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on 13 November 2010
Well....I took a long time deciding on this radio. I have never had DAB radio but currently have a silly arrangement of two analogue transistor radios by my bed, so I can listen to one station in the night then wake up in the morning and listen to a different one without having to re-tune. Messy, I know, but it worked for me.
Until one of the radios broke....
So I decided to treat myself to DAB and have one with pre-sets so I would only need one radio on the bedside table.
Some of the reviews I read on this site and many others put me off a bit (time display being faulty, lots of bass sound, volume problems, case not fitting properly etc). Also, should I go the whole hog and get the next model up or even the evoke 3 ???
In the end, I thought £77 was worth a punt and that all I wanted was basic radio and a clock on it.
Ordered it Friday, received it today (Saturday) on free super-saver delivery.....
All I can say is, if it helps anyone out there, I have found it staggeringly simple to set up, it sounds great, I live in a valley but am getting 100% digital reception, it looks lovely and I know I'm probably a philistine but to me the sound quality seems just right....not bassy at all, and certainly better than what I was getting on my FM/MW transistor radio.
Hay, I might even treat myself to the battery pack in case I want to take the radio around with me, but at the mo, it's perfect and needs nothing else.
If you're put off by the negative aspects that several people seemed to have mentioned, I'd say risk it if you just want a nice little radio. If you want bells and whistles, maybe buy the next one up.
I like it anyway :)
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on 23 January 2010
I received this DAB radio as a Christmas present and I am really pleased with it. It's well made, fairly compact with a sleek and pleasing 'retro' look. The instruction manual has clear instructions and made for an easy, first-set up. It is easy to use and has an energy-saving, standby function, which displays the time when not in use (very useful). The radio automatically tunes into the available DAB stations and up to 30 radio stations can be stored in its pre-set buttons. The sound of the radio is really clear and has a good balance of treble & bass tones.

I am really delighted with this radio as I now have more radio stations to choose from, all of which are perfectly tuned - no more horrible crackling, bad reception & white noise!!!
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on 19 January 2011
This radio isn't cheap, but is of a high quality. Reception is excellent for me, with no need to extend the antenna at all.

The (fake) wood styling is pleasing on the eye, although the front panel seems a little cluttered. The buttons are all well laid out, though, and it is good to have a number of preset buttons (which many DAB radios seem not to have). Having to press the rotary scroll button in to select a station is a little unintuitive, and can require a second hand to be used to steady the radio. I only discovered by accident that pressing in the volume button mutes the sound; again, not very obvious just from looking at it.

The OLED screen is very crisp, and can be set to dim automatically at night (to a very low level). It does, however, brighten briefly every hour or so, for no obvious reason (presumably a bug in the firmware). Alternatively, the display can be set to be off completely in standby, which may be good for light sleepers.

When first turning on from standby, I get a "signal lost" message for a few seconds, before the radio picks up the last station again. This seems to be another software bug.

The sound quality is quite acceptable, although it's obviously not going to better a decent hifi.

Pure's website offers firmware updates; however, the version on offer on the website appears to be much older than that installed on the radio already. The PDF user manual on the website also seems not to relate to the software currently being shipped (various menu options in the manual are not present on my radio).

One further niggle is that the mains transformer emits a quite loud, very high-pitched whine (above my wife's hearing range, but within mine). Since it is in our bedroom, I have ended up wrapping a towel around the transformer. This could be a fault with my particular transformer, but it doesn't seem serious enough to get a replacement. Annoying though.

So, bar a few gremlins in the software (which might one day be fixed by a firmware update, but I won't be holding my breath), this is a nice radio.
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on 4 December 2008
On the recommendation of a friend I picked up a DAB radio to have some music to listen to with the girlfriend in bed. This one sounded good, so I picked it up with the internal rechargeable battery suggested by another reviewer.

It's really great. I turn it on as soon as I wake up, carry it into the bathroom, then upstairs for breakfast. Listen to it beside the computer, in bed, in the park, it's been such a little boost to my life with its multitude of channels, great sound quality, portability and ease of use.

OK, it's just a handy little radio, but still I love it.
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on 2 March 2014
My boyfriend had been eyeing this up for months, so thought I'd buy it for his birthday.

It was a big hit!

Best price I found it was on here- and I looked for ages!!

He was overly excited about the fact the volume dial went up to 11!? Apparently this is significant to anyone who knows about music and old bands- however I've no idea about that so I'm afraid I can't be more specific! :-D But he loves it! :)
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on 21 October 2008
I have been using this model now for seven months,and apart from only getting about fifteen channels, when I thought I would get dozens as it's digital I am still quite pleased with it.But what really made me sit down and write this review is that I had to send it back today as it started playing up which does happen, (but you do get a two year warranty).Unfortunately you have to send it back to pure at your expense which is not cheap as you need to insure it as well for peace of mind. If you buy it from amazon like I did they will only exchange it within six months after which you will have to send it back to pure. Bear that in mind if you are buying one (it's a lot easier taking it back to a local store) under pures two year warranty.
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on 20 February 2012
I bought this additional 1S whilst a problem with my existing (several years old)1S was resolved (replacement power supply was needed to stop unit repeatedly dropping out and dropping back in again, particularly at higher volumes). Both units now back working really well. Strongly recommended.
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on 7 November 2016
A name I know and a great radio in a compact size. Just what I wanted.
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on 3 December 2009
A gift for my mother, very fast delivery, great price lovely to look at and my mother was over the moon as its a great radio -
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on 13 March 2013
Good sound and easy to use and matches my S-1 additional speaker for that all round stereo quality to expand your listening pleasure.
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