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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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Very nice Blu-ray, the picture quality is very nice, you could say near perfect. This is the third Frankenstein film from Hammer Horror Studios, and you could say not the best of the three, but still a very good film with a brilliant performance from the legend Peter Cushing, plus the Hammer Sets are once again brilliant, and for me this is what makes Hammer films so successful, and back in the day they had a atmosphere about them, which scared the audiences of its time, even now today. Hopefully one day there will be a ultimate HAMMER HORROR Box-Set, and just Horror films, now that would be nice.


The making of The Evil of Frankenstein
-Narrated by Edward de Souza
-Interviews with Wayne Kinsey, Caron Gardner
-Hugh Harlow, Pauline Harlow, Peter Cushing(legend)
and Don Mingaye
The Evil of Frankenstein Gallery
The Evil of Frankenstein Theatrical Trailer
A moment with Caron Gardner
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on 23 October 2007
I have been looking forward to this release for a long time. I have the Region 1 version, but I can only watch this on my computer, so to have a version I can play on my TV would be great. What a disappointment, it's FULL FRAME and not in the correct widescreen format it should be in. These DVDs are for a specialist market, who expects certain standards; and the correct format is one of them. I hope they put this right for future releases, otherwise it's back to watching my Region 1's on the computer.
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on 20 February 2015
Peter Cushing returns as the Baron in his third movie from hammer as Frankenstein. this time the baron thinks its safe for him to return to his home in Karlstaad. to continue his work of the creation of life.helped by his young assistant hans, played by Sandor Eles, they both stumble across the old monster that for years has been frozen in ice in the mountains. the baron revives the creature, but requires a hypnotist called Zoltan played by Peter Woodthorpe, to restore the creatures mind.and this is where every thing starts to go wrong for the baron.this is a stand alone story unlike the Curse of Frankenstein, and The Revenge of Frankenstein. as always Peter Cushing is very good, and so is the supporting cast pq .looks good in 1080p 16x9 on this blu ray, there is also a making of the film, a stills gallery,theatrical trailer, and a moment with Caron Gardner. all in all well done to Final Cut.
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on 23 August 2013
The picture quality of this BLURAY is generally very good indeed with excellent colours and in thankfully the correct film ratio ...however I suspect much of the grain has been removed in digital processing which gives a very smooth like appearance which distracts from a genuine film look....On the real downside is the fact that FINAL CUT have decided NOT to include SUB-TITLES of any language for the main feature....considering the high cost of the BLU RAY this is NOT acceptable and the people who are most likely to purchase are probably elderly who have developed Hard of Hearing problems with age.....
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on 24 August 2015
One of my all time favourite horror films. Appaently regarded by Hammer purists as out of step with the two previous Hammer Frankenstein films, 'Curse of ...' and ''Revenge of....'. But this is a great yarn.
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on 29 August 2013
*Warning - may contain slight spoilers if you've never seen the Frankenstein films before. You've been warned.

The Evil of Frankenstein has got a bad reputation in some quarters. I've been indifferent to it myself on previous viewings, but wanted to give it a fair reappraisal when my Blu-ray arrived. I prepared for it this time by watching Revenge of Frankenstein first and keeping an open mind. Revenge had scripted itself into a bit of a rut. It was a good ending, but once Frankenstein reaches success, there's no more room for a sequel. In that way, I can understand why it was felt a new direction was needed to continue the franchise.

This time I found it quite a fun film. It lies in the same gray area as Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2 from more than two decades later in the way it's half reboot, half sequel. Francis's direction takes it away from the gothic comfort zone and more into horror thriller territory. Quite funny too in places, which was a surprise for earlier Hammer horror. Cushing's Frankenstein is played as a much more sympathetic character than the ruthless, single-minded scientist of the first two. Zoltan is the real villain here. I didn't really like this monster on previous viewings, but giving it a chance this time around it's actually a really nice design. Rather that it just looking like an inexpressive clay mask and Karloff wannabe, I got a Golem vibe coming from it. The creature created for revenge (Zoltan's in this case) that eventually turns on it's creator. I don't know whether this nod to Jewish mythology is by accident or design. Either way, I felt it rather effective.

