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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 May 2013
Fantastic great acting really different and thought provoking. Came quick good condition and it was a nice evening watching with friends and discussing the possibilites after wards - would recommend.
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on 19 January 2013
I watched the film as it seemed to have a lot of pretty good reviews and i do like films which are mainly dialog ... but this was just too far fetched. The idea of a man telling his work mates of 10 years that he is an imortal and for them to do anything other than laugh at him is just so silly it can never work as a film. I wanted to like the film and there were parts where i was mildly interested but overall it just did not work at all. IF he had kept up the premise of ''i'm writing a book about this subject, what do you think'' it would have been ok, we could have had the questions and reactions from his friends and it would have left all of us viewers guessing --------- a much better idea. BUT sadly it was so flawed it was just corny...pinch of ham acting in it too!
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on 9 May 2015
Not bad for a low budget movie
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on 20 February 2013
A thinking person's film and not everyone's cup of tea.

I was surprised at the "one star" comments and I cannot understand why people buy something clearly on spec. Pretty much every film these days has a very good plot write up on Wiki or other sites which a person can read before purchasing to see if it is their type of film. Perhaps then films will be judged fairly rather than instantly being on the back foot because of belonging to a person's unliked genres as seems so often to be on the case on many review sites.
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Any film that has as part of its title the name of the author or maker is always something to be sceptical. Think of the films "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" or "Bram Stoker's Dracula"; relying on the name of the author seems a cheap trick, and so it proves here, although in the two examples I cite the viewer already knows the story.

The film itself is over briefly enough (87 mins), which is enough to tell the story about a man who claims to be an immortal who has lived through 140 generations. Check out Janacek's opera "The Makropoulos Affair" for a far more interesting story that has as its protagonist a woman who has lived through some generations.

True, there is humanity in the story, and this is something to be admired as it is too often lacking in a lot of films that one sees these days. There is a lot to be said for drama as opposed to action: drama speaks to the soul whereas action dissipates when the film finishes, and often before.

Three stars is fair: it's not a great film but better than average. The acting is fine and a few of the extras (an assessment of Jerome Bixby's Star Trek legacy is illuminating) add to the value of the DVD.
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Despite the poor score this isn't a bad film per se, but I don't find it to be particularly good value for money and it is quite dull to watch (which, for a film, is actually a pretty serious problem).

The first thing to note is that this is a very low budget, made for TV movie which feels like it was actually written to be a play. Practically the entire film takes place in one room and the camera goes no further than the garden outside. The film is essentially dialog and very little really happens.

The big selling point of the film is the background of the story's writer - Jerome Bixby, whose previous work appeared as episodes of the Twilight Zone and some of the original Star Trek episodes. Frankly, given the references to these cult series', I was hoping for something much more inspired than what we actually get. Aside from the film's base idea of a 14,000 year old man, there is only one other "big revelation" in the story and it isn't really groundbreaking. Aside from a sci-fi writer's perspective on religion, a subject many SF author's like to pound on, we don't come away from the film with anything to show for our time. Not quite the "world shattering revelation" the blurb promises. There are none of the twisted perspectives on reality that made the Twilight Zone such fun to watch, just an alternate take on a very small segment of history. It comes down to a nice concept dragged out to almost 90 minutes, which just left me feeling like I'd wasted a small amount my own, less than 14,000 year long, life.

The acting is OK, considering some of the dialog inflicted upon the actors. Some emotional responses seem to be forced in order to drive the story or in an attempt to spice it up and add suspense where there wouldn't be any. If you remember TV series from the B&W epoch, where women screamed or fainted at the drop of the hat, then you'll know the roots of Bixby's emotional repartee.

Another annoyance for my part is the box's boast of 188 minutes of bonus features. What this actually transpires to be is 2 sets of film commentaries at 87 minutes a piece and 14 minutes of on-set interviews with actors and production staff. So there isn't really anything else on the disc to make you want to take it out of its case ever again, let alone purchase it in the first place.

If you are into more intellectual sci-fi and are sick of weird aliens or whatever, then this might be of interest (and it is a big "might"), but I would advise that you pay no more than 3 pounds for it if it is. Otherwise wait for it to appear where it belongs - on TV.
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on 20 October 2015
Boring, boring, boring!
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VINE VOICEon 23 June 2008
An oddly compelling film; the dialogue throughout is interesting and thought provoking, and it doesn't really get slow.

As I watched, I knew the "alternative Bible history" section would rile people, and from that point of view, it was either a stupid and needlessly controversial plot point that could've been cut, or certain viewers need to stop taking *fiction* so seriously.

With that said, however, there are loads of very nice little touches in the dialogue - e.g. when asked why he doesn't have more ancient artefacts he could use as supporting evidence for his story, John replies that, well, for what reason would he keep every item he's ever owned ? Why would he want to keep the ancient equivalvent of an object as mundane as stapler or hair comb for hundreds of years ? How is he to know what will turn out to be historically important in 50 or 500 years ?

It's these nice little touches that keep you watching.
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on 11 November 2011
A good idea however the entire movie is set in one room, with a bunch of people and the MAN from Earth. We struggled to the end of the movie with the hope we would be rewarded for watching but alas not. If you are brain dead, feel like wasting time are excited by afternoon TV then go for it.
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on 25 October 2008
Written by a dying man and produced on a shoestring by his son, you could dismiss this as B-movie, straight to dvd rubbish.

Or you could see it as something important; something the author needed to say and deserves to be given 90 minutes of your time. Having made that investment, I now have a lasting memory of a thought provoking, if flawed movie.

Essentially a play with a set of characters in a room, it is nevertheless powerful science fiction. It is not space pirates and adventure, gruesome monsters and lasers.

The limited budget does not in any way limit the impact of the film, although it does seem to have been shot on video, not film, lending it a 80s TV feel,. But as I said, this is no special effects wonder, it's a dinner party conversation, a mental workout which asks, "what if?"
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