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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 June 2017
Love it
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The first season of the Britcom geekfest "The IT Crowd" was absolutely brilliant, technonerdy, and gutsplittingly funny. Guess what: the second season is actually better than the first -- it introduces a new insane boss to make life difficult for the IT department, and has them grappling with the difficulties of dinner parties, funerals, gay musicals ("It's a gay musical called 'Gay'... that's very gay") and assorted other problems.

Jen is annoyed when a possible date with the attractive Philip is turned into a "work outing" to a musical, and further annoyed when Roy pronounces Philip to be gay. Except the musical turns out to be a gay extravaganza, and Philip is well-acquainted with every gay person associated with it. In the meantime, Roy and Moss's efforts to find a bathroom without an attendant lead to a disastrous pair of mistaken identities.

Then when Denholm (or Reynholm, I'm not quite sure) walks out a high window, the IT department is threatened with doom at his disastrous funeral, and Roy becomes convinced that he's about to die. Then Roy becomes obsessed with watching a Korean zombie movie (with a twist!), while Moss's efforts to see new people ("We're stagnating, Roy! You're my wife!") have him signing up for a cookery course... except it's not really a course, but a personal ad run by a German cannibal.

Then when Jen has a dinner party for her friends and her new boyfriend's friends, she ends up having to invite Roy, Moss and Richmond... and her friends turn out to be a twittering nervous flake, a mummified model, and a drunken randy divorcee. Hijinks ensue. And when Jen complains about her bad bras, Moss creates the ultimate bra (which he calls the "Abracadabra") and plans to patent it... but as Jen finds out during a vital meeting, there are downsides to this bra! Finally, the new boss Dougkas makes Jen his new P.A., despite her reluctance to leave her nerdy friends -- but of course it's all a big clumsy attempt at seduction. With naked pictures and suggestive commercials.

Living bras, dead flies, really mean anti-piracy ads, German cannibals ("He WANTED to EAT YOU!"), the ultimate cell phone vibrate setting, handicapped bathrooms, gay musicals and a guy with the unfortunate name of "Peter File" (say it fast and out loud). "The IT Crowd: The Complete Second Season" piles the increasingly bizarre sitcom problems on our already overburdened, underappreciated IT personnel, and it actually is funnier than the season that came before it.

Part of this is from the brilliant writing, which is riddled with surreal situations (Moss's bra bursts into flames... on Jen's body) and weird dialogue ("If two grown men can't make a pervert happy for a few minutes in order to watch a film about zombies, then maybe we should pack up and move to Iran!"). And while the IT department's social awkwardness is still the main theme, their problems have become even stranger with time (Jen finds that the smoker's area looks a lot like a downtrodden Communist country, complete with Eastern European accents).

The three main actors are still utterly brilliant -- Katherine Parkinson's Jen struggles to avoid Douglas' ridiculously blatant come-ons, and falls prey to an old addiction; Richard Ayoade's twitchy Moss remains socially inept and jerky, but turns out to have some brilliant scientific skills; and Chris O'Dowd's Roy remains a bored slob who ends in over his head more than once. And Noel Fielding has some fun with mellow goth Richmond, who finds an unlikely girlfriend, contemplates evil omens ("I trod on a piece of Lego"), and turns out to have Spiderman-like powers.

And Matt Berry joins the cast as the very dramatic Douglas Denholm ("SPEAK, PRIEST!"), whose main goal seems to be to have sex with Jen. He's as crazy and out-of-touch as his dad, but way more lecherous.

More potent in its surreal comedy and awkward hilarity, "The IT Crowd: The Complete Second Season" is an absolute must-see for comedy fans.
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VINE VOICEon 20 September 2009
Although I enjoyed both series 1 and 2 when they were first broadcast on Channel 4 I don't think I've really appreciated the slick humour until I saw them both on DVD. Series 2 carries on from series 1 in so far as our three IT bods Roy, Moss and Jen are still working in the basement of Reynholm Industries and are still answering the telephone with the line 'have you tried turning it off and on again!' but the majority of episodes in this series are based outside the office. Boss Denholm Reynholm decides to make a dramatic exit and his space is filled by his sexually charged estranged son, Douglas.

