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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2008
I actually have the 16gb model but considering that most people are probably contemplating the 32gb version now I thought it might be useful to post some general observations applicable to the Touch in general here.

In no particular order:-

- I've had several different Ipods and my only two gripes with previous models have been poor battery life and the ease with which they scratch - surprisingly the Touch's screen is very resiliant and despite the size and brightness of the screen I find the battery life to be really good. I have noticed some scuffs on the back, so I've recently invested in a case, but the screen is very tough. (Be nice if Apple provided at least a basic cover in the bundle!)

- Sound Quality - this will depend A LOT on the earphones you use. The earphones that come bundled with all Ipods are hopeless. If you think they're good, it's because you've never listened to your Ipod through a decent set of earphones. My strong advice to anyone contemplating buying any Ipod is pay that bit extra for some good earphones. My favouries are Shure (they range from about £50 to £250 but even the bottom of the range is head and shoulders above the bundled Ipod earphones). Other decent makes include Eyetomic, Ulitmate Ears and Denon. If you can afford to add some decent earphones to your order you will really benefit from a boost in sound quality.

- Using the touch screen is very easy to get used to and quickly becomes second nature. However, using your fingers means that it does inevitably get a bit smeared after a while (yes I do have clean hands!) so be prepared to give it a wipe from time to time. I have also found that if my hands are quite cold it can seem a bit slower to respond when I touch the screen - not a significant issue though.

- It definitely has that wow factor - it's just a very nice looking piece of kit.

- The Touch is the only Ipod I've had that doesn't suffer from occasional freezing - I've not had to reset it once despite several months of daily use.

- The calander is pretty pointless, as you can't add entries to it - you can just sync it to your PC.

- Video quality is very good (depending on the quality of the source material of course)

One final thought - People moaning about the capacity of MP3 players seems something of a red-herring to me; capacity isn't a hidden factor - you buy the player with the capacity you need/want. If you're like me, you don't listen to all of your music all of the time. I have a pretty sizeable collection but even without regular management of songs I've found 16gb to be fine, so 32gb should be fine for all but the heftiest of collections.

Overall, unless you're fixated by having a massive memory capacity in your MP3 player, I'd recommend the Touch (and some decent earphones)

Hope these observations help with your choice.
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on 26 March 2008
I bought an iPod touch with some trepidation. I had a bad experience with an iPod Photo a few years back: it would never sync with my PC reliably and kept losing album art. Having always been a loyal Sony buyer, I ditched it and went for a 20GB NW-HD3 instead.

However, technology moves on and once again I found myself looking for a music player. While reading various reviews, I happened on Stephen Fry's website. Besides his many other achievements, Fry is a rabid technophile and fierce advocate (and owner) of all things Apple. He views possession of an iMac as a prerequisite for a well-rounded life and if I'd asked for his advice, no doubt I would be told sagely, "iPod, therefore I am."

Fry says of the iPhone, the touch's more communicative sibling, that it provides "a digital experience in the literal sense of the word. The user's digits roam, stroke, tweak, tweeze, pinch, probe, slide, swipe and tap across the glass screen forging a relationship with the device that is like no other."

With its identical interface, the iPod touch can be similarly described. First impressions are that it is innovative, appealing and so far very reliable. Wi-fi 'true' web browsing is a plus - especially the ability to add songs direct from the iTunes website. I won't go into an exhaustive list of other features as that can be found on Amazon's product page.

There are some niggles. Text entry is something that needs practising: the virtual buttons are so close together that it's easy to input the wrong one - but this can be avoided if you don't lift your finger and slide it to the intended character. Also, although I found the iTunes software to be a vast improvement on its earlier incarnation (it can now sort solo artists by surname, for example), be careful when adding similarly titled albums (such as "Greatest Hits"). In its album search and cover flow modes, the iPod treats all tracks from these as belonging to one album, regardless of artist. Apple is apparently aware of the problem but a workaround is to use all the 'sort by' fields for track and album artist and then insert a different number of blank spaces after the title of each affected album. The iPod will then list them separately.

A case is absolutely essential. I noticed on my old iPod that the chrome back was susceptible to scratch marks (seemingly appearing out of nowhere) and the touch is no different. Some sort of protector for the screen is also desirable, as the supplied one will soon start to lift.

Despite these quibbles, this has to be a contender for the best multimedia device out there at the moment. Hell, my next computer might even be a Mac!
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on 28 February 2008
The iPod touch was fantastic when it first launched - but shame about only 16gb being the max capacity. I got the 32gb version as soon as it came available, and it's superb! I can fit my considerably music and podcast library on it, plus plenty of videos from iTunes too.

The wi-fi is great, and with the mail software, I don't need to keep going up to my desktop to check my mail, and the Safari web browser works surprisingly well, and is really usable, despite the small screen.

