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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 March 2011
I re-bought this card seeing as my mum wanted a wireless card, and I wanted to renew my wireless card.
So I bought it again, after having it for over 2years!

Brilliant card - 270Mbps + the re-locator stand + 3x 9db antennas = excellent link quality and 100-90% signal strength for each of the antennas.

Since my first purchase over 2years ago, it has never let me down, and has always performed valiantly.

Software is easy to use, and you can use "Zero config" which is basically using windows to dot he job :)

Can't recommend this enough!
(Only changes made from my "old" card and the "new" one I bought was Windows 7 support - although that's probably to do with drivers more than anything + the sticker changed :P)
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on 19 May 2009
Very good product that worked well for me.

I will not write a long review of this card but I will let you have some very valuable information that may help.

Do not install drivers from the CD. They are hopelessly out of date. Download them from the Edimax site. This solves 90% of the problems people are having with this card.

There are still bugs with the latest Edimax drivers however. This is because they have not updated their driver package to include the latest chipset drivers from RALINK (who make the actual chip that is used in this card and most other n wireless products)

You can download these drivers from the RALINK website. This will give you the drivers instead of the 2.0.3 drivers on the Edimax site.

There are numerous bug fixes. The daddy of which solves constant freezing on windows vista 64 bit operating systems running 4gb of ram. I have seen many forum users on technology sites with this issue.

You can view full release notes on the drivers before you download them.

It took me several hours of research to find this out, after my system constantly froze. Now I am getting the best out of this fine product.

If you are a typical consumer then download the Edimax drivers.

If you are computer literate, or are using vista 64 with 4gb of ram then investigate RA link for the latest chipset drivers.

Once again, bin the CD and do not be tempted to install the drivers contained thereon - which have significant problems.

If you decide to upgrade to RALINK drivers on the strength of this, then be sure to carefully review the release notes and uninstall the Edimax drivers first - following all prompts on your system. You will also need to re-enter your router key. It will not affect the status of your router or other items on your home network.

- Jamie

*EDIT* 09.10.11. Ralink Drivers now at dated 25.05.11. Go to the support pages and look for the drivers that mention RT2860. Whilst all the bugs had been ironed out in earlier drivers I did notice some improvements with the latest drivers. Specifically I had less lag whilst online FPS gaming.

*EDIT* 28.07.12 Ralink Drivers now at dated April 2012.
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on 30 October 2010
The card itself looks robust and well made. I've bought an Edimax router before and they seem to create good quality products - at least as good as some of the big brands in PC World, etc that you'd pay twice as much for.
Took the advice of one of the other reviewers and downloaded the drivers from the Edimax site rather than use the disk which came with the card. Even when you download the drivers from the net, it's still a fully automated installation, so virtually idiot-proof! Basically, if you've got sufficient knowledge to be looking for a PCI card rather than a USB device, then you'll have no problems getting this to work straight out of the box.
Everything worked immediately and without issue (I'm running Windows XP SP3 on an old home-built PC).
Wish now that I'd made the jump to wireless years ago. Had I known how painless an experience it was going to be, I would have!
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on 27 February 2010
This card has a real quality look and feel to it and gives very good signal strength. Mine shipped with the Edimax drivers and utility CD dated December 2009 Version 3.0 and I've had a great signal with no dropouts. My PC is running XP Pro and modem/router is a Thomson TG585 v7 on O2 Broadband. The router is about 20 feet away, through one stud partition wall.

Start by putting the adapter into a PCI slot, connect the antennas and then restart the computer. Cancel the Found New Hardware Wizard when you boot up after putting the card in and then just run the software install from the CD. The card then immediately picked up nearby wireless networks including mine and that I was using WPA encryption. All I had to do was highlight my network, click Connect and enter my pass key and that was it. The time taken was about half an hour including opening the box and checking the software version, order of operation, etc. The software install and connection to my network was straight forward with no hitches, which makes a very pleasant change especially for wireless equipment.

