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on 12 December 2016
Good clean family entertainment. I wasn't born when this show was on TV but I still love it. Some have complained that some of the earlier episodes in the box set are of poor visual and audible quality. To be honest they are not as bad as people make out, and bear in mind these were made in about 1962, when there was no HD quality that we see today. Besides, I think the old black and white episodes, even though not the best quality, add to the nostalgia of it all.

I think both actors are great in it, but I really do feel that Harold Corbett, who played the "& Son" really made the show what it was, actor wise. He was sinmply fantastic. I was shocked to read that he died before the older guy. I don't think he was much past 50 when he died.

Made when when all the tree-hugging political brigade were not about there are some references made that might cause some to suck all the air out of the room, but it was just part of the way it was back then. It wasn't intended to shock or offend.

I recommend fans of the series get this box set.
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on 14 March 2017
Everything in one box, a king of box sets! Incredible writing memories of my childhood when allowed to stay up. Good to see early ones I've never seen before, the later episodes are more memorable to me. A must have if your a fan, incredible value the entire collection for just over £20
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on 19 December 2016
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on 14 March 2017
Just as good as I remember when broadcast on the TV, perhaps even better so. As an adult I can fully appreciate the high quality scripts that are a champion over the simple sets proving that one doesn't have to have glitzy set pieces to produce a hilarious, witty and successful sitcom series. Something today's TV moguls should learn from.
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on 24 November 2016
The series' are great what is not great is the fact the holders of the DVDs will not let go no matter how hard you push the centre so the only way is to force the DVD out making cracking sounds. Just one day after the 30 day return period the process of yanking the DVD out had a fatality, disk three, split from the middle and unplayable. The centre layers of DVDs are quite easy to damage... whatever, I'm left with a broken disk and a product not eligible for return. Very angry of Mayfair...
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on 6 January 2018
I've loved steptoe and son my entire life, even though I wasn't born until long after it finished, I'm so glad to have this box set about father and son rag and bone men Albert 'you dirty old man' and Harold 'aw gawd' Steptoe, hilarious goings on and mad slapstick await you in this fantastically funny box set don't miss it!!
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HALL OF FAMETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 April 2010
This handsome box set collects together all 56 TV episodes (and two Christmas specials) of `Steptoe and Son', possibly one of the most unique series to have ever been aired in this, or any other, country.

From the pen of Galton and Simpson, who had previously done sterling service scripting `Hancock's Half Hour', the series tells the stories of everyday life for a pair of totters (rag and bone men) in East London. Life was tough and money scarce. Never far from the breadline, and often struggling to put food on the table, the setting is grim and realistic. However, from this unpromising background, comedy gold was spun.

Apart from the exceptional writing, what made the series was the fantastic acting of Wilfred Brambell and Harry H. Corbett in the lead roles of dirty old man Albert, and his idealistic dreamer of a son, Harold. They brought the characters to vivid life in a display of acting that could put several Oscar winners to shame.

The series revolves totally around the two leads. It is really a study of an abusive relationship, with scheming, crafty Albert never willing to let Harold go, terrified of a lonely old age by himself. Harold is constantly trying to break away, but is always conned into staying by his cunning old dad. Doesn't sound funny does it? But I assure you it is absolute comedy gold. The witty one liners and sarcasm, along with some bizarre situations, cleverly set up, contrast with the grim setting (while never seeming disjointed or out of place) to give rise to howls of laughter.

The series fell off a bit in later years, after the move to colour filming, as the tone became a little more slapstick and less reliant on the characters and clever plots. There are still a few gems to be found in the later series though, especially my all time favourite episode, `Oh, What a Beautiful Mourning'.

All the episodes are collected onto 13 discs, in a large book about the size of 4 normal DVD cases thick. There is a short note from Galton and Simpson regarding the genesis of the series on the back, and an episode listing and air dates inside the front cover. There are no other notes, nor are there any extras on the discs. But that doesn't really matter, the series was so good it doesn't need extras.

The picture has been restored, but bear in mind the poor source material, so despite restoration some of the early episodes look a bit ropey. Again, this doesn't matter too much and it is good to have all the episodes in one place.

Fans might also want to hunt down the two films, `Steptoe and Son Ride', and `Steptoe and Son Ride Again'. There was also a recent West End play, which concluded the story of Albert and Harold in a very well done and touching way; if ever you get the chance I can really recommend you go see it.
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on 19 February 2015
Is there much point in repeating that it's about as good as television ever got (in my opinion and countless others)? Or to mention that it's somewhat lacking in (any) extras? Or that the quality on most of the (particularly early) episodes is pretty bad? No.

But if you want something to entertain the socks off you (I just made that up, LOL) and don't mind running the risk of being an life-long fan addicted to something that could be sad, riotous and everything in between,,, oh, and played by two incredible actors, as opposed to established comedians then I think it looks like I'm recommending this, here.

You bet! :)
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on 22 November 2011
Well... I had expected it to be brilliant, as my husband and I had bought this series as a present for my father-in-law a few years ago for Christmas. However, my husband didn't have it and he kept on sticking the same "best of" episodes all the time before going to bed... it was driving me insane, I knew them off by heart! So there we go, I bought the complete series through Amazon and definitely I haven't been disappointed. Not only Amazon's service as very professional and as always the item arrived even a couple of days prior to the actual delivery time. But the product itself was fantastic and at last my husband's got more episodes and I won't keep on repeating what they say before they actually do :D

Wonderful series, it contains all the episodes from the first black and white ones to the latest ones, and also the Christmas specials. It doesn't contain the films though, but luckily my husband had those already! :) It's a must to buy for any comedy fan!
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on 15 May 2010
This really is hilarious.

The quality of the acting in this series, particularly in the Black and White episodes, is extraordinary.

I would draw out the following favourite moments.

- Harold returns to base to find Pater in the tin bath in the living room wearing a Bowler Hat and eating pickled onions, occasionally dropping them, fishing them, out and eating them

- The Snooker episode where Harold has to go outside and play a shot through the window

- Albert making a pie in the kitchen and unable to find a fork to make the indented pattern around the edge, removing his false teeth and using them, resourceful genius at play!

A wonderful series, tremendous wistful moments, dreaming of holidays in the South of France...

Look out for the appearance of Leonard Rossiter, twice - tremendous episodes.

Tremendous scripts.

I actually sat down and read some of them in a library once and was bowled over.
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