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on 24 May 2017
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on 21 September 2016
Great stuff
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2007

The Wii Zapper is a new peripheral for the Nintendo Wii where you can clip your Wii remote and Nunchuck into the shell to create a lightgun. The lay-out of the controller can be a bit strange to begin with, having the trigger button at the front of the gun. But after just a few minutes play this will become no problem at all and you can then start to have some fun with it.

It works on all Wii games but is obviously only designed for a handful of arcade shooters so far. You get a copy of "Link's Crossbow Training" as part of the package, which is a great game in it's own right and an excellent freebie if you were going to buy the Zapper anyway. So far I've only tried this on Link's Crossbow Training and Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, but both work perfectly with it giving a real arcade feel to the games, and allows for much more acurate (and comfortable) shooting. House of the Dead and Ghost Squad are due out in early 2008 and are supposed to be making full use of the Zapper.

* * * * *


Think of the classic Duck Hunt mixed with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and that'll give you some kind of idea of what to expect here. There are 8 levels, each split into 3 stages. You must then complete the given tasks to earn points to get you the bronze, silver, gold and platinum awards. Using the Wii Zapper makes this game play as smoothly and as accurately as you could possibly want with an arcade shooter. The difficulty increases as you go through the stages and there is plenty of variety in the levels. It's fast, fluid action that does not tire at all.

The visuals are the same style and are from the same settings such as Hyrule from Twilight Princess but are not quite as polished and sharp as the original. This is not too much of an issue though, as it does still look pretty good and doesn;t affect the gameplay in the slightest. Even the smallest of targets are clearly visable if you've got the HD cable for the Wii. Otherwise, it can be a bit blurry.

SOUND - 5/5
All of the music is straight out of Twilight Princess, so if you're familiar with that game, you'll know what to expect here. Again, a beautiful score with some really memorable tunes.

It isn't too hard to finish the game on bronze medals but the replay value really comes in when you start to try to beat yours and your friends' highest scores and try to get platinum medals in all levels. The replay value on this is basically endless.

An excellent introduction to using the Wii Zapper and for as little as £20 (in most shops) you get a great quality game that has the potential to be a game that you'll keep playing for months, even years, to come.
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on 6 January 2008
It's definitely cool looking and pretty durable, but there are a couple of flaws that I'm sure will be corrected in future versions of this zapper. When holding the zapper, it is a bit awkward to shoot with your forward hand and steer your guy with your back hand.

It is cleverly constructed to hide your wire from the wii-mote to the nunchuck. When it is fully put together, it balances well and feels pretty solid. We did however notice that when reloading your gun in Medal of Honor (by quickly jerking your gun upward) there were a few times when the wii-mote came loose from it's housing. This is frustrating because if the wii-mote slips out, the zapper mechanism won't hit the trigger (b-button) on the wii-mote. This is extremely frustrating in a battle situation if you're reloading with someone coming at you. You'll be toast. About a third of the people who play it at our house have had this issue, but if you're reasonably gentle, you should get the hang of it.

I am going to assume that in the future, Nintendo is either going to make their own, or outsource a Wii Zapper where the trigger is in your back hand and you steer with your front hand. It will be much more intuitive. In fact, as the wii expands, you'll probably see a lot of sweet designs. The zapper is constructed as it is in order to give you a low cost to having this ability now.

Function in games
Once you adjust your sensitivity and height, you will be much more comfortable. When I first tried it, without any tweaking, it was much too touchy. I don't know how it affects things, but on a large TV, it was just too fast and twitchy until we adjusted things.

One flaw that we noticed is that if you move your cursor too far to one side, it will come back on the other side of the screen. For instance, if your cursor is near the right side of the screen and you move further right, even though your zapper is still pointed to the right, your cursor will reappear on the left side. You have to do the reverse process to get it back in line. This of course is frustrating in a game. It is probably like this because I have a 56 inch tv and we were standing pretty close. On a smaller tv, it may not have this same effect.

