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on 7 January 2018
My girlfriend's tablet does not have a SD card slot, and so she needed a device like this. It works great and allows transfer of data from a card through a usb port. She is very happy with it!
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on 28 December 2014
Had to contact the seller to inform them my product did not arrive despite having been marked as dispatched. Received timely response and my item arrived a few days later. This was bought on a whim to try it out and for the small price has been a great purchase. Use it a lot more than I originally intended to, in order to transfer data and edit photographs and video with my workflow system. A brilliant investment that helps keep me organised at work and not searching through hundred of photographs on memory chips like I used to - You can use it like a normal USB (Hint: Put reader into the machien and THEN put the memory chip into the side of the reader. Putting the USB reader in port with the chip already inside, the computer doesn't always recognise it). Plus you can have your camera or device on charge and not have the hassle of hooking it up to your computer and hoping the battery life holds out as you try to work through the data content. Brilliant customer service and value for money. A great addition to anyone who needs faster ways to organise their data content and work flow.
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on 22 January 2016
I found this incredibly poor.

I know that they are cheap as chips and most people are fine with them. However, I've had two and both broke within two or three uses (by 'broke' I don't mean physically fell apart, but stopped allowing the SD cards to mount). This was tested across several computers on both Windows and Mac - none worked.

When they were working, transfers speeds were very slow, even for USB 2.0. to put it into perspectives, I was pulling higher speeds from the USB 2.0 Mini-B cable that connected directly to my DSLR than from this dedicated SD reader.

I'd put this down to inherent manufacturing flaws rather than isolated incidents - however, I might just have been unlucky.
Won't purchase again.
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on 25 July 2014
I bought this USB reader so I can view photos taken on my DSLR camera on my bigger tablet screen (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2). As I was unsure the card reader would work with my tablet, I wanted to buy cheaply but wanted a recognised brand. This product fitted my requirements. The product arrived in reduced (but branded) packaging as stated in the product description which actually makes it a lot easier to get in to! When connected to my tablet via a USB adapter for the tablet, the tablet instantly recognised it as a "USB Mass Storage Device" and gave me access to all the photos I had taken. The SD card is a class 10 card, and the speed of which the reader "reads" the card is just as good as my laptop's in-build SD card reader. As I have not written anything to the card using this adapter I can't comment on the write speed of it. Contrary to some of the other recent reviews for this product, the red LED indicator light DOES work.

As I have only had this product for a couple of hours, I cannot really comment on the durability of the reader. It is very lightweight but the FEEL of the product makes it seem sturdy and unlikely to break in the near future (of course I will update this review if the situation changes).

Overall, I am surprised that it actually works with my Galaxy Tab. For the money (£2.89 at time of purchase) I think it's great value from a genuine, recognisable brand.
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on 2 October 2012
I bought this to replace an Integral card reader that had stopped working. I had always been impressed by the ease with which my old reader and two others I have used transferred photographs to my computer. But this one, WOW! It is simply stunning. I can't get over how quickly it reads and transfers my photographs.

My old card was a bit slow but I had always thought it was understandable that I would have to wait a while if my card contained lots of photographs and some videos. This card though reads everything in the blink of an eye. It is amazing. I guess this is the difference between buying a genuine Integral card and a copy. I had considered buying a cheaper card reader but, after reading the reviews, thought I'd try the Genuine one. I am so glad I did.

To pay such a low price for such a good reader is brilliant. As one reviewer noted they are sent from Switzerland and postage to the UK upped its price but the cost to you is no more than stated (No extra postage costs on top of the stated price). What he says is nonsense. It is like saying I wish I had paid a few pence less for an old banger from England rather than paying for this Porche that came from Switzerland.
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on 9 January 2013
The SD card built into my PC failed, and it seemed like too much effort to replace. So after much investigation I opted for this external card reader. And for less than a couple of quid it wasn't as though I was taking a huge gamble on the quality of the product.

Even though this device has got a great deal of good reviews, I was still slightly worried about the really poor ones - of which there are many! However, I am not too overly fussed about the reliability of the product as I am only going to use it for transferring relatively unimportant files between storage devices. Which isn't to say I didn't care about the stability of the product, just so long as it did a job, and was quick enough to copy the files across. And as an extra precaution I bought 2 of these readers, just in case one was faulty.

