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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Nikon MB-D10 Battery Pack for D300 & D700
Price:£249.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 12 April 2010
This is very much a product you will either need and have a specific use for, in which case buy it - its great, or one when you might be unsure as to what you'll use it for in which case I would perhaps hold on to the cash. You will know what you need/want it for. I did not buy the MB-D10 not for any additional power supply needs (the on-board EN-EL3e does that perfectly well enough in my D300, and carrying a spare in my pocket is not exactly a chore) but for two very specific uses, so from these perspectives I can recommend this product very highly.

1) Vertical shooting: The grip provides a convenient additional shutter button, front and rear command dials and a multi-selector switch, all of which fits perfectly (to my hand at least) when the camera is used vertically. Until Nikon finally sort out my big moan (the aspect ratio), and build a square aspect SLR at a reasonable price there will always be a need for some vertical shooting, and the grip helps massively with this. Additionally, as you hold the grip along the length of the battery chamber in the vertical position you get a very firm and comforting hand held position - I've enjoyed using this very much indeed, and feel I'm getting a far better set of vertical hand-held results than before, even using non VR lenses such as the 85mm 1.8 at low light/low ISO settings.

2) Balance for longer lenses: Having had the great pleasure of using both versions of the 70-200 2.8 for Air Show work, and also for Grand Prix work, a larger lens always feels unwieldy with a non-gripped body. Very recently I shot the original 70-200 on a D90 (albeit a much lighter camera than my usual D300) with no grip attached - and the balance felt all wrong. Whilst you are adding weight and bulk to the set-up, the grip is almost essential for shooting with big lenses, and the balance provided is astonishing compared to a non-gripped body. It is of course all a comfort issue, but it works for me and that is the main factor.

This product will not improve your images one little bit (the caveat being what I said about low-light/low-iso/vertical shooting/non VR above), it is heavy and bulky, and there is a risk of looking somewhat geeky when walking down the street with a 'he-man' combo as somebody said they were so pleased to be seen with in another review. However, the grip isn't for life, can come and go as you need it, and does have some very helpful benefits in making the process of taking photographs easier. I leave my grip off unless I am specifically shooting vertically

Oh, and battery/power improvements - well, there are obviously power improvements in doubling your on-board batteries, either with another EN-EL3e or with the 8 x AA's. I've tried both. The additional oomph of another 2FPS with AA's or an optional EN-EL4 is fun for action stuff, (air shows etc for me) but completely unnecessary for virtually everything else I can think of. 6FPS should really already be fast enough! Power improvement was, as I said above, the last reason to make me buy this product.

As always with Nikon, the MB-D10 is very well made and presented. In the box you'll find the grip, with the EN-EL3e holder installed. There is then a small velour case enclosed with the AA battery holder inside it, and there is a chunky plastic cover for the gold contacts of the grip to keep them clean when not in use. Instructions and warranty card included in normal Nikon fashion.

This is a great product - have no hesitation in buying one if you feel you can use it beneficially, but there really is no need to get one if you will not.
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on 14 June 2009
There have been a number of negative points made from various sources regarding the design of this power grip. As a result I was reluctant to spend out on one at first. However having tried one in a local store I have found that the benefits in terms of handling, balance and shooting capacity for the camera body outweigh these by a clear margin.

The extra shooting capacity provided by using either a second EN-EL3e pack or a set of 8x AA Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries is very useful. The latter also giving the full 8 frames per second with the D300 body. The lack of a holder for the EN-EL4 series packs is a wise call by Nikon I believe, helping to keep unnecessary cost down. Few D300 users will be able justify the considerable expense of the EN-EL4 pack and charger set ( several hundred pounds ) just for use with a D300 / MB-D10 when almost all the benefits they offer can be realised by the purchase of a couple of cheap sets of AA Ni-Mh cells and a charger for around £25-£30. If you already use an EN-EL4 then the cost of the extra battery holder is probably justified.

With the MB-D10 fitted the EN-EL3e pack in the camera body needs to be changed very infrequently if left largely unused by sensible battery management in the MB-D10. In my case every 4-6 weeks, just to top it up and to rotate packs.

