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Customer Reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£11.50+ £2.03 shipping
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on 17 October 2008
I'm going to try and be as honest as possible here. As someone who loves and owns the entire series of Golden Axe games, on all their various console incarnations, I will say this: I am a little disappointed that the series has not been given the respect it deserves, a common theme for many modern incarnations - anyone played the god awful fatal fury remake, streetwise, for the ps2? Sheesh. I mean G.A.B.R. was always going to be a hack and slash style scrolling beater whether people like it or not - that's what the series is about(apart from the far too Zelda-esque styling's of golden axe warrior), but it could have had a bit more to it. As Ninja Gaiden and alike have already proven - these type of games can be simple but engrossing and extremely well made. The level design on offer here is very basic and not at all interactive, apart from the odd wall spike to pin your enemies to. Also the rather mediocre levels are a bit too long winded and not much to look at - I mean overall they're pretty enough but just plain and well....plain.
Now the major point of the game the 'beast rider' element has not been pulled of as it should have been - the beasts are as weak as they where in the original golden axe - the odd slap and you're off them, and in an instant they're either being rode by someone else, who, incidentally, takes far more than a few slaps to dismount I can tell you, or they've been chopped to bits by the time you've got to your feet.
Now enough bashing and on with the decent elements of the title. Firstly I don't agree with the majority of reviews that state the beasts are rubbish to control - but there is a knack to it which means you literally have to run from one end of a segment just smacking enemies as you go past then spinning round to do it again. If you don't do this you'll be dismounted in the blink of an eye and the above problems ensue, not the most inovative use of cool looking mega beasties - shame. Next up I've found the combat satisfyingly visceral but not varied enough - a few lengthier combos wouldn't have gone a miss - but all in all it's hacky, hacky, blood spurting fun - mindless but satisfying, although smashing someone in half could have felt a little meatier. Next up: The magic is just there - it doesn't have that `build it up then let it rip' element that was present in the original games (you can unleash a big firey dragon when your potions are full but it's nowhere near as cool or worthwhile as it sounds), plus there are so many ways to get potions that the little gnome kicking sections (yes they're back) are totally redundant.
The Modes:
There is the main story which I haven't finished yet, but I've spent about 6 hours on it so I'll update this when I'm finally done. Then there's an arena style, wave after wave, affair - 'nouhg said. Then you can play through the story levels you've completed and try to get better ratings (if you've not already got an A) which in turn give you better weapons and outfits to use in arena mode. However, as a side note, you have to rack up a stupid amount of points to get these new weapons which leaves you feeling a little bit unrewarded for the slog.
So all in all it's a bit of an average affair - it does not deserve some of the more sensationally low review scores it has been given, there are far worse games out there that have been given far more than they deserve, and I feel that being able to sort your disappointment that the series has not been given the treatment it deserves from how the actual game plays is essential to your enjoyment.
Final Verdict: An average hack and slash that doesn't quite have the cheap kicks that gave Conan it's gruesomely enjoyable edge. Some okay elements that are not as well though out as they could have been, but are chunky enough to keep you hacking away to see all that's on offer. Also Tyris looks hot but you can't play as Battler and Gillius (they are in it though) which is more than a bit of kick in the pants.
Cheers for reading.
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on 25 February 2009
not the game for an inexperienced gamer. Levels get increasingly harder at the very start. Not too difficult to figure out the puzzles, but the battles and the attacks makes you want to put the controller down and walk away and think what a waste of money
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on 21 October 2008
Anyone play conan? the hack and slash action game from last year? The games press gave it mediocre reviews and referred to it as a poor mans god of war or heavenly sword, personally I loved it and prefer it to both those games. So how does this relate to golden axe? well golden axe is conans spiritual successor. The graphical style is similar and the gameplay certainly has similarities as well. It has all the trademark golden axe bits, gnome abuse chicken legs, swords and sorcery.
To be honest there is little original about it, but thats fine it is an enjoyable action game that will keep action and fantasy fans happy.
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on 2 July 2014
Buy cheap, enjoy the ride.

