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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 31 January 2011
Firstly there are a good range if both dawn and dusk times, but beware that as soon as you reach dawn, the light turns off!! I have to set it for 15mins after my radio alarm so I am awake enough to turn the light on properly and get the full benefit.

The lcd display dims, but doesnt turn off completely - this was despite me phoning and being told it turned off! However the dim is good enough to just hide it behind something, doesnt need totally covering.

The security function where the light comes on random,y between 4 and 11pm is a nice touch, but its very hard to turn on.

The alarm is not that easy to change between times, as you cant do hours by themselves, so have to wait while it goes through every minute, and there is only one alarm, so you cant set week and weekend times.

So all in all a good dawn light, with some nice touches, but still far to many niggles. Havijg said that, there arent many competitors, so thats probably why they dont get the market pressure to improve faster!
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on 28 December 2007
I bought one of these about two years ago. The wake-up function works very well and does help you to wake up feeling better in the morning. The big let down is the build quality! The buttons broke just after a year of use and the UK supplier wanted £25-ish pounds to repair. They told me that the button assembly can be difficult to remove. I opened up the case and removed them in just a few minutes, glued them, and reinstalled. Anyone who has one of these; don't push too hard on these buttons, they look like something out of an airfix kit and are of similar quality. The price tag of £99 pounds is on the high side and I doubt whether I will buy anything from Lumie again.
Update at 10/09/08 - Buzzer has stopped working some time ago, light flickers - as I said previously; VERY bad build quality!
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on 2 May 2013
I bought my first Lumie quite a number of years ago after seeing one featured on a gadget show when they were relatively new on the market - it was a similar model to this. It cost a lot of money for what it was and I thought long and hard before finally deciding to buy it. I was so pleased once I had bought it...it transformed my then very early mornings and I LOVED it. Unfortunately, a little over a year later, and only weeks out if its warranty, it went crazy. The light and alarm would come on randomly throughout the day and night, not pleasant at 2am! And then, neither would come on at the time they were actually meant to, meaning the last morning I used it I overslept by several hours and was late for work.

Not being keen to spend another £150 or so, I then spent several years just using my phone to wake me up each morning, and never had a reliability issue with that. However, a year and a half ago, as autumn drew in and the mornings became darker, I was really struggling to wake up in the mornings, and longed for a dawn simulation alarm clock again.

Hoping that Lumie's reliability issues had long since been resolved as their clocks had now been on the market for many years, I purchased this model for something in the region of £120. Within several months the first bulb went on it, so I stocked up on replacements, and it has got through quite a few since. Then occassionally the light would flicker, and at times it would not come on at all, even though the bulb was still good. The unit often makes am irritating humming noise, too. Just after its first birthday, and again now out of warrantly, the '-' button became temperamental, and would sometimes not work. And then tonight, as my daughter was trying to dim the light the '-' button collapsed into the unit and is currently sitting inside of the housing, rendering the unit unusable as anything but a clock.

So, 2 Lumie clocks, nearly £300, and not even 3 years of combined use later and I am once again alarm clockless. If each product lasted even 5 years, perhaps one could justify such a steep pricetag, as the product is great when it works. But I won't be wasting any more money with Lumie products as they have proved themselves to be of appalling build quality, unreliable and a complete disappointment.
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on 7 November 2010
I have this lamp for more than three years already. Fortunately I haven't had any issues with the buttons. Sometimes very randomly it lights up a bit. I have come to think it might be caused by the peaks in the electricity of the house but I am not sure.
I would prefer that the lamp itself was a low consumption bulb but it isn't.
It has an almost imperceptible buzzing. I am sensible to those sounds when going to sleep. I have a wood pedestal table that acts as a resonance box, so I had to lift the device a bit with something to get rid of the buzz. If you install it in a solid surface or far from you, probably you won't hear it.
The MAJOR concern with it is that the clock will go 15 minutes further within a month or two. I have to keep adjusting the hour.
Because of this I don't recommend it.
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on 15 October 2013
Bought one a few years ago in Boots, still battling with it as paid too much money to throw away and did not keep the receipt to be able to return it: after about 6 months, light started behaving erratically (turning on at random during the day when it was supposed to be off and unable to switch the light off, so only way is to disconect the unit from the mains!) At times, when the "read light" is on, there is a buzzing that gets louder and louder, again, the only way is to disconnect the unit as nothing you do gets rid of the buzz and you cannot turn off the light either!, It is all very weird. Took off the light bulb for a while to give the unit a rest, but now I am finding the wake up without the light quite unsettling, so have just put a new bulb in, fingers crossed!. Conclusion: I am quite dissapointed with it all and once my bodyclock advanced 200 give up the ghost I will be buying something else!.
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on 27 April 2009
<This review was originally posted for a Bodyclock Elite 300, NOT the Bodyclock Advanced. I'm not sure why it's been moved, but I'll leave it here in case someone wants to move it back>

