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on 21 September 2007
Sorry to have to rattle, but stupid comments like you can get a dslr for this money!!
1. you would struggle to get dslr for £256 and 2. which dslr fits in your top pocket ?!!!

Now I've got that off my chest the 960 does fit in your top pocket very nicely. To look at the 960 is very well put together and feels solid. Lots of very nice shiny bits which unfortunately capture you finger prints. Start-up is very quick from switch on the camera is ready to shoot in under 2 seconds. Focusing speed is above average for this type of camera, but not the best I've ever seen. The zoom range is very usable for most general shooting applications. Picture quality is excellent for a pocket camera, in low light the noise is more than acceptable and gets even better if you use the scene settings appropriately. Skin tones are natural even using flash produces good tones.
The camera is packed with features, Face detect, and optical image stabilisation are newer features to the compact market and both work very well is this camera. It's the first time I've ever seen face detection actually helpful! Lots of cameras boast this feature but I tried Sony & Nikon models and not been very impressed with the results.
The menu access / access to settings is fairly easy although I'm not entirely impressed with the navigation, I cant quite put my finger on the problem I just feel it could be improved. There is a cleaver touch sensitive scroll wheel feature which I find a bit twitchy. But there are other ways to select the same thing so your not forced to use the scroll feature if you don't want.
Best Bits.
Build quality, Good speed of operation, Excellent picture quality for compact digital. Digital zoom pictures are actually some use ( never thought I would say that ).
Worst Bits.
Menus a bit fiddly, A little bigger that some others, Falls over easily so be very careful when you prop it on the telly for the timer shot of the family at Christmas.
Have done some extensive research on latest compacts and tested Sony Nikon and Canon, I usually shoot with DSLR and wanted a digital compact to carry round with me. I'm happy with my choice, all compact cameras are a compromise in one area or another but for me I feel the canon was the best all round.
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on 28 April 2008
Just a quick note: the lens is uncannily sharp. Really, A2 prints as sharp as anything I've taken ever.
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on 18 September 2007
Ordered this camera off Amazon last week and received ready for a football tournament in Milan.

So far so good. Pictures are super sharp, colourful and crisp. Movie quality is very good, even in 1024 x 768 resolution. The red-eye correction after the photo has been taken is a feature I used quite alot after taking night time shots...and it works really well. Neat touch adding in a sensor so when you tilt the camera horizontally or vertically the playback responds to show you how it should look properly. The face detection is clever, though I still need to get to grips with all the features the next time I go away.

Immense bit of kit! Coupled with a 2gb Sandisk Extreme III SD, you can't go wrong really.

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on 22 November 2007
I was one of the first to buy a this model and have given it a thorough road test over the last few months and have to to say that I am very pleased with my decision to stick with the Ixus brand. I have owned five different models now and when I compare this 960IS with the first an Ixus V its like comparing a mini with a 5 series BMW, and in real terms it is far better value for money. I must admit, I was tempted to go for a change this time and looked hard at Panasonic and Sony products but I am so pleased I stuck with Canon.
Of course there are compromises to be made and no camera is going to do everything you want it to but here you almost have it all with high MPs and high quality movie too. (I dont even bother with my camcorder anymore). The only grumbles I have are the Titananium case is very slippery and I have almost dropped it a couple of times and the smooth lines of the case dont help either. Also the the SD card supplied is such a waste of time I dont know why they bother including one.
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on 19 September 2007
Only had it for a couple of days, and so far only tested it indoors. But very impressed with the picture quality. The menu system and ease of use is the same as previous canon powershots (very good). The stabilizer works well, and the image recognition software work very well if you don't zoom digitally too much. The digital zoom by the way is very good. i.e. once you go beyond the optical zoom, the digital zoom is still impressive in quality.

Overall very happy with my purchase so far, but it's early days still...
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on 1 January 2009
As other people have reported, there's a common problem with this camera - it stops being able to turn on. I used mine for a few months, treated it nicely, and then in the middle of a holiday it ground to a halt and wouldn't turn on anymore. I had it repaired under warranty, and then after a month, without any further use, it refused to turn on again. I've had other Canons I've been very impressed with - but this one I really would NOT recommend. Save yourself the hassle.
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on 24 November 2007
I own several different cameras and went for the IXUS 960 IS mainly because of excellent reviews ( I ACTUALLY PRODUCED VERY CLEAR DETAILED IMAGES ON 36" X 36" PRINTS FROM THE 960-THAT SOME SLR'S ONLY ASPIRE TO) and its obvious qualification for streetwise/ spontaneous use. However, had I tried 'hands on' before purchase I might have decided differently Why?....

For a camera of this quality, a simple design flaw such as the battery/memory chip cover coming open every time I gasp that end of the camera and slide it from my pocket, is not good enough. It's not broken, simply there is no lock on the slider...think again canon. The Simple fix I use... put small piece of 'Blutack' or similar on the interior of the battery cover slider where the a/c port accessory hole is found.

Another negative is the Titanium body. It is very slippy and exceptionally difficult to hold, especially in cold weather with dry hands. This is all compounded by the swept/fluted wedge shape of the body, opposite the controls - it's the camera equivalent of a bar of soap. The camera strap is a necessity, not an option, if you want to keep this otherwise excellent camera away from the ground. My fix is to stick a rubber grip tape on the front of the camera body.

