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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 2 May 2017
Fast delivery. Great manga!
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on 7 April 2017
Great anime. This one actually was great from the beginning. Would recommend it to new comers to anime. It doesn't take time to get started, if you are new to anime you will realise that is not the same as watching ordinary Western-style cartoons. I believe anime takes time for anyone to experience. However if you put the time in it rewards you a thousandfold, with insights that you would not get through any other film medium. I personally was very reluctant to get into anime. I watched many anime classics growing up and really didn't get hooked into it. However this one will get you started. It is not a "hard-core" anime like the classics such as Cowboy Bebop or Trigun. However it is a good introduction to the genre. As you watch more and more, you will start to find out what you like and what you don't like, this is a good place to get started.
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on 23 April 2017
Gore and tits is a good recipe for any anime. That's all i can really say.
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on 21 January 2010
To begin with this is my favorite DVD series with regards to new anime. Tokko is a series full of confusion, swords, amazingly drawn characters and above all the most annoying ending in a series ever. However, if you are starting out in the world of anime or a seasoned lover of the stuff I believe there isn't a funnier (theres a weird incest story line at the beginning which is very funny) more worthwhile series than this. I purchased this because it was cheap, no other reason to begin with but after vol. 1 i watched all the episodes back to back. Now i cant do that with any other anime mostly because half the series consists of bogus realisations about 'oh yeah btw the your actually a dragon/robot/monkey/human/god etc.' No the great thing about this series is that its straight forward. eg- dudes family is killed, he wants revenge, finds out its demons, joins Tokko. Although its annoying in places, has the strangest plot and makes hardly any sense the first time you watch it, i've never felt happier sitting through any other series and i feel its the most overlooked series around.
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on 18 August 2011
Tokko is not a particularly good animé, the story isn't that original and the quality of the artwork leaves a lot to be desired, it lacks the finer detailing that you may expect and is decidedly old school in terms of character design with somewhat flat looking figures. But it's an OK example of its genre with Special forces type cops attempting to seal inter dimensional gates and kill the carnivorous Phantoms that come through them. The main problem appears to be that it didn't sell particularly well so got cut short, leaving you with thirteen episodes on the three disks and just when it starts to get interesting a cliffhanger ending to further adventures that aren't likely to be forthcoming, so it'll be really frustrating if you actually enjoy it.
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Monsters, blood, swords and the potential destruction of the world. Good stuff!

It's also most of what "Tokko" is made up with, along with a generous amount of totally gratuitous cleavage. It's fairly funny, very violent, pretty well-written and its solidly suspenseful storyline is only marred by an ending that... isn't. Almost is, but isn't.

Five years ago, a hole appeared in front of a Machida apartment complex. Savage demonic creatures emerged and slaughtered almost everyone in the building.

Ranmaru Shindo is on his first day's duty as a cop, when his team is attacked by zombies controlled by demon larvae. They're only saved by the intervention of sword-wielding cops from the mysterious division, TOKKO. One of them is a childhood friend of Ranmaru's, Sakura, who has been haunting his dreams recently.

He becomes convinced that the zombies and TOKKO are connected to the Machida massacre... and the strange tattoo that's appeared on his arm. Of course, he's right -- turns out demons are flooding into our world courtesy of a shattered alchemist's box. But thanks to demon symbiotes -- like the one on Ranmaru's arm -- TOKKO is able to fight and kill them.

So naturally Ranmaru is transferred into TOKKO, and he turns out to be stronger and more skilled than anyone suspected. But his investigations into the alchemist box and the Machida massacre become more dangerous when a sinister old man becomes involved -- and Ranmaru faces losing more than his soul.

The first half of "Tokko" is a sort of detective story wrapped in supernatural trappings, but the second half is when things really heat up. Basically, the whole world will be devoured by demons unless our heroes stop them... except they have demons in their own bodies. What a mess.

But it's a fun mess -- lots of creepy cliffhangers, spraying gore, dismembered bodies, zombies, monstrously carnivorous demons, swords, and (for the boys) utterly gratuitous boobery. And once Ranmaru settles into Tokko, things start getting even more violent than before. Basically that's the core of the series, along with the detective work.

But it has some solid atmosphere as well, especially in the second half -- Sakura fighting the "evil Ranmaru," the horrific climactic battle, and walls crawling with demons. And it has some funny dialogue, usually from Kunikida ("I was told you were hooked on a respirator in ICU, stoned out of your skull on a morphine drip, and ****ing the bed from your internal injuries!" "I have a really good doctor...?").

So what's the problem? Well, there's only half an ending. The immediate storyline is nicely wrapped up in the last episode, but there are still some flapping threads. And the last few seconds drag the plot right back out. It's pretty clear they intended to continue the anime, but sadly that didn't happen.

Ranmaru is a pretty typical action-anime hero -- he's sort of boyish and cute, but can be a brutal fighter when the story demands. Sakura is a bit too mysterious to be an engaging love interest, but Kureha, Ryoko and the kooky Saya all are interesting. And Kunikida is a pretty hilarious character -- a foul-mouthed, womanizing, tough-as-nails police chief who says everything in a dull roar.

"Tokko" is all blood, skin and swords, with lots of action and an interesting detective story. Just don't expect much closure at the finale.
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on 23 May 2013
This is a great series but unfortunately too short. The characters were mostly believable and the story is good but incomplete.
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on 31 August 2013
I picked up this DVD on a pure whim whilst buying some other things and had no idea or expectations of what I was in for.

The basic premises of the series is that we follow Average High School Student No.569845 as he begins to have strange dreams about a topless women who slices him open with a sword. He quickly bumps in to her in real life and is soon drawn in to a battle for mankind's future as the demon world begins to force its way in to our world. A fight he may be more important too than he thinks.

This is normally where I explain the twist they put on the series to make it stand out a bit more from the already over crowded "Teenagers Fight Daemons" Genre and it does have one up its sleeve. It's violence!

It never quite reaches Battle Royale levels of ludicrous gibs but the series has no fear of murdering a whole bunch of men women and children in the course of its,a admittedly short, run time. That short run time is the ultimate down fall of the series. I can't shake the feeling that this was a show they expected to take off more than it did since the ending has the reek of the "Oh god we have no more money" about it with a ending narration that would be funny if it were not so tragic.

I have given the show a 2 star rating not because I hate it, in all honestly I find the fact that they obviously had very little budget makes the show quite endearing. They tried to do a grand sweeping tale of inter dimensional conflict and were handed the budget of a very cheap primary school pantomime to do it with.

The lack of a satisfying ending and the rushed nature of every character interaction does ultimately stop the show from being anything other than a curio for most.

Give it a miss unless you really like blood and tits.
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on 22 January 2010
Despite what some of the other reviewers have stated about being qualified to review this product, please do not be put off by this. Instead I recommend taking a moment to type in "Tokko" on YouTube so you can form your own impression as to whether or not this excellent, funny and action packed anime, in my opinion, might be up your alley. Personally I found the story intriguing and it wasn't difficult for me to keep track of though others may have different experiences with it. The voice acting is of high quality and fits the characters, as well as the on-screen images - well done to the audio casting crew (particular mention goes to the police chief Kaoru Kunikida - aka. "Chiefy" - who is a riot and a half, along with Tokko team member Suzuka Kureha).

I do agree with one of the previous reviewers that the ending is left very much open for a sequel and I for one dearly hope that some day in the not too distant future a full sequel of the same quality sees the light of day. If it does I will be standing in line waiting to buy it the moment I hear of it.
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on 26 March 2013
Not a bad little anime. Good story,nice art etc. Its never gonna win any awards but enjoyable all the same
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