I picked up my copy for £3.50 & am loving it. Frankly even new this should have been a budget release however.

Plus points: looks great, plays great as a hack n slash should. A great challenge.

Down points: not being able to fully explore the scenery - I hate invisible walls. Can get tough fast.
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on 13 September 2011
This is a review for german buyers because of the fact that this game is not in stores in germany due to the rigorous local youth-prevention regulations:

Ich bin ein alter Golden Axe Veteran (habe bereits alle 3 Teile vor mehr als einem Jahrzehnt auf dem Sega Mega Drive gezockt!!)und musste mir das Game deswegen einfach besorgen um selbst beurteilen zu können ob es etwas taugt oder eben nicht !!! Also meine Vorwarnung -> Ich bin positiv vorbelastet und ein Golden Axe Fan der ersten Stunde !!!

Zunächst einmal ist festzustellen dass es sich NICHT um ein Hack'n'Slay im Stile von God of War handelt, da ihr die Kamera selber steuern könnt, vielmehr handelt es sich hierbei um einen "3rd Person Schnetzler" und somit finde ich dies schon einmal deutlich besser als bei dem angesprochenen Vergleichstitel wegen der Kamerasteuerung. Die Kämpfe sind extrem brutal und blutig was ich immer und grundsätzlich sehr begrüsse ;) (bitte keine Moralpredigt!!!!). Die Graphikqualität ist eher bescheiden bis mittelmäßig, bettet sich jedoch passend und stimmig zur Musik (mit Anlehnungen an die Original Mega Drive Titel) und in das Gesamtbild des Games ein. Das Gameplay ist dem Genre entsprechend ohne große Überraschungen aber solide (Metzeln & Schnetzeln eben!!). Nett ist, dass ihr die ganzen Viecher reiten/steuern könnt und dieser Part des Games dann auch wirklich und extrem Spaßig ist, da diese echte "Waffen" sind. Die Story (ja, es gibt eine !!) ist genretypisch (Eltern wurden ermordet - Ihr dürft den Racheengel spielen blablabla...) wartet aber zwischendurch mit einigen Überraschungen auf -> dies ist insgesamt auch solide -> Schade finde ich das Ihr lediglich Tyris Flare spielen könnt, im Spielverlauf trefft Ihr aber alte Bekannte wieder (u.a. Gilius Thunderhead den Zwerg) -> dies sorgte bei mir dann für nostalgische Gefühle !!! ;)))

