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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Colour: Almond Cream|Change
Price:£249.00 - £785.40
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on 6 December 2009
I dont know what the other reviews are referring to but it cant be this mixer. I bought this for the wife and I have put on 1/2 a stone because she loves using it for making cakes. It now takes less than 1/2 the time to make any cake mixture and it is so easy to clean. If you are looking for a good quality mixer buy this product.
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on 11 January 2011
I asked for a mixer for Christmas fully expecting to be dissapointed as up until now I haven't been the most frequent cake maker. I always have the best intention to make a cake and then think of how long it will take to cream butter with sugar and combine everything by hand with no electric wisks/beaters in my kitchen. So I thought "why not" and put a mixer on my christmas list

As the title states, since opening this kenwood kmix as a present at Christmas, I cannot stop using it. I absolutely love this mixer. I had picked out a different one as I thought asking for this as a present was a little cheeky considering the price but come Christmas Day I was gobsmacked when I found this was the large box sitting under my tree.

The design is beautiful - my other half did very well in picking out the raspberry version as having looked at the other colours online it is my favourite. It comes with multiple attachments for all your cake, dough and pastry making needs. I especially like the bowl. It is massive and has a clever design at the bottom where you'll find a divot that means you don't end up with creamed butter unmixed at the base when you are finished making your cake mix. I love the removable splash guard which has a gap for pouring in ingredients. That comes in very handy when you are adding ingredients while the mixer is running. Oddly one of the other little touches I noticed, is the spatula that comes with it is very well designed. When scooping out your mixes, the spatula is curved to match the bowl. This is great as it means you can get every last drop out of the bowl, however my boyfriend complains that there is nothing left to lick from the bowl when your are done.

I honestly don't have a gripe that I can think of for this product. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants to start making more cakes!
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on 13 February 2010
This machine is a dream to use. I too had the dilemma of KitchenAid or Kenwood - but the man in John Lewis was heavily biased as he'd worked for Kenwood for over 20 years! This is a solid quality machine and looks great, which is handy as it's left out on my worktop. I bought the cream one, because I refused to pay so much more for black (which I think would require constant cleaning) or an admittedly funky red one which I loved - but now I've got it, I am not at all bothered by the colour - don't be a sucker to clever marketing!

I agree with the issue over creaming butter and sugar and it sticking to the sides. As well as useful suggestions such as warming the bowl, I also make sure I use really soft butter at warm room temperature. It's been a problem for years - my mum had an old Kenwood 40 years ago and she had to scrape the sides way back then! Adjusting the beater per the instructions may also help. Once you start adding the eggs, it sorts itself out.

I do find when it's running fast, I can't hear the doorbell or the phone ring - but when you're cooking and the creative juices are flowing, who wants to be disturbed anyway? Suffice to say, it could be quieter, just as well it's only 500w power or I'd have permanent tinitus. I do highly recommend this mixer it's great value for money and on performance to date, I'm expecting it to last me for many years. I've also become strangely popular among friends and family who are happy to be guinea pigs for all the experiments I've been doing with it.
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on 29 December 2010
Like other reviewers, I too was pondering as to whether to purchase the Kmix or the Kitchenaid. I'm am so delighted I went for the Kmix. I was very fortunate to receive it on Christmas eve just before I was about to make a pavlova with a hand held whisk!! This kmix takes up to 12 egg whites, which was handy as I was doing a 12 egg white pavlova; and when normally it would have taken me 30-45 mins to mix it all using my hand held whisk, it took the kmix from start to finish just 7 minutes. And I have to say, it was the best pavlova I have ever made, and I have made quite a few. It is a brilliant machine with a fantastically large bowl, very easy to clean, heavy in weight so it doesn't jump about on the counter tops and it is not terribly noisy either. It mixed exceptionally well and it didn't push all my ingredients up the sides and every last drop was well mixed, there were no bits left un-whipped at the bottom.