Buy a second battery and the largest memory chip you can afford. Canon's supplied 32mb (YES THAT'S MB NOT GB)is an insult to any photographers intelligence.

In a nutshell...

Fast street-wise high definition sharpshooter you really have to get to grips with.
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on 27 January 2009
I bought this camera about six weeks ago and am absolutely delighted with it so far. A lot of the expectations of a camera buyer depend on what camera you've used before, so I will give you an idea of what I've used and how it compares.

My last two digital compacts have been from the Fujifilm Finepix range. These have been fairly cheap (although actually no less than this Canon when it was on sale) and are very easy to use - literally just point and shoot. They are simple to use but quite limited in terms of what you can do. Although I had been relatively happy with my Finepix, the quality on this Canon is visibly better. The Canon Ixus 960 IS deals with colour and light in a far superior way. I did find this camera slightly less intuitive to get to know than other digital compacts I've used - there are so many options and you do have to consult the manual to figure out what you can do with it.

I am also a manual SLR user, and have a great old Nikon FM2n SLR. So I do tend to be interested in the more sophisticated manual functions as well as the purely automatic ones. On this front, the Canon Ixus 960 IS far exceeded my expectations and I like being able to change the ISO, switch off the flash and focus manually. As far as I can tell (it's not the easiest camera to get to know) it's not possible to change the shutter speed or the aperture, although the menu does tell you what these were set at when you took photos. You can also change colours in the camera (eg to black & white, or to vivid colour) without editing the photos afterwards on a computer. The 4x optical zoom works very well and (unlike many digital cameras) you are able to turn off the digital zoom and just use optical - much better quality!

Physically, the Canon Ixus 960 IS is a well-constructed little piece of kit. The titanium shell feels sturdy and high quality. It runs on a lithium battery so it is pretty small and light to carry around. The LCD screen is large and well lit, and there is even a viewfinder if you prefer to take photos using that (I don't but thought it might be worth mentioning for those who are used to a viewfinder).

So, all in all - I think this is a great camera. The only downside is that the menu is slightly complicated to get to know. However, once you have taken the time to familiarise yourself with it, it's well worth the trouble. Although it is not an SLR by any stretch of the imagination it does provide a lot of manual options above and beyond most other compact cameras. At the same time, it is also a fantastic camera if you want to just 'point and shoot' - it will figure out everything for you and take great high quality photos. It even has image stabilisation and great face recognition feature that I've found very useful.
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on 20 February 2009
I bought this camera as un upgrade from my trusty Ixus 500.
I've been using this for a couple of months and so far I am very impressed.
As expected, it does everything better than my old Ixus. Pictures in fully automatic mode are fantastic, and the manual mode is far quicker and easier to set and operate than on the Ixus 500. The image stabilisation is a particularly welcome feature for flash free photography in low light conditions. My old camera would have required a tripod, whereas this once can produce acceptable results, although there is some level of graininess at high ISO settings, but no more than expected.
The startup time and focus lock / shoot times are very quick and there is no noticeable shutter lag.
I have not tested the camera long enough to determine exactly how many flash photos can be taken on a single charge, but the battery seems to last plenty long. As this has a larger LCD than the Ixus 500, I was expecing battery life to be shorter but this does not seem to be the case.
The titanium case has a suitably high quality feel to it and there are some nice features like red eye removal, scene modes and AV out. It will also take motion video, but I haven't tested that as I bought this for stills.
I'm hard pressed to find fault with the camera - the only minor criticisms are the fact that the unit ships with only 32Mb (large enough for about 7 or 8 photos at the highest quality setting) and there is no case supplied, but seeing as SD cards are dirt cheap, this is not such a prblem.
I bought this from Amazon for the bargain price of £129.99. It dropped a further £10 about 2 weeks after, but this camera is a bargain at twice the price.
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on 23 October 2007
Bought the 960 to replace my excellent Ixus 400, a camera that had been excellent over 3 years of use.
The 960IS appears to be the ideal replacement, more pixels, great features and a 40m waterproof housing available.
The image quality is acceptable, not DSLR standards, but great for a compact digital. The 640x480 video is outstanding, superb detail and high frame rate, great for home DVDs.

There are a couple of things that are not good.
When videoing in bright sunlight, say water reflections, my camera is displaying hundreds of vertical white and green lines. Looks line an old 8mm recording. I have never seen this on any other camera.
But, the main problem is the lens, couple of days ago I heard a "clunk", then the lens wouldn't retract fully. The camera displayed "Lens Error, restart camera". After about 6 attempts and another "clunk" the lens returned to normal. It hasn't lasted though, today the lens has just jammed out. Not good when you're in the middle of a snorkelling trip! This time it appears to be more drastic, the lens will not move more than 3mm.
So now I'm now in Fuerteventura, on holiday, with a £250 titanium paperweight.
I've contacted canon by email, no reply yet.
If you look on the net, you can see quite a few people have had similar problems with the newer Ixus cameras.

I hope this can be sorted as it's a great camera, when it's working!
The camera is a 5* piece of kit, but I can only give it 2* for breaking after 1 month.....
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