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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Colour: Cream|Silver|Change
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on 22 February 2008
I have this kettle in the black trim which I bought about a year and a half ago. At first, I was delighted with it. I have a Dualit toaster and it has been top quality for over 3 years and is still going strong. The kettle boils quickly and looks great and the cordless jug is a good feature. However, the plastic windows which let you see how full the jug is quickly become opaque and, after more use, actually crack. Mine is now so badly cracked that they leak water onto the base and I have to buy a new kettle as it is clearly unsafe. Overall, not the quality I would expect form this brand.
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on 3 February 2010
This is a very poor quality kettle.

My wife and I added this kettle to our wedding list - we got married in May 2008. Barely 18 months on, and it has given up the ghost. The element has gone kaput, and because the element is moulded into the base of the jug, the only option is to bin this kettle and to get a new one. Dualit are aware that this is a problem, but do nothing to remedy the situation.

Besides this, we had learnt to live with the fact that the jug seems to leak, and that the pouring is very dribbly.

All in all a very smart kettle to keep in your kitchen and on display ... just so long as you do not wish to use it to boil water.
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on 22 April 2009
Update: 9.5.12
Kettle looked good once upon a time.Poor quality is showing badly. Polishing the metal cover does not make a difference, the water marks still show. Plastic is actually very cheap looking. Discolouration appearing all over and round the edges of the metal even though it is cleaned very carefully with simple washing up liquid. The calcium gathered at the bottom has prevented leaks! Yuk!

UPDATE: 9.10.11
Looking to replace my Dualit and no other kettle seems to match it. The exterior of the kettle still looks very good. Even though it is noisy because it is stainless steel, it is not as noisy as other kettles I have tried recently! No other kettle has replaced the style of Dualit or the quality. Kettles are not meant to last a long time.I have realised that filling empty kettle with cold water when it has just boiled, probably contributed to its wear and tear. This lasted 4.5 years and started leaking slowly at the bottom. It still looks good and keeps boiling. Due to the slight leak, replaced it with another one and will look after it well.Changed my rating. Happy now!

Old review: It looks great, feel great, easy to clean but after a couple of years the kettle leaks from the base. I noticed the water seems to leak slowly through screws under the kettle. Found out that water left in the kettle left a huge pool of water underneath. It is dangerous as the water sits around the base element in the center. What a waste of money as I spent over £[].
It is noisy when it boils which I did not mind too much as I preferred a metal kettle thinking they were more robust than plastic. Unfortunately not.
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on 3 December 2007
I purchased this kettle at the start of Nov 07 before reading the reviews of the previous model (72300) I actually presumed that I too had bought the 72300 but was glad to find I had the latest model.

I haven't suffered with any problems of the previous model and don't get condensation underneath where the kettle sits on it's base even though there is a label warning that this may seems that I will need to wait 12 months before the plastic viewing windows either cracks or starts leaking.

It's a great kettle, easy to pour, maybe a little slow but very controlled. Looks good too! so overall I'm very happy.

I would reccomend this item to a friend.

Updated june 2009..the kettle is still going strong, still doesn't leak and the windows haven't yet cracked. There is still no condensation underneath.
Cleaned it the other day with the correct stainless steel cleaner and it looks almost like new.

Updated April 2013.. the kettle is still going strong, It has been leaving condensation on the base under the kettle, appears after the kettle has boiled and has been doing so for the last 12 months. I don't consider it to be an issue as the condensation is minimal. Everything else on the kettle is fine and still looks ok (when i clean it!)

Updated October 2015... Kettle still going strong, still no issues apart from a little condensation after boiling and considering I bought it in 2007 I think I have got my money's worth from it. Perhaps Christine and I have both been lucky with our units !! No plans on replacing it yet it still looks great!
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on 26 July 2008
Having owned one of Dualit's renowned toasters for about 10 years, we opted for the Dualit jug kettle fully expecting the same durability and build quality. We couldn't have been more wrong - little more than a year after purchase, the kettle was leaking from around the plastic base and one of the clear windows in the side developed multiple cracks. The decision to bin this piece of junk was taken when the spout fell off.

The response of Dualit's customer service department was to offer a 40% discount on a replacement. There was no request to examine the kettle for manufacturing faults. Needless to say, their offer was firmly turned down.

It is a real shame that Dualit are peddling stuff like this. Their toasters are a by-word for British workmanship in an age where it getting nigh-on impossible to buy anything made here. The warning signs are there for all to see on the based of the kettle - "Designed in Britain". Just where it was actually manufactured is anyone's guess, but I feel this is "badge engineering" at its very worst.

Before MG-Rover went through its final death-throes, they put out an Indian designed and manufactured car which they re-badged as the "City Rover", complete with Union Jack badge on the boot! The same desperate cynicism seems to be pervading another British firm, and one can only wonder how far away the inevitable conclusion lies.
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on 18 August 2011
i had one of these kettles it lasted roughly 2 years - and thats being generous. it was without a doubt the worst kettle i have ever purchased, i was so proud of it when i got. but this changed within months, the filter broke in the spout, which i could not get replaced then when i descaled it within the first year it leaked from the water level, i think the build up of limescale was all that was stopping it from leaking. i put up with this for about a year and a half then thought better dump the thing and go back to plastic, such a shame as dualit has such a good name and i was expecting the kettle to live a bit longer, especially considering how much it costs, please don't waste your money, you will regret it, i did!
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on 6 May 2010
I bought this product expecting Dualit quality as you find in their toasters. It started leaking last month and had I not returned that evening there would have been a fire as the electrics were fizzing.

I alerted Dualit and they were totally dismissive/uninterested. They blamed me for having scale in the kettle which they said may have caused the "differential expansion". I thought that was what all kettles underwent! Even when I referred to similar problems being reported on websites they said that that it is not uncommon for electrical items!

I believe this is a design fault and a dangerous one that warrants a product recall.

New customers - buy something reliable/cheaper, ie NOT Dualit.

Existing customers - if bought within last 6 years you can seek a refund from the shop you bought it from - as it breaches the Sale of Goods Act 1979. While you're at it, please also report to Trading Standards and Watchdog.Dualit Jug Kettle Black Trim 72400
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on 21 June 2009
We've gone through alot of kettles as we live in a hard water area. We've tried cheap ones, medium range ones and finally decided to lay out a little more and try a premium brand kettle. Overall we are very happy with it, it looks good, boils quicky and relatively quietly and holds more water than you'd think. We are hoping that buying dualit will prove a good decision, we've had the kettle approaching three months now without a glitch. If things go well we might even consider a matching toaster, but my only advice is shop around!! I got this at a good price, but it took some finding.
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on 11 August 2010
I purchased this kettle expecting the same build quality as the 4 slice toaster which we have had for about ten years. The kettle lasted just over the guarantee period when the element exploded and blew a hole in the base. The thermal cut-out device failed to work. Customer services at Dualit were hopeless and all they offered was a small discount on a new one. I would not recommend this kettle.
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on 27 February 2011
A great disappointment. I own a Dualit toaster and cannot fault it and so liking the (small) size and looks of the kettle went ahead and purchased one. I was surprised that the plastic base, around the electrics almost always had a small pool of water that needed regular drying. This I accepted because It may have been 'user error' when filling the kettle. However, after a few months use the kettle developed a Rattle. The rattle was a sheared screw from the inside of the lid. Fortunately, I had kept the receipt and returned it to the store from which I purchased the kettle. They no longer stocked the kettle (that may well tell a story in itself) and so they refunded my purchase price. Well done to Lakeland!

Advice from Bob Beaver of Northallerton as regards the Dualit Kettle? Avoid!
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