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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 February 2018
Three blockbusters which not only were critically acclaimed but put bums on seats wherever they were shown around the world------ can't go wrong at this price------ around ONE pound as I write!
Let the detractors say whatever they want to about prices for products, if you like action that is realistic and not looking like they're performed by stunt men from a James Bond film, complicated thoughtful plots and acting that is believable this dvd steel box set has the lot.
Multi language and multi subtitles including English.
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on 7 September 2015
Bourne is a successful saga and much more interesting than it seems and was received.
Forgetting the 4th episode (which is not included here and has a different cast and director) this trilogy relies on Matt Damon's cool performance (he is a cold yet reluctant hero that conveys a sense of constant and hard effort not to fall again and gradually seek for vengeance and truth about himself) and on an excellent screenwriting and direction. The first film is by the former director of independent comedy Swingers, who later turned to mainstream action, and draw a path that will be followed and walk even better by the director of episode 2 and 3, that is Paul Greengrass (United 93, Green Zone, Captain Philips, etc...) who has a superior style and cinematic approach and makes this saga even more realistic, dramatic, grainy and far from mainstream standards. It is the winning attempt to re-vive and refresh the spy genre a little like the did with James Bond, but with even more realism and less glamour, resulting in a dark story with a certain sense of rebellion and solitude towards the Establishment.
2 fantastic scenes: the end of episode 2 in Russia and the thrilling scene in the Train Station in episode 3, where Greengrass shows all his talent in building a scene only with a perfect editing where you follow the perception of the characters, losing and regaining orientation and visibility of what is going on, and feeling the situations like you are there.
The blu ray edition is excellent
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on 13 June 2016
Terrific value set of a really high quality action series.

All three films come in individual Blu-ray cases with a smart and classy outer box to hold them. Each disc also comes with a variety of features including commentaries, interviews and the usual bits and pieces on how the productions achieved some of the stunts and action set-pieces across the trilogy. Each film comes up well on Blu-ray and watched as a whole form a very complete feeling story with a clear middle, beginning and ending that's often not found in major franchises.

Hopefully this Summer's 'Jason Bourne' will offer a logical and thought out progressing of the story without negatively affecting these earlier films.
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on 5 October 2012
Fast paced, edge of your seat twist's and turns, beautiful action sequences. An excellent piece of film making!

In my reviews, i won't dwell long on the movie's plot, My reviews will only deal with what to expect from the "purchased product.

This collection comes well packed, all 3 Blu ray disc's have their very own jacket (case), sleek art work covers the front of each jacket and the usual information regarding the movie is found at the back!

The Blu Ray disc's are labelled as region free, I have a region "B" Blu ray player and they all played nicely, as for region "A" and "C", I am not to sure, since i can't test those regions.

Each Blu Ray disc has several interesting special features regarding the movie (feature times range from 2 min's to 20), very detailed information is provided during each feature.

There is a ton of subtitles on each Blu Ray (i think they covered every language,lol).

Picture Quality: Excellent, All the transfer's to Blu Ray disc's have been done very well, everyone part of the movie looks crisp and stunning.

Sound Quality: Excellent, The DTS-HD (5.1) Master Audio is perfect, perfect timings of the most minute sounds are delivered on time, the car chase scene's stand out, also listen to the breathing pattern's of the actors during the fight scene's.

Video codec: VC-1
Video resolution: 1080p
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1, 2.35:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
French: DTS 5.1
Spanish: DTS 5.1

English SDH, French, Spanish

50GB Blu-ray Disc
Three-disc set (3 BDs)

Slipcover in original pressing

Region fre

In Conclusion, this box-set is a excellent purchase for fan's of the Bourne Franchise!

The Ultimate Bourne Collection [Blu-ray][Region Free]
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on 11 March 2014
Well it's a close one. After the obvious 007 franchise. That having been typed Bourne does have MANY qualities that go above and beyond Bond. Joan Allen is just one of those qualities. And Edgar Ramirez is another fine quality. And the the always excellent Brian Cox is as superb as always. Heck even Julia Stiles here is amazing. And the car chases are truly awesome. Wonderful acting from the many and myriad cast. Breathlessly entertaining and endlessly re-watchable. You simply cannot go wrong or lose here. It's a win-win here. There's SO much to reccommend. One cannot recommend highly enough. I truly believe that there's no bad here. I could continue to go on and on but watch em if you don't believe me. Seeing is after all believing. 10/10
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on 14 November 2009
The Ultimate Bourne Collection Boxset [DVD] [2007]

The Bourne Identity is a stand alone film, but neither Supremacy nor Ultimatum really are, the three films form a kind of mini-series (mega series?) finally leaving the option open for a sequel.

I tried watching all three films at one sitting and they flowed as a seamless whole, a real tribute considering the change of director for the last two, also with the filming of Supremacy on location in Moscow and Ultimatum completing the scene in Berlin.

The three films do follow a formula, one big fight sequence, a major car chase sequence, but the only romantic interest is in Identity. This means in Supremacy and Ultimatum there is no partner for Bourne, he just runs and runs and fights and fights, in some ways transferring a great deal of the plot to his pursuers and their motivations.

