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on 29 November 2007
replaces the older rechargeable battery - this one touted much longer battery life.

it's easier to get into the battery compt than it's predecessor and on 1 trial got 20hrs of play(left the radio on to see what would happen)

I love my ONE so this new battery is a real nice addition for extended plays outside the house holidays etcetc
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on 27 March 2009
I got one of these so I could move my Pure Flow around without having to unplug and plugin again every time.
For this it works as expected and I'd no problems fitting the battery.
I've only used it for short spells on battery but did try to run it for a few days on battery only as a test. I didn't measure exactly but it gave about 15 hours of use mainly DAB radio (I like to listen to Planet Rock while working at home !) but with a couple of hours streaming also.
I don't think it says anywhere in the specifications when buying but for the technical it is a 3.7v Li-ion 8800mAh battery.
And now to the limitations which I'm not sure are documented for the Pure Flow for when you have the battery installed -
- if you have the Flow on standby and unplug it, it switches off completely and then reboots when you switch on.
- if you unplug from the mains while it is switched on it stays on and the battery takes over.
- you can't set the alarm when running on battery only but it does give you a message to say this if you do try.
- so you can't use as an alarm clock on battery power only, it must be plugged into the mains
- the 'on' button seems to need to be pressed for a little longer to switch on than when running on mains. At first I thought the battery wasn't working until I did this.

None of these actually bother me but I've seen some comments in the forums about this, so be aware.
I've given 4 stars because I still think it's a little pricey, but then again I've just looked at camcorder batteries which are about £12 for 1400ah or 2000mAh so I suppose about £27 for a 8800ah battery is in proportion.
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on 9 December 2009
I find it difficult to understand why some reviewers have found it so dificult to fit this item. Please believe me that I am not trying to appear "smart". Yes, it could be better designed but it took me less than two minutes to fit and required no special tools. The connector is perfectly adequate and the pins wont bend if the connector is aligned properly before it is pushed into place. The operation just needs a bit of patience and some thought about what you are doing.

The following technique worked for me: Place the radio face down on the lap or a firm surface with the battery compartment open. Hold the battery pack horizontally just above the battery compartment using one hand. With the other hand, bend the connecting cable vertically downwards and bend the connector end of the cable back to the horizontal again (away from the battery) so that the cable forms a "Z" shape. The cable will stay in this shape and it is easy to hold the battery in one hand and align the plug correctly against the pins on the connector in the radio. Unless you have large fingers (in which case use a small flat screw driver blade or similar) push the plug firmly into place on the connector using a finger tip from your free hand. This does not require undue force. Finally, twist the cable into place so that it forms a neat loop between the end of the battery and the radio. I had no difficulty getting the lid of the battery compartment to slide back in place.

So why only 4 stars? Because the battery pack should be included as part of the radio, not an additional item. Overall, the battery pack has made using the radio far more flexible for me and I would recommend it. The signal level is not very good in some parts of our house and the battery pack makes it really easy to move the radio about to find a suitable location with a reasonable signal level.

I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and it seems to be maintaining charge well.
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on 10 February 2009
I have owned a Pure One Radio with the Chargepak C6L battery from new for 18 months. The connector plug is at the end of a short cable and it is a fiddly process pushing the plug into the socket at the base of the battery compartment, not an easy task for someone who suffers from arthritis or who is similarly disabled. I have been very pleased with the radio itself and purchased another one for my wife. Quality of reception and ease of channel changing etc very pleasing. However, this report is about the battery pack and it is this with which I take issue. The battery has kept its charge well requiring recharging perhaps every two weeks or so. Then a few days ago the radio went dead and the ChargePak battery refuses to charge. Having checked all possible causes of the problem by using my wife's battery and radio with the charging unit I regret to report that my ChargePak battery is totally dead. I e-mailed Pure Support for advice but have received no reply. In view of the comments of other users I do not expect to receive any sympathy. It seems I was fortunate to have a battery last as long as eighteen months. Pure One's advertising boasts that it is eco friendlier to buy a ChargePak rather than conventional batteries but I am not impressed. At £28 or more a throw I consider this to be very expensive and poor value for money.
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on 11 March 2009
The Pure DAB Radio is an excellent product made even better by the use of the ChargePak. My only criticism is that the cable to the connector is very stiff and this makes connecting the battery and then closing the battery compartment door quite difficult. It took several attempts to complete the installation as closing the door dislodged the connector.
The battery has to be purchased separately to the radio - adding to the overall cost.
That said, once connected and working the battery lasts for a long time without needing recharging.
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on 12 February 2009
The battery really should be sold as part of the radio as use without it is severly limited. My wife wanted a good radio for the bathroom and it wouldn't have suited her needs without the Charge pack. The pack charges quickly though and has lasted well. Worth the cost
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on 15 June 2009
I too bought the original C6 Pak, it never lasted 24 hours whether the Evoke 3 was turned on or off!! By the time it was 12 months old it was down to 6 or 7 hours and now at 24 months it is totally dead. I too wrote to the Pure (or should that be 'Poor') service department and the lady wrote back claiming nothing could be done as it was out of warranty. I also asked why this battery 'Pak' got so unbelievably hot when charging but got no comment. I feel it gets far too hot to the point of being totally unsafe. I do need a replacement though and there are not many options out there.
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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2009
Installed into my Evoke Flow in seconds, just make sure you don't force it in - it will only enter the socket one way! Slightly fiddly as the cord is just a tad short.

Do not remove any part of the ChargePAK - it's cased in a white paper like material that looks like its asking to be ripped off, but it's not - don't do it!

Battery charges inside the radio, so you don't need to worry about buying a charger or removing the PAK from the radio.

Thanks for reading.
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on 7 January 2009
I bought the C6L chargePAK along with a Pure One for my wife's Xmas present in 2007. This has been a great product and has given her many many hours of company in her vegetable garden. However after just less than a year the chargePAK has died. Whilst I love the convenience of the rechargeable unit, £27+ is a substantial cost for a replacement. I see from other reviews that Pure think this is a reasonable lifetime. How come mobile phone batteries last years? Still undecided as to whether to replace the unit as it does seem a rip-off.
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on 9 September 2015
I bought this battery along with a new (my second) Pure Mini Series II radio. I have had the first radio for almost 4 years of trouble-free daily use. Two weeks ago I bought a cheap Goodman's Canvas radio for £19.00 but had to return it on the day of purchase because it would not work. So I decided to buy a second Pure radio. This battery costs more than the Goodman's radio! The Pure Radio plus battery costs over £70 so it is not cheap for a small radio.

However once you get the battery into the radio and charged it has a long life for listening as a portable. In all the years I have had my other PURE radio I have never had a flat battery. That's because when I am listening to the radio as 'mains radio' the battery is recharging in the background. No hassle of pulling a battery or batteries out of the radio to put them into a charger. It works well.

Apart from the cost of the battery my only quibble is that it is very fiddly to get it plugged into the radio. There is an instruction leaflet with the battery and a warning not to force it into position. However it really needs some sort of 'docking mechanism' which would guide the radio plug-in into the proper connecting point. There is none and it is hard to know whether you are pushing into the right place. Last night it took me more than half an hour just fiddling with it to get it to the correct spot - of course when the connector was properly aligned with the socket in the radio it slid down into place very easily with no need then to force. Finding that correct alignment however is a nightmare. Having said that, the good news is that I won't have to take the battery out or put it back in again as long as the radio keeps working and the battery problem should be a once in a lifetime exercise. For me its twice in a life time because I recall having the same problem with my other radio 4 years ago.
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