I've had this item for a few months and, whilst I haven't suffered any of the malfunctions others complain of, I am disappointed by several aspects of the product:
1. The user interface is tedious. It's great to have settings for so many things, but they ought to be grouped. When I accidentally push the button once too often and "overshoot" the setting I want to adjust, I don't want to have to press said button another 19 times to get back to the setting I wanted.
2. The backlit LCD display is too bright. It may appear nicely dimmed when you first switch out the lights, but once your eyes have adjusted, you realise that it casts shadows in an otherwise dark room. I've switched the backlight off because I like my room properly dark, but this means that, if I wake up before the alarm, I've no idea if I'm only a few minutes ahead of it (so might as well get up), or hours (so should roll over and go back to sleep).
3. The buttons are cheap-feeling rubber ones. They work (although other reviews suggest that that's only a temporary state), but at this price the product simply shouldn't feel so cheap.
4. If you have the clock set to use individual daily alarms (yes, you can have a different alarm time every day), then when you want to adjust an alarm, you press the button and the clock automatically goes to the next day's alarm for setting. This is great if you're setting the alarm before midnight. After that, you're onto the next day already and the clock takes you to the setting for the day after that. If, like me, you're a little bleary-eyed, and maybe don't realise that it's a couple of minutes past midnight, you can easily find yourself oversleeping or rudely awakened. All that was needed was for the clock to go to the next alarm, not the next day.
5. Also on the subject of alarm setting, if you happen to be setting the alarm at the point where the clock should tick over from one minute to the next, it doesn't tick over. It just loses a mintue. Taking an extreme example, imagine that your shift times change and you want to adjust all seven of your daily alarms. This could take you a couple of minutes to do, during which your clock loses two or three minutes. Now, I know that two or three minutes isn't a great deal, but this is a CLOCK for pity's sake! It shouldn't lose track of time simply because someone pushed a few buttons.

I don't include this next comment as a problem, merely a personal obsevartion: this product simply doesn't work as advertised. I accept that the effects are probably different for every individual, but, let's face it, the only good reason for buying this thing is for its clever light. The rest is just fluff. I'll admit that, over the course of several months I have found myself pleasantly awakened just before the backup audio alarm sounded, but only a handful of times, and that sort of thing happened just as regularly with my old alarm clock. In the spirit of fairness, I'll say that I bought this product because colleagues told me how great they'd found them, so they clearly work for some, if not most, people. Further, Lumie offer a money back guarantee (30 days, I think) if you buy direct from them. That said, they're pretty strict about the time limit. I foolishly slipped a few days past it and found myself stuck with the thing.

Verdict: Lumie should be paying their customers for beta-testing this product. If you must have a "Bodyclock", buy one of Lumie's simpler products, or buy another brand.

Update: After 10 months of use, my Bodyclock Elite 300 has developed an intermittent fault. The light has started playing up, refusing to come one, or only switching on at full illumination. Lumie have offered a repair, but won't refund. Assuming that these things are still available, don't buy one.
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on 16 September 2011
I've had a lumie advanced for 4 years now.

My parents bought it for me as I'm a terrible sleeper and have quite pronounced winter dips in my mood. It helps massively and I no longer get that terrible gut wrenching sudden waking to an alarm as my sunrise brings me to a semi-conscious state before the dreaded bleeps go off. I only use the noise on work days as I"m virtually always awake before they go off.

I really miss it when I'm away from home .

If you have problems sleeping or getting out of bed I would really recommend it. I use the variable sun down feature which isn't avaialable of the cheaper models and I also like the random pattern security feature which you don't get on them either.

Parents of small children rate the white noise function but I've never had call to use it.

I like is so much I've recommended it to lots of friends. Many of them are now converts too.
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on 11 December 2010
I bought one of these for my wife a couple of years ago. It worked well for about six months, after which time it started behaving erratically. Not badly enough for me to do anything about but in a way that was a foretaste of how it would end up.

The light came on at random times, the display often showed random 'hash' and required a reboot (by unplugging and temporarily removing the battery) and the audio started playing at random times. Then it would work fine for a week or two.

The light fitting needs to be bumped 'just so' or the light will not come on, at other times bumping the light fitting to get it to work sends the logic (the audio, clock and light brightness) haywire.

Basically, a great idea poorly made. It normally takes a lot to have me throw something out if it's still operational in any way but this clock/light has become a liability, having woken us up in the middle of the night one too many times!

I would normally consider that I've just had bad luck and bought a lemon but other comments lead me to believe that the manufacture of a number of these lights has been under par. Which is a shame.

I'm off to buy a different model as a replacement now!
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on 29 January 2009
I really like the idea of waking up to a gradual sunrise, but the product caused me to have interrupted sleep because the LED display is too bright. I need absolute darkness to sleep properly (and the instructions recommend this), so in order to get over the brightness of the display I had to stick a piece of black cardboard over the display, which isn't very practical and makes it look even less attractive. Also, the cable kept falling out the back of the machine (it doesn't seem to fit properly). It's now stopped working (I've had it for 2 years) and I wouldn't buy another product by Lumie. Overall, I think it would be good for those less sensitive to light when sleeping.
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on 12 January 2013
I was bought this as a present in 2009. The light started behaving erratically after two years, and failed completely after four. The time keeping was also poor, running up to 15 minutes fast. There were a number of occasions the alarm didn't work or had changed to another time - I had put this down to the kids fiddling with it, but having read some of the other reviews I am not so sure. I could have accepted the performance of this clock for £40-50, however it is not worth £150.
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