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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 16 November 2007
For many Keane fans this live DVD will be a mixture of joy at seeing their beloved trio once again and a little sadness that the 'early' years feeling of intemacy & informal style shows must surely now be drawing to a close.
Having been fortunate enough to see a preview of this release I have to say that the homely charm of a close & slightly wobbly set such as was seen just at the end of last year at places like Alexander palace has been replaced with a hugely well oiled& slick set that no longer consists of the odd silent interval as the band ready themselves for the next song or Tom chatting away with the audience but rather the set segues seamlessly from one tune to the next. All 3 band members seem to have gained a huge amount of confidence from their world tour so that now they seem more than capable of effortlessly filling a large arena like the O2 with ease.
The set list will offer no surprises to anyone who has seen or heard Keane live before but thats not to say this is stale. Far from it the band inject a lot of energy into titles like 'Crystal ball', 'Is it any wonder' & 'Somewhere only we know' so that it's easy to forget there are just 3 people up there,while the quieter parts of the set list retain their gentle, close feel without being swamped by the arena.
The scale of things have certainly been up-scaled with the now obligitory walkway into the audience which provides a useful way of keeping the band connected to the audience during slower numbers & staves off any feeling of detachment a large venue can so often create.
Throughout the set Tom is in fine voice. He seems far more confident & at ease with both himself & the ever increasing audience. Tim continues to drive things forward with both his,(much improved), vocals & the keyboard skills which set the foundation of the Keane sound,(it's appropriate that the band start their live shows with his moody solo piece 'The iron sea'),. Meanwhile although often seeming like the quieter of the 3 onstage Richard continues to set the pace with the expert timing & rythmn that the best drummers provide to the bands they're in.
The 'live show' continues to grow & improve with the band & the excellent artwork for 'The iron sea' album by Sanna Annukka continues to be used to great effect with rear projection & a 'wraparound' screen providing visual flair to the proceedings.
The choice of Dick Carruthers as director was an inspired one as his live work with such legends as Led Zeppelin,Aerosmith & the who means he has a lot to bring to this live set. He manages the difficult balancing act of many different, close stage shots of the band that nobody would normally see that provides a sense of intemacy while at the same time he keeps the feeling of this being a big live occasion by panning along behind the audience or brief close ups that make the viewer feel part of the audience but without distracting from the performance itself.
This is a lively & involving live set that has been captured well. The DVD is about as close as you're going to get without actually being there. It captures well a band that while still in touch with their,(fiercely), loyal fans has grown a great deal over the last year.
All in all this a turning point for Keane, their first full on live DVD and with an eagerly awaited new album on the way,Amazon's description of them as an indie band may well be somewhat redundant as although they may not be about to join the mainstream of the music world,(no bad thing), the combination of this DVD & the new album is likely to see them expand their fanbase by some margin.
If you are new to Keane or just recognize a few of their tunes then this is a great place to take a closer look as this is a very impressive band onstage & never more so than here. If you're a dyed in the wool member of the Tom,Tim & Richard fanclub then get ready for what is likely to be a year of even greater heights & enjoy them at their best,live & entertaining the fans. 1 negative point is that the multi-angle icon stays on throughout the concert. Not only is this a distraction but if you own a plasma then this is going to burn. Lazy & pretty stupid really.
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on 18 July 2017
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on 18 November 2007
I'll be honest here,I've found Keane's CDs ok but to me they lack a little
something,can't work out quite what it is,but live they are quite literally
brilliant.I've got their first DVD which is very good but it left the desire
for a full blown gig set.Well,here it is,and it's been worth the wait.To my
knowledge the first set to be recorded in the new O2 set up(Yeh! it used to
be the Millenium Dome,but forget that this is some venue,though the top tiers look a bit high up there).The band look and sound superb,the stage
set is very visual and adds to the event as a whole.The band encourage
and involve the audience throughout,and are just so glad to be there in
London their home town.
If you've never rated these guys get into this set.The songs
the hits,all sound even better than ever.I'd heard these guys were good but
didn't realise just how good.If your a fan your guaranteed to get it,but if
not yet take a look because you will experience one of the most tuneful,
energetic,and visual bands in music,Tom's voice is top rate,the huge two
piece band are simply amazing...Oh take it from me,a totally great DVD
that you'll play over and over again...not only that the extras are pretty
good as well,so a great package for yourself or a friend this Christmas.
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on 3 March 2008
If you have been lucky enough to have witnessed the excellence which is KEANE Live then this DVD shall bring back all the memories and enjoyment of that incredible night.
For those who havent seen Keane Live yet, then you really must purchase this DVD, I promise you it will be one of the best decissions you ever make.

This DVD not only features a brilliantly edited performance of that night at the O2 (Capturing the atmosphere perfectly) but it also comes with a multi-angle set up which you can use, so you can choose what angle you wish to watch the gig from with a push of a button.

The is the complete gig, start to finish, nothing is cut out, including Tom's heart warming talks with the audience. Its all there.

