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on 15 March 2013
I had mixed views on buying this clock because of some of the other bad reviews I read on here. I am so glad I bought this clock now.
The outside temperature box works fine. It does say within 20M range or so otherwise it won't work. The laser has a day/night sensor so in the daylight the laser goes off.
I would also say you need to read the manual to be able to chance the laser around 180 degrees and for some of the other settings.
Yes it is a bit pricey compared to other clocks but the blue colour looks much nicer than the red projection clocks.

One last thing... the blue colour dose not light the room up like other reviews have said on here.
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on 15 March 2013
A great idea but.....the external sensor on this item failed after just four months when it stopped transmitting to the base unit. If this had been the first one then so what - stuff happens, but this was the third failure in eighteen months with the same fault. Oregon Scientific Customer Services trot out a facile list of possible causes and checks that are at times totally illogical. Quote 'Check the frequency setting switch is set to the correct position....' unquote. The thing had worked fine for months then simply stopped working. Unless the Pixies had dismounted the sensor from under the eaves, opened the battery compartment and tampered with the switch when we were asleep.....
They also advise bringing the sensor indoors if it is very cold! When is an external temperature sensor most valuable?

Update: July 2017 We have now had a fourth failure with the projector element failing! Averaging a clock per year does not say anything good about Oregon's product quality. No more for us, at least there are a few more options on the market now.
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on 5 August 2013
Bought this clock in feb 2011 direct from the oregonuk site for my bedroom.

From new the temperature sensor which was mounted on the garden shed would regularly lose contact with the clock (despite them being less than 20m apart) so I ended up having to mount the sensor right outside the bedroom window which meant the temperature readings were skewed slightly due to proximity to the house wall. This was frustrating but not the end of the world. In extremely cold weather (less than -10C) the sensor would still lose contact with the clock even at this short range

The clock display is fairly difficult to read in daylight unless you're very close to it and the viewing angles are pretty narrow (a bit like early LCD televisions that you can only read if you're "straight on").

The night projection feature is great but unfortunately now that the clock is just under two and half years old the projected display has become corrupt. I contacted Oregon and this is response I got.

"Thank you for contacting the Oregon Scientific Customer Service.

If the digits are failing so that they are displaying only some parts of the numbers, the projection clock is faulty. Unfortunately you have only one year warranty for the product; we have checked and the projection clock was bought in february 2011.

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us."

I pressed them for some kind of discount on a replacement or refurb clock given that the sensor is still working but they dismissed me...

"Dear Tony,

Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Team.
The clock comes with the sensor as a package, we do not sell this item separately. You may try a local repair shop to check the clock.
As your item is no longer under warranty we cannot offer you any free of charge replacements.
Thank you for your understanding."

So in short, works ok for a while, but as others have noticed has reliability issues which for this kind of price is unacceptable. A real shame because I really like the idea.
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on 28 May 2009
It was disappointing that when I first set up this clock it lost its connection to the outside temperature sensor (a white, battery powered box you'll need to place in the garden) and then failed to update the time with the radio signal, as since then it's been absolutely fine, of course my wife putting the batteries in the wrong way round (and then denying it) might have confused it!

Things that might not be obvious from the product description that you have no doubt already read:

1) The blue glow of the clock's backlight is excellent, quite unusual and eye-catching (infinitely better than red - it's not 1980) but a bit too bright at night if it's in the bedroom. It can be switched off though but then the clock just looks a bit plain, cheap and boring.

2) The projected time (and outside temperature) is also quite bright at night, again too much for the bedroom. In the daytime or any time it's light this feature automatically turns off. This projection can only be to the front or back of the clock, not the sides, which is a shame.

3) The clock can be set to switch between outside and inside temperature every few seconds. This is useful and the outside temperature sensor seems to have an excellent range, at least in warm weather (when very cold the battery will not perform so well) - mine is strapped to the drain pipe on the floor below the room the clock is in and the signal is fine, when the sensor was in the garden at the other end of the house the signal was still fine.

4) The alarm, of which there is just one, is just the right volume and gives out a sound that is not really a beep, not really a buzz, sort of something in-between.

5) After the initial set-up there's no indication of how often the clock calibrates time. The radio signal strength icon seems to flash at 1:00am for a bit so I assume this is what's happening (I was only half-awake at the time!).

6) If 12-hour time format is chosen there's a PM sign but no AM sign, which is a bit odd.

7) Other reviewers have said the projector can't be moved much - it can be, but it's quite stiff - persevere.