There is a manual on the CD that covers this card along with other items in the Edimax wireless LAN series but I found that it was not needed.

This card was for a PC I built to hook up to our main TV so we can watch iPlayer in comfort, big screen, full sound system. The Edimax utility icon in the system tray reports Normal signal and the Windows wireless icon reports Very Good and iPlayer runs flawlessly.

For comparison I previously tried a Netgear WG311, which would hardly get any signal at all and then a replacement WG311 that was not much better. I then borrowed a Linksys WMP 54G that was good. Nearly got one of those but in the end I liked the look of the 3 Antenna setup of the Edimax for just a few pounds more. I'm pleased I spent a little extra for a quality card and, hopefully, I won't have to worry about dropouts. A definite recommend.
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on 20 January 2009
I tried a Netgear WG311 card before this one and the difference is incomparable. No freezing - full Vista32 support, good throughput, good wireless management software (you can monitor realtime performance of the card) and none of the memory-management issues I've seen with other cards. And you really can't beat it at that price. Ignore the negative review(s?) - I'm using this card to link to a Netgear router (Virgin media bundle) on the other side of an inside wall and the signal is always excellent.
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on 4 September 2009
This product has proved to be very reliable on my Windows XP PC. It worked straight out of the box and I've never had any problem with lost connections, unlike with my previous Netgear wireless USB connection. I also bought the Edimax antenna relocate product as my PC is at the back of a drawer unit and that does help with the signal strength.
With a little playing with the position of the antenna I'm getting 270Mb connection to my Edimax 7265 ADSL2+ wireless router and a rock solid connection even through 3 walls and 60 foot away. I've not lost connection to the router once in 4 weeks. Downloads and video streaming are super fast.
Compared to my previous attempted at running wirelessly I am overjoyed at the performance I'm getting now - sad I know.
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on 4 March 2009
Very easy to install and set up . Now have a fast wireless N network. Extremely pleased!
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on 4 December 2009
this card i have bought twice, one as a present for someone (they didnt end up using it but they thought it was a good buy)
this time around, i wanted to build a wireless home server, with some good stuff like game server (lan) and mabye tv-output.

now in order to use this without trapse-ing wires around my home, i decided on a card that stated, linux and vista compatable.
why? (because you just know, that if for some reason u wanted to try brilliant free operating systems, in my case "Ubuntu Gnu/Linux", u just know u have little to think about, apart from entering your wireless password and your good to go.)

now, it works quite well on both xp (which i had previously) and ubuntu jaunty release (yes it will work beyond this version, but you need to find the drivers or re-compile them, this can be a downside, they should of released the source to the community so they could update for all the brands of linux and unix) while windows can be the easier option, it is known for having bandwidth reservations by up to 20% of your total cards capacity/speed (just for updates), ubuntu doesnt need such limits, nor does other linux distributions for that matter.

if you do decide to get this card, CHECK WITH YOUR DISTRIBUTION via forums or groups, to see if they have support for it.
if u have windows, then please feel free to use this baby, its quick, but look out on the web to somehow disable the microsoft bandwidth limit

hope this helps.

p.s the windows installer is quite simple so dont feel my review as if i thought it was complex, it was quite easy.
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I've had this PCI card for over a year and its easily the best wifi N PCI card i have ever bought. Never let me down so far, always gives full (up to) 300mbps speeds. Just a tip: when updating drivers, i recommend you use Ralink's website (as this is essentially manufactured by Ralink), you will get better/newer drivers on there compared to using Edimax website. This will solve any compatibility issues eg with Windows 64 bit, Windows XP etc. Go to Ralink website (google Ralink) and under software, search for driver for Ralink RT2860.
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on 27 November 2009
Fast shipment. I use Linux OS 'Jaunty Jackalope' and it plugged in and worked off the bat! No installations of any kind. Great reception coverage and speed. Thanx!
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