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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2007
'Taking Chances,' Celine Dion's 2007 English language release can only stand to serve as the best work in her long and illustrious career--no small accomplishment. Over 26 years Celine Dion has released in excess of 24 solid hours of original recorded material in six languages. So when it was announced that her new album would be something different--edgy and playful, risky and unique--one had to wonder what else she could bring to the table.

Well, as it turns out: A lot.

Packed into 16 solid tracks, Celine runs the musical gambit from 80s ballad covers to R&B, Gospel to the edgy Rock that was promised. And don't worry, there are even a few traditional-style Celine ballads thrown in the mix for good measure.

But its far more than the genre landscape that sets 'Taking Chances' apart from Celine Dion's 33 previous full length releases. The lyrics are simply far and away the best Celine has ever had to work with. The subjects of the songs are as varied as they are focused and detailed. Astonishingly devoid of tired clichés, the lyrics tell real stories with beautiful images. The result is a foundation of memorable, catchy lyrics upon which a wide instrumentation and Celine's masterful vocals build songs that simply stand up and stand out.

Particular highlights of the album include a remake of Heart's classic 'Alone.' Celine breathes new life into the song and takes complete ownership of the material with her powerful voice. 'Eyes On Me,' might be her most adventurous undertaking since 'Refuse to Dance' on 1993's 'The Colour of My Love.' After a few careful remixes 'Shadow of Love' could be the hottest thing to hit dance clubs in the last decade, and 'Ain't Got Nothin' Left' will leave listeners stunned by the apt attitude Celine works into her voice. The hoarse, gravelly--yes, GRAVELLY--vocals on 'That's Just The Woman In Me' defy all expectations and show us that the veteran chanteuse is still learning some new tricks.

But the song that may best describe the album--and Celine Dion's career--is 'Surprise Surprise.' Appropriately, the chorus taunts "Just when you think you've got me figured out/Just when you think you know me well/Baby you barely even broke the ice/My river runs white/And you're not in sight/But you're closer than you were."

In recent years it has been difficult to watch Celine Dion struggle to remain relevant. Since 2003 she has released a string of less than satisfying 'concept' albums that, while containing gems of their own, have felt rushed and tired. 'Taking Chances' defies this sad precedent and will certainly catapult the chanteuse back to the top where she belongs. This album is a window into the world of a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants, exactly what she's got, exactly who she is, and exactly what she's doing.
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on 12 November 2007
Although I am an English speaker, I have always preferred Celine's French albums and singing, I feel they hold an added passion - possibly as French is her mothertongue. I was a little apprehensive when I first listened to this CD.

It's the first full studio English language album from Celine since 'Miracle' and I absolutely love it! Celine's voice remains exquisite. For some, Celine seems to induce the Marmite effect, but whatever your opinion, this album contains songs that show the versatility of her voice and is most definitely worth a listen!

There are some ballad tracks such as 'A Song for You' but also others which may be a surprise to those who expect more of a 'My Heart Will Go On'! 'Eyes on Me' could almost fall into the R&B genre and 'That's Just the Woman in Me' oozes soul. My personal favourite is 'New Dawn', which I would describe as mixture of gospel, soul and pop. My least favourite song is 'Alone'; a cover of the Heart hit from the 1980's. Although Celine sings it superbly, it's production is not exceptional and I expected more as it was produced by members of Evanescence.

Unfortunately and disappointingly, none of the UK versions of this album include the bonus tracks available on the Japanese version: 'Map to My Heart' and 'The Reason I Go On'.

This version of the album comes with a DVD giving a preview of the 'A New Day' DVD that will be released in December. The DVD is very short and is basically a promo item. NB - the Amazon description of the DVD is mis-leading. It does contain the live versions of the 4 songs listed from 'A New Day' and the released promo's of 'A New Day'. There is NO 'Making of the Show' or 'A Day in the Life of Celine' and only a very brief section of the 'Fan Appreciation Piece'. Nice to watch, but if you're going to buy the DVD anyway in December, it may be worth buying the 'Taking Chances' CD without the DVD and save a few pounds! This CD/DVD release comes in a card CD case, mine was a little squashed when it arrived, but fab none the less!

