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  • Brave
  • Customer reviews

Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2017
very good and fast
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VINE VOICEon 15 October 2007
When BRAVE is good, it's brilliant. It mixes R&B, dance and pop, with a few ballads thrown it. Jennifer's vocals have improved immensely.

But does BRAVE have some really good tracks? The first single `Do It Well' is a fantastic hip hop/dance hybrid. More time has been spent on `Forever', `Hold It, Don't Drop It' and 'Brave' - planned future singles?

`Stay Together', `The Way It Is', `Wrong When You're Gone' and `Mile In These Shoes' are also above average.

That only leaves 4 songs that aren't bad, just boring. `Gotta Be There', `Never Gonna Give Up', `Be Mine' and `I Need Love'.

Plus, the `Do It Well' remix, featuring Ludacris is pointless. Why ruin a good song?

While casual fans may find BRAVE to be hit or miss, the enthusiast will find this to be a solid entry is Ms Lopez' résumé

* The DVD contains 4 music videos that can't be found on Jennifer's 'Reel Me' music DVD, so this is a good chance to fill the gaps in your collection.
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on 16 March 2008
This album has three things going for it that none of the other albums have.

1. Jennifer REALLY singing. She has the same thing with her normal 'talking' voice that Michael Jackson has. I.e the texture of her natural voice doesn't sound good on record so the singing needs to be given an edge (lots of 'wildness' and 'growling' and more importantly, 'emotion'!) she has really grown in confidence and the singing is now up to the standard you would expect of a pop singer.

2. Diversity. Each song (barring a couple of decent fillers) has something that stands out and there are many different musical influences here.

3. Depth to the lyrics. Although the album concentrates on the same things that every other album from pop stars covers- love etc, it's done well this time. You really feel that Jennifer is getting personal and this of course means you're more likely to relate to her (something needed for longevity- Mariah take note!)

Song by song-

Stay Together. Very good opening track. A personal song with clever lyrics and catchy hooks. A bit amerie-like in places though. 4/5

Forever. One of my favourite songs on here. A hip hop vibe but pop enough to appeal to the mainstream. The only annoying thing is the blatant mistake of not putting 'home' after the first few 'follow mes' in the chorus. However, it's a classic and needs to be a single as I can imagine a seriously good dance remix for the clubs! 5/5

Hold It Don't Drop It. A certain Spice Girls song comes to mind...hmm.. catchy chorus and Jennifer expanding her vocal range yet again, something she used to chicken out with on previous albums; leaving it to the back up singers. Not on this album. 4/5

Do It Well. Yet another stand out track. Has the potential to become really annoying but the break-down in the middle has a catchy enough hook to separate the choruses so you don't notice..! 4.5/5

Gotta Be There. Considered a filler by some. Yet I feel 'subtley good' is more appropriate as although it's not the most original track (the type whose lyrics are hidden in the music) it still has great production and a lady (don't think it's Jennifer) singing 'ohh' in the background which is either gonna annoy people or hook them. It hooked me. 3.5/5

Never Gonna Give Up. First 'slow' song on the album. Not my cup of tea but has enough nice melodies throughout to make sure you don't get bored. If I was putting a playlist together it probably wouldn't appear on it but if I just put Jennifer's album on repeat I would leave this track in, despite not usually listening to these kinds of songs. 3.5/5

Mile In These Shoes. Up there with Forever. There is a slightly annoying 'talky-rap' bit before the almighty chorus but this can be ignored as a minute distraction due to the fantastic verses and chorus. Jennifer really goes for the high notes. However, I don't necessarily think it should be a single as she'd do well to leave at least one amazing song for a first-time listener to discover! 5/5

The Way It Is. Hmm, this will clearly be a concert power-anthem (like Kelly Clarkson's 'Breakaway') it's considered a filler but again, it's subtle. With the right video (i.e. no back up dancers, just her acting in the video) I can imagine it being a hit. It just depends on how it's perceived while you're listening to it. 3.5/5

Be Mine. Another 'subtley good' song! Nothing wrong with it. Takes a couple of listens. R'n'B tinged. Like a really good B-side to a single. A non-memorable verse is the only thing that lowers the rating. 3/5

I Need Love. Nice enough verse. Then the chorus suddenly dips which I wasn't sure about at first but then came around to it. It separates it from the other songs and has a 'heady vibe' for the summer. 3.5/5

Wrong When You're Gone. The only proper ballad on the album. Again, I wouldn't normally listen to it but to not be biased- Jennifer gets personal on this and the verse is memorable. The last line of the chorus (wrong when you're gone) is a great hook which is very important for ballads. It's not slushy either, there is a beat throughout so again, I'll listen to this when playing her album. 4/5

Brave. Another top notch upbeat track with hooks a-plenty. The only thing that lets it down is the fact that she sings 'I am brave' in a voice you'd reserve to sing 'I'm a coward'. She should have been growling more in this chorus but sings it using a ballad voice. I suppose she's taking it one step at a time but still it's a shame..still..5/5

Do It Well (remix with Ludacris) I don't especially love raps but I do like Ludacris' voice. Nothing is really added to the song, other than another gap between the potentially annoying chorus', yet nothing is taken from it either. Wasn't necessary but at least Ludacris gets some more exposure, or Jennifer does or..whatever. 4.5/5

To summarise- when the singing improves, the quality/diversity of songs you can add to your album clearly improves too, as Jennifer has proven. This is easily the pop album of the year which can be listened to from start to finish, something usually reserved for the likes of Shakira and (let's face it) Britney. Well done Mrs Lopez-Anthony. This is definitely the right direction for you. No doubt.