The complete performance:

1. The Iron Sea
2. Everybody's Changing
3. Put it Behind You
4. Nothing In My Way
5. We Might as Well Be Strangers
6. Bend and Break
7. Can't Stop Now (Upbeat)
8. Try Again
9. Your Eyes Open
10. Frog Prince
11. Hamburg Song
12. Fly To Me
13. Leaving So Soon?
14. This Is The Last Time
15. A Bad Dream
16. Somewhere Only We Know
17. Is It Any Wonder?
18. Broken Toy (Encore)
19. Atlantic
20. Crystal Ball
21. Bedshaped

Every song performed here, I find is (if even possible) better than the album versions. (the extra bass adds to the atmosphere alot.)

If you need something to show the full potentional of your surround sound system then this DVD will show that for sure! When "Everybodys changing" begins after the dramatically epic "under the Iron sea" intro, your room will become the arena, in both audio and atmosphere.

This DVD special features are a joy to watch also. Backstage footage before and after going on stage, setting up the stage for the gig and getting to see generous clips of the warm up gig done that day before the actual performance.

Buy this DVD right now and prepare yourself for the pure magic of KEANE LIVE.
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on 14 April 2009
I may be echoing what has already been said, but...
I love this DVD! Keane is my favourite band, and many people from the official forums recommended it to me. I was not dissapointed - Tom Chaplin sounded amazing, even after 21 songs. The best performances of the DVD are Everybody's Changing, Somewhere Only We Know, This Is The Last Time and Bedshaped. Although, seeing these are possibly their four best songs, it's no surprise.
They also brought songs like Leaving So Soon (the should-be single), Broken Toy and Can't Stop Now out of the woodwork. They even (somehow) managed to make the acoustic b-stage bit feel very intimate and personal, despite the huge crowd ('the biggest crowd they've ever had' as TC proudly announces).
In conclusion, a great variety of camera angles, fantastic music and interesting extras make this a great watch, and a smart buy. Here's to the next live DVD!
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on 30 May 2012
This DVD is Keane in their prime on July 21st 2007. Tom keeps speaking about how 'it was tough for all of us last year'; referring to how the band nearly split up because of Tom Chaplin's cocaine addiction. Well it's been a while since he broke the habit and he is nearly at his best singing their songs at the concert from London's O2 arena.

The concert gives us 21 songs and is an hour and a half. Nearly every song from the first 2 albums is included plus a song called Fly to me included on an EP. The band have 2 stages - one at the front and then a more initiate stage , which is more central to the audience. There are acoustic versions of Your eyes open, The frog Prince and a solo acoustic performance from Tom of Broken Toy. While these make interesting viewing live I disagree with the reviewer who says they're better than the originals. Tom's voice is good but definitely not as strong as on the CD versions either as I have explained below. Bad dream has 'a friend' reading from the poem which inspired the song, which puts an interesting perspective on it. The DVD also has extras - CCTV, which is basically a view of the concert from a band member's position in pretty poor camera quality. There's a short 5 minute build up to the show, soundcheck of Is it any wonder and Live visuals, which are the videos played in the background at the concert.

The concert itself is really good and Tom's voice is impressive. I don't think his voice is as strong as it used to be in Keane's earlier days and it was probably effected during his addiction. His voice is rougher and it doesn't quite have that fullness that it used to have. One positive though is that Tom's stopped doing that breathing in thing he used to do live before singing the words.

One thing which annoyed me was the amount of times Tom thanks the audience and keeps telling them that it's an amazing moment for them. I mean we got it the first time! Tom even goes as far as to say 'This is the greatest moment of my life!' to them! He's far too chatty for my liking dragging the concert out for no meaningful reason. It's funny how it seems like he's the band leader while Richard and Tim just get on with their playing duties! One thing which sort of put me off as a male viewer was how tight Tom's trousers were! I get that he lost weight and cut his hair but he doesn't need to show off his assets!

Something another reviewer said was that the concert is far too creative - 'fast edits, strange angles and weird effects, the shots change 60 times a minute' and I have to agree with that! It's too cinematic and doesn't really make you feel like you're part of the audience watching it all. It's more like you're watching some over produced movie!

With those flaws out of the way I would recommend it to any Keane far because it's definitely a concert worth watching. This is Keane just before they made some poor decisions musically and left behind what made them great. It's a piece of history really.
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on 29 March 2009
This is only about the second review I've submitted to Amazon of a product I've bought, but after seeing and hearing 'Keave Live' I felt the need to say how magnificent this DVD is.

I'm very critical of live recordings in general, particularly regarding the quality of band performance and sound quality - the two elements that matter most to me.

The audio and visuals are extremely good, and the band performance is faultless to my ears. There were numerous cameras filming the occasion, and they capture the excellent visuals the band has to offer, visuals that augment the music very well. There is also a 'CCTV option' that offers a fly on the wall view of the performance. This is interesting but you'd probably only want to watch it once.