Overall this is a varied, intense and passionate album. Go buy it!
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OK...let's start with THAT photo. I recall reading a glossy interview with La Dion some ten years ago wherein I was surprised to discover the relevation that she does indeed do her own vacuuming and dusting. I find it hard to visualise, however, in her current reincarnation, this glorious creature gliding across her shagpile, Dyson in hand and quilted orange nylon housecoat slashed to the thigh, sucking up furballs with Dionysian adandon.. Not with THAT hair, no, indeed no.

I have to admit considerable ignorance with regard to Celine's back catalogue. With the exception of her obvious Titanic moment I had always thought of her in the same way I might view an exotic island resort seen in an exclusive travel brochure....dreamed about perhaps but never quite having mustered the prerequisite curiosity to actually go there.
....but let's try to get beyond the hair and sculpted features, airbrushed to within an inch of oblivion. What lays beneath ?

This album has been a kind of revelation to me. I was nervous about the production credits. There are almost as many writers and producers as there are songs but Luprano and Doelp's executive overview maintains a remarkably consistent aural experience for the listener throughout.
Celine's voice really is a truly extraordinary instrument. Her unique and unsusual phrasing and fearless ability to hit all those big notes (... and there are many such ) enerringly dead centre every time lifts potentially pedestrian, formulaic songwriting into quite another sphere.

We are in familiar MOR power-ballad territory here but songs like "Taking Chances", Shadow of Love", "Surprise Surprise" and the beautiful "Skies of L.A." transcend the genre in this otherworldly woman's hands. She even manages to get a little bit down and dirty with the almost Joplinesque rendition of "That's Just the Woman in Me".

So grab the vac, don that Malteeser and Dubonnet stained housecoat, turn up the volume and celebrate with me the latest installment from this all-new, recreated and reconstructed MOR Diva from Mars.

....just promise me though, if your hair even begins to approximate Celine's new barnet that you will be very, VERY careful indeed....
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on 12 November 2007
Wow. I have been looking forward to this album ever since I heard about it's production and I am not disappointed. 'Taking Chances' is Celine's BEST album to date. No questions. Although every track is simply amazing, there are some obvious highlights to the album, and these come in the form of 'Taking Chances', 'Alone', 'Shadow of Love', 'Surprise Surprise', 'This Time' and 'Fade Away'. Every track shows a different side to Celine and with no exception each track evokes emotion in some form. 'This Time' is an especially chilling song, which deals with domestic violence, describing how 'This nightmare is not fair and I've had enough. You break me, and as I bleed you just say you're sorry. You call this love?'.

'That's Just The Woman In Me' sees Celine exercise a gravelly side to her voice which rips through the record with true power and feeling like never before.

'Eyes on Me' is peppered with bollywood-esque chords and is truly unique in it's style- a totally new direction for Celine.


Thank-you to Celine and the writers.
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on 3 February 2015
Although some of the songs on this album are memorable, the album as a whole suffers from a lack of cohesion. It's also over-produced meaning that there's no room for Céline's voice to breathe. If you're looking for a first time Céline Dion album, would suggest 'Falling Into You' or 'A New Day Has Come' instead of this.
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on 3 June 2013
I have been a fan of Celine's for a long, long time, enjoying a lot of her French Canadian Albums.

However, I was going off rapidly because a lot of her albums were not really singing but her songs were being shouted and I hated that. She had a beautiful delivery, with spot on delivery and even when a passage was forte or fortissimo, it was deiivered with power and not shouted.

This album is a return to sweet melodic well phrased, beautifully sung numbers. No more shouting, just powerful delivery when needed.
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on 3 May 2016
Like her Loved me Back to Life album for me a great disappointment most of the tracks sounded unrecognizable, as being Celine where is the powerful rich voice we have all come to love, please come back
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on 13 November 2007
I listened to this Album - awake - once so far, and then I let it play all night long while I was sleeping. I liked some of the songs very much. Some of the tracks are typical Celine, i.e., nice ballads that sounds perfect with her voice. Other songs are totally not the style of Celine, like the "Cant fight the feeling" which is a little 'Britney - Rock' combination, not very convincing. There's the 'Eyes on me', sounds like an Arab tune and the way of singing, however, a little bit of change from her Ballads, not bad!! The most impressive one is "That's just the woman in me", not because it a great song, but her performance, I don't think Celine ever used her voice like this before in any of her songs, she sounded a little bit like Bonnie Taylor. The remake of 'Alone' is good, I like to listen to any song with Celine's voice although I must admit, the one performed by 'Heart' is still a classic to me. To summarize, this CD presents new styles for Celine and hence the title of my review. I don't think any one will be reading reviews to buy any of Celine's work, I just felt like writing one. Good Album, I still cannot decide on my favorite one!!
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VINE VOICEon 13 December 2007
well before we get to the album - the blowdrying/backcombing award of the year must go to miss celine dion...the hair on the cover is HUGE!!!

