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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2003
This is the biggest, boldest and most ROCK album i own. After the "death punk" of "Ass Cobra", Turbo =negro returned dirtier, harder, more riff heavy, and - with the addition of Euroboy on lead guitar, some ofthe most squealy guitar solos known to human kind.
With amusing song titles and amusing lyrics it would be easy to dismiss "Apocolipse Dudes" at first glance and a jokey faux gay band there only to get a reaction. There is so much more to them, with even Nick Olivie of the Queens Of The Stone Age on record as saying this is the best rock album fo the decade. It really has everything you want. Hard rock riffs, fantastically fast solos and shout along anthems for all of rock kind.
Birth. School. Turbonegro. Death.
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on 9 August 2004
From start to finish this is a seriously impressive rock album. At first listen, a lot of people will be put off by the unusual lyrics and i wouldn't blame them. If tey go into the experience looking for a formulaic rock album with some "tortured soul" singing about his crappy life, old girlfriend or how much he likes to rock, your going to be dissapointed. Hank from hell's lyrics wouldn't fit into any of the above catagories. As long as you don't take what he sings about deadly seriously and just go along for the ride you'll be in for a treat
What makes this such an impressive album is the amazing guitar work by euroboy. His unique riffs, combined with the drums and bass come to make a glorious whole.
Every element of this album completment eachother perfectly for a sumpreme piece of musical work. If you don't own anything else by Turbonegro get this first, its their best album.
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on 21 August 2005
I bought this album about 3 months ago after hearing it in a random record shop. Turbonegro are a 'death punk' band- don't be put off by the name or genre they created because they seriously rock! They do hard punk with classic rock inspired leads and a glam attitude, a combination that doesnt sound good on paper but just listen to this album and you'll understand why they are so raved about. The key is not to take Turbo seriously- and that doesnt mean they are a comedy punk band that wears out after time- they just dont let clever lyrics or political agendas get in the way of having fun, they write about getting good head and baking pizzas instead, with a faux-gay stage demeana. Its hard to believe that this album is 8 years old (thought Ok Computer was the best thing to come out in 1997? think again!) it still sounds fresh and original in 2005. Although all of the album is classic standout tracks are 'Age Of Pamparius' a prog rock piss take about pizza 'Selfdestructo Bust' and 'Good Head' So if you are fed up with Green Day punk then I suggest you put on your denims and listen to punk that has attitude, the true holders of the punk torch!
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on 5 September 2006
From the start of the Age of Pamparius, you know you're in for a treat. This is excellent uplifting rock - it's a little more polished that their previous offerings and I wouldn't say punk (or death punk - whatever that is).

An excellent way to get rid of the morning blues and my all time favourite music for the gym!
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on 29 August 2016
Every rock fan should really own a copy of this album and 'Scandinavian Leather'. If this was an LP then the first side is absolutely fantastic while the second side has a couple of filler tracks. However, overall this is a work of absolute genius.

For me, Turbonegro on their two greatest albums took the great bits of 80's hair metal (and there were good bits) and combined them with some 70's punk and glam rock to produce these two fantastic albums (the albums before were a bit rawer and the albums after not raw enough). I think it is the lyrics that keep everything just fun rather than pretentious, a bit like some Paul Gilbert tracks (though the musicianship is not to the level of PG). The type of humour found in the lyrics can be exemplified by "I ain't no architect, ain't got the intellect". However, it should be noted that most of the other lyrics are somewhat cruder!!!
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on 1 May 2012
Sorry if I offend anyone by calling it rock... is that allowed?
Anyway I quite regually go crazy when listening to this with my headphones on before I go to bed at like 2 in the morning and/or before I go out to keep me going for the whole night at a club; with "good head" and "get it on" going through your head nothing can go wrong.
I my opinion and it seems many others when this is good it is the best but it is less consistant then scandinavian leather. Their older stuff is too heavy for me and there newer stuff just doesn't cut it for me. End result: make sure you have both (scandinavian leather maybe edges it... I think)
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on 16 November 2009
Apocalypse Dudes (back catalogue reissue)

If you like raw punk / rock and upfront this is for you. This band is amazing and no better place to start than with Apocalypse Dudes. From track 1, the title track, you are literally assaulted by the finest sounds of this genre ever. I heard Apocaplypse Dudes first and instantly knew that I wanted more of the same and jeez does the album deliver, punishing inspired lead guitar solos that define this band as something special and definitely not mainstream.
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on 25 January 2004
whats with the cheesy metal refrences? ok so they take the piss out of glam rock bands, but turbonegro is basically a mixture of hardcore punk and late 60's/early 70's rock and roll. just think of black flag in a boxing ring with the stooges or bad brains in a fist fight with ac/dc then add non pc lyrics and humor then dress them up like the second coming of the village people and voila!
one of the best punk bands ever
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on 8 October 2016
came on time and great item!
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on 1 November 2015
good / interesting album
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