If you have a big iTunes library, the 32gb iPod touch is truly the ultimate iPod! Highly recommended.
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on 6 April 2008
I've been using a 32GB touch since release, previously owning iPod mini and nano models. For those of you out there still using older iPod models, make no mistake - the Touch is a huge leap forward in technology.

Reasons to buy:

- as with all iPods, a breeze to link up and manage large music and video collections via iTunes
- simply gorgeous touchscreen technology that is immediately responsive and intuitive to use
- fully functional web browsing with Safari and transfer of Bookmarks (Favourites) from your Mac/PC
- easy WiFi connection (in my experience) - it recognised my Netgear network immediately and linked with no problems. The coverage is better than any other desktop or laptop that I own and works in parts of the house that have never received coverage before
- multiple new features on recent software upgrade and many more expected with recent release of the Apple SDK
- ample memory to deal with even the largest music and photo libraries - how much music can you listen to at once anyway?
- transfer of DVDs to iTunes makes watching full length films on the Touch easy - 3rd party freeware needed - I recommend Handbrake for Mac users, easily available and self explanatory
- etc. etc. etc. !

Reasons not to:

- er......price? But you'll get over it.
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on 23 April 2008
I have been through the ipod range, including the 5th gen 30gb video ipod, i've never had many issues. My only gripe has only ever been the battery life. The ipod touch has bowled me over, it really is pretty amazing. It's tiny in comparison to 5th gen video yet it doesn't feel too delicate. The itouch is a touch of class, it's eye grabbing, people want to play with it all the time and above all it's sexy. The new 3.5" screen is something to behold, great for photo viewing, video watching etc and the fact its touchscreen controlled just gets you excited.

The safari web browser so far has been fine, i've been able to surf, check emails and even internet bank. It's not compatible with flash so you can't watch videos on bbc for example, but it is compatible with bbc iplayer - pretty cool. Itunes is a basic version, but if you buy yr music online then this is amazing - i personally don't i prefer cd's - but this will be so tempting as i'm away lots. Incidently, I'm using a bt home hub and its been perfect so far, even from the bedroom.

I have about 6 films on mine at the mo, the picture quality isn't amazing but I think thats more to do with my actual file size than the ipod. However, it's more than watchable and only the over critical would complain. The photo element is really exciting, having friends/family around the country i can take my latest collection with me and feel i'm showing quality photos to people and not a thumb nail version.

The calendar is fine, and just to clarify a point from another review you can make entries, quite easily in fact. You can even add alerts to yr entries :-) the maps, weather and stocks tabs are gimicks but all the same quite handy if yr in to that kind of thing. The contacts appear a little limited but i must confess haven't really explored that much, don't think i will either thats what my mobile is for.

Sounds great, but not with normal headphones - i think we all know that though. I have a pair of Bose noise reductions and i never really thought i see such a difference. Wow - you really can tell. I love the fact you can browse by the album covers too, this for me is fantastic, album covers are part of the experience of music. The battery life i have to say is, so far, better than my old ipod.

I have 3256 songs, 6 2hr films, 5000 photos and still have 8.4gg - i resisted the 16gb for obvious reasons, i like choice and having a 30gb video ipod i would have never gone backwards. I'm glad i resisted, even though i have paid top dollar for what can only be described as a 'toy' i know i'll use it a lot. Yes its expensive and i think it's a disgrace you don't get a sleeve/cover at least (although the sleeve i got with my old ipod has come in really handy - perfect fit) shame on apple really! It's for this reason alone i've knocked off 1 star - money grabbers - but hey welcome to the real world. A few glitches exist, turning it portrait to landscape can sometimes take a second for the software to catch up - but i think an update will sort this out. It's also compiled 3 greatest hits albums into 1 - but again this is the beauty of software updates.

You'll get over the price, and it really is a step up from 5th gen ipods. No regrets at all. I challenge you not to love it.
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on 13 May 2008
When you first unbox it, it looks like the sleekest music player you will ever find. Super thin and almost completely smooth, it does really feel like something that should be displayed, and not used...
As previous reviews state, a case is a must to keep it that way (although it's not the screen, but back that you are protecting, unlike usual mp3 players).

Upon use, it is fairly responsive, and if using with headphones, the clicks when you press buttons make up for the lack of tactile feedback. Using is easy, and most people probably won't even need to consult the quickstart guide to start playing music as the touchscreen is extremely intuitive to use. Sound quality is more than satisfactory, especially with your own decent headphones, and is far more than enough for on-the-go music. The 32GB is enough for a fair sized music collection, plus a few movies and some other videos

As the latest ipod, this one outperforms all the ones before it, as you would expect. Easier and faster song searching, luscious looking pictures, and larger sharper videos define it. Coverflow is natural, and looks very good... presuming you have already got album art, or else quite a bit of effort will be required to make it look like it should.

The features and included applications are easy to use, and useful for on the go stuff, although unlike the iPhone, the limit to wifi limits complete freedom, but considering the cost and speed of using the iPhone outside of a wireless signal, it's not a great loss.