Depending on your point of view it is fortunate the plots are different to the Ludlum novels, to find out I started reading Ultimatum and found it so uninteresting I gave up after a 100 pages.

This extremely well directed and acted series is a real achievement and I look forward to Bourne 4.
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on 14 March 2010
I want to tell the short story...
I saw some reviews under this edition that belong to some other editions...?
As for this one, blue ray, it is basic 3 disc in separate boxes put together in one large shell... Nothing else. There are a lot of extras on the discs. I don't watch those anyway.
So, everything is just so good in these movies! Specially acting and action!
There is a good camera shake in the 2nd one, that many are complaining about, and therefore 4 stars... But, it is only in the second movie, so don't give up before you've watched the third one! :) They've probably got many critics then, so the third is absolute marble!
As for the film grain, that many are also complaining about, it is not the Matrix or other Sci-Fi, future, animated... movie! That way of filming is giving it a special feel. At least if you enjoy the story and watch the movie - not the grain.
I am a photographer, so take my word on it, the grain is not a flaw! I have 42" Full HD Plasma (Panasonic), so I saw it good, but it adds to movie's atmosphere, makes it kind a documentary...
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on 9 January 2012
Stunning, action packed, fast paced thriller. Wonderfully directed and filmed, and an all start cast starting Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. I consider these three films to be as good as the original books, and I know some may disagree with me there.

The action scenes are well planned and filmed to perfection and it really makes you feel every punch and kick the actors produce. The way in which they have filmed it all really puts you in the action, and you feel as if you are there with Jason Bourne.

Here in this great box set you get all three films, in sunning bluray video with fantastic surround sound which draws you into the film even more than the camera work does. Each Bluray disk has behind the scenes footage, which is worth a watch as it's fantastic to see how they made this amazing set of films come to life.

5 out 5!
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on 31 January 2010
Updating the American paranoia films of the 70s with top drawer action and globe-trotting cat-and-mouse suspense, all encapsulated in crystal clear Blu-ray technology, the Bourne series has to be the complete trilogy of its genre. Owing greatly to pre-Hollywood Hitchcock and American classics such as The Conversation, Three Days of the Condor and Brian De Palma's Mission Impossible, Bourne does them all as we witness the Black Ops assassin's breakneck journey for self-preservation, pursuit of his betrayers and quest for self-discovery and redemption.

In Identity the journey we share with Bourne, from isolated amnesiac to multi-lingual fully realised killer, contains action, suspense and guile by the truckload. It has finger-snapping fights and a car chase borrowing from (take your pick) but easily matching The Italian Job, French Connection, Ronin and the best of Bond. But Bourne isn't just about modern action-film gimmickry; here is a character with talent, intelligence, vulnerability and oh so hidden depths. The film has it all: tension, menace, ominous European towns, snowscapes, back-story laden characters and friendly fishermen.

Supremacy has arguably the most contrived premise of the trilogy but more than makes up for this with its similar mix to Identity of action, treachery and intrigue. The film is given depth by the multi-faceted support characters and its reprising of the wintry European towns that have pretty much become a character of their own. The claustrophobia from the first film is maintained with much of the action and stealth set in an icy cold Germany and Russia. Here Bourne, again the pursuer and evader, with his memory returning in patches, is even more the man of solemnity, violence and atonement no better exemplified in a truly captivating final 20 minutes.

Finally, Ultimatum tells both its own story whilst smartly interweaving all three as it cleverly overlaps with the timeline from Supremacy. Bourne is again both the pursuer and the pursued (never so much as a hat for a disguise!) and if in the last film he sought penitence, in this he's out for retribution. Again the action, fight sequences and tension are stunning as is Bourne's continuing nerve-shredding ability to outwit his surveillance-heavy trackers. And the section in Waterloo Station has to be one of the all time standout sequences of its kind, with its stunning blend of suspense, action and sheer cunning. This third film which nicely book-ends the first with practically the same scene, is so good I'm praying they don't do another.

My niggles are few but in the interests of balance I know I'm not the first to point out that its superb action is sometimes a little marred with the excessive camera-judder favoured by director Paul Greengrass. And on a macro level I'd concede that Bourne's ability to consistently outsmart his enemies of seemingly limitless resources, with pretty much just his wits and a mobile phone, is a perhaps a little dubious.

For my money Ultimatum just tops Identity but really there's only half a star separating all three. But as good as these films are the final word has to go to Matt Damon who, notwithstanding his heavy-weight supporting cast, gives a masterful performance in under-acting; he is a vulnerable lost soul in a foreign land and he is the deadly weapon in full command of his environment. In the hands of a lesser actor these would still be great films, in the hands of a professional like Damon, they're outstanding.
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on 20 January 2015
So rare that not just one but two sequels are as good as (if not better) than the original. The Bourne trilogy represent some of the best in the spy/action thriller genre. If you love car chases then you won't be disappointed (think Ronin and Bullitt!). Plus some great characterisations and stunts. Pity the fourth (Bourne Legacy, not starring Matt Damon) was a bit disappointing. But apparently a fifth is to be made with Matt Damon back as Jason Bourne so I'm looking forward to that..
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