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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2007
Ok lets get this straight this is not gonna be The Godfather its exactly what it says on the tin an action movie,If you like explosions and people beating each other up then this is for you.

The next movie from WWE films again stars one of the WWE Superstars this time John Cena as John Triton a marine who is discharged from the Corps after disobeying an order,back in civvy street he is finding life hard until he and his wife decide to get away then its all goes horribly wrong

A bunch of jewel thieves led by Robert Patrick have availed themselves of millions of dollars in diamonds and are on their way to a drop off when they stop at a gas station along with Mr and Mrs Triton when the bullets start flying Mrs Triton is taken hostage cue Mr Cena.

Ok there are more plot holes than in a swiss cheese but in this sort of movie you dont really care,Cena is actually ok think the Rock in Walking Tall its his first time and he acquits himself ok.The bizarre thing about John Cena even at 6'1 and 240plus pounds he doesnt look that big.

Anyway Australia stands in for South Carolina !! its cheaper apparently but its a great Friday nite movie and far better than current efforts from the likes of Seagal and Van Damme.
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on 8 May 2007
Lets be honest this was a very watchable film the plot was very simple the acting was not the best I have seen. Plenty of holes in the story and the action scenes were a little stretched but you need to switch off sit back enjoy. The action scenes were very good plenty of fighting and shootouts and big bangs. My only problem was the humour it was lacking trying to be funny when the film didn't really need it. John Cena I thought is made for this sort of role, I think with a better director and more to work with he could be brillant in a Rambo style film the opening part of this film you will see why. Bottom line there are far worst films out if you see it cheap buy it you can't go wrong.
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on 20 June 2014
this film takes machoism to the extreme, this guy (the hero) seems impervious to fire extinguishers(colliding at speed with his face and teeth), bullets( fired from multiple automatic weapons at point blank range), large scale explosions, and being beaten up with a sledgehammer, great unintentional comedy well worth the penny i paid.
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on 29 November 2007
Right firstley I've got to say, Personally I think people knock this film simply beacuse of WWE Superstar John Cena is the main guy. I'm not into wrestling anymore but I know that he his hated and people will call any of his work crap. Which I think is not fair.

Right onto the film. I actually think its a decent film. It's got A Good Lead Character, A Bad guy, A good story-line, and explostions. What more do you want from an action film? Yeah it's not the most complicated story but who doesn't like to sit back and watch a film without actual thinking from time to time?

Im my opinion I think people should give this film a try...Maybe a rent?
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Err. . .

Sometimes you just need to get your onesy on (lock all doors first!), crack a few beers open and get a chippy meal delivered, (Duck ginger spring onion for me thanks) and watch a no brainer, shallow plotted, mega choreographed fight fest. . .with loads of guns and explosions.

The Marine is that movie on that night in! Starring WWE mega star John Cena as John Triton a US marine.

The opening scene is 'AWESOME' (to be said in an American accent). We see John in Iraq rescuing a fellow soldier who's being held hostage. He decides to go it alone and being a one man army decimates the enemy juggernaut style. Gets back home and is given the order of the golden boot for not obeying orders.

Whilst twiddling his thumbs wondering where his life is going, his wife is kidnapped by a ruthless crim called Rome played by Robert Patrick (The Terminator T-1000) and his gang. Unfortunately for Rome, Cena is as hard as Lonsdalite in a Troy Hurtubise trojan suit of armour (google it, impressive)

This ain't no masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, hell it ain't even good but what it is, is fun!

If you like big explosions like in one scene somebody shoots a small propane bottle, camera pans out and a small atom bomb goes off blasting a rickety old shack to kingdom come and fight scenes where Cena pulls off some cracking moves such as the flying shoulderblock, the five knuckle shuffle (I kid you not! It's one of his signature finishers, no pun intended) or his famous FU, awesome (don't forget the accent now) car chases and corny one liners. . . then I can recommend this.

If you take your movies very seriously, looking for plot holes and the likes, I'd definitely give this one a miss then.

Great fun indeed.
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on 31 May 2007
The marine stars current wwe champ john cena as john triton,a marine who is discharged for going against a direct order,he then becomes a security guard and gets fired after one day for hurling a slabber through a window so with little motivation left,he and his wife decide to just drive to anywhere and nowhere and start again.While their dream is dreaming,a bunch of jewel thieves led by robert patrick of terminator 2 fame is caught up in police shootout,so they steal tritons van along with his wife and so using all his skills triton looks for his wife and to punish those in the way.