I highly recommend this kmix, not only is it a time saver and muscle saver, but it is aesthetically pleasing to look at so I keep mine out on display. This means I have no excuses not to bake, much to my husbands delight. If you want a fantastic mixer, I suggest you get this Kmix. Quite honestly, there is very little difference between the kmix and the kitchenaid, function wise. However what swung it for me was the price of the kmix, the bowl has 0.3 ltrs capacity more than the kitchenaid and has an added safety feature, which is, the mixer stops automatically when the top is lifted. I also like that the machine automatically detects when ingredients are added and adjusts the speed accordingly. Its a fantastic machine which I now wouldn't be without.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 September 2015
I bought this for my wife about 3 years ago now. At the time, they were using the Kitchenmaid Artisan on Bakeoff though I see this year they are using these!
3 years in and my wife says 'I can't live without it'. From my perspective, neither can I - because the cakes she makes with it are out of this world. I always think that you can tell the quality of a modern product by its weight. May mixers and processors that you can buy these days are lightweight and made of cheap plastic. Not the case with this - Kenwood are a big name in Stand Mixers, and they haven't disappointed with this. It weights a tonne - so if you have trouble lifting and would need to move this frequently, then bear this in mind. There is lots of metal in this mixer - and everything just screams high quality, even the clicking noise when the hinge mechanism locks into place.
The motor must be sizeable - it handles whatever you can throw at it.
The K Mix comes with a myriad of different attachments - from whisks to dough attachments and the 'K Mix' attachment for cakes. I believe you can buy even more - for making pasta etc. We have never needed these.
Whilst my wife uses this mainly for cakes, I make meringue with the K Mix and it does this very, very well. Using the whisk attachment you can get a lot of air into the egg white and you will have stiff peaks before you know it.
One thing that does irritate my wife and I is what I assume is a safety feature. If you have the mixer on, and turn it off, before you turn it on again you have to turn the dial to on (nothin will happen) then off again, and then on. A strange feature - and caught us out initially - but once we figured that out it was fine.
You can buy cake mixers cheaper but I can guarantee that they won't be as good as this. This is a product that, like the original Kenwood stand mixers, will last almost a life time. Yes they cost money - but you'll replace a cheaper one twenty times before this one will give up the ghost. With that, it's a fashion statement as well as a highly functional piece of machinery - and now that they use these on Bakeoff, I bet sales will go through the roof! We bought Almond Cream (pictures attached) but I think these come in hundreds of different colours.
If you want a great stand mixer of sublime quality and that looks superb in any kitchen, buy a K Mix. It will not disappoint. If you have a wife that likes baking, buy her one of these - you will earn maximum brownie points!
review image review image review image review image
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on 22 August 2013
I was hell bent on owning a KitchenAid KPM50 Commercial stand mixer for some time. Eventually I bought one and have used it for over 8 years. However it has driven me nearly bonkers. The thing has a 'sacrificial worm gear' in it, so if the machine gets overloaded the nylon cog (worm gear) self-destructs and it's 'a simple matter of fitting a new one'... hmmm.

A new cog costs £16 (currently, 2013) in the UK, and that's the cheapest deal off ebay. It's a total pain to fit, despite what they claim. I've fixed the stupid thing several times and I'm amazed that a 'commercial' mixer can't stand more than 2 minutes at top speed. Yes folks, just two minutes and then it self-destructs. And that's even when using the balloon whisk!

In other reviews you will read that the KMix tools don't reach the sides of the bowl. Yes they do. You will also read that the KitchenAid tools DO reach the side of the bowl... no they don't, or the bottom of the bowl either.

The KitchenAid looks very retro and sturdy... however it wobbles all over the place and actually waltzes across the surface it's on. The cog broke again recently and the motor burned out... so I chucked it and bought a KMix.

It's about £100 cheaper than the KitchenAid but is worth about a £200 more. Don't even think about buying a KitchenAid. The KMix is a modern masterpiece, full of useful features that make total sense. It looks fabulous and it produces excellent results.

