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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 2007
I got the MT800 as a replacement for a baby monitor as I needed a bigger range to get to the office in the garden and no baby monitor out there seemed to cater to that need. The MT800 states that it has a baby monitor setting. Indeed it does, but it's pretty much useless.

The problem being that you can't have continuous transmitting. A signal is transmitted when the unit detects a sound or a voice. This would actually be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the highest sensitivity setting is not enough to activate the unit in certain instances. At times I could hear her chatting away, but then at other times it didn't activate when she made other noises, leaving me to wonder all the time whether or not it is working and going back into the house to check if she's ok, which defeats the object!

As for usual walkie talkie range, I gave one unit to my daughter on her way to school which is about 1 mile away. (the stated range is 3 miles (5km) unheded by terrain etc) The route is flat with a few houses in between but nothing major. We lost the signal when she got to the end of the road which less than 1km almost clear line of sight. I tried putting it on maximum range only to hear a constant barrage of static and it didn't help the signal one bit. All in all, it's great if I want to talk to my wife in the house from the bottom of the garden less than 60 feet away. Other than that, it's not worth the money, even if it is inexpensive.
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on 16 November 2009
If your after a nice little radio without spending a fortune, then you could do a lot wose than buying these, there not the most robust neither are they the easiest to use, partly because there are so many menues to scroll through, but other than that, once set up their great. I/we have used them on bike trips through Europe using helmet headsets and they worked faultlessly. In fact the only thing that limited their performance was the head sets.
We've also used them over a maximum radious of a mile in woodland again without to much of a problem they worked all day on a single charge with fair use and only one of the four suffered from static and poor performance as the battery was close to exhausted. Would I buy again?... Yes, though we also used the next model up, the Cobra MT 975, which has a volume dial and we all preferred that one. so if you can afford the extra tenner go there, thats what I'll be doing when we need more.
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on 8 December 2009
I bought this value pack for the Baby Monitor function. It does an "OK" job less than 30 metres away through walls and baby monitor in the car. Sometimes it is not sensitive enough to pick up a call on voice activated mode so I do not trust it fully and still find I am going out to see if my baby is asleep still.

I tried it less than 1 mile away from home and I could not get a call - yes there are houses in the way, but the distance should not be that restrictive.

The re-chargeable batteries that come with the pack do not indicate their mAH value so I can't tell how much power they have nor can I guess how well they are charging. The charger seems to be on trickle charge as it takes ages to charge the batteries - the power indicator has never reached more than half charged. I have taken out the batteries and used a charger - but they still never seem to fully charge.

When the devices are switched off, they lose the settings and I have to go through them each time up on switching on.

Have not tested yet with guests coming to visit and when we can communicate while on the road in convoy - that was second reason for the purchase. Hope this helps.

If the manufacturer or Amazon are monitoring my review then I would appreciate
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on 13 March 2010
The primary reason for purchasing this item was for the "baby monitor" feature, and on this count it simply does not deliver. The problem is that it is not sensitive enough... even speaking quietly into the microphone doesn't always cause the transmitter to activate.

So it will not pick up a baby "breathing", and it may not pick up a baby "murmuring". I reckon if your baby is screaming, yes it probably would activate.

To try to beat this problem I contrived a way to have the ptt button permenantly pressed, and this then worked better (if you can ignore the background hiss). But with the transmitter permanently on, the battery life was only 2 hours - not enough for a baby monitor.

Also, on the range of the device, it is very dependant hills, buildings, trees etc. So don't expect to get 4km, I managed to hold a conversation from about 1km. Beyond that and you're gonna struggle.

So as a short range walkie talkie, yes it does the job so I'm now using it for short range comms when out mountain biking, or even if I'm out and about locally. But if you want a baby monitor - don't bother with this product.
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on 21 July 2009
I purchased this for my boat. It works well.

There are more setting than I would need. There is a voice activated option which seems ok but could not cope with the ambient noise when in the open.

The only niggle is that when I cut the plastic container I also cut though the instruction leaflet - i was able to download another leaflet from the internet.
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on 15 December 2009
they r ab fab, i am disabled and if i need my carer when she is outside i just call her on the walkie talkie and she can come running.
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on 16 December 2014
Units worked well with good range and clear audio until the charger failed within the warranty period. The seller has since refused to replace the charger under warranty as we were away when the unit failed (sailing) and I've only now been update to advise them of this, 3 weeks later.

I'd highly recommend the MT800s for sailing and outdoor use just do yourself a favour though and buy elsewhere.
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I've been using these radios for bike-to-bike communications along with headsets in our helmets, and found them to be effective, giving clear sound and decent range.

Battery life seems quite good, managing a few hours of chatter (longer on standby when not transmitting, of course) without charging. We used these for between-vehicle chatter on a trip to the Isle of Wight (two of these in two vehicles, and a third random other-brand radio in the third; of course, all PMR radios use the same frequencies so are interoperable) - they lasted all the way there with power to spare.

When it comes to charging, though, the radios annoyingly do not show any indication that they are charging, which seems somewhat of an oversight, as you can't visually confirm that they are being charged, or that charging is complete.

The single charger's ability to charge both units at once is handy, but I bought the radios with a friend so we can use one each; it's a shame to not be able to keep one radio at each house with a charger for each (you can purchase additional chargers, but I haven't found any at a decent price yet; it's a shame that they couldn't charge from USB like a lot of modern gadgets).

For the price, though, I think they're a good buy.
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on 26 May 2014
Good little radios for the price. Easy to use once set up and everyone understands how to use them. Battery monitor only kicks in quite late and as the units age they sometimes won't play the transmitted sounds if the batteries are getting a bit flat.
Only annoying feature is that the charger plugs in the earphone socket - so you can't use one unit whilst on charge.
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on 7 May 2014
I bought this to use the babyalarm feature, and for the kids to play with when they get older.
The babyalarm feature is voiceactivated though, and we have had a couple of incidents where it did'nt activate...
Other than that, it's great fun and value for money if you use it for family vacations!
Seems to be abled to take a beating and some rain as well
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