With all of that said though. The Wii Zapper is headed in the right direction. Once a couple of killer games come out and some tweaks are done, you'll see Sony and Xbox copying the idea, and playing Halo, or Call of Duty with a standard remote will be a thing of the past. Once you start marching through Medal of Honor or even the training game, you realize that this is how you've always wanted to play first person shooters.

I'm guessing that the race is now on. If the Wii can get Call of Duty 4 or some game like it to incorporate the Wii-Zapper, you won't want to play Halo 3 again until xbox can design a zapper. Mark my words: It's the future, and in a year all three major systems will be marketing souped up zappers for first person shooters. You'll be bored with standard controls after trying the zapper.

All in all. For £20, if you have a wii, you should get the zapper. It's worth it for the Link's Crossbow. It's another fun addition to any wii party. Non-gamers will have as much fun as hard core fans, just like almost everything on the wii so far
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on 20 January 2008
Links Crossbow Training is the pack in game with the Wii Zapper peripheral for the Wii.
The Zapper is a plastic shell resembling a submachine gun into which the Wiimote and the Nunchuck clip which costs a pretty darn reasonable £19 for the shell and the game.
Links crossbow training is a game based on the successful Zelda franchise and uses the game engine and graphics from Twilight Princess meaning the graphics are pretty darn good.
Each level contains three stages falling into three categories static target shooting, defending your position for advancing enemies where you can rotate your view by moving the Wiimote to the extents of the screen and an FPS like mode where you can move Link arround with the Nunchuck stick.
Gaining points across the three stages of a level wins you medals which are required to move onto the next level.
The game mechanics are pretty simple levels are timed and you can never die (hits just reduce your score) Ammo is always unlimited, but there is a multiplier that increases on each consecutive shot so accuracy is the key to getting a good score.
Some people have complained that the game is slightly easier without using the Zapper shell, but for me this is missing the point after all a driving game might be easier with a joypad, but using a wheel is more imersive.
There are several games to be released that are compatible with the Zapper including the excellent Umbrella Chronicles and House of the Dead and for the budget price you can't really go wrong.
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on 8 June 2008
The zapper itself is solid and feels like it's made of good quality materials. It's cleverly designed as well, keeping the nunchuck lead snugly wrapped up in the rear handle, where it contributes to the weight and balance of the zapper. Like other people who have reviewed it, however, I think that the two-handle design feels a bit awkward, regardless of whether you have your right hand at the front on the trigger, or at the back on the nunchuck stick. I find that my arms and hands ache after using it for about 30 minutes, because you have to bend your elbows-in and wrists-out to keep your hands in-line on the two handles.

The best part of this package is the game, Link's Crossbow Training: ironic since it's a pretty simple collection of mini shooting games. But how much fun it is! Like the `shoot the balloons' game in Wii Play, the games are very short and formulaic, with enemies or targets appearing in the same formations each time. Also like shoot-the-balloons, you get score multipliers if you continue to rack up consecutive hits. This is the beauty of the game: the games are so short, the urge to have `just one more go' to beat your high score is irresistible. Each level is made up of three sub-games, and to beat your target score you have to be good on all of them, meaning that the urge to replay is even greater when you know that you had a bad time on just one of the levels. Before you know it, an hour has been frittered away! The authors have helpfully included practice stages where you can hone your skills on any stage of any unlocked level. Although the game is very short and you will have unlocked all the stages in an hour or two, the replay value is immense because of the urge to beat your high score and to find all the hidden goodies when you shoot other parts of the scenery on each level.

Like Mario Kart and its wheel, Link's Crossbow Training is far better to play when you don't bother with the zapper, and play it using the normal remote + nunchuck method. If the zapper came without the game, I probably would not recommend it, but the game alone is well worth the asking price!
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on 24 July 2009
I bought the Wii zapper so that I could play Call of Guty 5 with the gun style controller. However found that now I am playing Links crossbow training more than that. The zapper is well built and doesn't have that 'plastiky' feel that you can find on similar units. It also cleverly conceals the nunchuck cable within the body to stop it getting in the way. On the whole the buttons end up being well positioned for finger placement and is fine for both right handed players and us 'lefties'.