One final thing about making bread dough in a kitchen stand mixer... don't. Dough for buns and pizzas is fine. In my humble opinion bread dough should be made by hand if you have the strength to do it. A commercial bread dough machine is specially designed for the job and costs an arm and a leg. Besides, you can make fantastic bread without any kneading at all - go to Youtube and search for 'No Knead Bread & Jim Lahey' - this method produces an amazing loaf with no effort whatsoever. I make bread every other day using this method.
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on 15 April 2010
It's all Sophie Dahl's fault. I managed with a wooden spoon up to this point and then she comes along with her Artisan mixer which makes it all look so dreamy and easy. Well, the design of the Kitchen Aid just wasn't right for my modern kitchen so I resigned myself to the wooden spoon. Then I rounded the corner in a well-known partnership and saw The Kmix! Love at first sight! Except they only had it in the cream colour. (Almond) Also didn't go with the kitchen (These things ARE important.)So I popped onto Amazing Amazon and found that the black colourway was named after me so I had to have it! (It went with the kitchen too, oh, and was significantly cheaper.) It arrived yesterday and I spent all day playing. It's incredibly easy to use, does exactly what it says on the box, makes dough like a dream and the splashguard keeps it warm, mixes surprisingly small amounts of butter icing, does pastry in a flash and doesn't make too much noise or shuddering! If you are havering: don't! You won't regret this purchase and you will use it often, I guarantee. Oh, and it comes with a spatula, so bye bye wooden spoon!
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on 10 September 2013
VERY disappointed....A waste of a lot of money. Bought May 2012, and used 3 - 4 times a week. The gearing went by August 2012, sent it back to Kenwood to be repaired. It took 4 weeks to come back very noisy and a poor repair, so I sent it back. This time it came back and worked well until July 2013, when the gearing failed completely. I contacted Kenwood and their reaction was 'sorry it's out of warranty'. I asked if they would trade it in against a Kenwood Chef, and was told no, it's a broken machine.
I was so cross, this machine really was not fit for purpose, and they were not going to help. Where has the reliability of Kenwood gone? My advice only buy this machine if your only going to use it occasionally.
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on 10 June 2011
Debated over the Kenwood Classic Chef, The Kitchen Aid and the Kmix. Decided to go with the KMix and am absolutely delighted with my purchase. Really pleased with its performance. The K-beater did a super job of making scones; rubbing the butter into the flour effortlessly(normally so time consuming by hand when making a couple of dozen). The dough hook worked great for kneading the same mix.

It also worked a treat at making lovely fluffy Queen Cakes.

The dough hook worked wonders on making bread (with yeast).

I had no problems with any mixture being left at the bottom and was well impressed by how quiet this powerful machine actually was. I was expecting it to be really noisy, but it was no worse than my hand held mixer. It stuck rigidly to my worktop, even when in full swing making bread dough it didn't move at all.
Another plus that the kmix has over the Kitchen Aid and the Kenwood chef is it included a splashguard. There is no fear of flour going everywhere when using higher speeds when the guard is on. Furthermore, the automatic gradual build up of speed by the Kmix itself is also a great feature.

The Kmix is now proudly sitting out on my worktop, it really looks the part and I feel like a great baker with it!! It is a solid heavy machine that I wouldn't like to be lifting in and out of a press all the time (although manageable if you had to, but not ideal). I'm just thrilled with my purchase and glad I went for the Kmix(500w), which seemed to have a more powerful motor than the kitchen aid(300w). Amazon also ensured I got it a day earlier than expected another bonus. I'm a really satisfied consumer (of lovely bread, cakes and scones so far!!!). I'm purely delighted with my KMix.
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on 13 September 2010
Now I can also make super light cakes! A fab mixer, very easy to use;only used the K Beater attachment so far but results have been great! Bought the peppercorn colour which looks very smart on the worktop; extremely sturdy, am amazed at how quickly it beats the mixture; must be the 500w motor - a little bit noisy but as it mixes so quickly its not really an issue.
Definite value for money. Really pleased with purchase :-)
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