But if you are buying this purely for a music player, then you might as well buy an iPod classic... not because the Touch is bad, but rather because it is too good. As a music player it is admirably good, but it can be so much more...

To merely listen to music and watch a few videos, you are completely missing the point... as a device, its potential has only just been scratched. The multi-touch technology provides a more unique interface, allowing the speed and useability of a mouse on the go. The accelerometer (rotation sensor) as shown in recent presentations, has the possibilty of bringing thw uniqueness of the Wii to a portable device. And the ability for everyone to develop applications for it for free allows the potential for applications that will blow your mind...
Whilst the latest software update gives users the applications they probably deserved to start with, the update promised for the end of June (2008) promises to allow the touch to go places no other gadget has gone before.
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on 3 June 2008
Bought the 32Gb Touch a few weeks ago. It has to be the best one yet. Don't listen to those who say "if you want an iPod get a classic or a Nano, if you want the touchscreen get the iPhone" - total rubbish.

For me the 32Gb is enough, the screen size and quality is second to none. The sound quality is what you'd expect from Apple - excellent. As always the standard Apple earphones arnt top notch (though may I suggest the £50 Sennheiser CX 95 Style's). Other bonuses are the apps, the revolutionary design, its looks and status! The video playback, battery life, etc.

And of course, like with all Apple products - the packaging for the Touch is wonderful.

I was on the fence for months as whether to get the Classic or the Touch .... I made the right choice! :D

You wont be sorry.

P.S. Make sure you get a case........scratches will appear too easily!
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on 10 March 2008
Just some comments on review that I have seen here.

1. WiFi: I've seen a comment about not being able to connect to the BT router. I never had this problem, neither have my friends who own the iPod touch 16GB
2. Sound quality: the earphones that come with the iPod are absolutely useless. To increase the sound quality radically you do NOT have to spend 100s of pounds. iStuff Sound Isolating Earphones work extremely good with the iPod touch and cost only £8.99.
3. Calendar and Contacts: Contrary to some reviews you can add your own contacts and calendar events directly on the iPod. The very first version of the firmware did not allow you to that which was fixed way back in October 2007.

In addition there are a whole bunch of really nice and exciting applications out there. Currently you can only use them if you hack your iPod, but Apple is very soon publishing an official API for iPhone and iPod that will allow Application developers to "officially" write new apps for the iPod/iPhone.
My only criticism was the limited memory which has been addreessed by the 32GB version.
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on 26 May 2008
So what's the point of the iPod Touch? It's an iPhone without the phone isn't it? That's certainly what it seemed when it first came on the market. At that point the small memory made it more an expensive Nano than a new kind of iPod. But the arrival of the 32Gb model changes all that. It now has a big enough capacity to be regarded as the ultimate iPod - with some fun extras.

And that was the breakthrough realisation I had: it was worth buying one just as an iPod. It is true that the other functionality far exceeds most other handheld devices. Its web browsing is beautiful, simple and quick, and you can zoom in or out of the page by a pinching motion of your fingers on the screen: extraordinary. The direct access to YouTube, Safari, e-mail etc is also elegant and fun.

But the fact remains that in the UK there are still relatively few Wi-Fi hot spots where you can enjoy this functionality. If you live in New York it would be a different matter. But even in London you would find a palm device which uses a phone connection more effective (and I gather the iPhone swaps between a phone web connection and Wi-Fi depending on the best available option).

So, for all the great features, the iPod Touch stands or falls by its status as an iPod. And here it stands tall. The quality of the display is gorgeous. All the search mechanisms delight you even the hundredth time you use them. Seeing the album art swivel to display track information, or the whole screen change format as you turn the device on it side, is simply magical. And when it comes to photos and video the screen really comes into its own. You could happily watch a movie on this screen.

Sometimes the touch sensitivity can frustrate: you scroll through playlists by touch, but you also select by touch - so getting the right kind of touch is a knack. And sometimes the responsiveness of the screen to touching the pause and play buttons isn't all it could be. But you'll find yourself forgiving these lapses.

If you regard your current iPod as simply an MP3 player then you have no need for the Touch. But if you also regard your iPod as the kind of design achievement that demonstrates that humans are still evolving, then a Touch will confirm your status as a top notch Homo Sapiens.
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on 12 March 2008
The Good:
Finally an iPod interface I think is any good. Cover flow IS cool!
Overall design does make it stand out from other mp3 players.
Again - god damn its thin - I think it has an eating disorder!
Wi-FI, net, calender, maps, calculator, weather and e-mail.
The sleekest unlock method ever!

The Bad:
Cost!!!!!! (can get over it when you understand its flash based - just!)
Cannot be used like normal external hard drive - have to use with iTunes
Lack of video playback formats compared to other PVP.

The Ugly:
I don't think so!!!
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