Als alter Golden Axe Fan kann ich nichts wirklich schlechtes zu diesem Game sagen, sicherlich hätte man hier und da etwas mehr Liebe zum Detail anwenden können (Graphik). Auch Gameplay Innovationen sucht Ihr hier sicherlich vergeblich, dennoch hat mir das Game wirklich sehr viel Spaß gemacht und allen extrem ausgehungerten Golden Axe Fans (so wie ich einer war!! Jahrzehnte kein Nachschub mehr !!!! :O ) kann ich nichts anderen empfehlen als sich das Game schnellstmöglichst zu besorgen. Mir hat es zumindest mehr Fun bereitet als z.B. die GOW Serie oder die Herr der Ringe Schnetzelgames !!! Ich ziehe im übrigen einen Punkt in der Bewertung ab wegen 1.) Mangelnder Gameplay-Innovation und 2.) nur mittelprächtiger Graphik. In Prozent: 82% CU Trantor ! ;)
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on 23 June 2011
I have played a number of 'hack n' slash' games on the Xbox 360 primarily as they are generally cheap to buy second-hand. Out of the three games I have now completed, 'Beast Rider' has easily been my favourite gaming experience (the other two were 'Conan'-which I found dull and lacking variety-and 'Viking' which I really enjoyed). 'Beast Rider' is a hard game but I found it had a 'just-one-more-go' appeal which made attempting to complete a level an enjoyable challenge rather than a tiresome chore.
There has been a lot of criticism of the fighting system which is based around successfully evading or parrying enemy attacks (depending on whether the tips of their weapons glow either orange or blue, respectively), but once you master it, it's fun running into the midst of your foes and-almost literally-running rings around them and chopping 'em up. Successfully countering an enemy attack triggers a cut-scene in which Tyris deals a particularly painful looking death to her adversary. As you would expect from the game's title, there is plenty of beast-riding in the game. The various monsters 'handle' very well. They seem to have real 'weight' to them and move quite realistically (far better than for instance the beasts in 'Dante's Inferno' which I remember almost seemed to glide rather than stomp around realistically). Yes, it is quite easy to be dismounted from your beast, but it's also very easy to just whack your opponent and jump back on again.
The difficulty level of the game really ramps up as you progress to the climax [edit: the next paragraph originally included the following words and phrases; 'beasts', 'demon dogs', 'fiery undead knights', 'sorcerer', 'exploding gnomes', 'lizard warrior women', 'health crate', and 'giant demonic beast'...words and phrases a grown man should never use in ANY context! Let's just say 'Beast Rider' is a damned hard game and leave it at that]. However, as I said, I found the challenge an impetus to keep playing, rather than a barrier to continuing the game.
So I'm giving 'Golden Axe: Beast Rider' five stars (purely subjective, but it certainly didn't deserve the almost universal panning it received on release). It's a fun game with a decent-sized campaign that kept me wanting to play. It looks really good, and you encounter a wide-enough variety of foes to keep things fresh. Once you have finished the game, you can replay levels to improve your grade or unlock weapons, or take part in arena fights against various foes from the game.
On a final note, as you play the main game you unlock various sets of armour for Tyris. Completing the game unlocks a very skimpy bikini for her...what's bizarre is that she is suddenly wearing this bikini in the final cutscene. It's up to you whether you think this is a good or bad thing, but this sudden and unexpected objectification of the character really does seem at odds with the portrayal of Tyris as a strong (and relatively sensibly-clad) warrior woman in the rest of the game.
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on 23 November 2011
A nice action 3rd person game, with not something either jaw dropping , but not bad either. It becomes quite hard and annoying in some points but, ok other than that.
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on 31 October 2010
It was disappointing...if you have played oblivion, fable, fallout3, bioshock, etc...this is like a child's game...very all senses....
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on 25 October 2008
I write this as a game fan and would-be developer who came late to the party - don't have the thumb jockey skills of a kid and didn't start playing until a few years ago. I didn't play the old Golden Axe game.

My favourite XBox game is Heavenly Sword, because it had a great story. I prefer RPGs to straight shoot-em games. I'm also much enjoying Ninja Gaiden, which has a greater variety of puzzles and tricks to it than this game, and better attack combos although the game play is similar: both are run-through-the-corridor, fight lots of nasties, smack occasional bosses, collect points and cash games. (Don't know what the cash is for here as I haven't got to a point where I can spend it or seen a shop...) Neither of them has movie scripts that are up to much though they both look super. The game scripting of the storylines is thinner in Golden Axe, with nothing to distract you from your only plotline (free da big dragon) except Tyris's big bottom and cute outfits, which might do it for a lot of people.

Golden Axe has several big pluses going for it. It looks fantastic, especially on a big TV. You get to ride lots of beasts and use their special skills which is tremendous fun though it can be very frustrating if you get knocked off so don't forget to run them round and round a lot in the usual gamer tactic and use all your space. You can improve your stats by replaying stages as many times as you like.

I would have liked more special attacks for Tyris to use because they're easier, but instead of these the game relies on timing blocks and counter attacks to one-shot enemies. Satisfying when you get it right, maddening when you don't - in other words the kind of challenge that keeps you trying. People with better controller skills than me probably have a better time but you can stumble through it as you can get health and power boosts in plenty along the way, so don't be put off. Another reviewer says there are too many of these but not for me there weren't.

Anyway, triffic fun and well worth the price.
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on 21 June 2010
I have played a good amout of all the golden axe games on all different consoles, And this this one just didnt feel right, If you are an inexpected gamer this is NOT the game for you. As you level up it gets alot harder, So you have to remember that.
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