The most important part, the 5.1 mix (there's also a stereo mix) is utterly magnificent. It is astonishing that just a drum kit, an electric piano (plus assorted pre-programmed keyboard and bass tracks) can make such a big sound. The crowning glory to this is Tom's voice, a voice that has always been one of the best out there (miles stronger than Chris Martin's nasal whine; but then Tim Rice-Oxley's songs are better as well), and which has now been brought out even clearer and stronger than on their CDs. Tom's emotional punch on some of these songs is really immense, without him ever losing control of his voice. Tom's voice on 'Try Again' and 'Atlantic' are better than the CD versions in this reviewer's opinion. Three of the songs also benefit from their new acoustic guitar accompaniment, notably 'Your Eyes Open', 'The Frog Prince' and 'Broken Toy'; each of these sound stronger than their originals.

This concert is from July 2007, so only covers the first two albums. In my opinion these are their best albums so the concert is all the stronger for that. The whole of the second album is covered, including the Pink Floyd-esque instrumental 'Under The Iron Sea', which opens the concert in great ethereal style. Rick Wright, RIP, would have approved. Most of 'Hopes And Fears' is included, apart from 'Untitled 1', 'She Has No Time', 'On A Day Like Today' and sadly as it is my favourite Keane song, 'Sunshine'. A minor quibble of a superb concert.
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on 24 December 2010
I'm a big fan of Keane and just love music Blu-Ray & DVD's but this one simply disappoints. The director is the same guy who directed The Killers - LATAH. The Producer is also the same guy - so why is the final production of these two concerts so many miles apart? To give you an idea of how bad it is (and how bad Universal Music know it is) there is a load of excuses about picture quality written by the director, Dick Carruthers, on the inside cover printed on the sleeve! It reads... "Due to the camera-gain occasionally used and specifically the Super-8, there is grain and noise in the concert". He then adds... "We think it looks great and goes with the turf" WHAT! It then reads... "The MPEG encoding however accentuates the grain and noise in the picture and so reducing the sharpness setting is recommended to counter this effect" - I didn't realise that Universal Music need to be informed why we buy Blu-Ray discs, what a crazy, crazy, cock-up.
I do imagine that concerts are not the easiest things to film but it is clear here that the production company & director are so far out of their depth they must have drowned! To see how it can be done just take a look at KILLERS -LIVE AT THE ALBERT HALL, here you see production as it should be. Sharpness, great colour, contrast - and direction/production BY THE SAME GUYS!
Even the frame changes are too fast making it tiresome and hard work to watch on the Keane disc. If you love Keane then buy this, you won't be disappointed with the musical content and on a positive note the sound track is recorded in DTS-HD AUDIO which does sound good, even on the quieter tracks (still doesn't seem to have the massive dynamic range present with the Killers & U2 discs). Oh and don't bother changing all the settings on your tv as suggested, as with most things - when you start with poor quality you can't really go backwards! Hope this helps.
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on 24 February 2009
First of all - This is one hell of a good concert, if there's such a thing as a perfect concert - This could well be it. If you like Keane's first two albums - You cannot fail to enjoy this superb concert filmed at the London O2 Arena on 21st July 2007. For those lucky people there on the night; this makes one great memento of what must have been an excellent gig.

I was lucky enough to catch Keane at Nottingham's Ice Arena on the same tour and although it was a great evening, I don't remember it being as good as this!

The Blu-ray image is at 1080i (The interlaced one, not the full 1080P) but don't for one second let that put you off... Concert footage is a mixture of hand held CCTV, superb quality Hi-Definition and various other bits (You can even watch the whole concert in CCTV mode if you want or as Picture In Picture along with the main view!). Filming a concert is a tricky business as they have a tendency to give a grainy image at times (being mostly harsh lights or darkness) and some of the footage here does show this at times, but when you get the HD stuff - It looks superb: You can see the beads of sweat on Tom's face, the glowing LEDs on Tim's synths, the pictures in the on-stage screens and all of this with a glorious richness and depth of colour you just don't get with DVD.

The sound is even better (surely the most important thing for a music concert?) with options of PCM Stereo or 5.1 DTS Master HD Audio. Needless to say they sound excellent... This really is one of those concerts you will watch (and listen to) more than a couple of times.

What else is there to say? You get pretty much both of the first albums in the 21 song tracklist: All of which are performed with the passion and enthusiasm of a band clearly enjoying a great night doing what they love. Tom's voice is in fine form and like several singers, sounds so much better in a live setting. Tim gives it his all on the keys (How his piano has lasted this long is another mystery!) and Richard is rock solid on the drums as always supplying an often overlooked aspect of the band.

Keane are a great live band and this concert clearly showcases their music, their professional approach and faultless attention to detail in the same way their music is crafted with a care a lot of bands wouldn't recognize if it was sprayed onto the sides of their stretch limos.

5 Stars for this - No question.
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on 16 March 2009
I was at the O2 to see keane, before then I was a fan but not a big fan. Keane are now one of my favourite bands so I think this is good grounds for all of you to buy this DVD. I have seen it and it does Justice for how amazing the show was. Obviously not as good as being there but the next best thing. Great Band, Great Gig, Great DVD!
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