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on 17 September 2014
You return as Ethan Thomas, having resigned from the FBI he has been caught in somewhat of a downward spiral and now finds himself homeless, violent, and an alcoholic. Serial Killer X has returned and is linked to Malcolm’s murder, as well as other murders of high ranking officials in Metro City. A secret organisation known as Oro the lays ruin to society. Ethan must find out the Oro’s true objectives and attempt to stop their rise to power.

Metro City is a character in itself; it’s grimy facade and rotting nature present a very vivid backdrop. Now, overlay the tramp-like appearance of Ethan, and you have the definitive qualities of the experience. The storyline surrounding the secret organisation didn’t really suck me in, it seemed tacked on and an uncreative way to include different antagonists.

G R A P H I C S & S O U N D
The visual design is decrepit and decayed; the city is quite frankly a s*** hole and it’s this very run-down quality that brings a majority of surroundings to life. An abandoned hospital left a very memorable impression, broken wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetic limbs scattered everywhere. The textures may look gritty and rough, but these work in favour of the presentation and dramatically strengthen the atmosphere. The lighting is evocative and creepy, keeping your flashlight constantly switched on is highly recommended.

There’s a similarity to Manhunt, though the presentation of these hoodlums is far starker in contrast to Rockstar’s gruesome game. Animations are excellent; enemies will stumble from hits, throw objects at you and use a variety of attacks to give you a good beat down. Sound design is outstanding, the slam of your weapon against an enemy’s flesh provides chilling audio feedback. The soundtrack is understated and is never overbearing upon the eerie nature of the game.

The collision detection needs some smoothing out, getting stuck on small objects became an annoying inconvenience and detrimental to the gameplay. Some of the enemies are extremely hard to spot in darkened environments, simply because their character models are far too dark and cannot reflect enough light to help them stand out.

Condemned 2 pushes the melee combat even further, introducing more weapons and a combo system to deal some truly devastating blows. Using hand-to-hand combat can be an effective tool, and you can attack with both fists this time, using the corresponding triggers to swing. Stringing combos together will deal more damage and help eliminate multiple threats quicker. Arming yourself with a weapon will greatly increase your chances of survival. Baseball bats, electric conduits, crutches, bedposts, and many other weapons are plentiful in supply to satisfy your
battle hungry needs.

Ethan also has a kill metre, which rises as you butcher unfortunate thugs to death. When the metre is actives, everything moves in slow motion and a series of contextual button presses choreographs the action. The whole QTE formula may be somewhat overdone, but it feels natural and flows with the overall combat style. If you really want to get your hands dirty then you can also use the environment to your benefit if an injured opponent falls to his knees. At this point, you put them in a headlock and drag them to any number of objects marked with a skull, where an item-appropriate kill will take place.

I loved the forensic investigations from the original game, though they were far too easy to complete and not challenging at all Bloodshot has changed that, this time it’s down to you to analyse evidence and determine how the victim was killed. You’ll be pressed to answer contextual clues, and answers reward you with a better-end-level medal, as well as an upgrade to show for it. The Al is extremely brutal and aggressive; they know when to unleash hell and when to take cover if necessary. It’s always important to finish them quickly and not allow them to find other weapons in the vicinity. Ammo is severely limited, once you run out of it then you better think of an alternative attack method.

There are some gameplay sequences that are completely out of place, I won’t say what they are, but they are sure to slow down the experience. The forensic gameplay may have been improved, but there aren’t many crime scenes to come across and I didn’t find them as interesting to study either.

Condemned 2 is an improvement over the first game, it takes a step back in some areas, but it notches up the intensity. The supernatural story and Ethan’s alcoholic demise add a gritty layer to the disturbing world of Metro City. The graphics are slimy, foreboding and wonderfully atmospheric. The gameplay is compelling, merging carnage and suspenseful horror into one haunting package.
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This game story takes place almost a year after the first “Condemned” (if you didn’t play the first game, don’t worry, it’s not essential to understand the story), and you take control of FBI Serial Crime Unit’s resigned Ethan Thomas, that after his disturbing serial killer X investigation, has become homeless, violent and alcoholic, but is recruited back to hunt again X, who Ethan thought was dead.
The game plays all in first person, melee combat and shooting, having the melee now a combo system to deliver powerfull attacks to the enemies, and a Quick Time Event system to deliver the final brutal blow, occasionally with optional environmental kills, such as bringing the enemies head inside a TV ( lots of mature content of course) .As an investigator you will use cool forensic tools to determine the causes of the crime scenes left behind, “leveling” you up as you determine the right cause, rewarding you with better equipment and skills.
The graphics are very detailed, with claustrophobic and dark environments, with good use of dynamic shadows, that will creep you out in every corner. Better played in the dark and with a good headphone !
Pros – Great and challenging first person combat, melee and guns (you will feel the enemies pain in every every punch and every shot), fun forensic investigating tools, great gory graphics and plenty of tension and scares .
Cons – The controls will need a bit of practice for the perfect combos and in this sequel is more action oriented not having much of story to unfold. The multiplayer could have been better with lag being a big issue.
I recommend this great atmospheric psychological horror action game for the all the brave players !!!
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on 9 April 2017
Not very good
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on 1 March 2017
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on 26 May 2013
I bought this game a month ago. The game arrived in good condition and in time, as promised. It plays well, although it has some minor issues.Those issues have to do with the patch and when i quit from the game. You know how the patch procedure goes. You put the game in and when it starts it asks you if you want to upgrade you game's version.If you want to patch it, he console freezes and restarts.So I tried to patch it some times, but i had the same problem. So when it patches i cancel the procedure and the game plays normal.So far I played two levels and the game goes smoothly with no problem.Only when you quit, instead of taking you back to the menu it restarts the console and since i have not patched the game, I cant play online but I dont mind that, because I bought it for the single player.Those are the problems i have encountered so far.I heard that there are some solutions about it, but I havent searched that thouroughly. It has NOTHING to do with the buyer,it has to do with the company that made the game. I just want to point out those problems, so people would know.Other than that, its a great,bloody experience.
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on 3 May 2015
Amazing horror psycho trip. If you know part 1 you won't be disappointed! A lot of shocking moments and a very good sound. I am hoping for part 3 on the next gen! Even it is a little older it's with Alien Isolation the best journey in an psycho world.
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on 29 October 2014
A mindless punching game! Should have maybe done a bit more research before buying this game. Was expecting a sort of "Outlast"/"The Evil Within" type game? It`s a just a mindless punching game with overly complicated punch combos. The service from the seller can`t be faulted but this is going in the bin now!
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on 13 August 2015
Great Fame :D
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on 31 August 2015
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on 26 April 2014
If You liked the first game you will like this. Very much more of the same except with more gun action I wouldn't say it's AS good as the original but the gameplay is fairly solid and the scares and jump out moments are still there. If you like FPS and want to try a more horror orientated game than this could be for you.
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