By reading the above one can state that the plot isnt a million miles away from a thousand films and you would be correct,this is not an original film in anyway and neither will it sit alongside films like goodfellas and not blush but for a silly,over the top,mindless and dumb action flick then this ticks most of the boxes.

Someone told me that this was better than commando,i wont shame them here,that is such a lie in my opinion,the two might look similar in some ways but the commando script is cheesy and effective,at times the one liners here fail and thats one of the differences,there are others.

Anyway,to compare this film is possibly unfair to it,the marine is a good film,a certain 3.5 out of 5,a film that doesnt take itself seriously,a film born of the mould of all the classic 80s action films,visually the film looks great,explosions,car chases,good kills,the works basically,the script is ropey in places and some of the acting is woeful but all in all cena does a good job,he doesnt have to stretch himself too much for the role but he has a decent future,but whether he can rival classic arnie or van damme very much remains to be seen.
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2007
I was looking for a simple popcorn action movie - you know, Friday night fare with a beer. Well this film was certainly less than chellenging and, in many ways, very, very poor.

The basic plot: Horrendously signposted and patriotic to start with - special forces guy on a solo mission to save US military captives from bad dudes in Iraq, gets told "don't do it" at the point bad dudes are about to do very bad stuff. Suffice to say he gone all tough guy and saves the day, leaving a trail of corpses. Back at base, he gets his P45 all hero style.... The rest of the film remains obvious.

Annoying points - each scene appears to have music designed to amplify the nature of the scene to irritating levels i.e. scene with wife, luvvy duvvy music; scene with bad guys, action music. Tedious.

Humour in the film is awful. For example, chief bad dude is the motorcycle cop from T2. In one shoot-out, bad dude #4 can't kill our hero and shouts "this guy's like the terminator!" - cue rolling eyes from chief bad dude...

Our hero is special forces? So why does he kicked his rear end kicked about in every fight? He doesn't win a single bout of fisty-cuffs without taking a pasting! He's on his own with a knife in the swamps, beats up some yokels, yet leaves their guns behind.

Anyway, enough ranting. If you like loud bangs, WWF guys who, fair comment, are pretty buffed, or want to wait over an hour for a hint of wet T-shirt when he saves his attractive drowing wife, this may fit your needs. Otherwise, avoid. Something like The Shooter or Behind Enemy Lines is miles better.
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on 25 December 2014
The lead "actor" (WWE star John Cena) is so wooden in this movie, he'll probably put timber companies out of business, such a terrible attempt at an action thriller, it should be compared to Van Damme's "Derailed" - as the action scenes are questionable.

What was Robert Patrick (who's done far better in Die Hard 2 and Terminator 2) thinking when he took this rubbish?.

If you want to waste your money on a dreadfully bad attempt at an action film, go ahead, there are so many better choices - The Transporter, The Expendables trilogies - and that says it all.

How this poor excuse of a film ever managed to spawn a trio of sequels is truly beyond belief.

Rating : 1/10, viewers are going to get more fun from watching paint dry!.
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on 25 March 2007
John Cena - Wrestling superstar, Rapper and now big screen actor as he take's on the role of "John Triton", a special forces marine sent home from Iraq after disobeying an order. On a his way to a relaxing break with his wife (Kelly Carlson) she gets kidnapped by a gang of Diamond thieves led by "Rome"(Robert Patrick). It's up to "John Triton" to use his military experience to hunt them down and to save his girl.

It's pretty much terrible in most areas. The acting and dialogue are of the very limited WWE standard, the plot - completely dumb, so many plot holes and mistakes it's unbelievable. What the film really relys on is the action sequences, they are exellent and do save the movie from being a complete disaster. Car chases, huge explosions, shoot-outs and some good ol' brawls all feature to thrill you throughout the 90 minute duration. Robert Patrick is great as the lead bad guy and gives the stand-out performance amongst the cast. John Cena can handle himself through the action scenes, but acting wise he fails.

A complete no-brainer of a movie, but entertaining none the less.
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2014
John Cena makes a good hero as he tracks down diomand heist thieves led by no other than the liquid terminator himself Robert Patrick after they take his girl hostage.

Plot wise thats pretty much it so what you get is gun shoot outs, fights and explosions galore to fill the readonable short run time.

The attempts at humour sometimes fall flat and feels forced and the film is B movie matirial, but the action scenes are spot on, it's stylish, looks great as it was filmed in gorgous Austrlian sunshine and has for the most part good performances.

Not original but simply a good action flick to slob out to.

3.5 stars out of 5.
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