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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:£19.50 - £49.99

on 30 September 2017
Great game!
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on 26 December 2013
Bought for a Christmas gift for a 13 year old boy. Made a lovely change from some of.the.more violent games.around. so.far he has really enjoyed the game. Plenty of.pace and challenge.
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on 6 June 2009
Huge fan of StarWars and Lego but wasn't sure what to expect from this game, I bought it purely on the reviews I had read here. I thought this was a fun and entertaining game suitable for all age groups. It has some fairly easy levels and some that are more testing but all levels have lots to do and keep you entertained with extra bits that can be unlocked as you progress through the game. Once a level has been completed you can go back to it again and you will probably find lots of things you are supposed to collect that you missed the first time round so it has great replay value. Most levels you run around with a lightsabre or gun but there are several levels where you have to fly a ship, these are the levels I found the most taxing as they require the use of the motion sensors in the controller which takes some getting used to. Overall I think this is a game that most people would be glad to have in thier collection.
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on 12 November 2007
Lego Star Wars : The Complete Saga is an excellent fun game for when the freinds are around, with many mini games to keep you happy. The game fully involves a second player, but single player is fun too with loads of unlockable content and enough challenges to keep you going for a long while.
To say that this game is only for children would be premature at best, its an all round game for people who enjoy a querky game, and an obvious must for Star Wars fans. Although it is fun and querky some parts can be quite dull, however they dont last long and the story can continue with a more pleasing appeal.
Some of the unlockable content is realy amuzing, such as disguise mode where all characters wear joking glasses with joking mistache attached, or giving silly hats to different characters.
In my Opinion its worth a look if only a fun game to play with mates.
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on 2 January 2011
The overriding feeling you get while playing this game is that it was created by people who love both Lego and Star Wars. If you're the same, then you'll love this game. The controls and gameplay are relatively simple, allowing you to progress through the game at a speed that avoids frustration, but still keeps you interested.

There are some shortcomings though: The first is friendly "fire". In 2-player mode, in the heat of a battle, it's all too easy for you and your player partner to end up blasting each other. This gets old fast, and there's no way to disable friendly fire, like there is in most 2-player games. The second is the lack of split screen - you and your player partner are limited to the visible screen area and, particularly if you're playing with a less experienced player, you can often end up in a screen "tug-of-war" where you're each trying to go in different directions. It seems the designers eventually relised this, as the Lego Harry Potter games have a very clever "dynamic" split screen that seems to solve the issue (although I've only played that game briefly). Also, given the forced 3D perspective, it can sometimes be difficult to judge jumping between platforms, and it's often all too easy to fall out of the game world to your doom.

Finally, given the Lego theme, it's sometimes a shame when you see some spaceships or environments *not* made of Lego that really ought to have been. Similarly, I think the designers were a bit lazy with the massive Star Destroyers, as these are only made from a handful of pieces and look nothing like the massive (and expensive) Lego model you can actually buy.

Overall though, it's a great fun blast, and I would particularly recommend it for younger players, grown-up gamers with children.
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on 9 March 2013
I was a huge fan when i was younger of the lego star wars games on ps2. When i got bored of fifa and all my other games i wondered what game to get. I bought this after playing on the force unleashed just for a months worth of gaming.
That said this is a really fun game, it follows star wars 1-6 and has all the best bits made into funny little entertaining levels with great lego animations. You can play with any character you unlock, its great. You can also chpoose lightsabers, guns etc.

Overall a very amusing, fun game to pass the time, great for all ages and you dont even need to be a fan of star wars to love this game... 5/5
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on 22 December 2007
Both myself and my girlfriend play this together and it is great fun. Its simple enough but has its challenges. The tasks are different but one criticism is that all the levels start to feel repetitive after a while. We've had a great time playing and would definitely recommend as a game which appeals to a broad range of gamers - both male and female. If you want a game which is challenging yet straight forward for fun with all then buy this game. Ideal for families, kids or people with mixed experience in gaming.... oh and those who love lego and star wars!!
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on 9 August 2010
Star Wars and Lego where two of my greatest loves growing up and now i can indulge both of these loves in this game.

I had previously played 'Lego Batman' which i enjoyed very much also.

This though is a lot better than that. It combines all six films and you can play as many different characters throughout the game.

The cutscenes are a lot of fun as well as their is no voice actors it is all expressions and the game makers don't appear to have worried too much about keeping the game tongue in cheek (Qui Gonn Jinn death scene is quite a good example of this!)

Gameplay is mainly puzzle solving and fighting droids and Stormtroopers with your Light Saber/Blaster.

This game definetley will appeal to children and adults alike and it is refreshing to play a game that is appropriate for children and accessible to adults at the same time.
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on 20 February 2012
If you like the Star Wars films and are into your gaming then you will like this. Primarily aimed at kids but i'm over 40 and thought this was great fun. I suppose it helps if you know the story of the films because you get to play most of the memorable scenes in the films which are given a comedic twist to them. The game is not too difficult so kids won't get bored if they get stuck on any level as you have infinite lives, when you get killed you just respawn again in the same place. The challenge in this game is to get all the hidden or hard to reach treasures like minikits and lego blocks which build towards getting 100% completion of the game. You can do this by finishing a level then going back into the level on free play which allows you to play as other characters which each has its own ability to help you collect things you couldn't get in the story mode. The story mode is a long enough game in itself but the free play adds so much more playing time and also a bit more challenging.
The graphics are ok, i believe it was a PS2 game before so probably had a tweak here and there. Not as good graphically as Lego Pirates of the Caribbean but then that is a much newer game.
My only gripe about Star wars Saga is that the levels where you are in a vehicle can be difficult to do without getting blown to bits frequently, you get to respawn as usual but to get all the extras on those levels is almost impossible especially the True Jedi status by collecting 100% stud count.

Overall a great game for kids and adults, not overly taxing but fun and 2 player as well. So give it a go and may the force be with you.
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on 2 February 2009
Lego Star Wars is a simple yet fun game that is best played in small chunks rather than all in one go. This is mainly because each level has you doing essentially the same things again and again just with different characters. If you are playing the game on your own, don't rely on the AI of your team mate(s). They fire at the enemies but do no damage. However, if you do die, there is not too much frustration since you will just respawn instantly in more or less the same place that you died. Some may find that this makes the game too easy, but it is realy designed for all ages.

The main criticism that can be levelled at the game is the frequent screen tearing. You cannot go through a level in this game without seeing this happen pretty much all the time. It does not ruin the game, but the overall presentation is let down by this technical issue.

To summarise, this game is worth getting if you're a Star Wars fan and/or have young kids. The game does a good job of translating key moments from the films into the Lego universe, but some people may find the game a little too repetitive.
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