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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2007
Well, the wait was worth it, I have had the original release (on VHS ) since it was first released and although I was impressed the first time round, this is special!! It was like listening again for the first time and the sound quality is excellent. If like me you had the oppertunity to see Zep in the 1970's you will remember them in all their glory, if you didn't then this is a fine example of Zep live and unharnessed. To be picky, I would have liked the extra tracks on disc 2 to have been in their original concert running order, but apart from that this is as good as you will get. Thanks to Jimmy Page for an exeptional remix, " Its been a long time since I Rock n' Rolled this much !!!!!!!
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on 11 January 2001
This is not a Video and it is not just a live concert it is actually unique being ,as far as I know, one of a kind. The main part of the DVD is a live concert filmed in 1973 at Madison Square Gardens. The unique parts are the fantasy sections woven in and around the live sections. In places it is almost a documentary and in others sections it is almost a feature film. My favourite bit, apart from the live music parts, is called "Who's responsible" This is where the bands manager Peter Grant gives a telling off to some venue official about pirate posters being sold on the premises. It is this section that gives part of the reason Led Zeppelin got to the top in the first place by Grants force of personality. The musical sections are a must for any Zep fan and are of course magic. The only fly in the ointment for me is the cutting of the solo from Heartbreaker. This is a small point when you consider that Dazed and confused is about 20 minutes long. As a DVD the film has great picture and sound quality but no extras such as "The making off" or interviews with the band members. Now this is a shame it looks like it has just been copied and put out quickly which means a couple of years from now it will be re-released with all the extras on. OH well it's still worth it.
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VINE VOICEon 19 November 2007
Speaking as the first reviewer to actually see the rereleased disc - this is an absolutely massive improvement on the dreadful original DVD release of the film. The sound and picture are nicely cleaned up I cannot vouch for how good the 5.1 works but I would imagine that Jimmy Page wouln't let quality slide now. The set is realistically priced, and not over elaborately packaged, just a bog standard DVD box.

As for the film itself its all there in its glory including the risible, self indulgent fantasy sequences. The live footage whilst not perfect in the first place - due to the well documented continuity gaffes -represents a decent document of the band at the peak of their powers. Part of me would like a "no fantasy sequences" option but I have a feeling that not all of the concert footage was available to offer this.

There is no revisionism here but the remaster is sympathetic and more suited to modern media than the scratchy old DVD.

The extras are a nice grab bag of bits and pieces lying around from that era, news pieces, a good interview with messrs Plant & Grant, trailers etc and of course here is the addition of the unearthed Misty Mountain Hop, The Ocean, Celebration Day(cutting copy) and Over the Hills and Far Away.