Overall rating. 53/65 (82%)
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on 31 October 2007
Jennifer Lopez was in serious need of a good record. 'This Is Me...Then' wasn't worth the resources used to make it and 'Rebirth' was certainatly good but the singles chosen were the worst tracks on the album! Then 'Brave' comes along. Working with a roster of talent including Ryan Teddler (wrote & produced Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love), Bloodshy & Avant (produced some of Britney Spears' & Rachel Stevens' biggest hits, Cory Rooney (who has worked on every Lopez album), and writing & production from in-demand hip-hop clique 'The Clutch'
The result is an up-beat, unlifting album full of dancable music that makes you feel good. Although some of the tracks are nothing special - such as 'Be Mine' & 'The Way It Is' there is a host of fantastic tunes. The album's hightlights are definately 'Stay Together' 'Hold It Don't Drop It' 'Mile In These Shoes' & 'Brave' The only slow song on the album is 'Wrong When You're Gone' which is another excellent song. 'Do It Well' - the lead single is a decent song but definately not the best on the album, so if you like it then you'll love the album. The bonus remix featuring Ludacris is HOT and adds a whole other dimension to the song.
This is a care free positive album which is unfortunatly being overlooked on the charts at the minute but it is undoubtably one of (if not THE) best album's of Lopez's career and is certainatly worth buying!!
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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2008
I bought this album only on a whim-I have never been a serious fan and didn't even particularly like Do It Well, but it was cheap and I thought hey ho why not? I am so glad that I did-in my opinion this is an absolute masterpiece and J-Lo's vocals sound sensational on every song. There is not one track on here I dislike or skip past-they are all phenomenal in their right!
1.Stay Together-Great start to the album, and one of my favourite songs on here and indeed of all time. 10/10
2.Forever-Extremely catchy song. 8/10
3.Hold It Don't Drop It-Very r&b track, very good, but not as good as the others on here. 7/10
4.Do It Well-Grown on me, and it is damn catchy. 8/10
5.Gotta Be There-A really funky song. 9/10
6.Never Gonna Give Up-A great instrumental and a brill song! 9/10
7.Mile In These Shoes-A powerful song. 9/10
8.The Way It Is-Another of my absolute favourites-sensational! 10/10
9.Be Mine-A bit of a whiny track, but its still addictive. 7/10
10.I Need Love-Catchy and upbeat. 9/10
11.Wrong When You're Gone-A superb ballad only surpassed by the final track. 9/10
12.Brave-A fantastic ballad-didn't like it at first, but now absolutely love it. 10/10

Leave aside any prejudices you may have you absolutely won't regret it-it truly is a fantastic album, the best I've bought in a long time!
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on 31 January 2012
"Brave" is a splendid album. Each track here is as good as, if not better than, "On The Floor", which topped the UK charts, although "Brave" didn't have the success that "Love?" has had. The songs stand up well and do not need samples from other tunes. I especially like "Forever", "I Need Love", both versions of "Do It Well" and "Never Gonna Give Up". With every play, I gradually got to like "Mile In These Shoes". This album is great and should be up there with "On the 6" and "Love?".
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on 4 February 2008
Jennifer Lopez can be proud, because "Brave" is her seventh album in her carrer and she sold more than 30 million copies in total. What more can she expect? After being a workaholic, she spends more time with her family and in her private life and although the sales aren't as good as in the past, she made it possible that an actor can be also successful in the music business over years. "Brave" is what fans expect. You can dance and have fun, brilliant. It starts with four amazing dance tracks called "Stay together", "Forever", "Do it well" & "Hold it, don't drop it" which are all unique and amazing. There are several mid-tempo songs which are quite good and "Mile in these shoes" is the best rock-pop song i heard from J.Lo so far. I can't say that she changed her style, but she is back and in a way we like it. "Brave" as a song is also very catchy and "Wrong when you're gone" is the best ballad i heard for a long time. "Brave" is proof enough, that J.Lo has a place in the music business and the low sales will never change that.
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on 1 October 2007
I'm a massive Jennifer lopez fan and I must say this album is Awesome!!! This album is mixed with dance, hip hop and it really works
You guys probably think just because i'm a fan i'm gonna say its awesome but I seriously recommend this album to everyone it has something for everyone 2 enjoy
One of Jennifers best album yet (even though i love them all lol)
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on 31 December 2007
Aside from the sturdy lead single 'Do It Well, the quintet of songs that open Brave are at once completely acceptable and utterly disposable. 'Stay Together' clatters merrily along but with little hook or appeal and 'Gotta Be There' is Kayne West in its sampling but with none of his wit or cruciality. On song six 'Never Gonna Give Up', Lopez mimics the theatricality of Rhianna's 'Unfaithful' and it almost works.

By the time 'Mile In My Shoes' begins it's weird mix of thin beats, muted guitar and strings I've begun listening. From here on, with the coiled synth and old skool hip hop of 'The Way It Is' and the melodic 'I Need Love' Lopez delivers her most musically interesting album to date, albeit an EP of six or seven songs but one certainly worth a listen.

Where she goes from here is anyones guess, I think the general feeling is Lopez's moment has passed and this album has not changed things. She will always be around but a sustained effort on her part to this will be required.
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on 31 December 2007
I tend to find with Jennifer Lopez albums that i expect too much and am usually disappointed with my first listen but after about a week i love it. I bought Brave not expecting much to try and stop this feeling but i was suprised to find that i loved it from the start.

The opening track 'Stay Together' was perhaps the reason for this. It is up tempo, it is positive and i love it. My other favourite has to be Do It Well, i loved it before the release and i am still loving it now, i can not turn it off. And Hold It, Don;t Drop is again a funky dance number and cannot be faulted.

There are some numbers that can fall flat but i think that is the case for most artists these days.
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