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on 29 December 2007
When I started looking for a HD TV last month I did all the usual and read loads of online reviews.

After a while my brain began to hurt. Artifacts this, screen smear that, black levels the other. Reviews showing graphs that made no sense, technical details that would baffle a rocket scientist. Well all I wanted was a good telly.
I eventually decided on the Samsung F86 40", the reviews were good and above all it was cheaper than a lot of its rivals.

When it arrived I was a little nervous as all reviews I had read of LCD tellys said that the picture from a SD source was not as good as on a CRT TV. WHAT, I can tell you now I was blown away by the vibrant colours and clarity of the picture. I always watch through my Sky plus box but even the built in Freeview is very very good. The analogue picture is also good and it was rubbish on my old TV (A 5 year old Sony).

Visitors came round and remarked at how good the picture was and how they would have to invest in this HD malarkey. They were somewhat shocked when I pointed out that the TV was only showing the standard definition sky picture, I haven't even got a HD box yet. The picture in my opinion is that good. Can't wait to see what it looks like wit a SKY HD box connected.

Gaming is also excellent , have my X Box 360 connected via HDMI cable and it looks marvellous.

There are loads of connections on the back and side for things like scart, hdmi etc. The sound is very good, its better than my stereo and sounds great when I plug my Creative Zen Vision M in to it.

In conclusion if you want a large LCD TV that won't break the bank and looks amazing even with a bog standard Sky/Freeview signal then you can't go far wrong with this baby.
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VINE VOICEon 1 February 2008
Spending Power + Research = Choice.

Okay, it's not exactly E=MC Squared, but my energy has nonetheless been converted very nicely into matter in the shape of SAMSUNG's LE40F86. It's solid, stylish and futureproof, with every connection you could possibly need. And while pictures through the built-in FREEVIEW look impressive, they're even better via HDMI enabled sources - I'm currently using a PANASONIC 1080i upscaling DVD recorder with digital tuner and the vibrancy of the image is fantastic. The same applies with regular DVDs via HDMI.

There are lots of manual adjustments you can make to the default sound and picture settings and it's certainly worth spending a bit of time playing around with them. I'm personally not taken with the MOVIE PLUS feature as it seems to imbue film images with a rather artificial video sheen and, to my eyes, the trade-off with (marginally) improved motion-tracking isn't worth it.

However, connect a PS3 or similar Hi-Def player to the Samsung and, oh my, the picture just leaps off the screen and into your face. Images are simply amazing and give true meaning to the term 1080P FULL HD. And, crucially, this is where the benefits of buying into a decent quality manufacturer pay their dividends. You just don't have the disappointments associated with lesser makes and inferior components.

The sound is pretty much what you'd expect from 10W per channel. Not great but perfectly adequate on a daily basis. Bass is reasonably deep though slightly boxy, and treble reproduction in SRS TRUSURROUND has an above-average grasp of the high frequencies. I would suggest feeding the signal through a decent amp and 5.1 speaker system as often as you can get away with it because this LCD TV is basically a living room cinema screen, so why not have the sounds to match the pictures? Sod the neighbours. Better still, invite them round to see just what they're missing.

Framed in smooth gloss black plastic with thin chrome edgings, the SAMSUNG exudes class. The stand is well balanced with a useful degree of swivel and the long and narrow remote is easy to operate - easier still to lose down the side of the sofa, however.

Minor nitpicks aside, the SAMSUNG LE40F86 is a highly desirable piece of style engineering and every bit as good as its considerably more expensive peers. Buying it shouldn't be a calculation that requires much working out.

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on 8 April 2008
I bought the Beautiful LE40F86 HDTV back in late December 2007, After selling my Stunning Samsung LE40N73 100hz 720p HDTV.

Unfortunately i had to have the F86 replaced in February 2008 due to a touch sensor fault.

Within weeks of receiving the new F86 it started automatically rebooting itself several times in the space of about two weeks, Fortunately however this problem now seems to have stopped. Thankfully I got 3 years FREE extended warranty for extra peace of mind.