Review Update: Well here we are two and a half years later and my clock has failed me! The blue LEDs that light the display have given up and gone out. The clock is now dimly lit by only the LEDs that light the buttons along the bottom. How very disappointing.
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on 4 July 2008
The Oregon SP Clock has a mesemerizing blue face with large clock digits and underlying smaller digits which give the temperature, calender and day. The projection displays the outside temp and the time.

While the blue incandescent lighing is nice to look it .. it becomes a problem if it is looked at from an angle. Since both the digits and the background are blue.. the digits disappear. Essentially the clock should be kept at eye level for good viewing.. which can be inconvenient.

The tilt of the clock cannot be significantly varied to correct this problem. The tilt of the projector cannot also be tilted much and it cannot be turned.

The clock syncs well with radio signals and the outside sensor. Haven't listened to the alarm yet. .. so all in all pretty clock.. once you can see it!
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on 27 March 2009
For some bizarre reason they have changed the light from red in the older model to blue and increased the intensity so that it lights the bedroom, Consequently it takes a while getting used to sleeping with the light on.. it looks good but the extra brightness realy isn't nessesary or wanted.
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on 3 January 2012
We were given this as a gift but find it unusable - we had an Oregon Scientific projection clock for some years before it died of old age and this was to be the replacement - the projection light is bright blue and it lights the whole room, hopeless for sleep. We never got to try the temperature feature as 3 nights with this clock was enough.
If you value your sleep AVOID this clock
We have now bought Oregon Scientific projection clock model RM308P from this site - the clock is far better a red light that projects the time but doesn't illuminate the whole room. It just works.
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on 20 November 2014
I bought this after trying one of the other projection clocks on Amazon. Sent that back as it was rubbish. This one is much better!
I wanted a projection clock that also showed the temperature (on the projection). This meets that criteria very nicely.

- Not too large, so sits on bedside table comfortably
- Temperature and time displayed on screen and projection
- Radio controlled for accurate timing
- Extra temperature reader to get the temperature outside
- Fast set-up. It was working and had the time within 2 minutes of powering up
- Mains supply with battery backup
- you can get inside and outside temperature displaying automatically on the clock-face (long press TEMP button)
- Centigrade or Fahrenheit. 12 and 24 hour time display with date.
- Cool blue display which is sensor controlled so when it gets bright, the projection turns off (as you won't be able to see it anyway!)
- Blue backlit display can be turned off if required (although we didn't find it too bright)
- Rotatable and focusable projection display (in blue)

- Projection light could be a little less bright. In no way does it light up the room (keeping you awake), rather it acts as a sort of dim night-light which might be useful for some getting up in the dark.
- Can't seem to display Internal temp on the projector. It only shows outside temperature as far as I can tell. You can show it on the clock face, why not the projector?
- Small viewing angle of clock face a bit of a problem for us as it's low down on a bedside table, you need to face it straight on to see the digits.

I nice little clock!
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on 20 February 2011
Brought this for a birthday gift. However I have now returned it as it was faulty. Decided against a replacement as the clock looks quite cheap and the blue light projection is quite bright! What is wrong with it? Firstly like several others have found the projection does not only projects the clock but a blue background. This lights up the room unlike the older red one. The other problem was it shows the ouside temp on the projection. Could not find how alter it to show the inside (could do it on the actual clock but not on the projection). Anyway the outside temp did not work and there was a problem with the projection so it was returned. Very disappointed! If you have had one of the other Oregon ones with a red projector, don't buy this one as you will be disappointed.
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on 27 February 2013
This device functions well and has a very clear, cool blue projected display. I do however have a few grumbles:-
The projected image does not mimic the front panel display, showing only the outside temperature not, as the front panel, the inside temperature or both. The colon seperator for the hours:minutes flashes continuously on the projected display (can be annoying) but remains steady on the front panel. The manufacturers assure me that this is normal in both cases!
The rear mounted slide switches for the panel illumination and projector on/off functions are difficult to operate with one hand from a prone position, ie. lying in bed. Front or side mounted touch switches would have been preferrable.
If you require near or total darkness to sleep then this clock is not for you. The halo around the projected display casts a nice blue night light around the room and if the front panel light is on as well, it obviates the need for a bedside lamp (nearly). The ambient light sensor for the projector display should be an optional function and not automatic. (there is always a strip of black tape I suppose) There are times when the display is required whilst the room lights are on.
Did I say a few grumbles!! Not the best £50 I've ever spent
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