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on 17 September 2013
You CAN turn his annoying voice off, but it IS helpful for a little while. This game gets an ok from me and a very good from my nine year old who wants me to get him a Ferrari... yeah, right! All the usual customisations are available as well as tracks and cars. My only moan with all these games is that there is never a 'shut up and just drive' mode, where pleasure and experimentation is the key, rather than competing to be the fastest. It would satisfy me, and teach children - and many adults too - to learn how to drive fast and safely...
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on 4 May 2009
A little slow to load, but very skillful once up and running.
Only driven a Ferrari once (for three laps on a driving day). Based on that this game seems very realistic.
Still a novice and have not progressed past first base yet - sliding off all over the place! Max concentration required and with my eyes 30 mins is enough. Still at Monza which has some demamnding bends and good passing straights, but nowhere near as difficult as some of the other unlocked tracks which have first gear hairpins and chicanes.
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on 25 September 2009
Great graphics and realistic handling, but not as exciting as expecting as its not very forgiving and too sensitive (perhaps too realistic)! We have Maternational which is great fun although not a 'pro-level' as this but atleast you can get around the track reasonably well without crashing all the time? Would be nice to have 2 player play too as Maternational and Mario games. Just hope we can get past the 'Tutorial' level - getting a bit sick of 'Tiff Needel telling us to "get back on the track"!

If anyone has advice on getting around the track better I would appreciate it?!
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on 25 May 2015
Bought as a present and they loved it, excellent service.
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on 19 June 2011
It's an ok racing game, but it can't match pc games even those from last decade. Especially the graphics are unconvincing
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on 23 January 2011
I am not a gamer but I am a petrolhead. The Wii was bought for the children but 6 months in, I decided to get this game and see if I could get some value from the Wii.

The driving in Ferrari Challenge is very realistic - it takes a fair while to understand the best way to mitigate understeer (this is why the negative reviews always harp on about not staying on the track - as other reviews have indicated). As in real life - if you undertake a series of corners you have to get the first one correct otherwise you mess the whole lot up. If you listen to Tiff on the tutorial sessions you will realise this!
As such it is not a game for young children (mine are 4 and 9 & they wouldn't have a chance with this game).

There have been criticisms that you are either miles ahead or miles behind the other cars. I have not found that. As you progress further into the game (Arcade for instance has 4 levels - Beginner, Intermediate, Expert and Legend) you will find that one 'off' can see you being re-passed by 1 or more cars. The difficulty of these different levels is well thought out and the challenge always there. I am finally on Expert but I am struggling to get a podium place on the 1st of the 4 races.

The Challenge series allows you to set the car up (Front & Rear ride height, camber and toe-in etc etc) and is very technical. You can still win races on the default settings but fiddling with these settings and adjusting your driving style to match can produce quicker lap times.

I feel that I am only scratching the surface of this game. The sound is great. I have no experience of Xbox etc but the graphics to me are fine. Once you get used to using the Wii handset it is no problem. In terms of cars available - I have always stuck to the 430GT2 race cars - there are plenty of others available (both road and race cars) but the 430 sounds best.

One more thing - if you have this game, do your utmost to get on the Mont Tremblant circuit - it is great...
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on 11 January 2009
Had this about a week now and still loving it.

When I first played it, I felt (like other reviews) that it was unresponsive and the controls were broke etc - but then I learned what I was doing wrong and since then, its been a joy.

Firstly, the controls. I'm using the wheel housing attachment to play this as it feels much more authentic than just tipping the wiimote. I did the tutorial races first when Tiff Needall gives you good 'live' feedback as you drive around.

As I mentioned, when I first tried this, I could hardly complete a lap or stay on the track. I thought the controls were not responding how I wanted. Then I realised I was making 2 mistakes. 1) I was trying (and expecting) my wheel actions to match those of the cockpit view on screen - they dont and 2) I was driving too fast and hence getting understeer.

Once you realise to pretty much ignore the wheel on the cockpit view in the game and play by 'feel' of how much you are physically steering and too ensure you slow down the right amount for corners, then you will realise that the controls are actually spot on.

A few more laps of the test circuit and I had it nailed. I am still playing on the lowest difficulty and am winning races comfortably now, so I will be upping the challenge by turning down some of the assists, but I will definitely leave the 'best line' on as it saves so much frustration in learning the course - a great addition and its always a bonus when racing games have that feature (like Gran Turismo 5 on PS3).

So overall, the controls are great once you get used to them. Also must mention the sound - VERY meaty and really sounds great. The graphics are probably stretching the Wii for this type of game and are certainly functional without being spectacular.

My only gripes so far are the clunky menus that have long loading times between them and I'd like the option to map either brake or accelerate to the 'B' button.

Other than that, I highly recommend this game to all racing fans!
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on 31 December 2008
This game is truly fantastic, its just perfect in every way. The Graphics are surprisingly detailed and realistic. Others have metioned that the graphics are no worse than PS3's version, and there right! The gameplay is spot on and acts like a real car, you can also change just about any setting on the car to make it easier, harder, faster, slower, better handling, better speed, better acceleration etc. Its also really fun and easy to get used its just a shame that there is no multiplayer or online feature. This game is miles better then any other racing game on the wii eg. GT pro series, exite truck, monster 4x4 and mini desktop racing. This game should sit at the top of any persons xmas/b'day list. A great game for anyone to play (highly recommend).
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on 20 October 2008
Having read some of the reviews posted on amazon I was unsure whether to purchase this game, but being a petrolhead and options limited on the wii I decided to go for it. I must say I really enjoy this game and since I purchased it having played it non-stop. Firstly the graphics for the WII i think are really good at least on a par with need for speed pro street.

You can customise your cars and put flags, icons and alter the paint job being Welsh ive created 'dragon' racing and added the welsh logo to my ferraris !!!!! during the game there marshall's who are animated and the track and environment feel solid. The number of cars on the wii whilst racing seem limited to 8 as opposed to around 16 on the PS3 whilst this is a dissapointment you rarely notice as you try and beat the computer opposition who believe me do pose a challenge.

I would advise to start off with the tutorial and do a few practice laps prior to moving onto the other game modes which include quick race, series racing etc..... You have a whole host of assists and i now race with most assists on and in my view the most essential one is when you approach bends a braking line so you can enjoy the driving and know when to hit the brakes !!! The handling is fine and I cant see why other gamers have complained about this.

A great game and having played pc racers and games from the late 1970's this for the wii is a solid purchase !! oh yes before i forget superb sound effects and music !!!!
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on 10 March 2009
This game been rate badly by people who seam to hate the game. After finding it cheep i bought it and this is what i found. The actul game it self is playable once you have decide on the mode you want its quick and easy. The music is allsome and the cars are so so good. Playing with the wheel is soo fun once you have learn how the cars goes very easy and pleasable to play. The two downsides are no other cars expect ferrari and only 1 player but appart from that it worth it. One of the best wii racing out there. dont be put off by the review.
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