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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2007
First thing you notice is just how small it is! The design is nice, not anything too different, but very nice to look at and hold.The supplied headphones are great.
Video quality is astounding, but the sound quality is what sets it apart from the rest. its in a class of its own.
Also, good news for ps3 owners, as they go together perfectly. Example: import cd on to ps3, plug walkman in, then copy over. simple.
works the same for videos and pictures.
the few cons that i can muster arent too serious:

1:yes there is no radio, but for me thats not an issue.
":there's no on the fly deleting, again, not too much of an issue, as i dont really see the point.
3:no screen protector or case...dissapointing
buy now, you will not be disapointed.

p.s: buy a case or screen protector as soon as possible.
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on 14 March 2008
Never a fan of the Ipod, I bought a 1 gb Sony MP3 a while back that used the SonicStage software (which wasn't as bad as most people seemed to think, but was clumsy). Also it had no rechargeable battery. Now, finally, Sony have got it right. An Ipod beater with drag-and-drop and an outstanding battery life. On top of that, it's simple to use (not even looked at the manual yet) and has a sound quality to die for. It's taken them a while to get there but, at last, Sony have cottoned-on to what the market needs and supplied it.

I bought a refurb version from Hyperfi (which is absolutely perfect, just no box) but I see the Amazon *new* price is nearly the same now - I'm going to buy another for my wife now.

Oh, and I also bought one of those FM transmitter gizmos for the car - the sound through the car radio is even better than playing CD's.
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on 9 March 2008
i suppose if you are looking at this page, you will either have decided that ipods are not for you, or you are thinking that you might look at some other products before biting the bullet and getting an ipod. either way, you can be sure that this player is great.

battery life: IPOD, 24 hours; WALKMAN, 33 hours
ease of use: IPOD, horrible click wheel; WALKMAN, simple, easy
ease of file transfer:IPOD, itunes library; WALKMAN, drag and drop
sound quality: IPOD, terrible headphones; WALKMAN, good headphones
settings: IPOD, equilizers; WALKMAN, equilizers + VPT surround
video quality: IPOD, good; WALKMAN, good
video settings: IPOD, none; WALKMAN, orientation settings
extras: IPOD, games, calenders etc.; WALKMAN, none
price: IPOD, £90; WALKMAN, £70
looks: IPOD, great; WALKMAN, great
music formats: IPOD, mp3; WALKMAN, mp3, wma, aac

as you can see, the only thing that the ipod wins on is extras. after playing around with the games you find they bore you to death. with the calendar, you can't even add entries on the go, so what's the point?

just adding to the review, the only problem that i found is that after being so amazed at the quality, i wish i had got the 8GB version.

one thing with the video (this problem is the same with the ipod nano), this player can hold good quality, but a full feature action packed movie just wont really work. on all the fast scenes, the video gets blurred. however, the screen size is only really good for hour long programmes at the most. try getting some episodes of the simpsons etc on there (i did using a dvd ripper i bought called IMTOO DVD Ripper Platinum). they look great!

oh, and of course, sound quality is far superior to ipod. and seriously, this is coming from a guy who is new to digital music. there really is a notable difference.

finally, with the walkman, you get the reliability of a sony.
could you ask for more?
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on 13 March 2008
I bought this SONY MP3 player last week while I was hunting one online for my wife.
I always end up buying from Amazon, their service and pricing are difficult to beat.
I have been playing my 4GB SONY and have been completely blown away by the quality of this cute little machine. It looks stunning, it feels stunning and it plays just amazing, so easy to use; just drag & drop from Windows Vista.
My only disappointment are the headphones. Though this is not a major problem, Sony have made one of the leads shorter to one ear piece and it feels like it will fall out, but doesn't. I've ended up tying the two ear piece leads together further down the main lead, so they are the same length.The sound quality is just great. Also, it needs the extension lead(which SONY supply) as the headphones are too short without (made for migdets I guess?), shame they didnt think about this before hand.
Having said all that, this is one pretty wondeful piece of kit.
I had a 'ZEN' for two years, but this SONY is just on another level.
My wife is so impressed with my new 4Gb, that I have just ordered the 8Gb for her as she wants to listen to audio books which needs more memory.
Highly recommended.
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on 6 May 2008
After some extensive internet research, looking for a 4GB mp3 player that didn't cost as much an Apple i-pod I started to look at the Sony Walkman range. When I saw the NWZA816 for less than 70 quid on Amazon I decided to part with my cash and placed my order. My player arrived in about 3 days (free Del) and I was really impressed with it's compact size and it's solid feel.
Navigating through the menu is as simple as your average mobile phone and loading music files onto the unit has proved to be very easy.
This is probobly due to fact that I have a new P.C. with Windows Vista and the latest version of Windows Media Player (11) installed.
Windows automatically loaded the correct driver and now instantly recognises the player each time it is connected to my P.C.
Windows Media Player opens a pane down the side of the window into which you drag and drop music files from your music library, then you click on "sync" and it's done.
On playback sound quality is good using the supplied in ear phones (although I prefer to use my Sennheiser PX100 compact 'on ear' phones), the screen is nice and clear and once fully charged the battery power lasts for ages.
If Sony had supplied a couple of basic accessories i.e. a simple pouch/case and strap I would have awarded this lovely little player 5 stars
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Before I start, I'd just like to say I eventually settled for the 8GB version, as it's only 10 quid extra! So here's my review for that model, though its exactly the same package apart from the memory...

