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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2007
Well, how many have dreamed of this day when all three CBS seasons of Airwolf were released together on DVD... and a Region 2 exclusive (at the moment) as well. Packaged in some nice minimalist artwork, the three previously-released Season Box Sets are together here (minus the awful Canadian 4th Season) for the first time.

Bottom line, if you haven't bought any of the other three and have been meaning to remember Airwolf from the 80s then this is for you; however if you have then Universal-Playback haven't made any further effort to include any extras whatsoever so only completists and the die-hard Airwolf fans need apply. To complement these three seasons of the show, you may be interested in the official digitally remastered re-release of the acclaimed Airwolf Themes soundtrack which has been released from late December 2007 on Apple iTunes... just Google 'Airwolf Themes' for full details from the official website.
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on 12 February 2008
There were only ever three 'proper' series of this excellent show starring the original cast: the ever excellent Jan-Michael Vincent (I send best wishes to him wherever he is), Alex Cord, Ernest Borgnine & Jean Bruce Scott.

I'm glad this doesn't carry the inferior and rather rubbishy (yawn) 4th season. Season 4 should NEVER have been made, it was just NOT even good enough to carry the iconic name of Airwolf as it was just a vain attempt by the studios to hack it's proverbial cash cow to death - and what a spectacular failure it was.

I'm more than happy to have this COMPLETE SERIES of the ORIGINAL Airwolf, shown in it's correct order and it is great to have it, my only gripe is the artwork, or rather the complete lack of it. T'would have been nice to have an episode listing and a few internal photos. That said, it's better than not having it and it is fantastic to have the whole and complete series of Airwolf, released in it's entirety as it should be, WITH NO INFERIOR IMITATIONS!!!

Now if we can only get the powers that be to release all 8 seasons of Simon & Simon I'd be a really happy camper.
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on 31 May 2011
I am close to finishing season 1 now (which I'm aware is known as the best season amongst the hardcore fans). Being in my 30s now I can appreciate the adult and complex themes and stories. There is no black and white with much of these stories. Just grey. And Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini use Airwolf to have a positive effect on the world, despite the grey morality of The Firm and Archangel. The Cold War plays a very prominent part of series 1, as does Libya.

Honestly, each episode of series 1 just seems to get better and better! My tip is to forward the first chapter of each episode to avoid the stupid spoiler-tastic opening montage they do for each episode which basically shows the entire plot of the episode and spoils all the suspense and fun in each episode.

There's some really great twists and surprises in the episodes. By the end of each one, you feel like you've flown around in Airwolf and visited all kinds of exotic locales with String and Dominic. And the picture quality is remarkably good, even on modern flat screen 46 inch television.

Stringfellow Hawk was such an interesting and complex character for what some deemed as a childish show. His search for his brother and the women he has lost is touching stuff, and it's nice to see how he grows as the series continues.

I've heard series 2+3 got a tad family-friendlier as the networks found it too serious and adult in series 1 but I'm sure I'll enjoy those too.

Plus the box is black, sleek and cool looking, a bit like Airwolf itself.
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on 24 April 2014
Though it is now very (very, very) dated Airwolf is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Turn your brain off and enjoy often terrible acting, worse scripts, surprisingly good action and brilliant aerial sequences and one of the best theme tunes (and most gorgeous aircraft) ever.

The first season is actually pretty good to be fair, and has some cracking episodes that really make good use of Cold War paranoia, shades of grey morality and surprisingly intelligent ideas for a show like this - introducing restrictions and limitations on what Airwolf can do and suggesting why and how it can do it in the first place, plus raising questions like just how DO you look after your stolen/'loaned' billion dollar super chopper (is there a Haynes manual for Airwolf? If not there needs to be)? How hard would it actually be to find this unique vehicle? How hard is it to fly a supersonic jet-chopper that may or may not have artificial intelligence? The exploration of the uneasy alliance between Airwolf's new crew/owners and the intelligence agency that developed it is also quite well done.

The second season more or less squanders all of that in favour of more family friendly and brain unfriendly fare but has some standout episodes.

The third season was basically just, well, bad, with the introduction of the obligatory cute kid and String and Dom unleashing the Lady for laughably ridiculous reasons. By this point they're just not even trying.

The fourth season was so abominably bad it isn't included here likely because of licensing issues and the fact it was just so, so terrible. Seriously, just don't.
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on 17 February 2012
well here it is... finally holding in my hands the symbol of my childhood, airwolf season 1-3, nice price, one day delivery cool cool.... gladly each seaon is in a jewel case rather than the cardboard ones like others series (24) 16 discs of fun, 56 episodes.... 43 hours 10 minutes...... no extras would have liked a few, but hey cant complain. my 80's series is complete... complete knightrider collection... complete A-team collection and now the complete airwolf collection well minus the fourth season which so many people is telling me is terrible, though if i find it on the cheap may still get it. not really going to bother with the whole synapsis everyone must know what it's about. i am truly happy now :)

gonna be a good watch can't wait.
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on 4 July 2009
An excellent 80's action/adventure show that's given a long overdue box set. The packaging is minimal with very little effort put into this but it's the show that counts and in that respect, it's past the years with flying colours. The first season is the strongest but it's with the second season that the show reaches it's stride with a final uneven third season. A very strong cast, great stories, great scripts and superb real aerial photography, a breath of fresh air in this day of CGI.
The picture quality is average but then it's universal who put no effort into restoration of their shows and the mono sound is adequate.
My only complaint?. If there was ever a show that could do with an overhaul for blu-ray, this is the one!. How about it Universal?
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on 23 August 2008
A must for all Airwolf Fans! This fabulous boxset has all 3 series of Airwolf which of course for any Airwolf fan are the only series that are worth watching.

16 discs of full 'cold war' espionage, explosions and excitement!

So weapons to combat mode and sit down to enjoy this Cult 80's series that STILL has a massive following today.
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on 13 July 2012
If you were looking for quality acting or superb special effects from the cult works of the time, then you were fooling yourself. Airwolf, however, was one of the better ones and at less than £30, this is great value even though I haven't found any specials so far and, for a work that is getting on for three decades old, I'm not expecting any. The first disk does contain the pilot, which is a good thing to find.

There is one problem episode, Proof through the night, in the first series, where there is a thin strip of light down the left hand side and the audio is coming out very strange; as if it has been stereo dubbed badly. However, the rest of the episodes so far are holding up very well for a series of this age.

I had been thinking of buying this series for some time, but it was Ernest Borgnine's recent passing which made my mind up to watch this wonderful piece of history. So far, I'm not regretting that decision. It is great to finally have this set.
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on 1 August 2013
Edge of the seat stuff from the eighties. What a film. The overall action and plot may have been a bit cheesy but who cares. The film is well shot with B grade actors but they produce a fantastic mix. The sadly missed Ernest Bourgnine is in one of his finest roles. The TV series following the film just makes the film even better and fills in parts of the series that dont make sense unless youve seen the movie.

Get it, enjoy it and keep it safe. It may be old but its still fun
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on 6 April 2013
The original crew of Airwolf are the very best, the way each episode is played out, it's never the same and always with a different aspect, but there's always a bit of fun thrown in for good measure. Airwolf is a very special machine, who needs the right crew in charge and that what she gets with Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent) and Dominic Santini (Ernest Borgnine). I'm really glad I managed to get this series as Jan-Michael Vincent is a real heart throb to me, and it means that I can watch him with Airwolf whenever I want.
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