I am pleased with the transfer. It's a little soft in places and hasn't had any major restoration work carried out, so all the old film dirt is still there especially on optical effects shots. There's a thin layer of grain. If it has been DNRed (if), it was done by an operator who thankfully knew when to stop. Overall a pleasing upgrade over DVD with some finer detail better resolved. It's in the valid aspect ratio of 1.85:1. Sound is the original mono. Not unsurprisingly, it sounds authentically like any other Hammer film of it's era with the benefit of lossless PCM encoding on the Blu-ray. Be aware there are no subtitles on this release, which is unfortunate and will prevent hard of hearing fans from enjoying this new release.

Extras are few, but interesting. I found the making of to have a large chunk made up of a Jackanory-like retelling of the story set to (admittedly lovely) stills, with some behind the scenes narration and interviews to spice it up. It was a good watch and given so few people involved are still with us, so there's not really a whole lot more that can be done. Caron Gardner adds lots of value. Those who had smaller roles often have more interesting anecdotes because they're different to the ones we always hear. Another extra worthy of note is the stills gallery. I normally find photo galleries a bit uninspired and would prefer to see them in print, but this was made up of an impressive number of high quality stills dynamically presented.
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on 11 January 2015
This movie is not the best Hammer film out there but it does have its very good moments. It has had its knocks over the years but as an avid Hammer Horror fan I really had no problem with this film at all.
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on 21 April 2016
"Final Cut Distributors are a poor mans "LIONSGATE " They should never handle Blu-Ray Transfers. "The Evil Of Frankenstein" blu-ray is "NOT" a Good Transfer,to any stretch of the imagination.
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on 26 December 2014
This fourth entry in the Hammer Frankenstein canon (after "The curse of..." - 1957, "Tales of..." - 1958, and "The Revenge of..." - 1958) can only be described as a missed opportunity.
And this is quite frustrating as the first twenty minutes of the movie are very good, and as Hammer was returning to the Frankenstein myth five years after its previous effort.
The problem is not so much the reinvention of the Frankenstein's story - in a screenplay that ignores and scraps the first two films in the franchise - after all, why not, there are many reboots in XXIst century Hollywood.
The problem is first and foremost a very unbalanced script written by Anthony Hinds. Even if I can swallow a creature kept intact frozen in ice for years, believability is nonetheless too stretched by the prospect of a hypnotist repairing the creature's brain.
Things are made worse by the much-too-important weight of said-hypnotist in the script, played by a very tiring and OTT Peter Woodthorpe. The character is an unpleasant caricature and contrasts with the always impeccable baron of Peter Cushing, now almost playing the leading man against the evil Zoltan.
Another large problem is the inability of the creature to convey any sort of feeling. In the previous two Frankenstein entries by Hammer, both Christopher Lee and Michael Gwynn were projecting the adequate mix or humanity and menace. In "Evil...", professional wrestler "Kiwi" Kingston does what he can but what he unfortunately can't do is act.
Lastly, Freddie Francis is not a very good director. He can deliver on a good script (see his work on Jimmy Sangster's "Nightmare"), but left on his own (like in "Paranoiac" or in "Evil..."), he shows that he ain't no Mario Bava.
The big satisfaction is the amazing impression made by the über-sexy Caron Gardner in a mostly silent part.
The film remains watchable and some bits are successful (good first twenty minutes, good last twenty minutes, every scene with Caron Gardner), but one cannot help but feel that this effort is a missed opportunity.
The BluRay transfer is good, and the documentary is very interesting.
Weren't there more important Hammer films to transfer to BluRay ahead of this one?
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on 31 July 2015
First one I saw! Is my personal favorite. I was young and this film just grabbed at me and dragged me along for a great ride. It started my love of Hammer horror films which continues today 50 plus years later.
True it is not the best, but it is still a fun and well made film.
The story has all that is required of a good horror film and the director Freddie Francis did an excellent job with it. Peter Cushing leads a solid cast through their paces and the story moves right along.
Universal studios had opened up their library and Hammer took to it in a fun grand way. Alot of the script plot and devices are from parts of the old classic series by Universal. This only makes it more fun for us classic horror fans.
On a side note the bluray and dvd both play wonderfully on my Bluray player even though they claim that it is region B/2 I have a region free dvd player but was surprised when I popped them into my reg player here in the states and they play all the way through. I
The transfer was fine and the picture very good. Recommend to all of Peter's fans as he was in his prime when doing this! Great stuff!
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