I was prepared to write a vast review, praising this beautiful little player. After seeing the sheer amount of 5 Star comments however, my work is cut out! And rightly so - this Media Player is just amazing for the price. Therefore, i'm just going to point out the Positives and Negatives (of which their are few!)


- Box contents is impressive; you even get a little Cradle to put the player in when not in use, for on your coffee table or even charging. Theirs enough paperwork to satisfy even the dumbest person (or that of hundreds of languages), and the headphones are just beautiful! I believe they're worth about 30 quid too.

- You can drag and drop files using Windows Explorer - a massive bonus. Gone are the days of awful SonicStage software, and this is just one big step up from having to use iTunes for iPod's. I managed to transfer 29 albums in about 12 minutes, which say's it all really.

- The screen - wow! Very crisp and clear, and still easy to see in daylight thanks to Sony's use of Bravia. My player came pre-installed with the Spiderman 3 trailer, which is very impressive even on this 2" screen. You'll need additional software to re-size and compress movies for this player however.

- Sound Quality is top-notch. I've always believed in Sony for having the best sound quality, though dodgey software in the past has always led me to other brands. Not such the case anymore! The bass is deep, the Hi-Hats are incredibly crisp, and you also have an array of options to customise your experience.


Their are only a few things I can fault with the package, but they are more or less 'logical' things...

- The CD-ROM provided doesn't include software for converting movie files, or editing their aspect ratio/dimensions. Bit of a blow, but I found some free-ware on Google.

- The headphones suffer from a similar problem to that of many 'Creative' pairs - you can sometimes "hear" any movement made on the headphone wire, because it's very thin. And because of the around-the-neck design, it may get a tad annoying if you're in a quiet area. But if you're out and about, it doesn't bother you.

- No carry case/pouch included. This is a bit of a bummer as the screen is very shiny, so I recommend protecting your player with a case. I'm suprised Sony didn't include, what should be, an easy to make accessory.

- Though it states 8GB of memory, my player only has 7.3GB free. I know any solid-state media player should never be rounded up to the suggested memory size, but 700mb is still alot of space missing.

I don't have the same opinion that other's have over the 'dedicated' USB cable. Lets face it - the memory is around 8GB. When are you ever going to transfer music away from your home computer?

Overall, I'm made up and couldn't think of a better media player for the price. Consider this: You could pay 79.99 for a Media Player with 8GB of memory, the best sound quality on any music player I've heard to date, headphones worth 30 quid, a battery that lasts around 30 hours, and the ease of dragging files over using Windows...

Or you pay 115.99 for an iPod nano that's only got 4/3 and a half Star review rankings, has less battery life, firmware problems, dodgy screens, and headphones that conk out after a few months. It's your choice...
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on 27 September 2007
Fantastic mp3 sound quality (and picture quality on video), plus amazing battery life. No software to complicate loading my music any more - just drag and drop ... couldn't be easier!
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on 30 December 2007
After having owned two ipods before, and both having MAJOR battery problems i opted to try something different. As soon as i opened the box i was amazed at how sleek the sony NWZ is. Its a beautiful gadget. I can only say good things about it. Battery life is so far Phonemenal. 30 hours on a single charge. And putting songs on is so easy. Having been a Windows media player guy the sync option is perfect. I would reccomend to anyone. Yes ipods are beautiful, but Sonys are far superiour in Useability. Only one point thats rather annoying, no mains charger supplied. Seems they took a leaf out of apples book.
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on 7 March 2008
I looked for an mp3 player that had at least 2GB capacity and a decent battery life, I originally purchased the 'Creative Zen Stone Plus 4GB Black' from Amazon but it must have had a defective battery because it died after 5½ hours. After a refund I had a good look around and was drawn in by the great reviews for this 'Sony NWZA816B 4GB video walkman MP3', the positive reviews were spot on.
The sound quality is amazing, the pictures are clear and crisp and video playback is smooth. A major selling point for me was the claim of "33Hrs Music Battery Life". After fully charging the player and leaving it to play music non-stop it finally needed recharging after a staggering 40 hours, way beyond what I had hoped for.
I haven't found anywhere selling this item cheaper than Amazon.
I've bought a protective cover for it so that it will hopefully last for ages.
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on 4 February 2008
I got one of these for Christmas at the same time my daughter got an ipod classic.The difference in sound quality is embarassing,why anyone would choose an ipod over one of these I don't know. There are too many sheep out there who buy cos of the name. If you are going to buy one of these treat yourself to a pair of sony mdr-v150 headphones, they are cheap and if like me sometimes you get fed up with in ear phones these will blow you away. (only for indoor use or you will look like a nob going down the street with them on). All in all a great all round quality piece of kit,made even better if you are up to scratch with your windows media player,album covers all sync across if you are.
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