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on 2 August 2014
I didn't think I'd enjoy this because I thought it would be sanitised middle class disposable entertainment. However, there is real heart in the writing and the way some of the characters are drawn. You get the outsider, Dan Humphrey, whose parents haven't had a university or boarding school education. He is a social climber who is becoming an equal by going to the same boarding school, but not treated as an equal by the other boarders whose parents have gone to university and boarding schools. His sister is the same, but she appeals to one of the boarders who tries to take advantage of her.

Serena, who is relegated to an outsider because she disappeared from boarding school for six months, forms an alliance with the real outsider. He is attracted to her, but she is only attracted to him because he is an outsider. Eventually, he sees her for what she really is and decides to part company with her. This forces her to establish a real relationship with him and it seems to work. Over a period of time he is absorbed into high society and achieves his goal of pulling himself up by the hips and being accepted into the society that he is aspiring towards.
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on 14 April 2014
As in most cases of television series, the first season of the CW show Gossip Girl is undoubtedly the best. Based on the series of books of the same name, it is an extremely entertaining and fascinating drama about the lives of teenagers living in the Upper East side of Manhattan, living in excess and wealth, with characters you can't help but love like Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen and Chuck Bass, not matter how obnoxious or nasty they may seem. The first season, along with arguably the second and at a push part of the third, was definitely the golden age of a show that long outlived its welcome on television and that has now become an example of such a thing as well as a punchline in terms of finally giving answers - the answer to the infamous 'who is Gossip Girl?' question finally being revealed in the series finale clearly a stab in the dark by the writers with earlier episodes pointing out the gaping plot holes with this reveal. However, the earlier seasons were extremely enjoyable and I definitely recommend them - however, in order to preserve the integrity of the show in your mind and your enjoyment of it I personally would recommend picking a stopping point earlier on so as to avoid the disappointment of the fourth and fifth seasons.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 June 2011
Gossip girl, based on the popular teen novels by Cecily Von Ziegesar, follows the lives of manhattans elite. The lead is therefore hard to determine but Serena Van Der Woodsen appears to take the role in this first season (This becomes less apparent in the following seasons).

Essentially the series revolves around a blog, posted to a website and sent as a mobile phone alert, written by "Gossip Girl". Gossip girl is a secretive character, who remains unidentified, and updates with all the scandalous details of the elite's lives.

Primarily the lives of Serena and her closest friend Blair are the main focus and the boyfriends and scandals occurring within their lives. But Serena has been away for a while and she seems different. But why did she leave? And why did she come back? All intriguing questions to keep you hooked.

I love the series and the characters are all likeable and interesting. The only problem I somtimes have is keeping track of everyones lives and who is dating who. This is something that seems to be equally confusing throughout the entire show and future series.

Overall, I absolutely love this program and watch it religiously. I would recommend it to anyone who loves scandal and, well, gossip. A fun show - worth having the boxset so you can watch it when you want.
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on 11 January 2014
Wanted to rewatch the series and own it on DVD which is why i brought this. The first season is based around Serena returning and most of the main characters getting ready to go to Uni. It contains a lot of drama in each episode, nevermind the series as a whole, definitely a good watch for people that like programmes such as One Tree Hill, Revenge and other CW shows that are mostly shown on E4. Considering I got a whole boxset the price was very cheap! you normally pay more than that for just 1 DVD nowadays! -The boxset was previously owned which you can tell as the Box itself has a little damage to it, with indents and white marks on it but it's not that big of a deal as it's the outside box and doesn't look that bad. If you were buying it as a present you can always just fill the white marks in, on the box with a black marker, you wouldn't be able to notice it. The DVD's themselves and there cases however, are fine :)
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on 30 April 2011
I bought this out of boredom as there was nothing else on TV. I am not exactly a teen, so I expected that the generation gap would affect my enjoyment of the show. I was wrong. Except for seeing kids who are supposed to be 15 drinking and smoking and parents condoning it, in a country that has a 21 year age limit for drinking, I didn't feel the gap at all.
This is a great show and the characters are deep and believable(except for their age) and I was hooked. The idea that 'BIG Brother is watching' (aka Gossip Girl) and everything that happens is open to 'gossip'- is twisted and manipulated by those in power- is a horrifying concept taken to the nth degree. Does it happen to this generation? I don't know. It sure didn't happen in my generation :)
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on 12 April 2009
After his success with "The OC," a soap regarded as being the 2000 version of 90210, Josh Schwarz created another teen soap - Gossip Girl. Like "The OC," and both versions of 90210, viewers are plunged into the lives of rich,extravagant teenagers who are living lives and dealing with issues that are ahead of their ages.
"Gossip Girl," in my opinion is much better than "The OC," as it is less shock and horror, someone has taken drugs,had sex etc and more scandalous and shocking. Immediately from the first episode, like me, you will be taken on a whirlwind journey through the lives of Serena, Nate, Blair, Jenny, Dan and Chuck and their corrupt dealings. And with constant updates from Gossip Girl on the lives of each of these characters, you're never left feeling lost in the episode.
This is the cream of the crop of teen soaps - highly reccommended !!!
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on 9 July 2009
This is definatly worth your money, if u like this kind of teenage series. good actors, interesting story...simple good entertainment. The picture and sound quality is ok, a few more extra would have been nice, but hey its a TV show, so for me its a good add to my colection, and i'm sure you will enjoy it too.
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on 6 March 2017
Missing disk 4 which was very annoying. Box set included 2 disk 1s instead.
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on 2 May 2013
It is an amazing tv series which I continue used to watch past season one. It is brilliant and smart. The characters are loveable and interesting. Each have a different story to tell and a different direction to head. Secrets and lies. You know you love me. XOXO GossipGirl
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on 1 June 2009
I missed a few of the season one Gossip Girl episodes so bought the box set at a very good price from Amazon and watched them all over again. Great series The OC meets the city! Really easy to watch,(even though I'm in my late twenties!)loads of Gossip, tears,fights and bitching and that's just the parents! Really good watch, if you like Lipstick Jungle, The OC, Sex and the City I'm sure you like this too. Extra's include a great music video which was the background music to the ball. Loads of Fashion ideas too.
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