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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Package Quantity: 1|Style Name: Smoke & Carbon Monoxide|Change
Price:£21.58+ Free shipping
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on 7 February 2010
I can't rate this alarm highly enough!
Installed it in the 2nd bedroom where the boiler is and the kids sleep. Few days later we lit the downstairs gas fire and the CO2 alarm upstairs went off within a minute! (small house, but impressive range) Needless to say, all safe and gas fire removed. Thank you kidde. Don't know how long they are meant to last. Ours is 8yrs old and the CO2 detector just stopped working, so need another asap.
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on 6 June 2009
Not had it for very long, and thankfully not had to use it in anger yet but very impressed so far. Good build quality.

This alarm provides good general protection. For extra protection, Kidde does recommend photoelectric smoke detectors as well (as they detect slower, smouldering fires more effectively).

There are 2 different siren tones depending on what is detected, but you don't have to remember which is which as it also has a voice prompt that clearly states which has been detected. The sirens are very loud and piercing but the voice alarms could be a little hard to make out if you're not in the same room as the alarm (though presumably it wouldn't matter that much). There is also a voice prompt that warns when the battery is low.

The design of the backplate ensures that batteries must be correctly fitted or else it won't install.

Only drawback is that it takes 3 AA batteries, which is a bit irregular but not that much of a con.

Very pleased so far!
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on 7 January 2011
Wish I had taken heed of the 1st Star reviews, as low and behold 24 hours after installation alarm started to emit a single "chirp" every 30 seconds indicating a unit malfunction either that or unit had reached its replace by date 1 day after purchase! However, no replace by date was is indicated where it should be. Anyway changed batteries and still got the same alarm. Contacted Kidde customer support on two separate occasions who didn't even have the decency to respond. My advice is DON'T purchase this unit and infact AVOID Kidde products in general - Hope this review is of use to someone!!!
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on 8 May 2010
I bought this alarm last year for my parents. My dad left a pan cooking and forgot about it. The whole house was filled with smoke BUT the alarm did not go off !! The battery is fine and the test button makes it go off as if it's all working correctly.

Sometimes you get false alarm if you accidently left the kitchen door open while cooking but my parent says they never have this with this alarm. It has never gone off yet it shows it's working ok. The alarm also doesn't activate with a smoking candle.

OK it's faulty but it should warn me or stop working. One thing worse than not having a alarm is to have one that u think is working but doesn't. Going to get this replaced asap.

UPDATE: Please see comment made by Jon. Looks like it only detect certain types of smoke/fire.
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on 19 January 2015
This device is EXTREMELY sensitive and when installed in the hallway easily detects a small amount of smoke from the kitchen, even if humans have trouble detecting it (e.g. toasting tea cakes, frying). The result is many nuisance alarms. The alarm is very loud, accompanied by a voice which shouts "FIRE!" and the only way of quieting the unit is to detach it from its mount and remove the batteries. This defeats the object of having a smoke alarm, of course.

Would not buy again, and I will soon be replacing the stupid thing with one that can be silenced in the event of a nuisance alarm.
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on 20 March 2012
just looking for a new co2 alarm,and was looking at these reviews.l brought one of these from a large diy high street store,it lasted 1 month before it informed me via the bleeps it was faulty,as the title says l had not kept the receipt,know better now.
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on 22 January 2013
Having used this type/model of Carbon monoxide/smoke alarm for the past eight years with no problems, I naturally felt it appropriate to buy another of the same type. Big mistake! I had read a number of negative reviews on Amazon, but thought that these were just a few cases of bad luck. Either I was wrong or my luck is no better!

I set up the alarm within minutes of receiving it. I followed the instruction to fit the batteries provided in the prescribed order. Why this should matter I don't know. Anyway, to no avail. The alarm went off like a banshee the moment the batteries were fitted. I tried pressing the test button - which did nothing to stop the siren. I then removed and refitted the batteries with the same result. I tried this several times before giving up and printing off the returns authorisation. Fortunately, Amazon make the process relatively painless - the package arrived at lunchtime and was on its way back by 2pm!

It seems to me that Kidde are having problems with this model. Maybe they have changed the design, manufacturing process or parts supplier over the past eight years. Until there is a reduction in complaints to virtually nil, I shall not be buying this item again. I shall try other manufacturers who attract fewer complaints. My advice to anyone thinking of buying this model is to do likewise.
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on 5 May 2013
I don't know if it's a quality control issue, or that the product itself has changed in specification, but this is not the alarm it once was (at least, not in my experience).

As background, I had one of these alarms for around 7 years until it expired - it warned as such and then I looked to replace like-with-like.
For the 7 years I used the original, it worked pretty much flawlessly - no "real" alarms, but it did warn on smoke and on the one occasion where we had carbon monoxide in the house (due to an oven liner burning).

I got my replacement for the expired alarm from Amazon assuming it was the same item...same model number, manufacturer etc., not really taking notice of the recent poor customer reviews as, after all, I'd been happy with my original one for many years.

The first one I had from Amazon was faulty after about 1 hour out of the box. It kept going off, intermittently, when there was no danger - this wasn't the smoke/carbon monoxide warning alarm itself, but a series of chirps and longer tones that had no corresponding explanation in the manual. I removed and replaced the batteries multiple times (nothing wrong with the batteries themselves) and on the last occasion of doing this it just let out a single long tone and wouldn't stop. So...back it went for a replacement.

The replacement I had for just over a month. This seemed fine until anyone in the house had a shower... With no visible moisture in the air, and installed on the ceiling more than the 90cms away from the bathroom door (as recommended in the manual), it started chirping during the first minute or so of the shower with the tones getting longer and longer until they were almost continuous - no option but to exit the shower, get it down and pull the batteries. No explanation for this behaviour in the manual either, but what I can say is that it was mounted in exactly the same place as my long-standing first alarm (in fact on that alarm's original mounting plate) and I never had the same problem with that.

So...back the replacement went too, this time for a refund.

Shame really - I might just have been unlucky with the two recent ones I've had, or maybe lucky with my original one that I had for many years :-) , but judging by other review comments it sounds like the alarm itself has changed over time and isn't quite the reliable thing it was originally.
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on 25 May 2009
Very loud alarm bell, loud & clear warning telling you whether it's a fire or CO2 leak, worth every penny for peace of mind.
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on 27 December 2010
I bought four of these to fit in various spots around the house and two of them malfunctioned - kept beeping even though batteries were brand new, changed batteries, tested them for power, etc etc - still no joy, so returned them. So I can only conclude that 50% of these products are sent out faulty.
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