The Links Crossbow Training is a corker of a game. It has a classic Wii style to it, where you just pop it on and anyone can get to grips with the concept in seconds. The levels slowely progress up in complexity - about 27-30 levels in all, pleanty of challenges for different skill levels & keeping me entertained for a long while. I'm finding that is one of the best games to pop on when you have time to kill.

With Call of Duty 5 the unit is just as good, allowing for a more realistic gaming experience, with an added level of skill needed to control!

For less than £20, getting the unit & game is well worth it!! A firm favorite in the family.
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on 27 September 2008
I bought this game for my boys and being a considerate mum (to avoid the fighting) I bought a spare gun / crossbow for the second controller.

It would appear that you can only set it up for one controller which is them passed between players. (If I'm wrong I'm hoping someone will explain how to get the second one working!)

So - in short - good game but don't waste your money buying a second gun / crossbow.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 January 2008
I purchased this game mainly for the Wii Zapper for use in future games. You can buy the Wii Zapper on its own for around £10, or with Link's Crossbow Training for around £20 to £50, so it's worth shopping around.

The Wii Zapper is quite compact and lightweight. It feels well built and slightly more comfortable to hold standing up, but can be used sitting down just as easily, with the added advantage you can support it on your knee for increased accuracy. It's made from the same type of plastic as the Wii controllers, and generally fits together quite well, with all the loose wires neatly tucked away in grooves or inside the handle. You can easily release the Wiimote for charging, etc, by simply pressing the release button. I found it mildly uncomfortable using the joystick on the Nunchuck at the rear of the Wii Zapper as I had to bend my wrists into slightly awkward positions, but you can of course use the Nunchuck separately, which essentially turns the Wii Zapper into a pistol style holder. My only real complaint is that the buttons on the top of the Wiimote (D-pad, A button, 1, 2, etc) are not easy to reach. You can operate the A button with your thumb, but this makes it very uncomfortable. For occasional use (e.g. throwing a grenade perhaps) this won't be a problem, but it does essentially limit the controls for any game using the Wii Zapper to the Nunchuck and B buttons only, with the occasional use of the A button. If a game requires frequent use of the D-pad, +, -, 1, or 2 buttons then I'd imagine this would become very uncomfortable very quickly. Of course it's up to the game designers to come up with suitable control methods when using the Wii Zapper. Luckily, Link's Crossbow Training only requires the use of the B button and Nunchuck while playing. Which brings me to the next part of my review...

Link's Crossbow Training can only be described as great old-fashioned fun. There are a number of levels each with a different theme straight out of Zelda, and each level is split into three parts. For most levels, the first part involves you being stationary and you shoot at stuff, the second you're moving (CPU controlled) and you shoot at stuff, and the third you're in control of the movement using the Nunchuck joystick, and again you shoot at stuff. You get extra points for accuracy, and runs of successful hits. At the end of each level you may be awarded a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum medal, depending on your score, and you'll need at least a Bronze medal to open up the next level. There are also lots of other things lying around that you can shoot (pots, skulls, pumpkins, signs, scarecrows, etc) some of which release crystals or other point bonuses, and a few things you shouldn't shoot (chickens, etc). There are a few levels that have a secret location that can be accessed by shooting two scarecrows in the correct way, and also some levels have a special upgrade for your crossbow allowing you to shoot in rapid-fire mode for a short time. Finally, you can do a charged explosive shot by holding down the fire button for a while before shooting. Overall, the game is just pure fun. However I managed to finish the game in just a few hours, and then went on to get Platinum in all levels the next day. I really wish it was much longer, but for a £10 game it's worth every penny. 5 stars for fun, 5 stars for overall considering the low price.
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on 25 February 2009
The best game i have ever played being a person that is not really into games.
This game was recommended by friends, and i am so glad i ordered it.
I am not really good at games on Wii, Xbox or all the other things my husband has, but this has really changed my opinion.
We have had friends and family round and had so much fun shooting at targets, ghosts and all kinds of things.
We have found a game that we can all play from experianced game players to novices like me.
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