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on 25 July 2009
I looked at the reviews and thought, 'no it wont happen to me, my phone will be ok'. (the reviews i read stated that the phone kept cutting out, switching off, and the user kept readin 'no sim card'.
well all was fine with the mobile until it was around 6 months old. It now switches off and cuts out when im speaking on it. i look after my things and have taken great care of my phone so it isnt due to 'wear and tear'. Its become so unreliable now that i dont use it when im out on an evening as who wants to be out on an evening , wanting to call a cab and my mobile doesnt work. My niece (13yrs old) wanted it off me....i said no its going in the bin. i wouldnt want her to get stuck somewhere and cant call. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE. IF ONLY FOR YOUR SAFETY.
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on 22 December 2007
Brought this handset from launch mainly so i didn't have to take around my ipod,

First impression stunning!, looks were good media menu were PS3 style....

however this was short lived, walkman was EXTREMELY slow when going though menus, Why on a flash based memory?

Sound quality poor compared to previous sony phones, even w200i at £50 is clearer and louder? why?

Shake control, biggest gimmick on the phone market, why would anyone hold down the walkman button then shake the handset repeatly till it skips, (alternativly hold the down side button)

camera acceptable, but shouldnt just put the decent camera on their cyber shot range, could of atleast have a flash light.

Working in a phone shop alot of dodgy softwear causing the phone to reset is become quite common.

The phone is HSDPA which makes it a extremly good choice for mobile broadband (when linked to a laptop)

Bluetooth stereo works nicely

i would recomend this to any sony erriccson fan, but don't expect alot more than previous models
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on 17 August 2008
I have been using the w850i for the last 18 months and have to say I would give it a full 5 stars. Its big, solidly built (and I have dropped it a lot of times onto pavement) and has all the features I would have expected.

18 months down the line my contract finished and I was looking for a new phone. The w850i impressed me so much I wanted another sony ercisson and of a similar style. As I dont like small thin phones I decided the w910i would be the best choice.

This is a list of pro's and cons I have found compared to my old w850


1)The screen size is bigger and better
2)The phone and speakers from it sound better
3)Its a similar size and feels and looks impressive
4)It has a camera at the front for video calls (not that i do them)


1) The camera appears to have dropped in quality (however in inbuilt software for the camera has improved...not enough to make the pictures better than the w850)
2) The buttons are not pressed as easy (i do have big hands and it takes me just a tad longer to make sure i press the right button... takes a while to get used to like most new phones)
3) The charge up and ear piece connector is now located on the left side of the phone as opposed to the bottom, this means that if you want to listen to music using the earphones and use a non branded phone case, you cannot connect them in. (this con obviously depends if you use a phone case etc, but it can feel bulky in the pocket connecting it to the side)


Its a good phone but it is not an improvement on the old w850 model just another version/style of it. I am keeping this phone and not reverting back to my old one as it feels and looks good. But if you are looking at paying extra to upgrade then dont. As a new phone then yes it will be a good purchase
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on 30 July 2008
I have written a review about this phone about a month a go about how good it was as it was working perfectly. Now I have brought a new phone because it broke. Everybody that I have spoken to that has HAD this phone has said in a couple of months and it will brake.. they were right, mine is now in the bin. Its a lovely phone especially for girls but it kept freezing and turning half off which means you couldnt use any of the functions but the bright light wasted all the battery. There is no point getting it repaired apparently because it comes back and does exactly the same. I love sony ericsson and now have the new cybershot C902 but this is poor and all the new sony ericssons do exactly the same functions and more as the W910i.
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on 4 November 2007
I bought the W910i a week ago to replace my W880i. I used it for a day and have decided to sell it and stick with my W880i. Here's why.

The phone boasts a fair amount of new features. Unfortunately most of them turn out to be gimmicks. The "shake control" feature is the worst. To get it to work, you need to hold the walkman key and flick your wrist to the right. This is quite a lot of effort, as it requires a pretty firm flick. I showed my brother the feature and he laughed out loud at its ridiculousness. It is a lot easier just to press the right navigation key, and so I consider the shake control feature to be counterproductive and pointless.

The second new feature is the motion sensor ("auto-rotate"). What you're not told is that auto-rotate only works in the walkman player. Also, it's a bit temperamental. In its defence, the motion sensor does add a different dimension to gaming as you can control the game by rotating the phone.

I found texting to be very difficult on the W910i, and I have small fingers. The buttons are right next to each other, with no gaps, resulting in the wrong key being pressed quite often. The phone comes with a FM radio, with Stereo and RDS, which the W880i does not have. However, SE don't appear to have moved very fair on their radios since the K750i - move ten feet and your previously crystal clear sound is now fuzzy.

The W910i comes with a standard 2 megapixel camera which takes very good pictures in the day and very bad pictures at night due to the lack of flash. Once again, SE have not moved forward in this area - the camera is the same if not worse than the one on the 3-year-old K750i.

Points in favour of the W910i:
The main good point about the W910i is the design. It is relatively slim (12.5mm) and light (86g), has a huge, crystal clear screen, and has something a bit edgy about it which separates it from the usual Samsung/Nokia designs, and would surely appeal to the youth market a lot more.

Secondly, the W910i comes with Sony Ericsson Media Manager v1.0, which is infinitely better than the terrible software that comes with previous walkman phones. You can convert the format and bit rate of tracks upon transfer. Also, you can use the SenseMe technology to put your tracks on a kind of graph so you can select tracks by mood.