The episodes which really stand out in my mind are the 'Work Outing' where they go to see a contraversial musical which causes a farcical chain of events to occur and 'The Dinner Party' which has some fabulous Moss moments and the added bonus of Jen's unfortunately named boyfriend. It's definately worth a watch if you like bizarre and surreal humour and I'm very excited about the prospect of a 4th series.
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on 6 October 2007
Firstly, I just wanted to say that I can't believe the negative reviews on this site (at the time of writing) - it's like I've been watching a different series judging from some of the reviewers comments featured here. The bottom line is, that the first series was a real gem, and so is this second series. So don't let any of the negative reviews put you off from ordering this - as you will be seriously missing out.

In this second series we get introduced to a new character called Douglas played by Matt Berry, who's the new boss and the son of the deceased boss - Denholm Reynholm (Chris Morris). He first appears when he makes a truly manic entrance by bursting inside the church and shouting out at the top of his voice "Father!" This character comes out with some killer lines, such as: "First it's the Ordinary Boys and now this! - I can't keep up" (referring to Roy wearing lipstick), plus "Pucker up boys - it's Hammer time!" (after having been forced to take the Rohypnol laced cup of tea) and "Who's that hoochie choochie mama?" (lusting over poor old Jen) etc.

But obviously this series wouldn't be anything without the three main characters in the IT basement - Roy (Chris O'Dowd), Moss (Richard Ayoade) and Jen (Katherine Parkinson). And I must apologise for not having much to say about these charming loveable characters, but this is only because in the reviews for the first series I feel that everything has already been said about them - including all of their idiosyncrasies. Mind you, I did love Richmond's chat up line, which was something like - "I can see the shape of your skull" (Noel Fielding).

Well done Graham Lineham on a great successful second series. I hope you win awards for it - because its silliness really charms me. So if you're into German cannibals, surreal dinner parties, exploding bras and manic bosses etc, then this maybe the one for you. Still, that's enough jibber jabber from me, and anyway I've got to go, because "there's somebody at the door!"
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Series 2 didn't seem as strong as the first one. It's a strange one this - I'd normally have given this 3 stars, but I'm so attached to the characters, and loved some of the surreal moments that I've given this 4.

The first episode was actually fantastic, and I felt it was the strongest episode across both series - if the series had continued at this pace then it would have been an absolute corker.

But, as I said - some of the episodes feel quite weak, but there's always a good `Moss moment' or some amazing surreal thing happening to make you love what's going on - for example - Richmond hiding from Jen by clinging to the ceiling - I've seen that scene several times over and it still makes me cackle like a hoarse witch!

I knew that Chris Morris was leaving in series 2, but I'm glad that he didn't simply disappear. The second episode of this series shows Denholm Reynholm's untimely exit, and it was done in true eccentric style!

One thing which is apparent in this series, is how Graham Lineham has worked to develop the characters outside of the workplace, from the first episode we see them at the theatre, we see them at a funeral, and a cannibalistic German's house - not always in the basement office!

Graham said during the commentary on Series one that he wanted to do more with Jen at her house so that it seemed to reflect her more than the one scene there in the first series. Jen is probably the most developed character in the second series and it adds to the warmth you feel for her. Same goes for Roy, he becomes more third-dimensional as a character. Moss also comes on a bit - but remains pretty much the Moss we know and love! Whenever I watch the IT Crowd I receive `Moss-isms' via text message from people who are also watching it ("..and I'm loving it", "..that's the LOWEST setting...", etc!).

There's less obvious geeky comedy in this - but it is still there in the background, as posters, stickers, and T shirts. :-)

As I said, this isn't the best comedy, but it's quirkiness and charm should win you over - especially if you've already grown to love the characters by watching the first series.
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on 10 October 2007
I really enjoyed the first series of this show and have watched the DVD a number of times so was really looking forward to the second series when I heard there was going to be one. The first time I watched on the original run I didn't warm to the new boss and thought some of the episodes were stronger than others. But on second viewing from buying the DVD I really enojyed it and think it's up there with the first series.

