workout and gets your heartbeat going, 20-30 minutes a day good for a start but you can then increase.

Bad points:

1. A bit uncomfortable (sitting) if used for over 30-35 minutes but not horribly uncomfortable, just put something softer on the seat possibly.

Overall, a good purchase and very pleased.
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on 7 January 2010
My wife and I are both reasonably tll (5'10" and 6'2" respectively). Back in NZ, we tried a number of different products and found that most did not have a tall enough seat post for us. We eventually settled on a York C201 as it was the only one that was okay for both of us. In Scotland, we have gone for the cheaper C101 for financial reasons, but find it just as good as the C201 in many respects. It is very quiet when being used, and both of us can comfortably use it. It doesn't have the same program features as the more expensive model, but is great for a "get on and ride" option! It's also quite light so is easy to move around, which is good as the wheels don't really work on our carpeted floors.
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on 23 January 2009
When I decided to lose weight I started searching for a treadmill. The best treadmill I found was the "Reebok I-Run" model, which is reasonably priced and gets great reviews. It was available at argos for only £250 but I had to wait 35 days for delivery. I thought I will start of with this exercise bike and not lose my motivation until then.

I was expecting this exercise bike to be a side equipment that I would use from time to time once I got my treadmill.

I'm so glad I bought this item. I absolutely love cycling. If I had started with a treadmill I wouldn't be able to run more than 10 minutes. But with this bike the first day I did 60min (2x30). The next day I increased to 90min (3x30) and I'm still continuing that way every day!

Besides there is the noise factor that was bothering me about the treadmill idea. I don't want to bother my upstairs neighbours with the treadmill noise. This bike nearly creates no noise at all although I'm using it on laminated floor. I use it early in the morning, at midnight, even after midnight all the time.

I've put this in the living room in front of the TV. I like wearing my sennheiser wireless headphones while I'm on the bike, especially when it's late. This way I can concentrate more on the TV. Without the TV I would be watching clocks all the time. I pick programs that I especially like. It makes the exercise much easier.

The image in my mind about doing exercises has been always someting tough and tiring. I tried the gym but didn't succeed. I went there only 3 times in 6 months.

Now I'm burning 900 calories every day while watching TV. You will burn 300 calories in a 30 minute sessions. At first it might take around 35 minutes depending on your speed and difficult level.

If you want to burn more calories in shorter time you need to increase either your speed or the difficulty level. I find it easier to increasing speed. I like to keep difficult at level 3 and go fast at that level. It takes about 28 minutes to burn 300 calories that way.

The only thing that could be better is the seat I think. Although it is comfortable it still hurts a bit after 30 minutes. I guess it will get better over time.

I bought this item for £109.99 and it turned out to be a more suitable equipment than a £250 treadmill. I finally have a realistic way for losing weight. If it is still at that discount price, I suggest that you buy it while you can. Definitely a great product.
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on 6 June 2012
Ok, after checking through the various reviews decided to plump for this one as it wasn't extortionate. Wanted a bike mainly for 3-5 sessions a week as at the grand old age of 35 the left knee won't jog anymore, the swine simply refuses. So went for express delivery and good as Amazon's word it came via dpd who were superb, (they text you the morning of your delivery with an hour window in which to expect it).

Easy enough to set up, instructions are certainly on the brief side but simple enough to do at leisurely pace in about 40 minutes and everything you need is included. So far so good but several of the pieces did look as if they'd maybe been used before (a returned item perhaps?) and then we come to the real problem. Bike worked fine but the tension level stayed at one .....yes the dial moved to eight and for a brief moment I thought I was some sort of advanced exercise biker but no the tension was buggered.

Called Amazon spoke to the very helpful Mike S, who emailed the relevant return labels to me and has said he's processed a refund so feel free to reorder .

Again bike comes via dpd again all as you'd expect (bike seems like new hurrah). This time the bike seems fine the tension goes to eight and is as it should be ....until that bloody knocking . Yes, like several other reviewers there's a definite noise (some say knock, some say graunch)which is worse the higher the tension !! After reading through my fellow knockees reviews went for the polystyrene
between the bar and main casing solution, seems to have done the trick but surely this should have been simple enough for the good people of York to rectify ?

Oh and as a further point Amazon for returns use Yodel (arrrgh I hear some of you cry, it's ok come back) who have a reputation Hitler would find galling. Pleased to report they did collect it on the day arranged but the collection window (between 7 chuffing am and 9 flipping pm) is taking the piss and I was the grand curtain twitcher of the north west as I tried not to miss it.

One last thing (i'm going, honest I have a life) Amazon have taken payment for the replacement but not as of yet refunded me for the original. Tsk !!
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on 18 July 2009
i bought this about 3 weeks ago, based on other reviews, the price + the fact it's the number 1 selling product in exercise bikes!

a lot of people on here have said it takes around to hours to put it together?! well i'm 22 and certainly no brainbox, but from taking all of the pieces out of the box and carrying them upstairs..it took me just under 1 hour to put it together (with no help)!, the only bit i did struggle with was the tension cable..it says on the instructions 'pull firmly' it should say 'give a good tug).

i found the instructions pretty easy and clear to follow!

the bike is very sturdy..its quieter than the bikes at the gym, my only problem after giving it a go, was that my bum was sore for 2 days after!! so i have now resolved that issue with a cushion (which other people on here have mentioned)

so all in all, if you dont want to break your bank balance (even if you did want to, there is no reason to) get this bike..its delivery service is also quicker than the estimated dates..another bonus :D
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on 21 July 2010
After seeing my belly bulge in holiday snaps, this exercise bike was a panic buy. I'm really pleased with it.

It took less than half an hour to put together and feels like a really sturdy bit of kit. The monitor is very easy to read and has every function the beginner could want. Though I'm told these things are never very accurate, it is very sobering to discover that 10 minutes of cycling burns barely 100 calories - that's 1/3 of a Mars bar.

The saddle height and resistance control are very easy to change for varying builds and levels of fitness. My husband is 6'4" and very strong and fit, whilst I'm 5'3" and emphatically NOT fit, but both of us can use this machine effectively. My husband can get a very good cardio workout by turning up the resistance and cycling to time targets. I'm using the lowest resistance setting to avoid bulking up, and have already lost an inch around my middle after just ten days. Don't leave out the cool-down leg and abdominal stretches though - a personal trainer friend has drilled this into me, and it makes such a difference in eliminating aches and pains the next day (and therefore ensuring you get back on the bike).

I am apple shaped (spare tyre but skinny arms, legs and bum) and the seat on this is very hard and uncomfortable on my behind, to the point that I'm seriously looking for a replacement saddle. This is my only criticism though - and for the price, you really can't complain too loudly.
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on 6 March 2008
Very pleased with this product after returning 2 V-fit cycles that arrived damaged. Easily assembled, very comfortable and quiet.
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