It could be said that the shape of the grip owes more to aesthetics than function as the internal space is not used very efficiently. In terms of handling the MB-D10 does offer extra stability and grip to the D300 body and adds extra leverage to the heel of the hand, in both landscape and portrait orientation. This leverage is useful in balancing longer telephoto zooms especially `pro' series lenses with their extra bulk and weight. Although this should be used with a little caution to avoid over stressing or distorting the lens mount on the camera body with these heavy lenses. The extra battery weight also helps to balance lenses with a tripod mount.

This is a great bit of kit to add to a D300 based system with the benefit it can be very quickly removed when the extra bulk or weight are an issue.
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on 15 January 2009
The MB-D10 is a great addition to the D700 camera, especially when used in Portrait mode.
Most cameras, the D700 included, feel a bit awkward in Portrait mode when using a heavy lens, and the MB-D10 addresses that effectively.
I've got nerve entrapment problems in my neck, meaning that raising my right arm to reach the normal trigger on the D700 in portrait is painful and awkward, but the MB-D10 solves that problem beautifully.

Only real criticism is regarding the battery capabilities - it covers up the battery already in the camera, necessitating the removal of the MB-D10 to access it, when it could have been possible to have 2 EN-EL3s with a little more design thought.
The necessity to buy a further adaptor to use an EN-EL4 is a bit of a bind - bad Nikon, go to the naughty corner!
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on 17 December 2011
Wonderful addition to my Nikon D700. Not only does it give me extra power, but the grip and overall feel of the camera has improved 100%. Highly recommended to any photographer with a Nikon camera.
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on 26 September 2011
I bought this mainly in order to be able to use ordinary AA batteries if for some reason the normal rechargable batteries ran out before I could recharge them. However it also provides a very comfortable grip when using the camera in portrait mode. Like most Nikon accessories it is not cheap, especially if you consider you need to purchase a further part if you want to use EN-EL4a batteries . I've been pleased with item and have no regrets about having purchased it
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on 21 April 2016
This is the 2nd one I've bought from amazon as I own 2 D700s . I had a generic one which was well made and worked fine and there was no problem with it at all , but the downside was that it's casing was made from plastic and I was always worried in case it got broke .With the Nikon MB-D10 Battery Pack I've got no worries at all and I have complete confidence in it not to let me down on a shoot...Even though it was a used one....
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on 14 November 2011
I bought this recently and had it on wile i was shooting a wedding and WAW!

First off! The added balance and comfort is worth the money alone to me! it feels really nice in your hands.

The Increase of FPS will be great for nature/ Sport photography.

The battery life was brilliant lasted me 11 hours shooting a wedding and I then just stuck in the AA battery pack that comes with it for another 5 hours. Works a treat.

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on 4 August 2009
I bought this to put on my D700 my main camera is a D3 the D700 felt too small and unbalanced so I put this on the camera. It did the trick other benefits are 8fps.To get this you have to fit a en-el4a battery in the battery pack or 8AA batteries, you wont get the extra burst rate using the D700 battery. Also you have to designate the camera to use the battery pack first. This is done in the camera menu its easy. Also I would recommend using lithium or Ni-MH 2700mah rechargeable batteries if you dont want to go to the expense of a en-el4a. You also have a shutter release button quite useful main and sub-command dials also useful. I dont find any of these controls a problem to use. As for having to take the pack of to get at the camera battery really this is less fiddly than changing a filter. I'm pleased I bought it but if you like the way your camera feels and dont want the extra burst rate save your money get another battery its cheaper. As for extra weight and size my wife uses the camera quite a lot she has no problem with this.
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on 31 December 2012
The battery holder is quite weighty and on my D300 Nikon I now have a solid feeling unit which balances well in portrait plane as well as landscape. It's all fairly substantial as a combination but that is how I like this camera to feel.
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on 12 March 2014
This is a second hand item and definitely shows signs of wear but is exactly as described. No issues and works very well. Will no longer need to worry about accidentally leaving my camera on half way through a wedding.
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