Despite the issues I have had with both sets, this is still a fantastic 1080p HDTV, it has a very high spec & a very beautiful futuristic look to it, and its priced more reasonably than many other similarly specced Brands with less features, (Sony that includes you)

While the F86 is not the best HDTV ever made (very poor remote control response) it still ranks up there with the best of them.

Hopefully a future software update will resolve some of the niggles which can be done via its USB 2.0 port.
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on 9 April 2008
this is the best T.V i have ever owned! picture is perfect, blacks r really deep.
the only promblem i have with this TV is that the screen is reflective! looks like glass. so most of the time you can see yourself in the screen. quite annoyin! the first few days i had this T.V i kept finkin to myself "why make a relective screen!?" this tv would have been perfect otherwise.
apart from that! fantastic! i think the 100hz plus feature is amazin! i have that on most of the time, ive never seen a picture move so realisticly on a tv before. it does have ocassional blurrin, but really minor. nothing compared to how good it looks with it on tho.
i would recomend gettin this TV, even watchin a normal dvd (through my ps3) looks like high definition.

awsome tv

looks good

relective screen annoyin

picture is perfect

buy it

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on 13 June 2008
I bought this TV back in January 08. Initially I was extremely impressed with the TV, especially the picture quality on HD movies but as time has gone on, a few nigglely things started to annoy me.
My main disappointment is the remote control sensor, you literally have to point the remote facing the direction of the sensor otherwise more often than not, you'll be repeatedly pressing the button without anything happening. I don't recall any of my home audio/visual equipment ever having this problem (this is the first time I have ever bought a Samsung home audio/visual device!) and more to the fact, with my old Sony TV, you could be pointing the remote at the opposite direction to the TV and press the channel button and it'll change. This to me is a pretty elementary thing, one that I didn't think Samsung could possibly mess up on, right? This issue is the most troubling and if you can live with this fact then the TV is a fantastic piece of kit, exceptionally beautiful too, imho.

The other things I don't like about this TV is the AV input select button and the fact that it has about round 8 (3 hdmi, 2 scart, component, rgb and Svideo) different inputs. Navigating through to the input you want to get to is painfully slow, if you want to get from one end to the other end of the input selection, you have to wait for the input of the one you don't want to come on screen before you can change to the next input and wait again for the screen to come on, again and again till finally you get to the input you want.
If you have many inputs, like XBOX360, cable, satellite, DVD-PVR and wii, you'll soon easily get frustrated like me. If Samsung, you ever read this post, just look at Sony LCD TV for ideas on improving the usability of your TV's. I am saying this because, my sister-in-law has just bought the cheapest Sony LCD P range TV and guess what, it does not have this problem, input selection is a delight, you press it, a little on screen menu comes up and you scroll using the cursor arrows on the remote and hit OK and it's there in a flash, isn't that nice! And guess what, her remote, you can be pointing it anywhere, press the channel button and it'll change.

All in all, if you still can live with these issues then it'll be perfect for you. Hope this honest assessment has been useful to you.
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on 2 June 2008
This stunning TV, beautiful to look at and operate, is simply waiting for service providers to catch up.

My PS3 looks wonderful (both Blu-ray and games) and once having outputted the sound to my Denon 5.1 AV receiver, sounds incredible to. The next step was to add a V+ box to the TV. Unfortunately Virgin HD is broadcast in 1080i and if you set this on the box the picture is excellent but the menu text on screen is blurred. It works fine if set to 720p and the picture is practically the same. I guess this is due to the interlaced HD broadcast from Virgin. Sometime in the future they should move to progressive HD, which all new HD TV's like this one are, and we will then get full 1080p. I can't comment on Sky HD broadcasts as I haven't seen them but according to Wiki, these are also 1080i and can be scaled down to 720p.

Normal rez TV looks better, but there is still some pixilation around moving objects depending on the original source material.

As stated in a previous review, this is a great cinema screen, waiting to become a TV. Get yourself a decent AV receiver and make sure no sound goes into the TV and you will have one hell of a home cinema. Then sit back and wait for the TV guys to get their act together.

I give the TV 5 stars and our TV service providers 3.
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