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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 July 2002
Kunta Kinte was a boy who lived in Africa. One day he was captured and taken to the white world, to live as a slave. We can follow his life and later his daughter's life, Kizzy and her son, Chicken George. This movie gives a very good impression of what slavery really was. It's such a realistic movie and also good to know what happened many years ago. When my children are older, I will show them this dvd so they will know what slavery was and that this must never happen again. I've been waiting for years for this dvd-version and finally everyone can buy it.
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on 18 September 2003
This is the best buy on Amazon, Its a story which should be told in schools around the world. I am very keen to buy the ENTIRE !! collection on DVD if I can but I am unable to locate it anywhere, can YOU help ?.
Don`t miss out on this superb series........
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on 7 April 2007
If you leave aside the very cheap and tacky trailer used to introduce the episodes there is very little to criticise here. I wanted to rewatch the series after having been moved by it as a kid. Let me tell you: Roots has lost none of its power. I even felt tears trickling down my cheeks at the end. Couldn't help but feel ashamed about how black people were treated. As you'd expect the blacks are the heroes of the piece, the whites the villains. But it's not presented in quite as simplistic a formula as that. You see some whites reaching out a hand of friendship. Some blacks are portrayed as implicated in the rounding up of the slaves in the first place. The heroic characters are well rounded. Each has his/her faults. Although slavery was abolished 200 years ago it is still practised in parts of the world. Lessons can be learnt from a programme which is about maintaining one's dignity in the face of dreadful trials. A first class series which everyone should watch.
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on 17 December 2015
A classic series, with some very fine acting from all concerned. This is entertainment that has the ability to stir the emotions and ought to instigate a good dialogue. Chattel slavery and the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, (TAST) is a very interesting and complex subject to study.

There are so many true stories that can be told, but do not get the light of day and that is the only downside to such a successful series as this. Some people believe they know the entire story of the TAST through Alex Haley's narrative.
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on 6 April 2014
If you love this film; you will also like 'They don't want us here' by Kevin Watson. It is based on a true story set in England where the author has gone through his own middle passage. It makes painful reading while reminding us that little has changed where racism is concerned! You owe it to yourself to get this book if you enjoyed .

The scenario:

The writer has kept diaries on his experiences while living under Bromford Housing Association. What could only be described as a slow psychological hanging where each day he was subjected to harassment, which finally led to arson attempt on his life and property by his white neighbours. The racism he experienced became tucked under carpet by Bromford Housing Association

Eventually after years of hell and endurance; he was only free from this nightmare hell because his neighbour was put into prison for nearly four years after trying to set fire to his flat. Kevin contacted the black 'Voice' newspaper who ran an article. now Bromford Housing Association had nothing to lose! how dare he contact the voice newspaper exposing this racist institution?

Kevin Watson thought his nightmare was over; but it was only just beginning! Bromford had moved racist neighbours who would continue this reign of terror; but only this time; slowly torturing Kevin to the point of hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide!

In the end what could only be described as provocative and racially motivated; Bromford created situations where they conspired with Kevin’s racist neighbours in which to drive him finally out of his home! In the end Kevin sandwiched between Bromford refusal to deal with the racist abuse, and threats from his white neighbours; while denial from the Staffordshire police trying to deal with the case; Kevin would end up running from his home for his dear life away from his neighbours who were using killer dogs as weapons!

His mental health rapidly declined as a result of institutional racism and its’ failure in which to want to tackled it. Once Kevin left his home he thought that the curse of Bromford was left behind not realising that Bromford wanted to destroy him even if it meant lying or even breaking the law! They wanted him silenced, and would stoop to any level to see that even if it meant lying and fabrication and even falsifying police records!
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on 29 April 2003
I hesitated to buy this, wondering whether I would find it as good today as I did when I was twelve, but I wasn't disappointed. It's a superb epic drama which paints a disturbing picture of what happens when one group of human beings allows itself to believe that another group is inferior.
The white characters, I'm glad to say, are not all presented as bad, and many of them seem to accept or endorse slavery through pure ignorance - which begs the question, what do we accept or endorse today through pure ignorance?
If the series has a fault, it is the simplistic implication that the evils of slavery were exclusive to the white man, though the slave trade was going on within Africa long before Europeans bought into it and continued long after Europe and America abandoned it - so please don't watch this and feel guilty about being white-!
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on 16 April 2016
At long last I have the Roots CD that I ordered it is about this young boy who is taken from his home in a village in Africa to be a slave in America, then it goes through the generations up to the present day.
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on 28 June 2014
My kids were studying the slave trade at school and I asked if they had heard of Roots. Turns out they were shown an episode so I thought I'd buy them the DVD. Brilliant. Loved it as a child and still love it as an adult. An important story (albeit a bit glossier than the reality) that gets the message across ('But why did they have slavery?) and a great personal story too. What a history!
PS This particular set comes in one box with divider cases inside it for each DVD, not separate boxes for each episode which is what I thought but that's irrelevant if presentation isn't your thing.
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on 27 June 2007
I just had seen Roots saga on DVD. For me it's the first time I've seen it since 1977. I watched it within a day and came away from it moved and intrigued. Roots is a true classic and one of my favorite books. The miniseries is the best program I have ever seen. Kunta was my favorite character in the book as well.

Even though the young Kunta Kinte is only in the first two episodes, LeVar Burton is what made the show for me. Levar Burton is a revelation and it surprises me that he isn't doing more movies. He reminded me of those silent film stars who show with their eyes. The rest of the actors performed their characters just as well, and it gave me an impression of them playing their characters with the whole of their hearts. In this story Kunta is a good, brave young man who loves his village, his family and Allah. He is only 17 and has just completed manhood training and dreams of having a family of his own; the young warrior is out gathering food for his family when he hears a twig snap and turns to see a white man rushing him. Haley gets inside Kunta's mind and you feel his horror. Kunta fights bravely, he fights like a wild animal, but is overpowered and taken captive and then brutally abducted and put on a slave ship. Haley's book was so much more graphic; it showed scenes the TV show couldn't. To really grasp Kunta's nightmare, you need to read the book. The story eventually follows 200 yrs. of the descendants of this family who's strong will and striving finally brings them to Justice and Freedom.

I think that different directors were assigned to different movies in the series... which could be the reason why movie began to grow weak after Kunta Kinte leaves the storyline. I thought the beginning was rather powerful... displaying the savagery of the white man's actions... entering the peaceful villages in Africa and pulling everybody out in shackles onto their ships' dark and musty cargo holds, and slowly, try to bring the main character into submission once he arrives in America. The rest is...Watchable... but has much less to offer than the first 2. This film is history, it has held up well over almost 30 years since it was originally televised. Racism is still rampant, and not just in the South. By being informed it helps each of us to have compassion and to inventory our beliefs and question our teachings.
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on 24 November 2004
Roots is in my opinion the best miniseries ever screened. It follows the story of Kunta kinte, an african boy taken from his family by the British in the 1700's and taken to the new world (America) as a slave. This story highlights the issue's of slavery and prejudice before and after the American War of independence. It is an incredibly moving story spanning several generations of white rule and hardship. This award winning epic is based on a true story and the DVD boxset has many extra features to enjoy. I am sure you will regret purchasing this boxset, this is a series everyone must see.
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