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on 5 September 2017
although there were none of the original cast in this film it was still great
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on 11 March 2017
Great thanks!
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on 26 April 2017
didt like this film
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VINE VOICEon 10 November 2007
Lets be fair, this was made as a straight to DVD movie, and as such it's not half bad.The original movie wasn't that great, and I think they did a pretty good job on this sequel considering the budget constraints. In fact, its better than some of the mainstream "teen horror" tripe you see at the local cinema. Not particularly scary, but fairly gory and with some good effects, so definitely worth a rental. Oh, and if like me you are wondering where you've seen the guy who plays KYLE before, he was one of the stars of the ITV scifi series PRIMEVAL.
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on 19 January 2008
A pretty good straight to DVD low budget sequel to the underrated original. This definitely shows the budget constraints but there is plenty of cheesey acting, blood, elaborate deaths and pointless nudity of course. Just not up to the standard of the first one and not really scary. However it rises above most straight to DVD horrors. The plot maybe a bit wobbly about the evil in the house staying there due to an ancient statue worth millions but the effects are pretty decent and you could do far worse than this for an evenings viewing.......watch after the credits to!
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on 10 October 2015
Dull sequel for the sake of a sequel. Predictable. Poor plot. Poor everything.
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VINE VOICEon 19 August 2009
RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL is a straight to DVD/Blu Ray release and is the follow-up to the remake of HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. The film is fairly average but quite good fun, with more comedy ghosts than actually scary ones. The special effects are extremely over the top but the kills are very impressive to be honest with some very gory and imaginative ways of finishing off the characters.

The thing I liked most about this Blu Ray is, like the FINAL DESTINATION 3 DVD, that you can choose the path that the story follows as you get options on what a character should do as the film goes on which actually does have an effect on the plot as it progresses. Apparently there are 96 possibilities of what can happen and I have watched this film a couple of times now and have deliberately chosen different scenarios and the outcome does have a big effect later on in the film so you could watch this many times and not see the exactly the same film twice Unfortunately the picture quality on this Blu Ray edition is one of the worst I have ever seen on the format. It is very grainy with white dots on the darker areas of the screen for a majority of the film.

FILM - 2.5/5
SOUND - 5/5
EXTRAS - 5/5
OVERALL - 2.5/5
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on 21 March 2012

Following every mildly success film you are likely to find a sequel. By and large we accept that to be the case and I enjoy sequels, I don't hate them the way some people sound like they do.

The story in this case relates to a stone idol buried way down deep in the institute, purchased by the mad doctor as a collector of art. The problem being this idol of Baphomet, (a derivative of the devil), is probably what caused the once brilliant professor to go totally potty and start killing his patients instead of helping them. A gang of mercenaries, the sister of Sarah who survived the first visit, her fella and a horny professor. There was some facial origami, a guy had his intestines ripped out and randomly a couple of lady inmates who were apparently killed for having an affair.

The evil Dr Vannacutt himself gets more to do in this movie and seems less evil in a way, less ghostly and more real. You get only one scene that is reminiscent of the first movie when they enter the building, after that is a very different atmosphere and film. It isn't subtle things, it's full on gore and destruction.

I enjoyed it but it didn't have the same feel as the first.
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on 2 March 2012
although not as good as the first film it was still ok not as creepy but more gory.two sets of people go to the house to find an evil statue hidden somewhere in the house resulting in blood,gore,death and lesbianism yes you did read that right.this is the sort of film you could quite easily settle down to with a few beers and a bag of nuts,the reason i say this is because i enjoyed it more first time round after having had a few beers.the effects are good and the storys ok so sit back and enjoy.
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on 31 May 2015
Bought with some birthday money with a bunch of other £3 or less BDs I hadn't seen this film before. I'm lucky with this purchase as I really enjoyed it. Only one scene where they find the "Heart" of the house kind of spoiled it for me but modern horror films tend to have a nod scene to that classic cheesy feel some of the Greats have and this scene for me was it. Never mind. Though some of the acting was a bit flat and I felt the editing could have shortened some scenes a little to make it a bit more edgy Return to House on Haunted Hill is a great horror flick. There are some great Death scenes and some nice audio/image scenes of the flashbacks to how the patients were treated. I love audio and I love cool imagery so maybe this went a long way to me enjoying the movie. Don't expect a block buster and you should be quite satisfied with this Horror.

There is also a cool bonus item on this BD where you can decide who lives and who dies. When you load the disc for the first time you are presented with a screen giving you the option to "Watch the Directors version" or "Watch your version". Of course I watch the Directors version first but might get round to having a play with the 96 different scenarios and play the Grim Reaper myself one day
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