The in-ear headphones supplied with the phone produce amazing sound quality and superb bass response (courtesy of the MegaBass feature). A 1GB memory card is included, which will store over 500 tracks. The GUI of the walkman player has been changed for the W910i and it looks much nicer and slicker than on the previous walkman phones. However, the price you pay is that the menus are very slow, and you often have to wait for the phone to catch up when scrolling through tracks.

On the whole, the W910i is a disappointing addition to the set of walkman phones. It doesn't really improve on its predacessor, the W880i, and yet comes with a very hefty price tag. If you like your phones stylish, they don't come much better than this. If you actually want some substance beneath the style, it may be best to steer clear.
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on 9 October 2008
this is my second handset - first one stopped working in the same way as described elsewhere - the red light stays on, it sporadically fails to start, then stops working altogether. This new handset (6 months or so) - well, i looked after it even more carefully than the first one. Now it says cannot charge a non-sony battery, which isn't true - it's the same battery as before! I think I will have to give up on sony ericsson and consider switching!

well, yes, when it works, it works very well, the picture screen is nice and big, the buttons a bit finnicky, does have radio and mp3 player, expandable with a memory card, looks neat and slides... but how many new handsets do i have to get per year!?
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on 7 March 2008
I was offered a free upgrade to this phone. I accepted before I found out more.

My last phone was a SE w810i so I'll compare it to that.

Mini menu on front page to access phone book, calls, texts, calendar, etc (that may have been put on by Orange, though).
Very clear screen.
Predictive text not only tries to predict your current word but, when you're finished that one, it tries to predict the next word (my favourite feature).
Text message memory (and memory of previous people contacted by text) seems to have been expanded.
Charger has socket in back of it so it looks like you can use another device at the same time as charging phone.
Very good at finding a signal (I could use it in places that I couldn't use my w810i).
It's a slide phone so you can unlock it just by sliding it open.
The half moon buttons have gone so it's easier to press the right key.
The navigation key is bigger so it's easier to use.
The calendar tells you, on the front page, how many reminders you have for the current day.

Whilst the battery lasts a few days it seems that it's not as long as my old w810i.
Reputed to be unreliable (I've had not problems as yet). I've taken a star off for that as the reports are so numerous that I've got my old phone a new sim in case my new phone breaks down.
It seems to take longer to pick up e-mails (but that could just be down to Orange network traffic).
There is no flash/light for the camera.

Just different:
The keys are a lot flatter (to enable the sliding) so that does take a little getting used to.
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on 18 September 2008
What can I say that has not been said. Approach this phone with caution. I am now on my 5th handset. All have been fine when I get them and then the software starts to fail after about a month. The phone switches itself off and on comes the little red light on the back meaning you have to remove the battery or wait for a lifetime for it to restart.
The positive is that the walkman is great.
If you enjoy having a monthly fight with the high street retailer that sold it to you, then this is the phone for you.
If you want a phone that is reliable look elsewhere.
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on 12 January 2009
I have had Sony Ericssons since the T610, I love them!! I have had this one for 9 months and at first I couldn't fault it, I had read so many bad reviews but thought too many people were just being picky! But wow! I am sooooo disappointed with SE!! I absolutely LOVE everything about the design of the phone, the camera and lack of flash and low mega pixels don't bother me (if you want more, buy a camera!!..IT'S A PHONE!!) but it keeps on freezing and switching itself off for no reason at all!! it does this at least 3-4 times a day, it can be either while I'm in the middle of a call or texting a mate or it can be while it's just sat next to me doing nothing! I took it back to the O2 shop as it was still under warranty, they sent it away for repair 3 times and then they replaced the handset for a new one. Woohoo!! New phone!! But after a week, this one has started doing it too! Now I know that it's not just me as my sister and her fiance have the same phone and their's have been doing it too and they are on Orange so it has to be the phone. There's no point taking it back to O2 as they will just do the same again, I'll just have to wait for my contract to run out.....only 9 more months to go!!
I will get another SE
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on 13 March 2008
I'm sorry, but the guy who gave this phone only 1 star is obviously working for Sony' competitor. Everything he said was bogus, except the bit about the camera.

The camera isn't the greatest, but from what I've learned about the consumer electronics industry, is that these companies never make the 'perfect' product with all the best bells and whistles, for an affordable price. If you want the perfect phone, then go for the Nokia N95. It's got it all.

However, I love my W910i, because it does 90% of what the Nokia N95 does, but it's slim and easy in the pocket!

I travel ALOT for work on the trains back and forth to London. 4 1/2 hours each way. What I wanted was a phone that was cool, could slip into my pocket easily, had a kick-butt MP3 player, and that I could watch movies on. This phone is perfect.

I can listen to all my best MP3's at full 128-bit quality, no compression for hours.

I also ripped loads of DVD's from my personal collection like MIAMI VICE, BACK TO THE FUTURE, and MICHAEL CLAYTON, and shrunk them to go on my phone. SO, I can sit on a train for hours watching full movies on my little phone. The screen is 2.4" wide, so when I rotate it sideways (contrary to Mr. Grumpy's review up top there) I can watch beautiful quality movies with perfect sound through my headphones in true widescreen. It may seem small, but it's actually quite large, and you won't remember after a few seconds.

There are loads of other cool gadgets on the phone, but I don't use them so much, so it's not fair for me to comment on those.

What was once a long and uncomfortable 4.5 hour train ride, is now a pleasure that I look forward to.

Good job Sony.

And no, I don't work for Sony...
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