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*** Note Amazon have this player listed twice, once for each colour ! Search on 'Roberts 55' in the 'Electronics' department to see them all. It's worth checking each listing as prices differ....!

The Roberts RD-55 has several very useful features; namely the renowned 'PausePlus' capability, a record-to SD card facility, audio file playback from SD card and USB connectivity.

The aerial is 'meaty' and can be extended to some 67cm, making signal reception less 'dodgy' than some other radios.

I find the 'Pause Plus' live pause/rewind of DAB broadcasts very useful. As the unit apparently has firmware based on that also utilised by the CRD-33 and RD-59 it unfortunately only has a maximum 'memory' of some 8mins. However, it does have that firmware 'family' capability which allows you to record something which has already been broadcast if it is able to be 'rewound' to (this is an undocumented feature which I discovered and Roberts were unaware of !); multiple recordings can be saved to memory card.

The SD card storage capability also allows recordings/MP3 files to be played and there are 'Aux In'/'Line Out'/headphone sockets.

The 'Pause Plus'/file playback facility is quite well-specified, allowing not just pause, but also fast-forward and rewind. The only gripe I have is that the 'winding' function, accessed by turning the tuning knob, is rather slow - meaning it can take quite a few turns of the knob to move only a minute or so... When playing files, the associated music file information (if available) is displayed on the lower line of the LCD. Having said that, you can only search for particular files by 'scrolling' through all the files stored on the card (which can get quite tiresome...) and they don't seem to be stored in any logical order.

A quick note on SD card usage. Each time the card is re-accessed (by pressing record, selecting it as a source or stopping playback) it re-scans the card. This means that if the card has a lot of music files on it there can be a VERY lengthy delay before record starts or playback can be selected; this can be very irritating so you have been warned !

To correct comments in another review, the rubber flap on the top to cover the USB port and SD card slot DOES close with a card inserted; there is a small lug on the end of the flap which locates into a 'notch' inside the recess on the case to hold it closed....

The 2-line LCD is permanently-backlight when the unit is on (a possible negative if using battery power) and allows for DAB broadcast information to be 'scrolled' below the station information, as well as a range of other (selectable) data to be permanently shown, including the date/time (which is also set automatically).

There are 5 memory presets on each radio band, a scrollable station display/selector facility and the FM radio side has RDS.

Despite there being no separate bass/treble controls for the stereo speakers, I think they output sound very well and have a good bass reproduction; there is a selectable 'Music/Speech' tone control but I have found it best to leave it in the 'Music' position regardless....

So, all-in-all an excellent purchase with few competitors of comparable quality and specification; unlike, for example, the RD-49 and MP-30 it is sufficiently small and light to be truly portable and provide the PausePlus/SD card capability those radios also have.

For complete information, you can download the User Guide from the Roberts website.
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on 22 November 2008
I would just like to congratulate roberts on this superb dab radio. I brought this this radio because i could cheat a bit, by recording radio onto a sd card so it could go onto my ipod. The output is first of all in mp2 but it is very easy to change to play on my ipod i do it via itunes convert to AAC. This is very easy to use and stylish to look at. I would highly recommend getting it although it is a bit expensive but worth it. The batteries could get a bit expensive as you need 6 C size.
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on 24 February 2010
Buyers should also look at the less favourable reviews for the black model. The radio sound is "boomy" - I would advise trying to listen to it in a shop before buying; it may not suit yor taste. It is a matter of taste - my wife thinks it's OK. In many ways this is a near very good radio - DAB, tuning, station preset, recording, input/output are very good. I'm suprised they did not add alarm and snooze though.
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on 2 March 2009
I have recently bought the Roberts Gemini 55 and must say that that I am well pleased with it. In my oppinion the sound quality is realy good and better than the Sony xdrs55b. The Roberts has many functions and ease of use makes it a joy to work with. The overall layout is well thought of and make it stand out from the other ordinary looking Dab's in its class. I would recomend this radio to anyone. I use it when travelling from job to job and have had nothing bad to report from my experience. I always use the mains as a power supply to the radio and thus can not comment on the product's performance with battery usage. A real pearl of a radio.
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VINE VOICEon 14 September 2008
What a fantastic radio: it looks good, it sounds great, has all the benefits of a DAB radio, but best of all you can insert and record straight onto an SD card with just a single button press. Life changing!
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on 17 February 2011
I ordered the Roberts Gemini RD55 on behalf of a friend of mine; the radio was delivered promptly direct to his address by Amazon seller Photostereo, however I soon received a phone call from my friend who was not to happy with the sound of the radio, I had to keep in mind that my friend hearing is no longer what it once was plus the local radio station he listens to was also suffering at the time, from some distortion, my friend also lives in a very poor signal area. However a few days later he brought the radio to me for a second opinion, it was immediately apparent to me having spent many years repairing sound equipment that both speakers were off centre, I.E. the voice coils fouling the magnets, this was confirmed by plugging in some headphones which sounded OK. This is plainly a quality control issue at Roberts, the radio was returned to the seller for replacement, which all took place in good time, the replacement radio sounds very good, and in fact for a small radio it gives a very good account of itself...
The rubber cover over the SD card slot has a small tongue on its inside which fits into the SD card slot to keep the cover closed, great, until there's an SD card in the slot the tongue then has no where to go, so the cover has to remain sticking up in the air. Also like a lot of portable radios these days, there's no handle, it's an unfortunate fact of life that in the design departments of domestic equipment, aesthetics all too often takes preference over practicability.
Would I personally buy one of these radios? Yes, but it's unlikely I could wait until the guarantee expired before I took a Stanley knife to the inside of that rubber flap.Roberts Radio RD-55 FM RDS/DAB Digital Radio Recorder Colour BLACK
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on 13 February 2012
Took a bit of time for my soninlaw to sort out my wife can now have the radio on while dooing the ironing
our other JVC radio had a USB conection. We put all our CD's onto s stick plug into the USB port and away it goes ,I understood this one had a USB conection it does but will only work for a conection to a PC
Why do I want to conect a radio to a PC? I also thought I would be able to put music on to the SD card and play it you can`t it does not recognise the format. My soninlaw is still working on it, may get a bit more to work.if you plug an MP3 player into the aux port it works so I have just ordered a 4mb one so she can lisern to her music. Do not be put off with our problems I expected a USB port to be a method of conecting
other things.
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on 28 January 2012
Superb little radio, comes as advertised. However, sound is sharper in speech mode as it compensates for my aged hearing. With Ref to its SD card recordings. I noted that the Roberts Gemini 55 SD card recordings. Could be played via my Pure Evok 3 radio, But Not, the other way round, for some reason? It would have been nice for a complete SD card interchange. I can only say good things, to-date. However, its a very new purchase, and hope it continues to perform well beyond its, one year guarantee limit.
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on 6 January 2011
Asked my hubby for a cheap Dab radio, so I could listen to my favourite stations whilst at work without loosing signal. And what did he buy me, but the Gemini 55.

What great features this radio has. Great sound gorgeous looking and the best feature of all - a pause and record button so I'll never miss my favourite songs again.

I love it : ) My hubby also loved the price he paid for it which was fantastic value.

If your looking for a cool Dab radio with great features and an excellant price look no further.

And delivery was good too despite how recent bouts of snow and ice.
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on 16 July 2012
Very nice looking radio with a great sound. Easy to use . Bought mind in Beals ,kings Lynn today for £59.99 (clearance), don't think its worth more than £100 though. Will only support Sd cards up to 2gb,the booklet supplied states!!
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