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on 30 November 2013
I bought 1 of these and after about a year of usage a vital metal part snapped off and the thing was broken. Still the design of this stepper is much better than other steppers I have had before in the sense that it doesn't lose what little resistence it offers over time because of the way it is built. The squirking noise others have referred to can be sorted out with lubricating machine oil which I have had from a former stepper of another brand. Lubricating places where plastic parts rub against other parts will also virtually elliminate the dark bits and powder waste that it causes on the surface it is on [e.g. in my case on a plastic bag to protect my carpet from such waste!]. The bungee cord is ok but they are held together by two little white plastic straps similar to straps used sometimes to hold things in their packaging holders. I don't use the cord often, but one of them straps snapped off and it was impossible to put it back in, however the second one was still holding tight so it was still functional, but I'd imagine if someone was to use this cord often and the straps snapped off completely you might need to work out a way to fasten the cord together again, probably using another self-improvised strap of some sort. However despite the cord weak design I thought the overall design of the machine itself was still praiseworthy and so I ordered a new one. But I wasn't so lucky this time - in less than 3 months the same piece of metal had broken again, rendering the thing unusable. [I'm merely 55kg by the way!] No matter how good a design is if the materials used is crappy you'll just create more rubbish at home!
I'm not done stepping but I'm definitely done with this brand now.
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on 31 March 2013
The first one arrived with a broken foot and one of the hydraulic cylinders was faulty. It's often a bit of a gamble with cheap Chinese goods.....
Amazon customer services excellent as ever, and replacement sent immediately.
I've been using the replacement daily for a couple of weeks, and it's fine so far. The hydraulic cylinders do lose a significant amount of resistance when warmed up (about five to ten minutes) and next time I think I'd spend the extra and get a stepper with adjustable hydraulics. This one is described as adjustable, but that just means you can raise or lower the height of the steps - there's no effect on the hydraulic resistance.
The bushes at each end of the cylinders needed tightening. They were slack and the thing made a lot of clunking in use. Since tightening, it's quiet, and no squeaks either - so far.
The electronic gizmo is useless, other than for counting steps, but it only does this if the steps are set at the max height position.
I use a heart monitor while exercising, and to get your heart rate up for proper cardio-vascular exercise, you need to use the bungies as well as just stepping - this really does give a decent workout. Just stepping without the bungies will give mild exercise - depending I suppose on how fast and for how long you're willing to go. I only do twenty minutes at a time - the cylinders get very hot and I wouldn't want to push them much more. The resistance is significantly reduced too after that long, so you'd have to increase speed. The bungies make a lot of difference!
All in all, it's good for the money. I'm not a fitness freak, just looking to be generally fit with the minimum time & effort. I think someone wanting serious training might not be satisfied for long with this machine.
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on 14 August 2010
I bought this a couple of months ago. I refuse to go to the gym because it costs so much, and prefer to exercise at home in my own space. I bought this stepper because I have always been a pear shape - bigger legs and bum - and wanted to get a bit more muscle definition in my legs.

The stepper is really easy to set up and comes with a little instruction booklet with suggested exercises. It suggests that you use the stepper for about 15 mins everyday without stopping for the best results (which is about 800-900 steps). Following this advice, the first time I used it, I was on it for 15 minutes; by 10 minutes I was completely out of breath and my legs felt like they were on fire! I now usually use the stepper for 7 minutes, then have a break, and then continue for another 7 minutes. There is a screen on the front of the machine which tells you how many steps you have done, how many calories you have burnt and how long you have been stepping, which is very handy.

Does it work? It depends what you are aiming for. Using the stepper alone WILL NOT make you have amazing legs, but it will definitely make your legs more toned and shapely; especially your calves, but less so for your thighs and bum. This is a great addition to your exercise routine, and if you use it regularly, you will definitely see a difference in how toned your legs are.

The thing I like most about this machine is that you can use it in your pyjamas whilst watching your favourite soap opera; much less gruelling than the gym! The exercise is quite intensive, so it is not necessary to use it for an hour; 10-15 minutes everyday is enough, although if you are finding the exercise to strenuous, you can alter the intensity.

My only gripes about this product is that sometimes, it suddenly stops counting your steps (although this has only happened once or twice in 2 months). Also, its uncomfortable to use in bare feet because of the tread on the pedals. Apart from that, I've had no problems with this product.

There are two resistance bands on the machine, but to be honest, they seem like an afterthought, and I can't imagine anyone actually using them, but they would probably make the exercise even more intensive.
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on 4 November 2011
The unit itself looks pretty good, but I have two quibbles. One is that the computer doesn't work at the 'gentler' settings - as far as I can see the movement sensor doesn't operate. So this might be an issue if the computer is important to you.