Moss is a fantastic character although he is a little nerdy with his Hi-Tec silver shadows and stylish shirt he is fantastic! Roy again is a great character as he gets things wrong in almost every situation. As i mentioned earlier i didn't like the new boss Douglas (probably because I loved Chris Morris as Denholm so much) but on second viewing I got what it was all about. I do like Jen much more in the second series as she did get a bit irritating in some episodes in that series.

Anyway, there are some amazing episodes here! The episode where Moss goes on dragons den with his Abracada-Bra is genius. Other highlights are the dinner party episode which Jen has a dinner party with her new bloke (Peter whose surname File creates some great jokes!) unfortunatley for her she ends up having to invite Moss, Roy and Richmond as her male friends. Another of my favourite moments is the episode where Moss gets involved with a German cannibal.

Do be wary of the DVD in some respects I have had to take it back twice because all episodes played apart from the dragons den episode. It was very random as everything else worked fine. The extras as with the first series are fantastically introduced with funny computer style animations including an IT crowd version of lemmings.

I certainly think that this is worthy of a 3rd series as like other channel 4 shows like peep show its different and maintains its quality!
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on 1 February 2011
Following on from the first series, this second series moves more outside of the IT room and impinges on some other areas of the lives of Moss, Roy & Jen. My criticism in the first series had been a slight lack of character development, but this is totally rectified in this follow-up. 5 out of the 6 episodes are completely original and had me in stitches. Why 5 out 6? Well, the episode Moss and the German seems to be very similar to the episode Manny, Come Home from the first series of Black Books which was co-written by Graham Linehan, writer of The IT Crowd. That doesn't make it any less funny, but it raised a quizzical eyebrow or two.

But having been scared into thinking that Graham was starting to run out of ideas and repeating himself, he moves on with aplomb. The departure of Chris Morris was a sad loss to the show, though this was never going to be the platform from which he could do anything to match Brass Eye. He was replaced by Matt Berry, who we last saw on Garth Merenghi's Darkplace. He's the nightmare egotistical, leering, misogynistic boss that many of us fear. While the obvious comparison would be with Ricky Gervais in The Office, the difference here is that Matt Berry is funny.

The series as a whole moves away from the IT office, although the detail in the background is still a marvel to behold for the true geek. As with the first series, the DVD menus are in themselves highly entertaining and well worth a watch for the retro games feel to them, which I am unfortunately enough to remember when that style of graphics was cutting edge. If you want to laugh, this will be a very good purchase for you.
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on 26 March 2009
I live in the U.S.--Washington state. I had never heard of The IT Crowd until someone sent me a short video clip from one of the episodes. I thought it was hilarious, so I did some online searching and found some episodes I could watch in various video formats. Even so, I thought I would like to have this show on DVD because it seems to be the kind of comedy you can watch again and again and still enjoy it. I looked to buy it here in the U.S. but it isn't available on DVD here yet. Apparently, season one will be available very soon, but I looked on Amazon.co.uk and found I could buy season one and two for a very reasonable price including shipping. I ordered it and have not been disappointed. Luckily, I have a DVD player that will handle both PAL and NTSC and all regions or I would have had to watch it on my computer and change the region for my DVD Player software (which only lets you change it 5 times and then it stays on the last one).

Just happened to look on Amazon.co.uk today and now I see that season 3 is also available. I have season 1 and 2. Wish I had waited another couple of weeks and got all 3 seasons. I will probably buy season 3 but I am going to wait and see if it goes down in price.

I don't know if any new seasons of The IT Crowd are being made. That would be nice. If not, then this set will probably be a classic. I just wonder why there are only 6 episodes per season? Here in the U.S. a season is usually about 30 some episodes.
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on 17 February 2009
I love the IT Crowd, the first series was hilarious, and this one is even better! A must buy for all IT Crowd fans! Can't wait to get series 3!
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on 11 June 2008
Don't usually bother writing reviews - more than happy just to read them usually.

However... First episode of the second series was one of the funniest 30 minutes of my life - where two computer nerds somehow find themselves at the theatre watching the gayest of gay musicals only for one to end up being mistaken for a disabled guy and the other to find himself working as a bartender. Has to be seen to be believed. The rest of the series was good but oh my god... that first one - genius.
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