Given that I've only had the readers for a couple of days, I can't say much about their long-term behaviour. I know other reviewers have remarked that theirs mysteriously failed after 2 or 3 months. Which is something I will bare in mind, even though I know there's isn't a lot I can do should my reader fail as well. But for the moment I am very pleased with both readers. My W7 machine detected them straight away, and in seconds I was able to transfer relatively large VOB & AVI files from A2B via the reader, and in pretty good time for an external device.

The reader itself is about the same size as a USB flash drive, and the connector is protected with a plastic cap. Performance was quick & quiet; and thus far I have copied across over 2000 files of various formats, and the reader coped very well with all of them.

Of course, whether I will be so glowing with my comments in the next few months only time will tell. But for the moment I cannot fault this product. Definitely fit for purpose. And for a couple of quid, definitly worth a punt.


EDIT 13/01/2013 ***************

It would appear this device is not 100% stable after all! On at least 5 occasions over the last 2 or 3 days it has crashed my PC during file transferring. It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it is completely random in terms of what kind of files it is trying to transfer, as well as how far into the process it reaches before crashing my machine.

I have 4 USB ports on my machine, and have tried them all, but none of them prevented the device from randomly crashing.

Having said that, I have had absolutely no problems with my 2nd card reader that I purchased at the same time. I used it against the same storage devices & files as the unstable reader, but this reader did a good job and hasn't failed me yet.

All the same, it does make me wonder how reliable these devices are? I was fortunate because I bought 2, but that isn't to say the working one will remain so over the lifetime of the device.

With this in mind, I have re-evaluated my rating from an original 5/5 to 3/5
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on 26 May 2016
I purchased the Integral USB 2.0 SD reader from KING OF FLASH via Amazon. The first one arrived with a damaged cap and would not work (I tried it on 3 computers, Windows said there was "a problem with the device"). KING OF FLASH kindly sent a replacement, this time in a jiffy bag. This one seemed to be in good working order and I was able to access photos from my camera memory card.
After 3 months, I have just tried the card reader again. When I first plugged it in, Windows would not recognise the device. As I pulled it out from the USB port slightly, Windows recognised the device and began to search the file system on the SD card. Within seconds, Windows reported there was a problem with the device and I could not access the drive.
I inserted the same SD card into the built-in SD card reader on my laptop and Windows said the disk did not have a recognised file system and needed to be formatted. I feared that I had lost all my recent photographs, including ones from our recent holiday and the birth of our son. Thankfully, I was able to recover almost all the images using the free-of-charge ZAR X software. I would have been so upset had this not been possible. (I've since reformatted the SD card and it's working fine in the camera again.)
I will never purhcase a cheap card reader again. This one's going straight in the bin.
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on 8 January 2013
Tried a SDHC card in my Laptop's in-built card reader and it didnt allow me to write to the card (although it recognised the card was there). The Integral card reader works as described, allowing me to read and write to a 16GB Class 10 30MB/s Sandisk SDHC card with no problems. There is a red light on the side of the reader showing disk activity and a transparent plastic cap to protect the USB when not in use.

The card reader works under Xubuntu 12.10 with no issues. GParted allowed me to remove the factory partitions from the SDHC card ready for installing OpenElec ARM Version which has allowed me to get XBMC running on a Model B Raspberry PI hooked up via HDMI to our HD TV. Phew!
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on 11 January 2012
I ordered this item just after 1200 noon and it came in the post the very next day. The card reader itself is good quality, I plugged it into my computer and within 15 seconds it was up and running. I would have given this item all five stars if it wasn't for one thing and that is the picture show is not of the card reader you purchase, similar but defintely not the same. I only say this because I am soon to change my camera to one that uses SDXC cards and when I looked at this item there on the picture it quite clearly shows both SDHC and SDXC. I know it doesn't say SDXC in the description of the item but it does in the picture and I thought it was just a typo or something similar. And in the true light of day it doesn't really matter at the price who can complain, certainly not me. But for those who specifically want and SDXC card reader this item is not for you. For those who don't and just want a card reader this is it, good product, excellant delivery.
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on 29 October 2016
Such a useful item and yet it has cost so little! I've struggled with the different memory cards that do not fit well into my laptop ports and this usb has really saved the day. I just pop the memory card in the slot and the usb connection ensures that I can download the information quickly, easily and conveniently despite the different laptops I am given to use at different workplaces. Since buying this amazing gadget I have used it loads. Recommended.
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