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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 19 June 2017
I am at the age when my best memories were around the time when this was made. I really enjoyed watching this so while it maybe personal, maybe others will enjoy it too.
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on 19 December 2016
Another greek yarn on what is a dutch version but can be heard in english and was very enjoyable
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Similar in many ways to the earlier Michael J Bird series The Lotus Eaters, this is the BBC series from 1977. The only character to appear in both series is Stefan Gryff's policeman, Captain Krasakis in the Lotus Eaters, just called The Major in this one. It adds a little touch of continuity.

This DVD is a Dutch release, apparently the series was very popular in Holland. The BBC were disappointed with sales of the DVDs of the Lotus Eaters so decided not to release this series in the UK. However, this Dutch version is Region 2, and has the English soundtrack with Dutch subtitles which can be switched off. There are no bonus features and the packaging is in Dutch (translation available at the Michael J Bird tribute site).

The prints have aged rather better than the ones used for The Lotus Eaters DVDs, the colours are not so washed out. The soundtrack is a bit patchy, but generally not too bad.

There are eight episodes in all and, like it's predecessor, has a main storyline running throughout with some individual episodes having their own sub story.

This Dutch seller is reliable, and the series is well worth a watch.
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on 17 May 2009
Michael J Bird wrote some excellent series which has put the island of Crete on the touristic map. The Lotus Eaters was shot in Agia Nikolaos and Who Pays The Ferryman a bit up north in Elounda. Both show the island still in its virginal state. Alas both places paid dearly for their fame and are nowadays overcrowded in the holiday season.
Their is a site about Michael J Birds achievements for the BBC. Thanks to the Dutch company Memphis Belle you are now able to buy and view The Ferryman, which was a great hit in the Netherlands in 1978.

Both The Ferryman and The Lotus Eaters are 'tantalising watchable'
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on 3 November 2008
Excellent DVD. For anyone who has visited Elounda in recent years this DVD is very nostalgic and shows the real Crete before tourisim took off. The acting is somewhat 'hammish' but and excellent story line comes across nevetheless.
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Another great production from the late M J Bird, dealing with Crete and in this case a central character who returns to the island decades after WW2. While the main theme deals with him and his experiences, there are episodes with a sub story of their own.

Please note the DVDs are from Holland as the BBC do not do them any more, please look to 'Jim' review which has a better explanation. The transfer to DVD is not bad and I consider quite good. There is some 'bleaching' but rarely nothing to spoil its entertainment value.

Lastly some people have complained about poor dispatch of this product as well as quality. Well my DVD was just great, it arrived on time and the play back was good. What annoys is that a one star rating should be submitted as a review while the real issue is delivery issues. A review should just be a review.

The price paid was more then reasonable. Well worth investing your time and money. A real Classic TV, unlike some rubbish that gets on TV today. Enjoy!
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VINE VOICEon 8 January 2010
First saw this about 30 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed. Just rewatched it and thoroughly enjoyed it again. Good strong story line, even if some things now seem a little obvious and some of the dialogue a little stilted, basically the classic ingredients of Greek tragedy.

Strong acting from Jack Hedley and Betty Arnaviki as the main characters and great support from everyone else. Takis Emmanuel is excellent as the baddy we all love to hate. One of the side stories involving a reclusive Brit sinking a well in a mountain village seems tagged on to stretch the series out, or perhaps I missed something thsi time round, but apart from that the tale goes along at a cracking pace, full of incident.

Surprisingly a lot of it was actually shot on location in Crete, xhich does lead to some wonky continuity when someone goes into an apartment or hotel which is clearly a set. But these are minor quibbles. As the snow falls, pop it into your DVD player, pour yourself a warming ouzo or Metaxa and sit back and enjoy TV series as they used to be.

Pure entertainment.
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on 6 November 2011
I watched the original screening of this in the seventies and was just enthralled, fabulous writing, very powerful story, wonderful scenery and great acting with a hint of a classic Greek tragedy. I have always had fond memories of it. Then when I discovered it had been released as a DVD in Holland I just bought it. Have watched it twice since and it's still just a good as it ever was. BBC drama at it's absolute best. Why the BBC have never released it in Britain is beyond me.

Nice one Amazon
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on 16 December 2010
I have only given this series 3 stars because it looks very dated.
Who ever coined nostalgia, ain't what it used to be could have been talking about this series.
The production values and sets are appalling, it looks to me as though the cast and crew must have filmed all the location shots in a couple of days judging by Betty Arvanti and Jack Hedleys wardrobe malfunctions.
The sets are on a par with those of Crossroad (which will mean nothing to our foreign readers) with the actors shadows being cast over supposedly distant hillsides and shakey set etc.
Having said that they we are all probably spoilt by CGI graphics nowadays.
The story is not bad with slices of recent Cretan history interspersing the story line of lost love and vendettas but the acting is a bit hammy with Betty Arvanti often stumbling over her lines and I'm not sure that she's not reading them off of a crib board. As for Jack Hedley, well he only ever played Jack Hedley so he puts in his usual wooden performance.I won't say anything but Patience Colliers last scenes in the final episode are hilarious she appears to have swallowed an oversized Polo mint!
Great for it's nostalgia and for those that yearn for a lost time in Crete.
Worth a view if but only for nostalgia.
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on 28 February 2012
This is a Dutch packaged version of this 70's TV series at half the price of the English Version.
OK so the menus are all Dutch, but once you discover how to switch the subtitles off, its fine as all the dialogue is the original English. You can download and print a new DVD cover from the internet and bobs your uncle.
Great for any Grecophiles and lovers of Crete and in particular Elounda to have a look at how it was back then.
We've only watched one episode so far, but picture quality is good bearing in mind this was produced in the 70's.
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