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on 10 September 2008
Having read a number of comments about how buggy Neverwinter Nights 2 was (usually referring to the Windows version) I was wary of this release, but since the first game was excellent, I decided to risk £30. I haven't been at all disappointed. I encountered a couple of minor bugs during the game, but nothing that wasn't solved by loading a saved game from five or ten minutes earlier and replaying a small section. There's a lot of depth to the story and to the NPCs, and there's a genuine sense of all the characters working together (rather than one character doing all the work with one or two henchmen in tow, while the rest stand in a series of taverns). The graphics are better than the original, there are more races and classes (although the epic levels are gone) and the crafting system is almost worth bothering with...
It is a shame there's no toolset for the Mac, but I suppose you can still play the modules all the Windows people have made.
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on 10 July 2010
This game was absolutely great, until it broke. As a fan of Neverwinter Nights 1 I was very happy to get this on the Mac and I enjoyed the game immensely, the roleplaying element is really good, especially the henchmen interaction. I made it all the way through the game and started a new one as a different class etc. Part of the way through this game I upgraded my Mac to OSX 10.6 and ever since then the game has crashed at an unacceptable frequency. Almost any room change would lead to a crash and if you were lucky enough to make it through one room, you wouldn't make it through the next. I tried a re-install, repairing permissions and started the game afresh incase it was a corrupt save but all was to no avail. At the moment I believe there is no plan to release anymore updates to this game so this won't be fixed.

In short, if you are thinking of buying this game and have OSX 10.6 then don't.
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on 13 August 2012
I am a huge fan of the original NWN and was really pleased to find that NWN2 was a Mac compatible game but it's turned out to be a real turkey.

The game is a little more involved in terms of character development, reflecting the expansion of AD&D I guess. The gameplay is very similar to NWN so there aren't that many surprises or gasps of awe but it's all very smooth and functional. However, the game crashes with frustrating regularity and for no discernible reason; I know that it's a PC game but if I wanted a computer to crash constantly and wipe out all my work I'd still own a PC. This is the only game I've played on a Mac that crashes, defeating one of the biggest selling points of my computer.

Good game, awful stability. Worth buying but be prepared to grind your teeth quite a lot.
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on 18 April 2013
OK, my iMac isn't cutting edge. It's only three years older than this game. The constant crashes, the enforced cd in drive rubbish, the desperate DRM - other people who have pinched it have better experiences than honest players.

Just don't waste your money. Multiplayer is a tedious, cumbersome exercise which, because the main servers don't exist any more cannot be logged in to. Even then bodging it a legitmate key is rejected. Eventually we blackholed the serial number to localhost - then, then it worked. Then updating. Hunt the update. Then get into the game. Play with an atrocious camera control system. Turn just about everything off. See game crash, run at a crawl.

The slowness I can live with. After breaking the stupid DRM to get it to work I can live with. Removing servers and stopping multiplayer without hacks, I can live with. Crashes where the only support advice is 'reinstall' I can't. And won't. Don't waste your money.

Just a miserable experience.
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on 1 March 2014
I would strongly advise nobody to purchase this product. After installing this product it askes for a serial number which i does not supply, After constant e-mails i am no further forward. I found it was just a waste of money.
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on 14 July 2008
This review is about Neverwinter Nights 2 (mac), with patch 1.12, single player campaign. I have a 2.4 GHz core duo, 1 Gb RAM, ATI Radeon HD2600 iMac with Leopard 10.5.4. The game runs great in windowed mode (1280 x 800).

Graphics are good. Certainly a big step-up from the original Neverwinter Nights. Real 3D is now in place, with smooth hills and a real feeling of "realism". The scenario, both outdoors and indoors, is well designed and with plenty of detail. Most of the time, there is a chance to deploy your party in a way that will take advantage of terrain (or indeed building) features.

The story is a bit linear. So what? So was the one on Baldur's Gate II. And so was the one on the original Neverwinter Nights. NPCs are interesting and with good voice work.

As for the dreaded camera control, I don't see any difficulty in using it. None, whatsoever.

There are still a few bugs, but I'm sure those will be sorted with upcoming patched, Remember how many patches the original Neverwinter Nights had? Right.

It's nice to see great games coming out for the mac patform. All in all, a very enjoyable game, well worth the money. I'm very glad I have it and would certainly recommend it.
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on 5 July 2008
I loved the original Neverwinter nights game which has always run without a glitch, so when I found out about Neverwinter nights 2, I was over the moon and waited impatiently for it to arrive on Mac. I was disappointed. This game loaded well, seemingly without any problems and I managed to generate a character. It was after this that everything went down hill. The graphics that I did see appeared excellent, however on attempting to start the game after generating a character it crashed. It did this each time. I even re-loaded the game but with no success. My computer (2 GHz intel core 2 duo) has all the system requirements, which was something I checked before I bought it. I have searched for ways to resolve this but turned up a blank, though there are a number of forums out there that describe the problem I'm having as not uncommon - something to do with the dual core (however for some reason doesn't effect all core 2 duo machines). I have no doubt this game is as excellent as the other reviews say, but it helps if it runs!
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on 17 December 2013
I've played this game a few times and I enjoy it every time. it has a great story line, and the character generation and progression is brilliant.
The game itself is great, the actual technology of it is a little frustrating at times as it keeps crashing when you move through scenarios. Make sure you save a lot!
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on 6 November 2009
The game is great !
But I can't recommend the MAC-Version right now. The game crashes on my MacBook and MacBookPro every time the character creation is over. May be they will fix it but a look into the internet board shows that this is not a new problem.
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on 27 September 2009
The game itself is pretty good, certainly worth a few quid and a few lost hours of life while playing it, the downside, and its a pretty big one, is that at the time of writing (Sept 09) its not fully compatible with snow leopard. This means that while the game will run it crashes out regularly when changing locations and therefore you ned to save regularly, and before every change of location, which is ok so long as you remember to do it. Its quite annoying if you've just completed a difficult bit only to find the game crashes and you have to do it again. More annoyingly there are also situations where you cant save before changing locations (due to conversational cut scenes) and if it crashes you can end up wathing the same bit several times.

Nevertheless its a great game and a good follow up, i would suggest you wait until the compatibility with snow leopard is sorted though if you run that OS. Check aspyr's website for info on it.
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