A one star disc is now 4. Not perfect but now pretty damned good.
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on 19 May 2003
A couple of months ago my dad's friend at work lent us this video. I am 13, so as a young Led Zeppelin fan I had never seen footage of them moving, let alone performing.
I din't get the first bit, but soon understood it was Peter Grant's fantasy sequence, as some freaky gangster. Yes, all of the fantasy sequences are weird: John Bonham driving so reall weird old car and riding a Harley; John Paul Jones riding a gorse throught the night as the phantom of the opera in a REALLY ugly mask; Jimmy Page recreating the scene from the inside cover from their fourth album (I'm guessing it has something to do with magic, being him); oh, yes, and Robert Plant, being Robert Plant, being a knight in medieval clothes and tight trousers having a sword fight to save a damsel in distress in a castle. Hmm, interesting, but not what I was waiting for.
When you get to the live stuff, it's great. They start with Rock n Roll. They all get the audience going, and look as if they're a great time. Robert Plant is prancing around the stage, Jimmy Page looking fantastically cool in a black outfit with silver stars on it, John Paul Jones looking rather stupid in a shirt with apples hanging off it, and Bonzo, is just an animal.
Anyway, the music. Jimmy Page plays fantastic guitar solos, and is amazing with the bow. Robert Plant's singing is 99% brilliant.
So, if like me, you never got to see the Zeppelin live, buy this for a great taster. I want to give it more than five stars, but I can't.
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on 7 March 2001
Need a guitar lesson?
Then buy this and watch the master perform. Don't listen to the waffle about this film, Zep always were a bit hit and miss on stage but that was the appeal for many people, each night was different. My favourite part is Since I've Been Loving You (not featured on the CD) Page is truly excellent, I always watch the start of this song and marvel at Page.
To me it is blindingly obvious why many rate Zep as the best band in the world. The DVD affords a much better picture and sound than the old video ever did, I find myself noticing small bits that I missed on the video.
So if you are a Zep fan then buy it, sure it is not perfect and the editing of the film leaves a bit to be desired but it's truly Led Zeppelin at the height of their career.
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on 18 November 2007
Well, I got mine ahead of schedule this Saturday, and, though I don't know, maybe this is some stripped-off version, but the first dvd only has the original movie (albeit remastered in 5.1) WITHOUT the new songs in their correct places. So you still have black dog following rock'n'roll instead of Celebration Day. This was a major disappointment. The missing songs are, of course, on the second dvd, but why they couldn't have been included in the film eludes me. I think they should have re-edited the original film by cutting out the documentary parts, replacing them with as much of live footage as possible. I guess we'll be getting yet another version... the Definitive Song Remains the Same 3DVD DELUXE BOX.
Having said that, the extra material is interesting and the sound finally does justice to the band's energy on stage. A bit of a letdown, but, four stars simply for Led Zeppelin, the greatest rock band ever.
P.S. I had to upgrade my rating after viewing the dvd in full: simply mind-blowing! I never realized it sounded and looked this good, the old dvd was from a different planet, so to speak. So five stars it is, full show or not.
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on 21 January 2009
Led Zeppelin is my all time favourite Rock band and this is not even close to being (a registration of) their best concert. However, this disk deserves it's 1 star or lower rating because the transfer is appalling. The picture competes with 'good VHS' standards and the audio does not come close to CD, let alone improve on it. What a sad way to make money.
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on 20 December 2006
Anyone who slates this really hasn't appreciated the essence of it all. Forget the fantasy sequences, this is 1970's New York and a very special period - carefree, post 60's. Everything down to the dated wailing police car sirens and the hairstyles - general mayhem..... the two guys being granted the stage door entry - brilliant. Stuff which you just wouldn't experience at any concert anywhere today ! no chance ! To be there would simply have been amazing. Now the music: These 4 still remain to this day, the greatest Rock and Roll band in history - (read the biography written by their road manager - Richard Cole) and from this footage you get the sense that here is a band who really appreciated each others skills and they were really enjoying themselves. Bother to go and see a tribute band in the UK - "Let's Zepp" for example and you will appreciate the sheer variety of their music - Rock, folk, ballad style - heavy metal is a ridiculous term to use to describe their style. At their peak they were outselling everyone, including the Stones and were packing stadiums to the brim. In this "Song Remains the Same" DvD, Page is awesome (of course) and his nonchalance is just quite hilarious - a musician totally confident in his own ability. Plant is also brilliant with a charisma not possessed by any modern Rock star I know of, and you can take nothing from JPJ and Bonham, surely the greatest rhythm pair of all time - see how they watch each other constantly when beat changes are afoot. When they played they gave it all from start to finish and the concerts were longer in duration then. It is great and unsurprising to see them still picking up music awards - UK music hall of fame in Dec 2006 and even being award the Polar music prize presented to the remaining 3 of them by the King of Sweden in Stockholm in the same year - John Bonham would have laughed his socks off, they still say that Animal in the muppets was modelled off his personality. Get the box set also, but I think this version has atmosphere, despite slightly inferior sound quality. Best played full blast on a Plasma with some serious surround sound wattage to go with it - and I mean full blast. Drives the wife nuts but mesmerizes me every single time.
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on 3 April 2000
Brilliant ! This is possibly the best representation of Led Zeppelin's status in the music world... the music is sheer genius, but an element of insanity comes through. The cost of making this film must have been extortionate, but it reflects the lifestyle of Zeppelin in that everything they did was larger than life- they could afford to film anything they wanted, and the music is madness: Jimmy Page's bowing during "Dazed and Confused" has to be the ultimate display of self-indulgence.
The only pity is that performances like this never happen any more ! "The song remains the same" is probably the best (and last) example of a truly great band live in concert. From now on, we're stuck with groups like the Spice Girls...
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on 6 June 2004
Ok, the 'fantasy' sequences are horribly cheesy (except for Bonham's which is quite funny really) but then again it must be said, it was made in the 70s, by people who are rock stars, not movie directors. The live stuff is mind blowing though.
And yes, its not as good as the newer box set, in both flow and sound quality, but the box set is remastered, also this gives you live songs which don't appear on the box set, like No Quarter, and also you get the firey gong, which is worth buying the dvd just for that!
All that can be said is, buy both, then you get a complete picture of zeppelin on stage.
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