as to the album!

after the disappointing "one heart" this is much more a return to form its not perfect - a lot of different sounds - some work some dont!

"taking chances" was the first single release and it didnt do an awful lot. its not that great and very guitar driven - and celine gets drowned out by them. 5/10

"alone" a cover of the heart classic is a nice enough cover but not a patch on the original...maybe if celine had done a straightforward cover it would be amazing but the reworking doesnt quite work 7/10

"eyes on me" with its arabic vibe is brilliant! the song shows off her amazing vocals and power! would make a great single and with a great production could fill the dancefloors! 10/10

"my love" is a beautiful pop ballad and is another possible single. celine doing what she does best 9/10

"shadow of love" is a big american rock number! if she doesnt get sued by guns and roses as it rips off "sweet child o mine" to within an inch of its life...its good but i dont think celines vocals suit all this thrashy guitar rock 7/10

"surprise surprise" sounds like natalie imbruglia..its ok but doesnt show off celines great voice 7/10

"this time" is more like it...powerful soft rock that celine can deliver without getting lost 9/10

"new dawn" is a religious gospel track that drags on 4/10

"a song for you" is a simple song..the feel is almost burlesque...along the way you get a bit of a solitary violin..solitary piano..solitary works in a certain way..but it never quite gets to where you think its going 6/10

"a world to beleive in" is beautiful! typical celine pop ballad delivered to perfection 9/10

"cant fight this feeling" is all out rock and it doesnt suit celine..5/10

"i got nothing left" is brilliant...has all the trademarks of a celine classic...powerful vocals - delivered in a fragile way...for me the best song on the album! 10/10

"right next to the one" has a country/traditional irish lilt to it...its ok as an album track 6/10

"fade away" is another rock track! this music doesnt really suit celine....7/10

"thats just the woman in me" is all out blues...not something id play 5/10

"skies of l.a." is a bit dreamy and monotonous..not offensive..not amazing..just a song 6/10

well the album is a mixed bag..i prefer the celine we know and love and you get some of that on here (and i know every artist has to try new things) but some of the avenues she is trying dont suit her vocally or sound dated.

it has some high points but unlike some of her early album you could put on and press play and enjoy the ride..with this one you will have to programme your favourites!!!
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VINE VOICEon 13 November 2007
Fresh from her five year live residency at Las Vegas's Caesar's Palace, bilingual MOR chanteuse Celine Dion has completed two albums for release this year - the French language D'Elles and this Anglophone set, Taking Chances.

The sixteen tracks don't exactly gamble with a tried-and-tested formula, but there are some surprises here: amid the big production numbers from songwriters like Linda Perry and Billy Steinberg come subtler moments, like the Gentle piano & violin-led A Song For You, the Shakira-esque Eyes On Me with its middle-eastern seasonings and the charming little waltz Right Next To The Right One.

The title track (and lead-off single) is co-written by Eurythymics maestro Dave Stewart, and the cover of Heart's Alone is a creditable reinvention.

The deluxe version also contains a bonus DVD which trails the release of her Las Vegas show DVD, A New Day. The four tracks here include a racy cover of Stevie Wonder's I Wish and the Jennifer Rush anthem The Power Of Love and there's everything you could wish for in terms of frantic chorus boys, ten-foot plumed showgirls and a stage the size of an ice rink.

It's all the height of spectacle in terms of musical theatre, but maybe it says a lot about its production values that the most touching moments of all come in the sneak peeks of a meet-and-greet in which fans tell the diva exactly what she has meant to them. These glimpses of how music intersects with ordinary lives plainly touch the singer deeply.
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