Also, the instructions are awful. Here's a excerpt: 'To increase the range of movement turn the wheel clockwise. To decrease the range, turn the wheel anti clockwise. this makes your workout harder. Increasing to a large range of movement in the pedals will require more effort to push them down, this increases the intensity of the workout.' Note the contradiction! Does the workout become harder if you turn the wheel clockwise ... or anti-clockwise?

In fact, it's easy enough to work out by trial and error: if you turn the wheel clockwise, the range of movement increases, and more effort is needed. The reverse is the case if you turn the wheel anti-clockwise.
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on 24 February 2012
I have just bought this twist stepper for the second time. The first one lasted at least 5 years, used 5 times a week for 1,000 or 2,000 steps each time. I have an auto immune disease of the hips and need to keep moving; this is so much better than running on concrete. You can do it while you watch TV, you can do it to music, you can do it in any clothing as long as you have suitable shoes. It hasn't made me any thinner but I do have great looking knees, which I didn't have before.
The pistons can get squeaky after a few months. Just remove the computer, stand it on the front and WD40 each piston where the rod goes in. Leave it to soak for half an hour, and for the next workout or two, stand it on a plastic bag. Every 8 months or so I do the same to the other moving jointed parts. It doesn't like to live near the radiator, which dries it out. The computer attachment is the weak point; I broke the last one after a couple of years but stuck it together with electrical tape, which lasted the next few years.
This is a great bit of kit and an addition to your home gym which you will use because it's easy to do. I think 5 years of constant use for this price is good value. I have tried lots of bits of exercise equipment in the last 10 years - this is the one I would always replace with exactly this brand, which seems much stronger than similar products.
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on 25 January 2009
After some research, i decided that this seemed the stepper to get. I ordered it on a sunday evening with the super saver delivery option and it arrived within two days.
The stepper is easy to use, it comes fully assembled, is quiet and small enough to put away. I had to fiddle about a bit with the computer to get it working at first but it's fine now.
You have to twist a dial to change the resistance and i find that the dial tends to move a tiny bit when in use, but it's not enough to be a problem.
The bungees stay on well and help to give your arms something to do.
The convenience of being able to exercise and watch tv is motivating.
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on 21 March 2009
I thought this was a good deal and an excellent machine, very good for supplementing my exercise routine. Also very handy to use in front of the TV to avoid boredom!

One problem, like other reviewers my computer thing doesn't really work. I fiddled with it for ages but to no avail. However I know that 20 minutes on the stepper burns around 100 calories, so I just work it out from how long I spent on it. That only requires a watch (or the counter on the DVD player!) and I'm not really interested in how many steps I took, so I don't mind too much the computer doesn't work. Also I can't be bothered to send it back and wait for a new one!

I would recommend this product, as long as you're not too fussy about whether the computer thing works. As I said, 100 calories per 20 mins, you do the math!
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on 12 September 2013
I have owned this product for a few months now and have used it almost every day. To keep it short and simple this stepper does exactly what it is intended to do. One of the things I really like about this product is that you can adjust the resistance to make your session a little bit harder.

However, like many others the product did begin to squeak but this was due to a loose bolt and was easily fixed. The second problem, and perhaps the biggest, is that the cable attaching the monitor to the stepper broke. So basically the stepper works fine and the monitor still works but is useless as it cannot read how many steps I've taken or calories I have burnt.

Also it's important to realise that the calorie burner function on this stepper does have a small decimal point. On average 14 minutes on a high intensity with a moderate effort burns 100 calories...whether or not this is accurate I don't know. I doubt the tracker takes intensity into account but it doesn't really matter to me.

Over all I am pleased with the product, I just wish the wire linking the monitor to the stepper had not snapped.
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on 11 May 2011
Got this stepper a few weeks ago and have used it regularly since. As the other reviewers say, the computer is a bit of a nonsense but I don't use that anyway. The stepper arrived well packed and is easy to assemble. The first time of use is fairly hard but it gets easier. As other reviewers have noted, the stepper does make some noise but I followed their advice and a drop of WD40 does solve this!
Glad that I made the purchase, try to use the stepper for 20 minutes twice a day and it has made a difference to my fitness level and also started to tone!
Would recommend.
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on 24 October 2011
I have been using this machine daily for the past few weeks and I could not be more pleased with it.

The first thing that strikes you when you open the box is the superb quality of the machine, it's built like a tank! I am amazed how they can sell this at this price.

It's completely silent in use, and the electronic counter works perfectly.

I can't find a single negative thing to say about this superb piece of kit, I am 100% pleased with my purchase.
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