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on 19 April 2014
I just needed a reasonably good mouse mat for playing some of the fps games I am into. Well I ordered this based on reviews here and price expecting it to be a quality product. Well I wasn't disappointed. At first I was a little surprised to find the size of the mat.. I am sure I could have checked but its bigger than average! Still that is a benefit for games when you are making quick gliding movements to turn and shoot, you don't have to worry about hitting the edge of the mat here! Material is very smooth and does not gather dirt easily as some mats I have owned have. Looks neat and professional without being too overstated. Overall very happy!
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on 24 July 2017
This was the first mouse pad I had ever bought and so far I am extremely satisfied with it. I had never seen the real appeal of a mouse pad. Now I can't use my mouse without it. Using a mouse on an "abrasive" surface such as a table does not feel that nice and does damage the mouse (as I found out).

Pros and Cons:


Surface: The surface of this mouse pad is extremely nice. It has a very soft texture, which may not be to everyone's liking, but it suited me fine. The underside of the mouse pad stuck to the table well and I had no problems with the mouse pad moving during use.

Thin-ness: Unlike other mouse pads this one is very thin making it easy to transport.


Size: This is a "mini" mouse pad so the size is quite small. I had no problems playing on it, but I do play on a higher sensitivity. If you do play with a lower mouse sensitivity this mat may not be for you.

Bottom line:
This is an extremely good mouse pad in terms of quality. If you travel a lot or need mouse pad you can use on the go, I would definitely recommend this to you. If you are a desktop PC user I would look for bigger mouse pad that is less portable. If you play on a lower sensitivity then I cannot recommend this to you as it is too small. All in all this is a great mouse pad for laptop users.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below, I will try to answer them. If you found this review helpful in anyway please press the "yes" or "helpful" button.
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on 4 March 2017
Now the majority of people who buy the QcK+ as their mousemat is going to be gamers, especially gamers who play CS GO.

For about £15, you can't really go wrong with this mouse mat, it is what a mouse mat should be.

When it arrived, it came in a long box which can be stored anywhere and when I opened it, the mouse mat wasn't bounced back into shape.
It has a minimalistic design was only the steel series logo in the bottom left corner and a very nice cloth surface.

Unfortunately. there are a few downsides to this mousemat.
Firstly, this mousemat doesn't have braided edges but for the price, you can't really complain and secondly, this mouse mat attracts a lot of visible dust, unlike some other mouse mats.

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on 29 September 2017
I decided to purchase a mouse pad after upgrading my mouse for gaming, I chose the SteelSeries Qck mouse pad due to it being low cost yet had good reviews and it is made by a reputable gaming company.I have been using the mouse pad for a few weeks now and it is great! Its pretty basic with no special materials or anything but it still does a good job. The mouse glides much smoother than the desk surface I was using before.
Its a decent size mat and have not found my mouse meeting the edges during gaming at all.
The only downsides to this mouse pad imo are that it seems to attract dust and cat hairs frequently and also it has no waterproofing too it as i did spill water on it and it took ages to dry out!
Overall its well worth the money :)
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on 10 May 2015
This is actually the first mouse mat i have ever bought in my life. To be honest i did not see any point in buying one when because i thought you could easily just use your desk so why buy a mouse mat? Well I suppose that works for some people but the thing is i also bought a new desk and the surface does not work well with my laser mouse so i was forced to buy a mouse mat. It took me a few weeks to choose this one because i did not know much about them i only knew about the cheap plastic ones that a lot of people seem to buy. With the cool patterns and designs. This mousemat has a special surface which makes it easier for you to move your mouse around it is very smooth so you require less mouse movement.

This is very good for design work and gaming. My primary use for it was going to be designing in Photoshop and Programming in a code editor. The mat is big enough so i have space to move but it does not take up a lot of space or look out of place on my desk. It is also fairly thin and does not move about on the desk when you have your mouse on it. I dont have to worry about scratching up my desk either because my mouse will always be on the mat. I think the only major negative i can think of is that it can be a dust magnet although you can just clean it with a cloth and that fixes the dust problem.
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on 18 April 2017
This mouse-pad does what you would expect.

The material allows the mouse to pleasantly glide over the pad and I'm yet to have any issues with response.it's a nice size and would fit onto most standard desks, I would say it's the maximum size needed for most use, though if you are intending to use it for twtichy, fast paced fps games then you may want to get the next size up. Personally I would find anything bigger to be too large for my own use.

Looks aesthetically pleasing and is a very solid black-colour, the logo could perhaps be a little more white and I think it will probably fade a little overtime, but that is the most minor of gripes considering the price.

Overall a very good mouse-mat at a reasonable price.
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on 29 June 2016
Delivery was very fast, received item within a week of ordering.

I ordered this mouse pad for two reasons. Firstly, to fit in the black and white theme of my setup and secondly, to protect my desk from scratching. It does both perfectly. It's very thin and, at first, I thought it would move whenever I touched it but it's definitely not slippery and the rubber bottom does a great job.

I use this for gaming and general computer usage such as searching the web, watching videos and work. I've had no issues with the length of the mouse pad, the tracking or sliding.

I would definitely recommend this mouse pad to anybody looking for a great mouse pad at a very good price.
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on 9 May 2016
I bought this mousemat to replace my old and tatty mousepad I purchased off eBay. Delivery was quite prompt (and you would hope so, considering you have to pay over £4 just for Standard Delivery). Despite having to pay just under £10 in total for the small one, I desperately needed a new mousemat so I wasn't complaining. The mousemat has a nice balance of friction, where it doesn't make your mouse slide all over the place but also doesn't make it stick like super glue. However, the the mat is a bit on the thin side but is perfectly fine. It's perfect for gaming whether it be casual or competitive. In addition to that, it feels quite nice to the touch and is aesthetically pleasing. The only complaint I can make is that the SteelSeries logo is on the bottom left and because I use a keyboard tray, it is hidden away by my keyboard (I know this doesn't matter to a lot of people but I just thought I should mention).
Overall, this is a great product and a must have for gamers. Furthermore, I feel confident that the mousemat will last for quite some time compared to my previous one.
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on 19 May 2016
I have to say that ive assended from a normal mouse mat to this mouse mat.

The feel is really good and the mat itself doesnt move on any work surface. The precision with a decent gaming mouse is really good unlike those other ones that you can buy which have a shiny surface which dont quite pinpoint to the exact location fully. Sometimes they are slightly off.

Obviously if you have a normal mouse this is still a good mousemat that has a good feel. Perhaps one downside which people may pick up on is that there isnt any wrist support but for some people it is a personal preference and mine was to not have one with support for now anyway..
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on 15 January 2015
I'm a changed man! For years I haven't even bothered with a mouse mat, falling into the old trap of "yeah but laser mice don't need them, this isn't 1995 any more." How foolish I was!

This mat came well presented, neatly rolled up in good quality packaging and included a sticker, which now lives on the side of my tower (because I'm cool and cool kids love stickers on their towers)...

The ma itself is surprisingly thin and actually has a lot of flexibility to it, yet once you've got it down on your desk it sits completely flat and hasn't budged in the slightest from where I first put it, thanks to the uber grippy ZZ pattern rubber base. The cloth top surface is always warm to the touch (unlike the polished wood beneath it) and really does reduce the friction between the work surface and the mouse, as well as my hand/wrist.

I spend more time doing CAD work than gaming, but the benefits are equal to anyone who spends a lot of time using a mouse, so the £8 investment is definitely worth it!
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